Sunday, May 27, 2018

Wow, For Justin Trudeau, What Else Could Go Wrong? -- May 26, 2018

First it was the Keystone XL. Then Enbridge Line 3. Energy East. Then Trans Mountain Pipeline. Now a Canadian Pacific strike notice. Pretty soon the only way to get oil out of Canada will be to truck it out.

Speaking of What Else Can Go Wrong?

I hear you knocking. Kim Jong-Un's theme song for the month of May, 2018, just weeks before the originally scheduled June 12, 2018, summit, scheduled with President Trump, now called off. For the archives, quick rundown of events:
  • Kim and Trump agree to meet June 12, 208
  • Kim disses VP Pence
  • Trump calls off summit
  • now, Kim says he was just kidding about VP Pence; Kim still wants to meet with Trump
I Hear You Knocking, Dave Edmunds