Friday, July 3, 2015



March 1, 2018: Enerplus plans more growth in North Dakota; reports an outstanding 2017.

December 13, 2016: Enerplus to sell 5,800 net acres for $292 million; 8% non-operated interest. Back-of-the-envelope: ($292 million / 5,800) *8% = $4,000/acre.

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I'm not sure how this happened, but it appears I've never had a separate page for "ERF." I noticed that when I wanted to update "ERF" and looked for the "ERF" link at the sidebar at the right and could not find it.

So, here it is, the stand-alone page for ERF where updates (when I remember) will be posted. Of course, major updates are also posted at this page.

First update, from a reader: ERF also added  a 2nd drilling rig today. They have never had more than 2 rigs running. It was also reported this past week, that for the first time since the Saudi Surge (last October, 2014), the overall US rig count increased.

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