Wednesday, January 2, 2013

For Investors Only: Berkshire Hathaway Hits a 52-Week High

And close to an all-time high.

interesting. Folks are not buying BRK-A or BRK-B for the dividend.

EOG near its 52-week high; within striking distance of its all-time high.

SRE near its 52-week high which would be an all-time high.

Wells Coming Off Confidential List Wednesday; Note A QEP Croff Well With 48K The First Month

Note: information on this page is tentative until official daily activity report is posted.
  • 19662, 419, EOG, Van Hook 107-1411H, Van Hook, on natural gas pipeline by end of second month;
  • 22193, drl, QEP, Kummer 1-6/7H, Croff, on natural gas pipeline almost immediately; huge well, see below;
  • 22269, drl, WPX Energy Williston, Fettig 6-7HB, Eagle Next;
  • 22668, drl, MRO, Diamond A 41-28H, Bailey,
  • 22874, drl, BEXP, Pyramid 15-22TFH, Todd,
  • 23121, drl, SM Energy, Holm 14X-12HA, Siverston
  • 19662: no flaring after the first month
  • 22193: no flaring at all based on preliminary stats once once production started
Of note:
  • 22193, conf, QEP, Kummer 1-6/7H, Croff:
PoolDateDaysBBLS OilRunsBBLS WaterMCF ProdMCF SoldVent/Flare

Information Overload -- So Many Stories, So Little Time

A reader sent a link to a very long analysis regarding the current state of affairs and the economy:
In this final issue of Basic Points, we discuss what we consider The Final Problem for central banks, governments, and investors in the industrial world.

Tragically, capitalism's greatest triumph and the powerful global economic expansion were interrupted by capitalism's greatest infamy. The Crash was caused primarily by the major banks on Wall Street and Europe that we have long labeled as the B5—The Big, Bad, Bonused, Bail-out Banks.
A recession spread rapidly across the Industrial World, and panicky central banks and governments united to rescue collapsing banks, at enormous taxpayer cost. Interest rates were slashed to near-zero during the crisis, when outright defation loomed.
The ensuing recoveries have been so tepid that money continues to be astonishingly cheap for governments,and corporations—and, bizarrely, for banks. What we have called “The Financial Heroin” continues to flow into the veins of once-vibrant economies.
This is a week-end of reading. I may come back to it later, but not wanting to delay getting it out there, go to the link above.  The article was sent to me because of the bit on global warming but there is much more to it that might be of interest to readers.

This is an interesting study -- the economic benefits of unconventional oil and gas production. In addition to the direct benefits measured in revenue for the federal and state governments, the study also pointed out the top ten states whose employment numbers benefit most from unconventional oil and gas production -- but with a twist: none of the ten are oil and gas producers.
The top 10 non-producing states in terms of jobs are New York, Illinois, Michigan, Florida, New Jersey, Minnesota, North Carolina, Georgia, Missouri, and Wisconsin.
Florida? Minnesota? Wisconson? Hmmm... I assume there's a good chance that New York will eventually be added to the list of producers. Hopefully.


Here we go again! Canadian company considering building a railroad to carry oilsands products to an Alaskan port.
Alison Redford’s cabinet is expected to decide in January whether the government will spend $10 million to study the idea of building a rail line to ship oilsands products from northern Alberta to a port in Alaska.
The money would help pay for a $40-million study that will investigate the feasibility of a proposed 2,400-kilometre rail line to carry landlocked oilsands products from Fort McMurray to Delta Junction, Alaska.
From there, Alberta’s oil would flow through the Trans-Alaska Pipeline system to the Valdez Marine Terminal, and on to booming Asian markets.
This rail story just keeps getting bigger and bigger.


Any thoughts on this one? I don't even know where to begin. From the New York Times:
Al Jazeera on Wednesday announced a deal to take over Current TV, the low-rated cable channel that was founded by Al Gore, a former vice president, and his business partners seven years ago. Al Jazeera plans to shut Current and start an English-language channel, which will be available in more than 40 million homes, with newscasts emanating from both New York and Doha, Qatar.

The United States with a 20-year low for oil imports -- graphs and story at CarpeDiem


Basin Electric To Build Two More "Peaking Power Plants" -- The Williston Basin, North Dakota

From wiki
Peaking power plants, also known as peaker plants, and occasionally just "peakers," are power plants that generally run only when there is a high demand, known as peak demand, for electricity. Because they supply power only occasionally the power supplied commands a much higher price per kilowatt hour than base load power.
From a reader, sent in as a comment:

Another project in the works west of Williston:  Basin Electric Power Cooperative plans to build two (2) more electricity generating stations, next to where they are currently building a 45 MW peaking plant (power station).  The filing is listed below for the two new peaking plants.
Basin Electric Power Cooperative
Case No. PU-12-509
Pioneer Generation Station – Williams
Siting Application
December 21, 2012
If I have the story correct, earlier last year I posted that Basin Electric Power Cooperative would be building two new power stations, the Lonesome Creek Stations west of Watford City, adjacent to one that is already there.

So, right now, when this is complete, for Basin Electric Power Cooperative:
  • two new power stations next to an existing power station west of Williston (Pioneer stations)
  • two new power stations next to an existing power station west of Watford City (Lonesome Creek)
The Pioneer stations will be constructed across the highway (the Grenora Road) from the new State Line I and II ONEOK natural gas gathering and processing plants.

The Grenora Road between US Highway 2 and the city of Grenora to the north will now be home to two (2) natural gas gathering and processing plants (Stateline I and II) and three natural gas powered peaking plants (Pioneer 1, 2, and 3).

The Definitive Reply to Different Fracking Technologies --- A Huge "Thank You" To a Reader

Earlier today I posted a link to a Motley Fool story regarding KOG: it got a fair bit of attention, and after receiving the first comment, I realized that I was in over my head, perhaps bamboozled by Motley Fool. It wouldn't be the first time (I've been in over my head when it comes to the Bakken).

Subsequently, I received a great comment that provided more explanation and background regarding fracking/completion technologies. Because some people may not read comments, I will post the part having to do specifically with the issue at hand (next paragraph). Before reading that, one should read the original post, the updates, and the comments (at the link above).

Now, the comment that provides a much fuller explanation:

The jury is still out on the swell packers/frack sleeves vs cemented liners. Cemented liners are old-school technology. Swell packers are new-school. Unfortunately, there is a big pressure drop across the ball seats in the frack sleeves which makes fracking the more distal sleeves less effective than utilizing plug-n-perf. Plus, sometimes the sleeves do not work and you have to skip that zone. Plus, if you want to go back in and recomplete a zone later, you have way less flexibility with the frack sleeves. Prices are coming down on the frack sleeves/swell packers, they were getting way out of line for awhile leading some operators to consider going back to cemented liners. I'm still on the fence with this issue and am not 100% sure which method will be the preferred down the road. My suspicion is the old-school plug-n-perf will eventually go back into vogue due to eventual re-fracks of the Bakken and Three Forks wells (like in the Barnett Shale of the Ft. Worth Basin), but that is only an educated guess.

As far as the 5 days to drill......normally you are doing good if you spud-rig release in 20 days. A few contractors who trip pipe exceptionally fast and have no break downs and just get lucky where everything goes well(i.e. no mud motor or mwd failures) can spud to TD in as little as 12 days, but that does not include the time to run the production liner. The 5-day number may come in as the number of days to drill a 10,000' lateral. Once again, you have to get lucky to knock it out drilling 2000' a day and have no failures. Plus, that is a Middle Bakken well. Three Forks are more difficult to drill that fast.
There is more to the comment but that should be read at the original link to put it in context.

I will ask for everyone's patience if I continue to link Motley Fool stories in the future, but will emphasize again that they may not be the best source (or perhaps not even a source at all -- smile).

Nine New Permits To Start the New Year -- The Williston Basin, North Dakota, USA

Bakken Operations

Active Rigs: 183 (steady, but near the intra-boom low of 180)

Nine (9) new permits --
  • Operators:  OXY USA (3), Samson Resources), Zavanna, Enduro Operating, Crescent Point Energy
  • Fields: Manning (Dunn),  Poe (McKenzie), Mouse River Park (Renville), Ambrose (Divide)
    Comments: Crescent Point has a wildcat in Williams County;
Wells coming off confidential list were reported earlier; see sidebar at the right.

Producing wells completed:
  • 16580, 544, CLR, J.H. Skarphol 1-31RH, Stoneview, t10K 11/12; originally a Winnipegosis well; hadn't produced from the Winnipegosis since 6/10; total of 42K from the Winnipegosis;
  • 22460, 1,625, BEXP, Liffrig 29-20 3TFH, Alger, t11/12; cum --
  • 22737, 365, Murex, Leonard John 26-35H, Stanley, t12/12; cum --
  • 22736, 492, Murex, Katherine Mariah 26-35H, Stanley, t12/12; cum --
  • 23523, 1,510, Murex, Rose Marie 3-10H, Rawson, t12/12; cum --
  • 19978, 1,001, CLR, Jessie 1-24H, Long Creek, t12/12; cum --
  • 23329, 826, Whiting, Bartleson 13-18-2TFX, t12/12; cum --

Spain's Largest Utility Will Divest Itself of Its French Wind Farms; Going Broke

Almost exactly one year ago, MDW spoke about the enormous cost of wind energy and how it is adversely affecting Spain. Click here for that post. That cost has become unbearable to Spain's largest utility and, as a result, will be divesting itself of its French wind farms. At the link, this story has been added as an update.

The original source is here, but I include a bit more information at the link above.

Motley Fool Lists Four Key Areas To Watch When Following KOG


Later, 12:47: the more I look at this, the more I have to agree with the individual who provided the first comment questioning "cemented liners." It sounds like KOG's cemented liners for completion is simply the "old" plug-and-perf method of fracking. And the little I know about it suggests that the swell packers technique is more effective in the Bakken. But that's just my two cents worth, coming from a non-specialist with no formal (or informal) training in the oil and gas industry. 

Later, 12:08 pm: see first comment below. The questions: is anyone other than KOG using cemented liners in the Bakken? Has KOG switched to cemented liners as a matter of course, or are they testing various completion methods? Is cemented liners "old" technology, common technology when fracking Bakken wells? This UND-EERC source would suggest that cemented liners are neither innovative nor preferable to other methods. This is the conclusion of the UND-EERC source:
Since horizontal drilling became standard practice over the past two decades, all of these completion methods have been utilized in the Bakken. However, the uncemented, preperforated liner isolated with swell packers has become the most commonly employed method of completion in most Bakken wells because of its high degree of fracture control and long-term success rate.

Original Post

This is an older article that I did not see while I was traveling, but it's a must read. This Motley Fool article actually has some substance, not always seen at the free-site Fool.

This linked article breaks out four key areas it says must be watched:
  • production
  • cash balance and credit facility 
  • hedge situation
  • cost-cutting measures
First, production: The Motley Fool is correct. KOG has some of the best acreage in the Bakken, and based on recent IPs, some of the best wells.

Second, hedge situation: currently, KOG is using swaps and "no premium" collars; in hedging transactions, KOG will either receive cash from, or will have to pay cash to, its counterparties in the transaction.

Third, cash balance and its credit facility situation: good, bad, or indifferent regarding its financial situation, KOG provides a glimpse of the potential and the risk of drilling in the Bakken. In 2009, KOG's CAPEX was $27 million. Two years later, in 2011, its CAPEX was $260 million, and for 2012, the company estimates it will spend $650 million to meet production goals. Wow. KOG now has a $750 million revolving line of credit.

Finally, cost-cutting measures. Drilling times, completion techniques, reduction in time to complete wells, lease operating expense. Several data points:
  • according to the article, KOG has cut drilling time to five days, representing a 3-day reduction
  • using cemented liners for completing a well (more on that later)
  • using "zipper fracs" to decrease time to complete a well; completed two well pads in 8 to 10 days by using "zipper fracs," which are made possible by microseismic fracture mapping
  • bringing lease operating expenses down to $5 range per barrel
  • cost-cutting measures most helpful in areas (of Williams County) where wells are not as good; KOG expects an internal rate of return fo 20%, assuming well costs of $7 million to $7.5 million EURs of 300,000 bbls
KOG's completed wells cost between $10 million and $10.5 million but hopes to reduce costs by another 5- to 10% in 2013.

Now, about those cemented liners:
In terms of completion, the company is making solid progress by using innovative techniques, such as cemented liners. This is a completion technique that involves cementing the liner throughout the horizontal wellbore, which has the benefits of greater wellbore stability, greater control of fracture initiation, as well as improved well serviceability. [See first comment and update.]

Top Three Oil Plays In The US With Top Player in Each

I generally don't care for Motley Fool, and even less, their videos, but this one is worth viewing.

The top three oil plays and the top player in each and some data points:

  • > 650,000 bopd
  • CLR
  • 1 million net acres in the Bakken
  • 102,000 boepd in 3Q12
  • on target to increase production by 57% by end of this year
  • increased reserves by 20% y/y
Eagle Ford
  • EOG
  • 109,000 boepd in 3Q12
  • 644,000 net acres
  • 1.6 billion bbls potential reserves
  • largest oil producing region in the US as of 2011; accounts for 14% of all US oil production
  • OXY Petroleum: 144,000 boepd in the Permian; top producer in Texas producing 15% of all oil in Texas
  • a mature field, but new areas responding nicely to horizontal drilling

Global Warming is So Yesterday -- Alaska Dispatch

The data keeps coming in.

The lede:
Alaska is going rogue on climate change.
Defiant as ever, the state that gave rise to Sarah Palin is bucking the mainstream yet again: While global temperatures surge hotter and the ice-cap crumbles, the nation's icebox is getting even icier.
That may not be news to Alaskans coping with another round of 50-below during the coldest winter in two decades, or to the mariners locked out of the Bering Sea this spring by record ice growth.
Then again, it might. The 49th state has long been labeled one of the fastest-warming spots on the planet. But that's so 20th Century.
In the first decade since 2000, the 49th state cooled 2.4 degrees Fahrenheit.
This comes even as the US reports lowest CO2 emissions since, was it, 1990?

So, I guess it all fits. Maybe "we" overshot the target for CO2 emissions -- unless faux environmentalists who have never been to Barrow, Alaska, want to see an even colder Alaska.

I can't make this stuff up.

Oh, by the way, Russia just experienced one of its coldest winters in decades. No links. It was posted earlier.

Wells Reporting IPs Have Been Posted

Link here to wells coming off confidential list yesterday and today.

They are also posted at the "New Wells Reporting" link at the sidebar.

New Wells Reporting -- 1Q13 -- The Williston Basin, North Dakota

This page : 1Q13

For detailed explanation on how this page works, look at the bottom of the page at this link.

An explanation of the shorthand used on the MDW blogsite. As an example:
16375, 228, CLR, MPHU 43-16SH, Red River, Medicine Pole Hills, t1/07; cum 164K 1/13; 1,500 bbls/month
  • 16375: the file number/well permit number; names of wells may change; the permit numbers don't
  • 228:  the initial production (IP) number as reported by the operator; method used not necessarily uniform from operator to operator; not confirmed by government
  • CLR: name of the operator; generally I  use the company's publicly traded ticker symbol
  • MPHU 43-16SH: the legal name of the well; the name of the well can be changed, but rarely happens and requires permission from the NDIC;
  • Red River: the formation targeted; not always provided; if not provided, generally assumed to be the Bakken pool (could be either middle Bakken formation or one of the Three Forks sub-formations)
  • Medicine Pole Hills: the specific oil field in the Williston Basin
  • t1/07: the test date for the well; the day the IP was calculated; generally close to the day the well was completed
  • cum 164K 1/13: the total amount of oil produced as of the date provided; in this example, January, 2013
  • additional information may be provided: could include the amount of proppant used in millions of pounds (sand, ceramics); the current monthly production; etc

Data for 1Q13: this page
Data for 4Q12: 4Q12
Data for 3Q12: 3Q12
Data for 2Q12: 2Q12
  Data for 1Q12: 1Q12   
Data for 4Q11: 4Q11 
Data for 3Q11: 3Q11 
Data for 2Q11: 2Q11 
 Data for 1Q11: 1Q11  
 Data for 2H10: 2H10  
Through 1H10: 1H10

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Saturday, March 30, 2013
23536, 2,315, Slawson, Gabriel 2-36-25H, North Tobacco Garden, t12/12; cum 290K 11/19;
23574, A, CLR, Eric 22-24SH, Cedar Hills, North Red River B, EOR water injected; no production data,
23634, 2,004, GMX Resources, Lange 44-31-2H, Bennett Creek, t2/13; cum 104K 11/19;

Friday, March 29, 2013
21528, 675, CLR, Garfield 1-5H, Banks, t1/13; cum 398K 11/19;
22163, 1,516, RimRock/KOG, Skunk Creek 16-2-3-13H3, South Fork, t11/12; cum 262K 11/19;
23176, 1,490, MRO, Tara Jo USA 34-12TFH, Reunion Bay, t1/13; cum 416K 11/19; offline 11/18; still offline 3/19; inactive;
23387, 5,387, BEXP, Beaux 18-19 4H, Banks, t6/13; cum 285K 11/19;
23571, IA/1,290, Hess, AN-Bohmbach 153-94-2734H-3, Antelope, t5/13;  cum 243K 4/19; offline recently; back on line 4/19; off line 4/19; remains off line 11/19;
23655, 2,021, XTO, Hegg 11-29SWH, Siverston, t8/13; cum 277K 11/19;
23661, 1,255, XTO, Lee 44-31NWH, Siverston, t3/13; cum 187K 11/19;
23699, 1,374, MRO, C.O. 34-20H, Bailey, t11/13; cum 301K 11/19; another nice MRO Bailey well;

Thursday, March 28, 2013
22379, PA, Whiting, Eide 41-13H, Timber Creek, completed 9/12; cumulative 2,301 bbls
22507, 280, Hunt, Antelope 1-35-26H, Antelope Creek, t2/13; cum 125K 8/19; off line 8/19; remains off line 11/1;
23220, 475, CLR, Rennerfeldt 3-30H, Brooklyn, t5/13; cum 235K 11/19;
23226, 752, ERF, Calypso 149-93-33C-28H-TF, Mandaree, t3/13; cum 251K 11/19; minimal production since 4/19; pretty remains off line, 11/19;
23450, 799, Hess, BB-Ole Anderson 151-95-3031H-3, Blue Buttes, t2/13; cum 246K 11/19;

Wednesday, March 27, 2013
22899, 445, Murex, John Randy 13-24H, Stanley, t10/12; cum 161K 11/19;
23260, 1,026, Whiting/KOG, Grizzly 146-99-3-3-10-14H, Ranch Creek, t2/13; cum 115K 11/19;
23488, 20, Surge, Scandia 1N NENE 34 02 NENW 35H, Souris, spacing ICO, t11/12; cum 41K 11/19;
23572, 934, Hess, AN-Bohmbach 153-94-2734H-4, Antelope, t5/13; cum 184K 11/19;
23656, 327, XTO, Denbury Onshore, Hegg 11-29SH, Siverston, t4/13; cum 118K 11/19;

Tuesday, March 26, 2013
22096, 935, Triangle USA, Larson 149-100-9-4-2H, Ellsworth, t10/12; cum 116K 4/19;
22097, 472, Triangle USA, Larson 149-100-9-4-3H, Ellsworth, 31 stages; 4 million lbs; t10/12; cum 108K 2/15;
22450, 1,357, MRO, Nicky Kerr 14-8H, Bailey, t3/13; cum 158K 2/15;
23221, 475, CLR, Rennerfeldt 2-30H, Brooklyn, t5/13; cum 156K 2/15;
23388, 3,375, Statoil/BEXP, Beaux 18-19 3TFH, Banks, t6/13; cum 137K 2/15;
23449, 671, Hess, BB-Ole Anderson 151-95-3031H-2, Blue Buttes, Three Forks, 30 stages; 1.2 million lbs (very low amount of proppant); t2/13; cum 138K 2/15;
23533, 560, Whiting, Katherine 33-23, Camel Hump, Golden Valley County, a vertical well; Red River; 12 days to drill; 320-acre spacing; t12/12; cum 134K 2/15;
23599, 511, Slawson, Pathfinder 3-9H, Sanish, 17 stages; 1.7 million lbs; t12/12; cum 127K 2/15;
23723, 331, Bruin/G3 Operating, H State 1-36-25H, Climax, 30 stages; 3.0 million lbs; t12/12; cum 80K 4/19;

Monday, March 25, 2013
22285, 1,329, Whiting, Buckman 44-9PH, Bell, t9/12; cum 111K 2/15;
22286, 1,669, Whiting, Buckman 34-9PH, Bell, t9/12; cum 146K 2/15;
22508, 291, Hunt, Bear Butte 1-5-8H, Bear Butte, t2/13; cum 51K 2/15;
23259, 515, KOG, Grizzly 146-99-3-3-10-13H3, Ranch Creek, t2/13; cum 41K 2/15;
23451, 1,435, WPX, Dancing Bull 16-21HC, Van Hook, t4/13; cum 262K 2/15;
23573, 1,065, Hess, AN-Bohmbach 153-94-2734H-5, Antelope, t5/13; cum 168K 2/15;
23762, 1,246, XTO, Nelson State 24X-33A, Indian Hill, t2/13; cum 104K 2/15;

Sunday, March 24, 2013
22520, 1,235, Petroshale/SM Energy, Anderson Federal 16-15H, Croff, t12/12; cum 417K 3/19;
23147, 676, Fidelity, EHB 19-30-29H, Sanish, 4 sections; t9/12; cum 99K 2/15;
23177, 648, Enerplus, Coyote 151-94-33DH TF, Antelope, t1/13; cum 104K 2/15;
23373, 1,833, Whiting/KOG, P State 154-97-3-16-21-14H3, Truax, t12/12; cum 108K 2/15;
23504, 864, American Eagle, Megan 14-12-163-101, Colgan, t12/12; cum 145K 2/15;
23715, 273, XTO, ND State 43X-16B, Stoneview, t2/13; cum 38K 2/15;

Saturday, March 23, 2013
23728, 362, CLR, Caroline 1-2H, Rosebud, t5/13; cum 61K 2/15;
23761, 825, XTO, Nelsen State 24X-33F, Indian Hill, t2/13; cum 29K 2/15;

Friday, March 22, 2013:
21557, 2,140, QEP, MHA 1-31-36H-150-92, Heart Butte, 4 sections; 27 stage;2.3 million lbs sand, t5/13; cum 153K 2/15;
23320, 3,611, Statoil/BEXP, Porter 35-26 2H, Alexander,  t1/13; cum 119K 2/15; 
23375, 669, EN-Ortloff 156-94-2635H-3, Big Butte, t2/13; cum 111K 2/15;
23465, 851, American Eagle Energy, Haagenson 3-2-163-101, Colgan, t12/12; cum 125K 2/15;

Thursday, March 21, 2013:
22487, 67 (no typo), EOG, Hawkeye 02-2501H, Clarks Creek, t12/13; cum 838K 3/19; ; 3-section spacing; 1,741 acres in the spacing unit; sister well to the well announced earlier with 200,000 bbls in less than 5 months; another 15,000-ft horizontal; trip gas over 4,000 units;
22601, 176, Baytex, Karlgaard 22-15-160-98H 1PB, Skabo, t10/12; cum 46K 2/15;
22602, 207, Baytex, Karlgaard 27-34-160-98H 1XP, Skabo, t10/12; cum 49K 2/15;
22744, 276, Baytex, M. Johnson 35-26-162-98H 1PB, Whiteaker, t11/12; cum 101K 2/15;
23152, 722, Whiting, Talkington 41-26PH, Park;  t9/12; cum 114K 2/15;
23439, 538, Denbury Onshore, Thompson 21-11SEH, Charlson, t5/13; cum 62K 2/15;

Wednesday, March 20, 2013
20355, 1,127, Petro-Hunt, USA 153-95-1A-7-2H, Charlson, t2/13; cum 86K 2/15;
21558, 2,359, QEP, MHA 3-31-36H-150-92, Heart Butte, t5/13; cum 164K 2/15;
22101, 1,041,  Petro-Hunt, Thorson 159-94-7A-18-3H, North Tioga, t6/13; cum 62K 2/15;
22885, 349,  Hess, LK-Wing 146-97-2215-3, Little Knife, t7/13; cum 56K 2/15;
23487, 26, Surge Energy, Scandia 1N NENE 34 02 NENW 35H, a Spearfish/Madison well; t11/12; cum 10K 2/15;

Tuesday, March 19, 2013
22445, 975, Bruin/OXY USA, Hattie Dvorak 1-33-28H-142-96/Easton 1-35-26H-142-95, Russian Creek, t9/12; cum 104K 4/19;
22642, 2,271, Oasis, Birdhead 5200 41-22T, Camp, t10/12; cum 236K 2/15;
22740, 3,863, Oasis, Larry 5301 44-12B,  Baker, t9/12; cum 178K 2/15;
23172, 812, Fidelity, Kudrna 5-8H, Heart River, t9/12; cum 162K 2/15;
23249, 3,888, BR, Lovasas 11-1TFH, Blue Buttes, t12/12; cum 103K 2/15;
23374, 863, Hess, EN-Ortloff 156-94-2635H-2,  Big Butte, t2/13; cum 133K 2/15;
23570, IA/2,602, Newfield, Sand Creek Federal 153-96-23-14-10H, Keene, "Bakken/ThreeForks," t2/13; cum 313K 1/19; off line 1/19;

Monday, March 18, 2013
20133, 480, EOG, Hardscrabble 3-3328H, Sixmile, flaring; t9/12; cum 132K 2/15;
21057, 2,982, BR, Hilman 31-29H, Haystack Butte, flaring; t12/12; cum 147K 4/19;
21591, 2,662, Newfield, Sand Creek Federal 153-96-23-14-2H, Keene, t2/13; cum 404K 4/19;
21717, 854, Sequel Energy, Temple 21-1H-2536-15996-TF, t1/13; cum 152K 2/15;
22486, 2,421, EOG, Hawkeye 100-2501H, Clarks Creek (see stand-alone post); 3-section spacing (1,920 acres); will this be a long lateral (9,000 feet) or a much-talked-about-seldom-seen-super-long lateral (14,000 feet)? I'm betting the latter. If accurate, a huge "thank you" to a reader. This well is NORTHEAST of Watford City. [Turned out to be 25,101 feet long. Yes, a super-long lateral, almost 3 sections long.]  Did Lynn Helms misspeak or was he misquoted in The Bismarck Tribune when he said there was a gusher NORTHWEST of Watford City? If there is still another gusher NORTHWEST of Watford City that is better than this well, we are talking some big wells in the Bakken, 47 stages; 14 million lbs of sand; t9/12; cum 640K 2/15;
23295, 2,592, BR, Mesa Verde 14-22TFH, Clear Creek, flaring, t1/13; cum 331K 4/19;
23440, 2,030, XTO, Thompson 21-11SH, Charlson; t2/13; cum 115K 2/15; 

Sunday, March 17, 2013 -- Happy St Patrick's Day
21559, 2,032, QEP, MHA 5-31-25H-150-92, Heart Butte, short lateral, less than a typical one-section lateral, 4 sections; t5/13; cum 115K 2/15;  
21944, 343, Hess, BL-Frisinger-156-95-2833H-1, Beaver Lodge; on a gas line; t11/12; cum 60K 2/15;
22886, 321, Hess, LK-Wing 146-97-2215H-4, Little Knife, very short lateral only half of a 1280-spacing unit; t6/13; cum 53K 2/15; 
23261, 3,880, BR, Mesa Verde 34-22TFH, Clear Creek, t2/13; cum 101K 2/15;
23611, 988, CLR, Akron 4-23H, Banks, right in the sweet spot of the Bakken, t6/13; cum 189K 2/15; 

Saturday, March 16, 2013
21718, 800, Sequel Energy, Overdorf 21-1H-0112-15896-MB, Temple; t1/13; cum 172K 2/15; (see stand-alone post);
22302, 1,556, XTO, Mariana Trust 12X-20C, North Fork, t4/13; cum 106K 2/15; 
23441, 1,115, XTO, Thompson 21-11SWH, Charlson, t5/13; cum 70K 2/15; 
23470, 1,551, XTO, Lawlar 41-15SH, North Tobacco Garden, t4/13; cum 77K 2/15; 

Friday, March 15, 2013
21560, 673, QEP, MHA 7-31-25H-150-92, Heart Butte, t5/13; cum 163K 2/15; 
21592, 2,771, Newfield, Sand Creek Federal 153-96-23-14-3H, Keene, t2/13; cum 228K 2/15; 
22444, 432, OXY USA, Easton 1-35-26H-142-95, Murphy Creek; s6/25; td 7/9; shares a pad with a well that was producing before this well was spud (Samantha 1-3-1H-141-95);21 stages; 1.5 million lbs; t9/12; cum 51K 2/15; 
22887, 374, Hess, LK-Wing 146-97-2215H-5, Little Knife, t6/13; cum 59K 2/15;
22897, 1,510, WPX, Kate Soldier 23-14HZ, Spotted Horn, t12/12; cum 55K; 1/13;
23132, 948, Liberty Resources, Cavalli State 156-100-9-4-1H, East Fork, t9/12; cum 71K 1/13;
23215, 637, WPX, Corn Stalk 20H, Squaw Creek, t1/13; cum 7K 1/13;
23524, 1,004, SM Energy, Ceynar 4-18HA, Poe, t2/13; cum 28K 3/13;

Thursday, March 14, 2013
21837, 1,398, MRO, Deep Creek USA 14-12TFH, Lost Bridge, t3/13; cum 58K 6/13;
22872, 3,091, BEXP, Pyramid 15-22 4H, Todd, the first of the Pyramid wells to report (looks like it will go to DRL status); middle Bakken; trip gas over 3,000 units noted; spudded Sept 14, TD reached October 10; t3/13; cum 20K 6/13;
23325, 679, Hess, SC-Ellingsberg 154-98-3229H-3, Truax, t1/13; cum 27K 1/13;
23612, 673, CLR, Charlotte 4-22H, Banks, this is an important well; see the Charlotte wells; target: 19 - 33 feet below the top of the middle Three Forks formation; a long horizontal, almost 22,000 feet long; final note: 19 - 33 feet below the top of the Three Forks ("middle" was missing); t7/13; cum 160K 3/19;
Wednesday, March 13, 2013
21561, 1,731, QEP, MHA 1-31-25H-150-92, Heart Butte, t5/13; cum 19K 6/13;
22552, 765, XTO, Albert 24X-1F, Capa, t1/13; cum 9K 1/13;
22949, 993, Whiting, Lydia 11-14PH, Bell, t9/12; cum 43K 1/13;
22950, 1,494, Whiting, Solberg 14-11PH, Bell, t9/12; cum 48K 1/13;
22966, 1,648, BR, CCU Golden Creek 24-23MBH, Corral Creek, t4/13; cum --
23116, 2,176, BEXP, Cora 20-17 6TFH, Poe, t5/13; cum --
23179, 754, Fidelity, Pavlish 19-20H, Dutch Henry Butte, t9/12; cum 39K 1/13;
23521, 508, SM Energy, Gulbranson 1-1H, West Ambrose, t11/12; cum 20K 1/13;
23664, 657, CLR, Charlotte 3-22H, Banks, t11/12; cum 24K 1/13; this is a most important well; for more on the Charlotte wells, click here;

Tuesday, March 12, 2013
21393, 1,950, KOG, Smokey 15-7-19-15H, Pembroke, t12/12; cum 34K 1/13;
22088, 2,530, Oasis, Dubuque 5300 14-22B, Willow Creek, t9/12; cum 53K 1/13; 36 stages; 4.4 million lbs; sand/ceramic;
22888, 404, Hess, LK-Wing 146-97-2215H-6, Little Knife, t6/13; cum 12K 6/13;
22916, 1,972, BEXP, Roger Sorenson 8-5 3H, Alger, t4/13; cum 18K 6/13;
22937, 770, Oasis, State 5792 11-15H, Cottonwood; t8/12; cum 30K 1/13; 4.5 million lbs;
23324, 653, Hess, SC-Ellingsberg 154-98-3239H-2, Truax; t1/13; cum 29K 1/13; 30 stages; 1.7 million lbs; sand
23519, 581, CLR, Jack 4-9H, Murphy Creek, t2/13; cum 8K 1/13;

Monday, March 11, 2013
22133, 388, OXY USA, Mongoose 1-13-24H-142-95, Murphy Creek, t9/12; cum 15K 1/13;
22364, 138, Legacy, Legacy Etal Bernstein 5-17H, Red Rock, t10/12; cum 13K 1/13;
22962, 860, EOG, West Clark 5-2425H, Clarks Creek, t12/12; cum 37K 1/13;
22963, 1,908, EOG, West Clark 102-2413H, Clarks Creek, t10/12; cum 34K 1/13;
23107, 1,213, MRO, T D Steffan 21-27H, Murphy Creek, t11/12; cum 26K 1/13; compare with the OXY USA well above,
23400, 400, Crescent Point, CPEUSC Suitor 13-24-158N-101W, Little Muddy, t2/13; cum 12K 3/13;

Sunday, March 10, 2013
23210, 923, Zenergy, Cayko 22-27H, Dore, t1/13; cum 16K 1/13; 
23273, 492, Whiting, Froehlich 24-9PH, Bell, on a gas line; t9/12; cum 21K 1/13;
23300, 941, Hess, SC-TR Slette 153-98-1819H-3, Truax, t12/12; cum 46K 1/13;
23433, 301, MRO, Ivan Hoff 31-28H, Strandahl, t11/12; cum 3K 1/13;
23525, 1,096, SM Energy, Ceynar 4X-18H, Poe, t3/13; cum 17K 3/13;

Saturday, March 9, 2013
22884, 335, Hess, LK-Wing 146-97-2215H-2, Little Knife, t7/13; cum --
22889, 463, Hess, LK-Wing 146-97-2215H-7, Little Knife, t6/13; cum 14K 6/13;
22915, 1,136, BEXP, Roger Sorenson 8-5 2TFH, Alger, t4/13; cum 25K 6/13;
23291, 629, CLR, Topeka 3-12H, Brooklyn, t2/13; cum 20K 3/13;
23330, 195, Whiting, Samuelson 23-32, wildcat (Beach field); Red River well; t12/12; cum 10K 1/13;
23425, 1,299, BEXP Roger Sorenson 8-5 6TFH, Alger, t4/13; cum 24K 6/13;
23520, 585, CLR, Jack 3-9H, Murphy Creek, t1/13; cum 7K 1/13;
23526, 855, SM Energy, Ceynar 4-18HB, Poe, t2/13; cum 27K 3/13;

Friday, March 8, 2013
20825, 50, Petro-Hunt, Williams and Larson Trust 157-100-8D-5-1H, Marmon, 25 stages; 2.8 million lbs sand; 26 days spud to TD; 9 days spud to KOP; t12/12; cum 8K 1/13;
22162, 1,749, KOG, Skunk Creek 16-2-3-13H, South Fork, t1212; cum 37K 1/13;
22289, 1,444, MRO, Joanne Quale USA 21-30TFH, Reunion Bay, t12/12; cum 30K 1/13;
22661, 1,769, KOG, Polar Bibler 155-99-15-31-30-2H3, Epping, t1/13; cum 9K 1/13;
23299, 515, Hess, SC-TR Slette 153-98-1819H-2, Truax, t12/12; cum 24K 1/13;

Thursday, March 7, 2013
21747, 685, Zenergy, Hanson 34-27H, Dublin, t12/12; cum 14K 1/13;
22312, 452, Petro-Hunt, Fort Berthold 148-94-28A-33-1H, McGregory Buttes, t11/12; cum 37K 1/13;
22538, 447, Hess, BW-Kenny 149-101-0904H-1, Sather Lake, t12/12; cum 16K 1/13;
22794, 1,298, BEXP, Scha 33-34 2TFH, Alger, t1/13; cum 10K 1/13;
22987, 718, CLR, Doe 34-23NH, Murphy Creek, t1/12; cum 24K 1/13;
23292, 575, CLR, Topeka 2-12H, Brooklyn, t2/13; cum 26K 3/13;

Wednesday, March 6, 2013
22703, 1,185, EOG, Wayzetta 22-1509H, Parshall, t1/13; cum --

Tuesday, March 5, 2013 (for some reason, NDIC did not post IPs)
21705, 808, Lime Rock/OXY USA, Enger 1-15-22H-142-97, Willmen, t9/12; cum 125K 4/19'
22537, 487, Hess, BW-Haugen 149-101-1621H-1, Sather Lake,  t12/12; cum 15K 1/13;
22683, 615, Hess, EN-Jeffrey-155-94-2215H-3, Alkali Creek, t2/13; cum 26K 3/13;
22846, 1,081, MRO, Diamond A 34-21TFH, Bailey, t2/13; cum 19K, 3/13;

Monday, March 4, 2013
22447, 973, Bruin/G3 Operating, J. Rasmussen 1-26-35H, Strandahl, t12/12; cum 124K 4/19;
23085, 2,506, KOG, Moccasin Creek 16-10-3-3H3, Moccasin Creek, t12/12; cum 35K 1/13;
23167, 1,127, Hess, BB-Sivertson 151-95-2019H-3, Blue Buttes, t11/12; cum 74K 1/13;
23492, 199, CLR, Lovland 1-7H, 23638, conf, Slawson, Pathfinder 2-9H,  Upland, t12/12; cum 2K 1/13;

Sunday, March 3, 2013 
23084, 2,129, KOG, Moccasin Creek 16-10-3-3H, Moccasin Creek, t1/13; cum 23K 1/13;
21821, 180, Legacy Oil, Legacy Etal Wunderlich 5-6H, North Souris, a Spearfish well; t10/12; cum 13K 1/13;
22343, 655, Zenergy, Cliffside 25-36H, Assiniboine, t11/13; cum 14K 1/13;
22359, 1,147, Zenergy, Helling 30-31H, Pronghorn, t1/13; cum 4K 1/13;

Saturday, March 2, 2013 
22318, 23, Crescent Point, CPEUSC Samples 26-35-159N-100W, wildcat/Blue Ridge; t4/13; cum 25K 6/13;
22451, 1,504, MRO, Curtis Kerr 24-8H,  Bailey, t3/13; cum 16K 3/13;
22684, 689, Hess, EN-Jeffrey A-155-94-2734H-2, Alkali Creek, t2/13; cum 31K 3/13;
Friday, March 1, 2013:
21689, 1,665, EOG, Bear Den 104-2116H, Spotted Horn, t9/12; cum 76K 1/13;
21716, 943, Petro-Hunt, Van hise GTrsut 153-95-28C-21-2H, Charlson, t12/12; cum 54K 1/13;
22013, 360, Cornerstone Natural Resources, Jepsen 3-20-17H, Coteau, t11/12; cum 24K 1/13;
22114, 1,712, MRO, Baker USA 11-18TFH, Van Hook, t10/12; cum 60K 1/13;
22164, 693, Slawson, Athena 3-36H, Alger, t11/12; cum 13K 1/13;
22197, 508, OXY USA, Griggs 2-8-9H-142-97, Willmen, t9/12; cum 21K 1/13;
22448, 650, G3 Operating, C. Rasmussen 1-23-14H, Strandahl, t12/12; cum 8K 1/13;
22685, 598, Hess, EN-Jeffrey -155-94-2215H-2, Alkali Creek, t2/13; cum 8K 1/13;
22758, 2,485, BR, Iron Horse 11-2TFH, Union Center, t11/12; cum 6K 1/13;
22850, 2,338, KOG, Koala 15-33-28-2H, t11/12; cum 64K 1/13;
23009, 815, Hess, HA-Grimestad-152-95-3031H-2, Hawkeye, t11/12; cum 45K 1/13;
23135, 1,844, BR, CCU Powell 11-29MBH, Corral Creek, t2/13; cum 4K 3/13;
23394, 1,170, XTO, FBIR Baker 34X-25A, Heart Butte, t1/13; cum --
23397, 969, CLR, Collison 1-23H, Avoca, t12/12; cum 23K 1/13;
23459, 1,358, Sinclair, Crosby Creek 2-5H, Little Knife, t12/12; cum 25K 3/13;
23532, 527, CLR, Lousiville 2-9H, Last Chance, t2/13; cum 12K 3/13;

Thursday, February 28, 2013:
22686, 771, Hess, EN-Jeffrey A-155-94-2734H-1, Alkali Creek, 4-section spacing; t1/13; cum --
23301, 3,042, BEXP, Timber Creek 13-24 2H, Alexander, t10/14; cum 220K 4/18;

Wednesday, February 27, 2013:
20750, 53, Bruin/OXY USA, Katie Heiser 1-12-1H-142-95, Murphy Creek, t8/12; cum 2K 12/12;
21868, 957, Zavanna, Barker 24-13 1H, Boxcar Butte, t12/12; cum 36K 12/12;
22029, 1,961, QEP, MHA 4-32-29H-150-91, Heart Butte, t11/12; cum 30K 12/12;
23466, 226, American Eagle, Silas 3-2N-163-101, Colgan, t12/12; cum 10K 12/12;
23598, DRY, Whiting, Kittelson 32-27R, wildcat, a Deadwood well; northeast of Beach, in the southwest corner of the state; probably a Red River well;

Tuesday, February 26, 2013
20879, 2,709, HRC/Petro-Hunt, Fort Berthold 147-94-1A-12-2H, McGregory Buttes, t1/14; cum 115K 3/14;
22117, 1,251, WPX, Dora Smith 5-8HC, Van Hook, t3/13; cum 139K 3/14;
22532, 1,491, Whiting, Mildred Roggenbuck 41-24TFX, Sanish, t8/12; cum 41K 12/12;
22730, 2,235, Equinor/BEXP, Holm 9-4 3TFH, Alger, t2/13; cum 195K 4/19;
22881, 2,281, OXY USA, State Frank Butler 1-29-32H-142-94, Murphy Creek, t8/12; cum 9K 12/12;
23191, 682, Hess, BL-Myrtrice-156-96-2536H-2, Beaver Lodge, see below, t12/12; cum 20K 12/12;
23302, 1,602, Equinor/BEXP, Timber Creek 13-24 1TFH, Alexander, t7/13; cum 173K 4/19;

Monday, February 25, 2013
22560, 846, Petro-Hunt, Fort Berthold 148-94-21A-20-1H, Eagle Nest, t2/13; cum 50K 6/13;
23262, 2,967, BR, Mesa Verde 44-22MBH, Clear Creek, t3/13; cum 17K 6/13;
23406, 57, True Oil, Hagen Federal 41-25 25-30H, Red Wing Creek, check spacing size; t1/13; cum-

Sunday, February 24, 2013
21077, 0, Whiting, BSMU 1707, Big Stick, a Madison well; t11/12; but not dry
21913, 138, OXY USA, Bill Cody 1-20-29H-141-96, St Anthony, t8/12; cum 8K 12/12;
22028, 2,737, QEP, MHA 2-32-29H-150-91, Heart Butte, check spacing unit size;** t11/12; cum 358K 4/19;
22812, 202, CLR, Flying W 1-25H, Blacktail, t12/12; cum 3K 12/12;
22927, 262, CLR, Butch 1-29H, Stoneview, t12/12; cum 3K 12/12;
23277, 2,000, Newfield, Darlene Federal 152-97-13-24-3H, Westberg, t1/13; cum --

Saturday, February 23, 2013
20577, 1,886, EOG, Bear 19-2116H, Spotted Horn, well in middle of spacing unit; unusual location;* t9/12; cum 189K 4/19;
20578, 1,667, EOG, Bear Den 18-21H, Spotted Horn, well in middle of spacing unit; unusual location;* t9/12; cum 289K 4/19;
21680, 800, Liberty Resources, Nygaard 150-101-28-33-1H, Pronghorn, t9/12; cum 56K 12/12;
21688, 957, EOG, Bear Den 103-21H, Spotted Horn, well in middle of spacing unit; unusual location;* t9/12; cum 109K 3/14;
22150, 503, OXY USA, Richard Jablonsky 1-13-24H-141-97, St Anthony, t8/12; cum 15K 12/12;
22303, 1,952, Oasis, Thomas S 5300 41-12B, Crazy Man Creek, t10/12; cum 70K 12/12;
22304, 1,364, Oasis, Celia S 5300 41-12T, Crazy Man Creek, t10/12; cum 43K 12/12;
22347, 2,621, Oasis, Basey 5300 44-12T, Crazy Man Creek, t9/12; cum 54K 12/12;
22348, 2,661, Oasis, Kovars 5300 44-12B, Crazy Man Creek, t9/12; cum 48K 12/12;
22401, 876, Liberty Resources, Lukenbill 155-101-11-2-1H, Cow Creek, t9/12; cum 339K 4/19;
22714, TA, Equinor/BEXP, D D 26-35 1H, Squires,
22929, 1,898, BEXP, Vachal 3-34 2TFH,  Alger, t12/12; cum 10K 12/12;
23192, 1.085, Hess, BL-Myrtrice-156-96-2536H-1, Beaver Lodge,  t12/12; cum 23K 12/12;
23404, 856, XTO, Unni 21X-27B, Midway, t12/12; cum 9K 12/12;
23472, 1,734, QEP/Helis, P. Levang 4-14/23H, Blue Buttes, great well; t11/12; cum 45K 12/12;

Friday, February 22, 2013
21544, 2,496, GMX Resources, Akovenko F24-34-2H, Ranch Creek, t11/12; cum 14K 12/12;
22208, 823, EOG, Sidonia 45-0409H, Clear Water, t8/12; cum 36K 12/12;
22462, 1,941, KOG, Moccasin Creek 16-26-27-12H, Moccasin Creek, t1/13; cum --
22465, 2,095, KOG, Moccasin Creek 16-26-27-13H3, Moccasin Creek, t12/12; cum 9K 12/12
22791, 2,084, BR, Morgan 21-28TFH 3NH, Pershing, 4-section spacing, t1/13; cum --
23144, 484, Fidelity, Lee 19-20-29H, Sanish, t9/12; cum 26K 12/12;
23216, 783, WPX, Corn Stalk 20HC, Squaw Creek, t1/13; cum --
23254, 494, WPX, Coyote Necklace 24HD, Reunion Bay, t10/12; cum 58K 12/12; 
23276, 921, Newfield, Darlene Federal 152-97-13-24-10H, Westberg, t1/13; cum --
23331, 2,282, QEP, MHA 1-03-34H-150-92, Heart Butte, t3/13; cum 4K 3/13;
23349, 743, CLR, Sverdrup 1-36H, Frazier, t11/12; cum 28K 12/12;

Thursday, February 21, 2013
22627, 551, Triangle, Triangle 149-101-1-12-3H, Antelope Creek, t1/13; cum 3K 12/12;
22651, 219, WPX, Charles Blackhawk 31-30HB, Heart Butte; t11/12; cum 25K 12/12;
23319, 1,271, BEXP, Porter 35-26 1TFH, Alexander, t1/13; cum 14K 3/13;

Wednesday, February 20, 2013
 23038, 515, Hess, EN-Horst S-154-93-1003H-4, Robinson Lake, t12/12; cum 9K 12/12;
23106, 1,047, MRO, Schmalz 34-22H, Murphy Creek, t11/12; cum 17K 12/12;
23275, 2,102, Newfield, Darlene Federal 152-97-13-24-2H, Westberg, no production data;
23280, DRY, Whiting, Kittelson 32-27, wildcat, a Deadwood well; target was the Red River C (Duperow); now a SWD
23332, 2,348, QEP, MHA 3-03-34H-150-92, Heart Butte, t3/13; cum 5K 3/13;
23431, 1,461, XTO, Flatland 11X-2E, Sand Creek, t11/12; cum 13K 12/12;
23508, 669, Samson Resources, Nomad 0607-1H, West Ambrose, t12/12; cum 9K 12/12;

Tuesday, February 19, 2013
23086, 894, CLR, Norfolk 2-1H, North Tobacco Garden, t12/12; cum 19K 12/12;
23347, 425, CLR, Fenster 3-11H, Hamlet, 4-section spacing; t2/13; cum 4K 3/13;
23403, 2,148, XTO, FBIR Smith 11X-10A, Heart Butte, t1/13; cum 18K 3/13;

Monday, February 18, 2013
21022, 573, Sequel, Louie 24-24H-2536-16095-MB, North Tioga, t11/12; cum 23K 12/12;
22947, 1,648, Whiting, Norgard 41-14H, Ellsworth, t8/12; cum 44K 12/12;
23509, 770, Samson Resources, Nomad 0607-2TFH, West Ambrose, t12/12; cum --

Sunday, February 17, 2013
21151, 446, CLR, Mack 5-2H, Antelope, t11/12; cum 26K 12/12;
22519, 10 (no typo), OXY USA, Ward Lake 1-5-6H-160-91, Dimond,  t6/12; cum 8K 12/12;
22625, 6538, Triangle, Triangle 149-101-1-12-1H, Antelope Creek, t1/13; cum --
22667, 170, Fidelity, O Bach 29-32H, Green River; if this is a Bakken well, t10/12; cum 3K 12/12;
22996, 761, Abraxas, Jore Federal 2-11-3H, North Forks, t10/12; cum 23K 12/12;
23039, 450, Hess, EN-Horst S-154-93-1003H-5, Robinson Lake, t12/12; cum 9K 12/12;
23105, 778, Slawson, Lunker Federal 2-33-4H, Van Hook, t10/12; cum 18K 12/12;
23250, 2,806, BR, Lovaas 11-1MBH, Blue Buttes, 2-sec spacing, t12/12; cum 5K 12/12;
23323, 233, Hunt, Alexandria 1-33-27HTF, wildcat, southwest Divide County, t1/13; cum --
23333, 2,310, QEP, MHA 1-03-35H-150-92, Heart Butte, t3/13; cum 11K 3/13;
23346, 359, CLR, Fenster 2-11H, Hamlet, t2/13; cum 3K 3/13;
23348, 385, SM, August 4-26HN, Colgan, t10/12; cum 17K 12/12;

Saturday, February 16, 2013
19962, 2,059, KOG, P State 154-97-3-16-21-13H3, Truax, t12/12; cum 8K 12/12;
21391, 1,500, KOG, Smokeky 15-7-6-2H, Pembroke, t12/12; cum 19K 12/12;
22275, 1,672, XTO, Rose Federal 34X-34C, West Capa, t1/13; cum 34K 3/13;
23166, 983, ERF, Bullhead 148-93-15D-16H TF, South Fork, t11/12; cum 35K 12/12;
23322, 160, Hunt, Sioux Trail 1-1-12H, wildcat, southwest Divide County; t12/12; cum --

Friday, February 15, 2013
21427, 1,502, Slawson, Sniper (Federal) 2-6-7H, Big Ben, t10/12; cum 425K 4/19;
22729, 2,008, Equinor/BEXP, Alger State 16-21 2TFH, Alger, t3/13; cum 197K 4/19;
22845, 1.039, MRO, Diamona A 31-28TFH, Bailey, t5/13; cum 10K/6/13
23030, 2,966, BR, Walter 31-29MBH, Haystack Butte, 2-sec spacing; t12/12; cum --
23040, 402, Hess, EN-Horst S-154-93-1003H-6, Robinson Lake, t1/13; cum 6K 12/12;
23207, 1,539, Newfield, Orvis State 150-99-21-16-2H, South Tobacco Garden, t10/12; cum 41K 12/12;
23334, 1,949, QEP, MHA 3-03-35H-150-92, Heart Butte, t3/13; cum 12K 3/13;
23345, 886, CLR, Milton 3-14H, Hamlet, t4/14; cum 3/13;
23352, 424, CLR, Missoula 3-21H, Camp, t1/13; cum 199K 4/19;

Thursday, February 14, 2013
21887, 182, Legacy, Legacy Etal Bernstein 13-7H, Red Rock, a Spearfish well; t11/12; cum 10K 12/12;
21922, 94, Legacy, Legacy Etal Bernstein 13-17H, Red Rock, a Spearfish well; t10/12; cum 10K 12/12;
22753, 1,964, XTO, Rose Federal 34X-34C, West Capa, t11/12; cum 4K 12/12;
22903, 2,562, Equinor/BEXP, Samson 29-34 4TFH, Banks, t5/13; cum 10K 6/13;
22911, 1,538, MRO, Pearl 41-13H, Big Bend, t10/12; cum 51K 12/12;

Wednesday, February 13, 2013
22568, 680, Crescent Point Energy, CPEUSC Tripucka 34-27-158N-101W, Little Muddy; looks like a good well, t12/12; cum 26K 3/13;
22715, 761, BEXP, D D 26-35 2TFH, t5/13; cum --
22748, 729, Enerplus, Chokecherry 149-32-21A-22H, Mandaree, t11/12; cum 29K 12/12;
23089, 3,164, BEXP, Jarold 25-36 1H, Todd, t1/13; cum 45K 3/13;
23284, 849, Hess, EN-Belik 156-93-0607H-3, Big Butte,  t11/12; cum 38K 12/12;
23344, 546, CLR, Milton 2-14H, Hamlet, t3/13; cum 3K 3/13;
23351, 921, CLR, Missoula 2-21H, Camp, t12/12; cum 1,403 bbls 12/12;
23402, 1,045, XTO, FBIR Smith 11X-10F, Heart Butte, t1/13; cum 10K 3/13;

Tuesday, February 12, 2013
22902, 2,404, BEXP, Topaz 20-17 4TFH, Banks, 4-well pad; three wells on DRL status; t5/13; cum 14K 6/13;
23034, 2,850, Equinor/BEXP, Allison 34-14 1H, East Fork, 4-well pad; t11/12; cum 247K 3/19; another one also producing (#23033; 2,888, Jennifer -- off line as of 2/19)
23335, 1,791, QEP, MHA 2-03-35H-150-92, Heart Butte, t11/12; cum 0K 3/13; 4-section spacing; two 5-well pads;
23390, 1,521, KOG, P Bibler 155-99-15-31-7-15H3, Stockyard Creek, 4-well pad; another on DRL status; t1/13; cum 36K 3/13;

Monday, February 11, 2013
21337, 892, XTO, Deborah 14-20SEH, Arnegard, t11/12; cum 13K 12/12;
21802, 741, Petro-Hunt, Fort Berthold 152-93-9C-10-3H, Four Bears, t11/12; cum 24K 12/12;
22113, 2,077, MRO, Baker USA 11-18H, Van Hook, t11/12; cum 38K 12/12;
22738, 207, Petro-Hunt, Blikre 158-93-6A-7-1H, East Tioga, no IP provided; cum 29K 6/13;

Sunday, February 10, 2013
21797, 595, CLR, Black Federal 1-28H, Oliver, t12/12; cum 14K 12/12;
22833, 558, XTO, GV 44-32NH, Siverston, t11/12; cum 7K 12/12;
22942, 2,274, BEXP, Sullivan WMA 35-2 1H, Briar Creek; t4/13; cum 28K 6/13;
23090, 2,118, BEXP, Jarold 25-36 2TFH, Todd; t1/13; um 23K 3/13;
23283, 942, Hess, EN-Belik 156-93-0607H-2, t11/12; cum 45K 12/12;
23401, 1,325, XTO, FBIR Smith 11X-10E, Heart Butte, no production data;

Saturday, February 9, 2013
21355, 231, Oasis, Thornburgh 6092 44-15H, Cottonwood; t9/12; cum 19K 12/12;
22019, 1,216, Petro-Hunt/Baytex, Judith Olson 27-34-162-98H 1XN, Whiteaker, huge well; t8/12; cum 193K 4/19;
22020, 239, Baytex, Judith Olson 22-15-162-98H 1NC, Blooming Prairie, t9/12; cum 41K 12/12;
22452, 1,168, MRO, Brent Kerr 21-17H, Lake Ilo, t3/13; cum 7K 3/13;
22542, 428, Lime Rock Resources/Fidelity, Kevin 24-9H, Stanley, a nice well; t8/12; cum 122K 8/16;
22716, 147, Samson Resources, Rutherford 24-25-161-93H, Foothills; t11/12; cum 4K 12/12;
22842, 1,979, Oasis, Arlyss 5601 14-26T, Tyrone, t9/12; cum 32K 12/12;
22901, 3,225, Statoil/BEXP, Samson 29-32 3H, t4/13; cum 168K 8/16;

Friday, February 8, 2013:
22432, 250, WPX, Paul Peter Coffee 35HC, Moccasin Creek, a great well; t10/12; cum 32K 12/12;
23068, 2,454, Statoil/BEXP, Liffrig 29-50 5H, Alger, a nice well; t12/12; cum 133K 8/16;
23087, 395, CLR, Norfolk 3-1H, North Tobacco Garden, a nice well; t12/12; cum 12K 12/12;
23266, 1,849, XTO, Mariana Trust 12X-20H, North Fork, t3/13; cum --

Thursday, February 7, 2013:
17822, 1,061, Oasis, Colbenson 5792 11-6H, Cottonwood, t10/12; cum 23K 12/12;
22009, 208, Petro-Hunt, Wold 160-94-32A-5-5H, North Tioga, t11/12; cum 16K 12/12;
22836, 539, Petro-Hunt, Gunder T. 151-101-30A-31-1H, Lonesome, t10/12; cum 16K 12/12;
23181, 318, CLR, Domindgo 1-22H, East Fork;  t1/13; cum 22K 3/13;

Wednesday, February 6, 2013:
19598, 537, Petro-Hunt, Opsal 158-99-26A-35-1H, wildcat, t10/12; cum 17K 12/12;
20455, 1,309, Zenergy, Stepan 16-9H, Dore, t11/12; cum 25K 12/12;
22352, 628, OXY USA, State Fisher 2-21-16H-142-97, Willmen, t7/12; cum 29K 12/12;
22457, 1,930, Whiting, Moen 41-26H, Timber Creek, t8/12; cum 3K 12/12; very few days producing;
22849, 2,120, Whiting/KOG, Koala 15-33-28-2H3, Poe, t11/12; cum 261K 3/19; a Three Forks well, no specific bench specified; look at the well name; 28 stages; 4.4 million lbs; all ceramic;

22900, 3,660, BEXP, Topaz 20-17 3H, Banks, t4/13; cum 18K 6/13;
22923, 826, Hess, LK-Alwain 147-97-1324H-3, t12/12; cum 27K 12/12;
23075, 80, Corinthian, Corinthian McCullough 13-36 1H, North Souris, a Spearfish well; t10/12; 8K 12/12;
23411, 833, Samson Resources, Border Famrs 3130-1H, West Ambrose, t12/12; cum 12K 12/12;

Tuesday, February 5, 2013:
22965, 2,896, BR, CCU Golden Creek 34-23MBH, Corral Creek, t4/13; cum 489K 4/19;
23041, 932, XTO, Gilbertson 41-16SEH, Siverston, t11/12; cum 15K 12/12;
23042, 499, XTO, Gilbertson 41-16SH, Siverston, t11/12; cum 11K 12/12;
23162, 1,339, MRO, Bear Den 42-5TFH, Lost Bridge; t11/12; cum 37K 12/12;
23170, 322, Hunt Oil, Bear Butte 1-11-2H, Bear Butte, t12/12; cum 13K 12/12;
23180, 833, CLR, Buddy 1-27H, East Fork,  t1/13; cum 33K 3/13;
23342, DRY, Samson Resources, Los Gatos 11-2-161-92H, Black Slough; unstable soil;

Monday, February 4, 2013:
22280, 1.062, Petro-Hunt, Jonsrud 151-96-3B-10-4H, Clear Creek, t11/12; cum 25K 12/12;
22468, 1,448, RimRock/KOG, Skunk Creek 12-7-8-8H, Heart Butte, t10/12; cum 183K 4/19;
23238, 523, Samson Resources, Border Farms 3130-2TFH, West Ambrose, t12/12; cum 9K 12/12;
23341, DRY, Samson Resources, Michael Joyce 14-23-161-92H, Foothills, unstable soil;

Sunday, February 3, 2013:
20604, 649, Zenergy, Santa 23-14H, Marmon, t11/12; cum 13K 12/12;
22522, 522, Liberty Resources, Nelson 156-100-17-20-1H, East Fork, t8/12; cum 79K 12/12;
22924, 624, Hess, LK-Alwin 147-97-1324H-2, Little Knife, t12/12; cum 19K 12/12;
23070, 777, CLR, Selmer 1-35H, Frazier, t10/12; cum 17K 12/12;
23252, 373, G3 Operating, Andre 1-34-27H, Climax, t11/12; cum 5K 12/12;
23263, 2,978, BR, Mesa Verde 44-22TFH; Clear Creek; t3/13; cum 4K 3/13;
23393, 943, XTO, FBIR Baker 34X-25F, Heart Butte; t1/13; cum 13K 3/13;

Saturday, February 2, 2013:
22961, 558, American Eagle Energy, Elizabeth 3-4N-163-101, Colgan, t9/12; cum 27K 12/12;
23168, 1,257, Hess, BB-Sivertson 151-95-2019H-2, Blue Buttes, t11/12; cum 280K 3/19;
23253, 417, G3 Operating; Pasternak 1-3-10H, t10/12; cum 7K 12/12;
23279, 767, CLR, Anna 1-27H, Last Chance; t11/12; cum 12K 12/12;

Friday, February 2, 2013
22855, 567, Fidelity, Kathy 11-15H, Sanish, t8/12; cum 36K 12/12;
22959, 325, Fidelity, Schwartz 14-2H, Dutch Henry Butte, t8/12; cum 24K 12/12;
23060, 763, Hess, LK-M Elisabeth 147-97-1522H-4, Little Knife, t2/13; cum 43K 3/13;

Thursday, January 31, 2013
22955, 836, Whiting, Talkington 11-30PH, Bell, t8/12; cum 38K 11/12;
23155, 570, CLR, Homer 1-14H, Corinth, t10/12; cum 13K 11/12;
23169, 173, WPX, Sarah Yellow Wolf 22-27HC, Heart Butte, t10/12; cum 17K 11/12;
23233, 133, Hunt Oil, Sioux Trail 1-8-5HTF 1, wildcat; (a true wildcat, up in Divide County; not much going on up in this area); t133, cum 12K 3/13;

Wednesday, January 30, 2013
21141, 1,108, Liberty Resources, Anna 156-100-8-5-1H, East Fork, t8/12; cum 405K 4/19;
21429, 1,140, Hess, BB-Eide 151-95-3328H-2, Blue Buttes, t12/12; cum 4K 11/12;
23059, 644, Hess, LK-M Elisabeth 147-97-1522H-3, Little Knife, t1/13; cum 37K 3/13;
23143, 189, Corinthian, Corinthian Skarphol 16-28 1H, North Souris, a Spearfish well; t10/12; cum 12K 1/13;
23321, 496, Crescent Point, CPEUSC Aldag 36-35-164N-100W, West Ambrose, a Bakken well; t11/12; cum 6K 1/12;

Tuesday, January 29, 2013
17793, 2,325, Oasis, Nordby 5793-13-13H, Sorkness, t9/12; cum 34K 11/12;
23208, IA/240, BR, CCU Boxcar 44-22PH, Corral Creek, t10/13; cum 2K 5/14
Monday, January 28, 2013
21428, 1,191, Hess, BB-Eide 151-95-3328H-1, Blue Buttes, t12/12; cum 5K 11/12;

Sunday, January 27, 2013

21901, 639, Petro-Hunt, Fort Berthold 148-94-35D-26-2H, McGregory Buttes; t10/12; cum 30K 11/12; most flared
22093, 710, QEP, MHA 4-05-04H-148-91, Heart Butte, t10/12; cum 17K 11/12; much flared;
22234, 561, OXY, State Little Missouri 1-30-31H-142-95, Manning, t7/12; cum 20K 11/12; all flared;
22458, 454, Zavanna, Witt 34-27 1H, Foreman Butte, t11/12; cum 22K 12/12; some flared;
22940, 4,295, BEXP, Banks State 16-21 3H, Banks,
23058, 860, Hess, LK-M Elisabeth 147-97-1522H-2, Little Knife, t1/13; cum 50K 3/13;

Saturday, January 26, 2013

23010, 798, Hess, HA-Grimestad-152-95-3031H-3, Hawkeye, no flare; all sold;
23067, 2,393, BEXP, Ross-Alger 6-7 5H, Alger, t11/12; cum 17K 11/12; on a NG pipeline
23189, 409, CLR, Winston 3-12H, Long Creek, t11/12; cum 415 bbls 11/12;
23241, 748, XTO, Meyer 24X-22B, Midway, t1/13; cum --
23246, PA/20, Timberline Production, Bodmer 24-35, wildcat, a Madison well; cum 5 bbls -- 11/12; southwest corner of Renville County, this is Timberline's third (3rd) permit in North Dakota; the first two wells have been dry (#19342, #17947) -- the third time is a charm, they say. Good luck to all.

Friday, January 25, 2013
22757, 561, BR, Iron Horse 21-2MBH, Union Center, t2/13; cum 177K 11/18;

Thursday, January 24, 2013
19263, 2,429, RimRock/Whiting/KOG, Two Shields Butte 5-7-8-1H, Heart Butte, t10/12; cum 443K 2/20; offline as of 1/19; returned to production, 8/19; small jump in production when it came back on line;
20854, 1,051, Slawson, Zulu 2-21H, Van Hook, t9/12; cum 29K 11/12;
21384, 349, Whiting, Cerkoney 21-2TFH, wildcat (at the corner of St Demetrius and Whiskey Joe); t7/12; cum 10K 11/12;
21470, 949, Zenergy, Monson 2-11H, Elk, t10/12; cum 20K 11/12;
22780, 1,321, EOG, Fertile 46-1608H, Parshall, t8/12; cum 78K 11/12;
22939, 3,042, BEXP, Enderud 9-4 4TFH, Banks, t7/13; cum --

Wednesday, January 23, 2013 
22786, 747, MRO, Irene Kovaloff 11-18H, Murphy Creek, t10/12; cum 14K 11/12;
23212, 1,656, CLR, Hartman 4-28H< Chimney Butte, t12/12; cum 3K 11/12;

Tuesday, January 22, 2013
22282, 898, Whiting, Tomchuk 21-30PH, Green River; t7/12; cum 27K 11/12;
22804, 566, Hess, LK-Dukart 145-97-0310H-4, Little Knife, t7/13; cum --
22938, 2,945, Statoil/BEXP, Banks State 16-21 4TFH, Banks, t5/13; cum 167K 8/16;
22969, 105, Corinthian, Corinthian Berge 13-25 1H, North Souris, Spearfish; t10/12; cum 7K 11/12;
23021, 495, WPX, Independence 2-35HC, Mandaree,  Three Forks; t10/12; cum 51K 11/12;

Saturday - Monday, January 19 - 21, 2013
21440, 1,404, Whiting/KOG, Smokey 14-21-33-14H3, Pembroke, t11/12; cum 118K 8/16; Three Forks, 28 stages; 4 million lbs;
21442, 2,125, Whiting/KOG, Smokey Kinden 14-21-16-3H,  Pembroke, t11/12; cum 211K 3/19; middle Bakken, 28 stages; 4 million lbs; 
21973, 736, Oasis, Orion Federal 5792 42-20H, Cottonwood, t8/12; cum 126K 8/16;
22087, 501, Oasis, Zdenek 6093 42-24H, Gros Ventre, t7/12; cum 29K 11/12;
22225, 868, Oasis, A K Stangeland 5300 43-12T, Crazy Man Creek, t9/12; cum 7K 11/12;
22293, 1,362, Oasis, Nathan 55-2 21-4B, Squires, t8/12; cum 27K 11/12; hooked up to NG pipeline;
22294, 1,373, Oasis, Drew 5502 21-4B, Squires, t8/12; cum 127K 11/18; on NG line; was off line; now back on line one day, 11/18;
22346, 1,526, Oasis, Jammer 5792 42-20H, Cottonwood, t8/12; cum 45K 11/12; on NG line;
22400, 120, Oasis, Island Lake 6092 12-24H, Cottonwood, t11/12; cum 500 bbls; being flared;
22495, 805, Liberty Resources, Borrud 156-101-1-12-1H, Tyrone, t8/12; cum 68K 11/12;
22596, 700, Oasis, Isabella Federal 6093 42-24H, Gros Ventre, t8/12; cum 28K 11/12;
22608, 1,694, Oasis, Tyler T 5601 41-24B, Tyrone, t7/12; cum 197K 4/19; off line as of 4/19;
22650, 247, WPX Energy Williston LLC, Charles Blackhawk 31-30HX, Heart Butte, t11/12; cum 5K 11/12;
22688, 616, EOG, Cottonwood 10-2623H, Cottonwood, t9/12; cum 33K 11/12;
22802, 412, Hess, LK-Dukart 145-97-0310H-3, Little Knife, t7/13; cum 6K 7/13;
22803, 746, Hess, LK-Obrigewitch 146-97-3427H-4, Little Knife, t7/13; cum 17K 71/3;
22910, 1,430, MRO, Pearl 41-13TFH, Big Bend, t10/12; cum 39K 11/12;
23071, 1,224, Hess, HA-Mogen 152-95-0805H-3, t12/12; cum --
23072, 1,089, Hess, HA-Dahl 152-95-0706H-3, Hawkeye, t12/12; cum 700 bbls 11/12;
23102, 1,966, QEP, MHA 4-06-31H-15092, Heart Butte, t2/13; cum 24K 3/13;
23125, 603, Zavanna, Double Down 24-13 1H, East Fork, t11/12; cum 29K 11/12;
23173, 675, Sinclair, Anderson 3-6TFH, Sanish, t9/12; cum 12K 11/12;
23188, 457, CLR, Winston 2-12H, Long Creek, t11/12; cum 500 bbls 11/12;

Friday, January 18, 2013
21021, 412, Sequel Energy, Frank 24-24H-1324-16095-TF, Stoneview, t12/12; cum 3K 11/12;
21392, 1,466, KOG, Smokey 15-7-19-15H3, Pembroke, t12/12; cum 43K 6/13;
22236, PA, Lime Rock Resources/Fidelity, Hansen 18-19H, Stanley, t9/12; cum 817 bbls;
22641, 470, CLR, Narvik 1-35H, Wildcat, t11/12; cum 9K 11/12;

Thurday, January 17, 2013
21655, 1,123, Whiting, Solberg 34-11PH, Bell, t7/12; cum 38K 11/12;
22054, 535, HRC Operating/G3 Operating, Boyds 1-29-32H, Strandahl, t9/12; cum 105K 8/16;
22094, 608, Whiting, Lydia 41-14PH, Bell, t7/12; cum 27K 11/12;
22594, 1,303, Whiting, Solberg 44-11PH, Bell, t7/12; cum 33K 11/12;
22640, 1,443, MRO, Henry Charging USA 31-3TFH, Reunion Bay, t9/12; cum 51K 11/12;
22790, 2,325, BR, Kirkland 21-28MBH 2SH, Pershing, t1/12; cum --; 4 sections;
22892, 1,552, Zenergy, Dwyer 27-34H, Rawson, t9/12; cum 22K 11/12;
23101, 1,777, QEP Energy, MHA 1-06-32H-150-92, Heart Butte, t2/13; cum 45K 3/13;
23157, 446, MRO, Paul Rohde 31-29H, Werner, t9/12; cum 9K 11/12;
23213, 1,703, CLR, Hartman 3-28H, Chimney Butte, t12/12; cum 216K 3/19;

Wednesday, January 16, 2013
22191, PNC, Samson Resources, Carrera 17-20-163-97H, Fillmore,
22192, PNC, Samson Resources, Cayman 8-5-163-97H, Fillmore,

Tuesday, January 15, 2013
22986, 613, CLR, Alfsvaag 1-31H, Crazy Man Creek, t10/12; cum 458K 2/20; came off line 6/18; returned to production 11/18;
22800, 746, Hess, LK-Obrigewitch 146-97-3427H-3, Little Knife, t8/13; cum 197K 4/18;

Monday, January 14, 2013
22799, 574, Hess, LK-Dukart 145-97-0310H-2, Little Knife, t8/13; cum 146K 4/18;;
22951, 519, CLR, Obriyenitch 1-14H, St Demetrius, t11/12; cum 164K 4/18;
23100, 1,922, QEP, MHA 3-06-32H-150-92, Heart Butte, t2/13; cum 336K 3/19;

Sunday, January 13, 2013
19776, 352, CLR, Rolla 1-33H, Elidah, 11/12; cum 204K 4/18;
22941, 2,581, BStatoil/EXP, West Bank 26-23 1H, Briar Creek, t4/13; cum 169K 4/18;
23047, DRY, Hess, GO-Olson 155-97-0310H-2, Dollar Joe, nothing in file record to explain DRY well
23120, 512, HRC/G3 Operating, Hought F. T. 1-22-15H, Strandahl, t9/12; cum 104K 4/18;

Saturday, January 12, 2013
20918, 607, Petro-Hunt, Fort Berthold 148-95-24c-13-1H, Eagle Nest, t10/12, cum 165K 4/18;
23033, 2,888, Statoil/BEXP, Jennifer 26-35 1H, East Fork, t11/12; cum 242K 4/18;
23160, 545, Triangle, State 154-102-25-36-3H, Rosebud, t10/12; cum 217K 4/18;

Friday, January 11, 2013
22172, 528, Bruin/Lime rock Resources/OXY USA, Havelka 1-19-18H-142-95, Manning, t7/12; cum 107K 4/18;
22299, 615, Bruin/Petro-Hunt, Fort Berthold 148-95-27A-34-3H, Eagle Nest, t10/12; cum 232K 4/19;
22481, 2,016, Statoil/BEXP, Wright 4-33 4H, Alger, hooked up to a NG pipeline; t9/12; cum 187K 4/18;
22518, 567, G3 Operating, Quarne 1-27-34H, Strandahl, hooked up to a NG pipeline; t10/12; cum 123K 4/18;
22964, 139, Corinthian Exploration, Corinthian Feight 5-36 1H, North Souris, a Spearfish well, t10/12; cum 50K 4/18;
23211, 577, CLR, Durant 1-12H, East Fork, t11/12; cum 222K 4/19;

Thursday, January 10, 2013
21338, 1,015, XTO/Denbury Onshore, Bayer 14-20NEH/Simmons 14-20NEH, Arnegard, t10/12; cum 151K 4/18;
22341, 1,520, MRO, Lorene Stohler 11-3H, Bailey, t10/12; cum 334K 3/19;
22742, 467, True Oil, True Federal 21-6 6-7H, Bowline, t11/12; cum 127K 4/18;
22770, 701, Hess, EN-Dobrovolney-155-93-2128H-3, Alger, t12/12; cum 167K 4/18;
22798, 561, Hess, LK-Obrigewitch 146-97-3427H-2, Little Knife, t8/13; cum 174K 4/18;
23255, 1,092, Slawson Exploration, Sniper Federal 5-6-7TFH, Big Bend, t10/12; cum 346K 2/20;
Wednesday, January 9, 2013
21596, 703, Slawson Exploration, Coyote 2-32H, Big Bend, t1/13; cum 316K 4/19;
22351, 394, Bruin/OXY USA, Louie Pavlicek 1-28-33H-142-97, Willmen, t7/12; cum 59K 4/18;
22809, 315, Resource Energy Can-Am/Samson Resources, Baja 1522-04TFH, Ambrose, t10/12; cum 58K 4/18;
22832, 1,739, Denbury Onshore, Siverston, GV 44-32NEH, t11/12; cum 278K 4/18;

Tuesday, January 8, 2013
22207, 1,443, Thunderbird Resources/GMX Resources, Basaraba 34-35-1H, Magpie, t9/12; cum 1226K 4/19; all natural gas being flared;
22660, 1,554, Whiting/KOG, P Bibler 155-99-15-31-30-2H, Epping, t1/13; cum 311K 3/19;
22769, 917, Hess, EN-Dobrovolny -155-93-2128H-2, Alger, t11/12; cum 211K 4/18; hooked up to NG line;
22779, 939, Newfield, Clear Creek Federal 152-97-36-25-3H, Westberg, t9/12; cum 176K 4/18; hooked up to NG line;
22825, 635, Whiting, Kubas 12-13PH, Bell, t7/12; cum 76K 4/18; hooked up to NG line, see below;
23052, 371, CLR, Wilhelm 3-21H, Lone Tree Lake, t11/12; cum 129K 4/18; hooked up to NG line;
23104, 397,  XTO, Hartsoch 15-35-1H, Midway, t12/12; cum 144K 4/18;

Monday, January 7, 2013
22077, 977, Lime Rock Resources/OXY USA, Tony Kralicek 1-5-8H-142-95, Manning, after five months, natural gas still being flared; production to date not promising, t7/12; cum 107K 4/18;
23037, 415, Hess, LK-Edward 147-97-28H-1, Little Knife, all natural gas being sold; t10/12; cum 115K 4/18;
23050, 954, CLR, Syracuse 3-23H, Banks, looks like a nice well; see below; all NG being sold; t10/12; cum 276K 4/18;
23156, 433, Resource Energy Can-Am/Samson Resources, Baja 1522-5H, Ambrose, NG being flared; t10/12; cum 152K 4/19;

Sunday, January 6, 2013
22211, 1,827, WPX Energy Williston, George Evans 14-23HC, Van Hook, t9/13; cum 317K 3/19;
22214, 436, WPX Energy Williston, George Evans 11-2HC, Van Hook, NG flared; t10/12; cum 209K 4/18;
22973, 436, Hess, GO-Jarland-156-98-1102H-2, Wheelock ("Ray-Epping Corridor"), t11/12; cum 112K 4/18;
23053, 395, CLR, Wilhelm 2-21H, Lone Tree Lake, first month -- natural gas being sold; t11/12; cum 169K 4/18;
23074, 513, CLR, Berthold 1-10AH, Corinth, t2/13; cum 89K 4/18;

Saturday, January 5, 2013
21595, 1,351, Slawson Exploration, Jericho 3-5H, Big Bend, all natural gas being sold; t9/12; cum 340K 4/19;
22380, 2,209, Statoil/BEXP, Vachal 3-34 3H, Alger, some natural gas being sold; t10/12; cum 171K 4/18;
22428, 4,341, Oasis, Casey 5200 13-30B, Camp, looks like a great well; t7/12; cum 409K 2/20;
22607, 1,216, Oasis, Tanner T 5601 42-24B, Tyrone, and looks like a mediocre well; all NG being sold; t9/12; cum 165K 4/18;
22778, 1,433, Newfield, Clear Creek Federal 152-97-36-25-2H, Westburg, looks like a nice well; most NG being sold; t9/12; cum 192K 4/18;
22873, 2,835, Statoil/BEXP, Pyramid 15-22 3H, Todd, 9,132 bbls in first 6 days; t3/13; cum 290K 4/19;
23051, 505, CLR, Syracuse 4-23H, Banks, another nice well in the heart of the Bakken, see below; all NG being sold; t10/12; cum 312K 4/19;
23122, 791, Oasis/SM Energy, Holm 13-12H, Siverston, t2/13; cum 263K 4/19;

Friday, January 4, 2012
21924, 2,897, BR, Jackson 14-22MBH, Haystack Butte, t10/12; cum 189K 4/18;
22070, 720, Lime Rock Resources/OXY USA, Mildred Sadowsky 1-11-14H-142-97, Willmen, t712/ cum 150K 4/18;
22844, 1,600, MRO, Diamond A 44-21TFH, Bailey, t2/13; cum 246K 4/19;
22974, 471, Hess, GO-Jarland-156-98-1102H-3, Wheelock, t11/12; cum 120K 4/18;
23054, 786, CLR, Rixey 2-28H, Lone Tree Lake, t9/12; cum 229K 4/19; off line as of 4/19;
23164, 261, Samson Resources, Coronet 2413-3H, Ambrose, t 12/12; cum 84K 4/18;

Thursday, January 3, 2013
19662, A/IAW/419, EOG, Van Hook 107-1411H, Van Hook, on natural gas pipeline by end of second month; t7/12; cum 175K 4/18;
22193, 2,367, QEP, Kummer 1-6/7H, Croff, on natural gas pipeline almost immediately; huge well; t10/12; cum 449K 4/18; only 14 days in 8/16;
22269, PA/SI/NC, WPX Energy Williston, Fettig 6-7HB, Eagle Nest;

22668, 1,436, MRO, Diamond A 41-28H, Bailey, t5/13; cum 235K 4/19;
22874, 1,884, Statoil/BEXP, Pyramid 15-22TFH, Todd, t3/13; cum 148K 4/18;
23121, 758, SM Energy, Holm 14X-12HA, Siverston, t2/13; cum 160K 4/18;

Wednesday, January 2, 2013
21120, 1,135, XTO, FBIR Huntsalong 31X-2, Heart Butte, t9/12; cum 162K 3/19;
22483, 308, Samson Resources, Coronet 2413-4TFH, Ambrose, t12/12; cum 89K 4/18;
22853, 687, Kaiser-Francis Oil/Fidelity, Isaac 11-23H, Sanish, t7/12; cum 125K 4/18;
22876, 598, Hess, GO-Foss Trust 156-97-3526H-2, Dollar Joe, t9/12; cum 131K 4/18;
23055, 781, CLR, Rixey 3-28H, Lone Tree Lake, t9/12; cum 144K 4/18;
23109, IA/1,217, Slawson Exploration, Wolverine Federal 2-31-30H, Elm Tree, t9/12; cum 352K 9/18; offline since 9/18 (inactive as of 3/19)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013
22632, 2,400, Equinor/Statoil/BEXP, Marcia 3-10 4TFH, Last Chance, t2/13; cum 222K 3/19;
22860, 1,471, XTO/Denbury Onshore, Madson 21-33SEH, Charlson, t10/12; cum 219K 3/19; offline as of 2/19;
22875, 2,341, Equinor/Statoil/BEXP, Pyramid 15-22 1H, Todd, t4/13; cum 239K 4/19;