Sunday, November 22, 2015

Vern Whitten Fall Portfolio -- November 22, 2015

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Mr Whitten just posted his photographs of North Dakota and Minnesota, autumn, 2015. Of the 39 photographs, I think the following were my initial favorites:
  • the giant bird feeder
  • blade runner
  • 15-well oil pad
The aerial shot of the "Fighting Sioux" may become quite a collector's item, the very first slide. 

As usual, the photographs are outstanding. My hunch is that these would make a great Christmas gift. And, I bet Mr Whitten would love to hear from you, at least a "thank you" e-mail:
Vern Whitten Photography
(701)  261-7658
The 15-Well Pad In Vern Whitten's Photographs
By the way, the 15-well oil pad is most likely Hess' pad, west of Ross with EN-Riersgaard wells and EN-State wells, in section 16-156-93, Alger oil field.
  • 25574, 333, Hess, EN-Riersgard 156-93-1718H-4, 4 sections, t12/13; cum 93K 12/19, but intermittent production, 12/19;
  • 25575, 493, Hess, EN-Riersgard 156-93-1718H-5, 4 sections, t11/13; cum 100K 12/19;
  • 25576, 447, Hess, EN-Riersgard 156-93-1718H-6, 4 sections, t12/13; cum 155K 6/19;
  • 21129, 777, Hess, EN-Riersgard-156-93-1718H-1, 4 sections, t2/12; cum 202K 12/19;
  • 21130, 739, Hess, EN-State C-156-93-1615H-1, 4 sections, t2/12; cum 206K 12/19;
  • 21131, 705, Hess, EN-Riersgard-156-93-1718H-2, 4 sections, t4/12; cum 282K 12/19;
  • 21132, 372, Hess, EN-State C-156-93-1615H-2, 4 sections, t4/12; cum 246K 12/19;
  • 21133, 540, Hess, EN-Riersgard-156-93-1718H-3, 4 sections, t4/12; cum210K 12/19;
  • 21134, 456, Hess, EN-State C-156-93-1615H-3, 4 sections, t4/12; cum 182K 12/19;
  • 26718, 648, Hess, EN-State C-156-93-1615H-4, 4 sections, t5/14; cum 154K 12/19; off-line as of 1/19; intermittent production until IA as of 4/19; back online 7/19;
  • 26719, 777, Hess, EN-State C-156-93-1615H-5, 4 sections, t6/14; cum 173K 12/19;
  • 26720, 660, Hess, EN-State C-156-93-1615H-3, 4 sections, t6/14; cum 181K 12/19; intermittent production since 5/19;
  • 28065, 597, Hess, EN-State C-156-93-1615H-7, 4 sections, t10/14; cum 141K 12/19;
  • 28066, 850, Hess, EN-State C-156-93-1615H-8, 4 sections, t11/14; cum 128K 12/19;
  • 28067, 669, Hess, EN-State C-156-93-1615H-9, 4 sections, t11/12; cum 164K 12/19;

Wells Coming Off Confidentail List Over The Weekend, Monday -- November 22, 2015

Monday, November 23, 2015
  • 27107, 2,712, HRC, Fort Berthold 148-94-27C-22-4H, McGregory Buttes, 46 stages, 4.6 million lbs, t5/15; cum 90K 9/15;
  • 29992, 723, Triangle Petroleum, Lee 151-101-8-5-1H, Ragged Butte, 31 stages, 4 million lbs, t6/15; cum 62K 9/15;
  • 30166, SI/NC, Hess, AN-Prosser-152-95-1102H-9, Antelope, no production data,
  • 30815, SI/NC, XTO, Klamm 34X-9H, Siverston, no production data,
  • 30942, SI/NC, Statoil, Richard 8-5 4TFH, Banks, no production data,
  • 31175, SI/NC, CLR, Jefferson 8-17H1, Crazy Man Creek, producing,
Sunday, November 22, 2015
  • None.
Saturday, November 21, 2015
  • 26788, 332, Crescent Point Energy, CPEUSC DeFrance 2H-12-1-158N-100W, Winner, a Bakken well, 35 stages, 5 million lbs, t8/15; cum 18K 9/15;
  • 27106, 2,624, HRC, Fort Berthold 148-94-27C-22-6H, McGregory Buttes, 31 stages, 4.7 million lbs, t5/15; cum 70K 9/15; 
  • 30816, SI/NC, XTO, Klamm 34X-9DXA, Siverston, no production data,
  • 30943, SI/NC, Statoil, Richard 8-5-6TFH, Banks, no production data,

27106, see above, HRC, Fort Berthold 148-94-27C-22-6H, McGregory Buttes:

DateOil RunsMCF Sold

26788, see above, Crescent Point Energy, CPEUSC DeFrance 2H-12-1-158N-100W, Winner:

DateOil RunsMCF Sold

29992, see above, Triangle Petroleum, Lee 151-101-8-5-1H, Ragged Butte:

DateOil RunsMCF Sold

27107, see below, HRC, Fort Berthold 148-94-27C-22-4H:

DateOil RunsMCF Sold

Miscellaneous News And Comments

UND: as of a few days ago, the Fighting Hawks.

November 22, 2015: after calling ISIS a JV team in January, 2014, the president says ISIS is still not varsity. In the past few days, the following, described by President Obama as "only" a "setback," has occurred: a) seven (7) simultaneous/coordinated attacks in Paris; 127 killed in one day; martial law extended; b) Russian plane downed out of Egypt; c) two coordinated bombings in Beirut which had been quiet for quiet some time; d) hostage taking and executions in Mali; and, e) and now Brussels is completely shut down due to credible threats that ISIS will hit Brussels, where NATO is headquartered. I wonder what ISIS has to do to be considered "varsity"?

Flashback To 2013 When CLR Recorded Highest BLM Montana/Dakotas Bid At The Time -- November 22, 2015

I had a lot of fun with a recent post on the Woodrow Star well, especially after a reader sent additional information about the well. I would have added this note to that page, but the post was getting a mite long, so I posted it as a stand-alone here.

The story never ends.

Back on July 28, 2013, there was a story in the PN Bakken that mentioned the Woodrow Star well:
A 10-year oil and gas lease on a 28.75-acre tract in northeast McKenzie brought in a high bid of $33,000 per acre from Continental Resources at the Bureau of Land Management Montana/Dakota office’s quarterly lease auction held in Billings, MT, on July 16.
That is the highest lease bid received in a BLM Montana/Dakotas lease auction since the Montana/Dakotas office began tracking bids per acre in 1998.

The previous high bid per acre that the Montana/Dakotas office had received was $19,950 that Slawson Exploration paid in the January 2013 auction for an 80-acre lease under Lake Sakakawea off the east shore of the peninsula in Mountrail County.

While most of Continental’s Antelope field wells are horizontal and were drilled since 2009, several of its active Antelope field wells are vertical wells dating back to the 1950s. One of those wells, the Woodrow Star “A”1, a vertical Sanish pool well which went on production in October 1955, has produced a total of 1,063,276 barrels as of May 2013.