Tuesday, February 9, 2010

NDIC GIS Map Server: Hints and Tips

If while doing anything on the GIS map server and you make a mistake "zooming in" or "zooming out" and want to go back, stop everything, and click on "Previous View." "Previous View" is one of the best options on the site.

Basic: Getting Started
1. Go to the NDIC home page:

2. On the home page, there is a sidebar at the left. About halfway down is "GIS Map Server." Click on that.

3. A new window will open up with a map of North Dakota covered with green rigs.

4. At that site, there is a sidebar on the left. Click on "Find Field/Unit" near the bottom of that sidebar.

5. Then type in the name of the field you are looking for (just use one word like "Butte") and then click on the field when it shows up.

6. If you prefer to look up a specific well instead of the field, click on "Find Well." Type in just one word of the name; the more unique the name, the faster you will find your well. One can only search for wells by well names, and not by permit numbers, as far as I can tell.

7. You can zoom in, zoom out. It takes awhile to feel comfortable with the GIS map server, but is is quite remarkable. And it is a million times better than what the other states have.
Color-Coded View of Spacing in "the Bakken":
1. Go to NDIC website
2. Click on "GIS Map Server" on left sidebar, about 2/3rds of the way down
3. When the state map comes up, go to the left sidebar, all the way to the bottom, and click on "Find Section"
4. Use menu to find the township / section you are interested in (you have to type in the numbers and they have to be numbers available in the menu)
5. Then "zoom to section." (Click on small "zoom to section" button on the far right at bottom of state view.)
6. You will then get the section, probably in green, that you requested.
7. To see the spacing, go to the right sidebar. About halfway down, click on the "yellow folder" for "Drilling/Spacing." That will open up a "yellow folder" for the Bakken. Click on the yellow folder for the  Bakken, and you will be given choices for 160-acre to 3200-acre spacing.
Overview Map
1. Near the top of the sidebar on the left on the GIS map server, is an option "Overview Map."

2. Click on "Overview Map" to see where you are in the state of North Dakota as you look at your well or oil field.

3. The "Overview Map" is a little (about one-inch square) map of North Dakota with all the counties, so you can quickly figure out where in the county, or where in North Dakota, your larger map is situated.
Acreage in Spacing Unit for Wells
Overlapping Spacing Units


  1. Thanks for great and very helpful info.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

    The NDIC site provides a wealth of information.

    I have also found the "Well Search" feature very useful (on the NDIC homepage, not the GIS server).

    You don't have to fill in all the elements to submit to get information. It's quite interesting.