Tuesday, May 19, 2020

HIts And Misses: Coming Out Of The Lock Down -- May 19, 2020

I'm not sure yet what to call this new series. I have a post in draft form which I will probably never post, but the bottom line is this: the investor class is going to do very, very well over the next couple of years. A lot of thriving companies are going to widen the gap with their competitors because of the pandemic crisis, and some simply due to coincidence or serendipity.

Walmart. I put the story that Walmart will jettison Jet.com in the second category. It had nothing to do with the Wuhan flu.

Amazon - JC Penney. I put the Amazon - JC Penney story in the first category. JC Penney might have declared bankruptcy regardless, but with the lock down, it hastened the decision. And now Amazon could get a twofer: a company with a strong logistics legacy as well as some really, really good real estate, with some "okay" real property.

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