Sunday, August 18, 2013

Early Snow For Alaska Forecast ...

.. and the 2013 - 2014 global warming season begins....

And then this: Watts Up With That is reporting --
While many climate alarmists still try to tell us that global warming will increase tornadoes, we are in the middle of a tornado drought, and well below normal. Normally we’d see 1221 tornadoes in the USA, so far for 2013, only 716 have been reported.
And so it goes. No wonder we have heard so little for Algore this year. 

Next Time Someone Suggests Solar Power For Your Home....

.... you won't ever get your money back in reduced utility bills. The linked article came via CarpeDiem.

I blogged about this a long time ago, maybe two years ago. It takes awhile for some homeowners to catch on...and they do so at their own financial risk. And as long as taxpayers keep re-electing Congressmen who like these subsidies, the wastefulness will continue.

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December 3, 2013

This Could Explain A Lot

MarketWatch is reporting:
Employees that have sex more than four times a week receive 5% higher wages, according to an academic paper by Nick Drydakis, a senior lecturer in economics at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, England. Conversely, those who don’t have any sexual activity earn 3% less in wages than those who are sexually active, the study — published by the Institute for the Study of Labor in Bonn, Germany — concluded. Similarly, a Brazilian study published in 2009 found a positive correlation between sexual frequency and wages for Brazilian employees. This may be little more than a correlation, but based on these findings, Drydakis says, “it seems that sexual activity may be of interest to economists.”   
Why the bigger paychecks? Sexually active people may exhibit more attributes that are prized in the workplace, experts say. “Both sexual activity and higher wages convey a feeling of higher self-esteem and self-confidence, which attracts more sexual partners and more work opportunities,” says Carole Lieberman, a psychiatrist in Beverly Hills. “Put succinctly: Everyone loves a winner.” This also ties in with long-running theories that attractive people earn more money, she says. In fact, so-called beautiful people are likely to earn 3% to 4% more than plainer folk, according to “Beauty Pays: Why Attractive People Are More Successful,” by Daniel Hamermesh, an economics professor at the University of Texas in Austin.  
Another possible explanation for the connection: Those who are more sexually active may simply be in better shape emotionally and physically, which could make them more amiable, productive and creative employees. “This actually doesn’t surprise me, if sexual activity is just one more indicator of general well-being,” says Tina Lowrey, professor of marketing at Hautes √Čtudes Commerciales de Paris, a business college in France. Drydakis agrees, adding that increased sexual activity could be a key indicator of good health. “Medical and psychological literature suggest that sexual activity is associated with good health, endurance, mental well-being, mental capacities and dietary habits. 
Anyway, perhaps more study is needed. 

Looks Like Zavanna, Statoil Have Found Another Sweet Spot -- Four Miles Northeast of Williston

In sections 33-155-100 and 4-154-100, three multi-well pads:
  • 24543, 25552, and 25553:  Zavanna's Bear Cat wells (MB and TF)
  • 25955, 25956, 25957, 25958: Statoil's Mark 4-9 wells (MB and TF) 
  • 22384: a Statoil Mark 4-9 well (MB)
  • 23746: a Statoil Mark 4-9 well (TF)
These wells are tracked at the Williston oil field site.

Statoil did have a dry well in this area but there was nothing in the well file to explain what happened; no drilling report; the GIS map server suggests the well may have gotten to the kick-off point, but there was no horizontal drilled.

Reporting tomorrow:
  • 24543, see above, Zavanna, Bear Cat 33-28 1H,  Williston, a huge well:
DateOil RunsMCF Sold


Speaking of sweet spots, Ms Veeder has a nice post today, and an accompanying piece in the Fargo Forum.

Wells Coming Off The Confidential List Over The Weekend, Monday; Zavanna With A Huge Well In Williston Oil Field

Monday, August 19, 2013
24443, drl, Hess, EN-State B 155-93-1609H-3, Alger, no production data,

Sunday, August 18, 2013
22914, 2,954, BR, Sun Notch 44-32TFH, Sand Creek, t5/13; cum 14K 6/13;
23979, drl, Statoil, Rose 12-13 5TFH, Avoca, no production data,

Saturday, August 17, 2013
22662, drl,  Sinclair, Harris Federal 1-29H, Lone Butte, producing,
24197, drl, KOG, P Evans 154-99-2-4-28-1H, Epping, no production data,
24444, drl, Hess, En-State B 155-93-1609H-2, Alger, no production data,
24543, 1,086, Zavanna, Bear Cat 33-28 1H,  Williston, t4/13; cum 69K 6/13;
24655, drl, SM Energy, Hartel 1X-26H, Siverston, no production data,
24712, 1,572, XTO, Kulczyk 43X-17A, Alkali Creek, t6/13; cum 10K 6/13;
24851, drl, XTO, Rolfson 11X-16A, Siverston, looks like a nice well,
24864, 1,815, MRO, Kupper 24-10TFH, Bailey, t4/13; cum 39K 6/13;


24543, see above, Zavanna, Bear Cat 33-28 1H,  Williston, a huge well:

DateOil RunsMCF Sold

 24864, see above, MRO, Kupper 24-10TFH, Bailey, a nice well:

DateOil RunsMCF Sold

BNSF Rail To Invest $220 Million In CAPEX In North Dakota In 2013

Prairie Business Magazine is reporting:

Projects in North Dakota include -- 
  • constructing three new sidings west of Minot near Manitou, Tioga and Palermo; 
  • extending the sidings near Glen Ullin and Hillsboro; 
  • improvements to six sidings between Minot and Grand Forks; 
  • raising 10 miles of track over Devils Lake by 1 to 5 feet to keep the track above rising water;
  • upgrading the line between Berthold and Northgate on the Canadian border; 
  • installing Centralized Traffic Control signal systems on three sidings near Devils Lake, Hillsboro and Towner; 
  • constructing a new double crossover track east of Williston; and, 
  • lengthening existing tracks or adding new tracks at BNSF rail yards in Mandan, Minot and Williston. 
Additional notes at the linked article.