Thursday, March 22, 2012

Williston Basin Bakken Update in Montana -- Williston Basin, Montana, USA


October 22, 2013: for Montana updates, see the "Montana" label at the bottom of the blog.

January 15, 2013: update at Fairfield Sun Times

December 19, 2012: two new stories sent in my a reader --
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A reader sent me this link, saying that column appears in the Great Falls Tribune on a weekly basis, Thursdays. [Note: I don't know how dependable this link is; it has broken in the past; if it breaks, try goolging "Great Falls Tribune oil roundup."

For example:
In Richland County, six horizontal wells were approved. They are Fidelity Exploration's Larson 21-16H (SE SW 21-21N-57E), with a PBHL of 20,179 feet, hitting the Three Forks Formation and XTO Energy's Headington 43X-25B (NE SE 25-26N-52E), with a PBHL at 18,750 feet, shooting for the Bakken Formation. Whiting Oil and Gas Corporation won approval for two Richland County wells, the Mahlen 24-32H (SE SW 32-26N-57E), with a PBHL of 20,217 feet, into the Bakken Formation, and the Double Bar M 24-32H (SE SW 32-27N-57E), with a PBHL at 20,074 feet, aiming for the Bakken layer.
I don't have time, unfortunately to follow Montana oil activity on a regular basis, but this might be helpful to those trying to find information.

Good luck to all and a big "thank you" to Kevin for sending me this link.


  1. I believe over the next couple of years, the drilling activity should increase over much of Eastern MT. Many of our ND mineral owners also have interests in the Eastern MT area and any information as to what is currently occurring in that area is greatly appreciated. Thanks for sharing this bit of information.

  2. Bruce,
    To my knowledge the Samson wells mentioned at this link, Gretel II and Australia II, are about the farthest west wells in Roosevelt County, MT applying horizontal drilling and targeting the Bakken formation.

    Others may correct me on this.

    1. I appreciate that information. Some of the more important data points for the Bakken are, of course, the limits or the edges of the productive formation.