Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Big Stories

 The Next Big Thing

Energy And The Western Hemisphere
Energy and The Mideast 
US Energy Revolution
The continued irrelevancy of the EU.

Making America great again.
  • Shale oil.
  • Off-shore oil.
  • Natural gas. 
  • LNG and LNG export terminals.
  • Diluent.
  • Pipelines.
  • Ethane and ethane exports. 
The Big Stories
2013 - 2018

The Next Big Thing

North American Energy Revolution
US Energy Revolution
Natural gas corridors in the United States

The National Grid. How EVs will impact US economy. Start here.
US energy centers of gravity (coming)
Natural gas and coal in the post-nuclear world
Comprehending the size of the Bakken: start here.
    EOR-CO2: start here
    Europe At A Tipping Point 

    The global power shift: Russia-China hegemony 
    India: the "new China"

    Other alliances:
    Western Canadian Oil (this link will be changed at a later date)

    The Saudi - OPEC myth

    Japan's Energy Crunch 

    China: why China is buying North American shale oil and natural gas assets
    China: "Belt and Road" initiative


    Disconnected rambling: the activist environmentalists

    North Dakota economy: Silver Shovel Award, 2013 

    Renewables and A Dose of Reality

    Brick and mortar is dead

    Batteries -- Storage

    Global warming.
    Big stories that disappeared in 2017/2018:
    • a growing nuclear North Korean threat
    Big stories that disappeared in late 2016.
    The Trump Years

    October 13, 2018: Trump's accomplishments in 20 months -- 289 accomplishments -- relentless attack on keeping promises

    Fight's On! Trade War.
    The first year: 81 major achievements; 11 Obama items repealed
    Investment in the US
    Energy: All The Above
    Campaign Promises, Non-Energy
    The Obama Years 

    The Obama Legacy
    The Doomsday Chronicles
    The EpiPen Story

    FBI Director Comey Re-Opens Hillary Clinton E-Mail Investigation.

    Link here.  
    Will President Obama Succumb To The Pressure, as did Nixon?

    January 5, 2015: you can google it, but I believe Obama has worse polling numbers than Richard Nixon. Whatever. It was a most bizarre moment yesterday (or was it today?) when President Obama "cried" or at least "shed tears" while announcing executive action he planned to take to tight gun sales. He had just come back from vacation so he should have been well rested. He is in his last year, and can easily "run out the clock." I don't see any reason why he would be this "emotional" at this time. Executive action on gun control is hardly an "emotional" issue. It was either theatrical or something deeper is going on that no one has sorted out yet. I doubt the latter but "theatrical" (as in "crying") doesn't seem to be in his toolkit. If this is a "one-off" we should know over the next two months. His performance ("crying") does not fit DSM IV 301.81.

    October 7, 2014: This really doesn't fit this page. The "big stories" are for the most part non-political and have to with energy. However, the Panetta story is hard to ignore. The reason I am posting this is for the time-stamp. I'm not going to re-write all my thoughts, but this note to a reader will give folks an idea what I'm thinking about:
    Panetta is a pretty solid Democrat; he's been around. I don't care for him, but he's held some important jobs after being tapped by Obama. For a solid Democrat who served under Obama, for him to say these things publicly, one wonders what folks are saying privately. There's a very, very good chance, no one, absolutely no one is going to help Obama's candidates in this election. Not only is Obama looking more and more detached (one wonders if the pressure is getting to him just as pressure got to Nixon), anyone considering supporting Obama's candidates run the risk of Hillary's (and Bill's) everlasting wrath.

    I don't think it's a stretch to compare the weekly video beheadings with the Iranian crisis under Carter. The common theme: the president was seen as WEAK, unable to do anything about the beheadings or the Iranian hostages.

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