Friday, October 19, 2012

Another Masterly Analysis -- This Time On Halcon -- Z-Man at Seeking Alpha


September 15, 2015: excllent RBN Energy update.

October 3, 2013: EOG / ZaZa farm-in.
The Eaglebine is a shorthand term for a complex, stacked pay horizontal oil play in the East Texas Basin which combines conventional sand plays in the Woodbine Group and unconventional shale formations in the Eagle Ford Group. 
A success in the Eaglebine, even with EOG holding the steering wheel, cannot be taken for granted. The Eaglebine still remains a highly technical and structurally complex exploration play. Even though ZaZa has made important progress in addressing its "going concern" issues, thanks to the success of its EOG deal, major risks still remain.
July 29, 2013: RBN Energy provides an update of the Eaglebine

Original Post

Steve Zachritz again provides another outstanding report, and tells much of it in a down-to-earth conversational style, ending with a long piece on "the numbers."

In addition to the "big" story, as it were, there is a lot of trivia in the article as well as in the comments.

I'm not going to do my usual data points on the article; there is just too much there. It will be very sad if sites like ever archive or make unavailable these articles. Even after their "investing" comments have passed their actionable point, articles such as these provide wonderful historical perspective.

HK: multiple oil plays around the US.

The article mentions the "Eaglebine" formation, which was new to me. This website has a quick view of the Eagle Ford geology, including the Eaglebine:
The Eaglebine isn’t a single geological formation, but is the name used by operators to describe wells that target both the Woodbine and Eagle Ford formations in a single wellbore. The Woodbine formation is best known as the prolific reservoir in the famous East Texas Oil Field. The Eaglebine is largely targeted at the northern extent of the Eagle Ford region (e.g. Gastar in Leon County, Chesapeake in East Texas).

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