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Two Bakken-Related Stories From Carpe Diem; RBN Energy on the Permian; Independent Stock Analysis Oil Links

RBN Energy: pricing -- the Permian and the pipelines. Excellent article. For those folks who follow the Bakken, this will help explain why Bakken trades at a premium to WTI -- for now.

Independent Stock Analysis energy links.

Sand: Minnesota millionaires.

America's booming energy industry: #1 job creator. Despite all the obstacles set up by Washington -- moratorium, permitorium, regulations, ...
It’s perhaps ironic that the fossil-fuel based stimulus to the economy could actually now be helping Obama politically by keeping the economy out of another recession, despite what some have called the president’s ongoing “war against fossil fuels.” -- Mark Perry
And it was noted by another: this is all being done on private land. Federal land has been declared off-limits except for wind and solar.

"Well, yes, I do believe in redistribution." -- President Obama (before he was president). Making the rounds.

A scientist says a single google search uses as much energy boiling a pot of water (for coffee).
The production of a single cup of coffee requires 100 liters of water, while a chocolate bar draws upon 27,000 liters. Even a simple computer search for consumes the same energy as boiling a kettle.
So far this morning, I've used enough energy to brew thirty cups of coffee based on number of page views. Somehow, I don't believe that it takes that much energy per page view. Likewise, the math doesn't add up: if it takes 100 liters of water for a single cup of coffee, Boston would be out of water this morning. And then folks wonder why there are global warming skeptics.

Wells Coming Off Confidential List Tuesday; Random Look At Two Neighboring Wells Near Williston

Wells coming off the confidential list on Tuesday.
  • 16435, 48, Whiting, BSMU 3204, Big Stick, a Madison well; t4/12; cum 8K 7/12;
  • 20979, 1,027, Zenergy, Mortenson 6-5H, Rosebud, t6/12; cum 23K 7/12;
  • 21541, 1,202, BR, HE 14-20TFH, Elidah, t7/12; cum 12K 7/12;
  • 21647, 654, Denbury Onshore, Tobacco Garden 31-29SEH/Leiseth 31-29SEH, Tobacco Garden, t8/12; cum 5K 7/12;
  • 21875, drl, BEXP, Bratcher 10-3 2H, Ragged Butte,
  • 21876, drl, BEXP, Lonnie 15-22 1H, Ragged Butte,
  • 21961, 751, MRO, Elizabeth Strommen 24-12TFH, Killdeer, t7/12; cum 12K 7/12;
These two wells "neighbor" each other (about one mile apart), in the southwest corner of Williston, just south of the frontage road:
  • 21933, 636, CLR, Plano 1-28H, Todd, t3/12; cum 52K 8/12;  
  • 21150, 3,021, Oasis, Kestrel Federal 5401 43-22H, Todd, t1/12; cum 100K 8/12

The One-Percenters Are Doing Very, Very Well -- Gonna Be A Lot of Bonuses At The End of The Year -- Even Without Robo-Signers

Good, bad, or indifferent, the Fed is helping investors.

Banks reap profits on mortgages following QE3 -- Financial Times.

Earlier I posted a link to a story suggesting that, "secretly," Wall Street loves President Obama. They should. Investors are doing very, very well. Savers are getting stomped. (If you have money in a money market account, check your return.)
Bank profits from new mortgages have soared since the Federal Reserve began its third round of bond purchases two weeks ago, fuelling the debate over the fallout of the latest dose of quantitative easing.  
For banks which are mortgage originators this [QE3] was some of the best news they could possibly have heard,” said Steven Abrahams, mortgage strategist at Deutsche. “They will continue originating loans and selling them into the market at a significant premium.” 
The interest banks pay on mortgage bonds has dropped from 2.36 per cent on September 12, the day before the Fed announced its programme, to as low as 1.65 per cent last week. It edged up to 1.85 per cent on Monday. 
That means the profit, or spread, banks earn from creating new mortgages for homeowners paying around 3.4 per cent and selling the loans into the secondary market has risen to around 1.6 per cent. That is higher than the 1.44 per cent spread they pocketed before QE3 and significantly greater than the 0.5 per cent they earned on average in the decade between 2000 and 2010. 
Disclaimer: this is not an investment site. It was just kinda fun pointing that it looks like the one-percenters are doing very, very well.


Bakken Pricing To a Premium To WTI -- A Huge Story For Investors in Bakken-Centric Companies

Regular readers know this, but I found it interesting to find it at the Oil and Gas Journal story on RBOB:
In other news, Raymond James analysts said, “The Bakken oil play has become the poster-child for US oil shale growth in recent years. In hand with this remarkable growth curve have come all the typical growing pains of being a land-locked crude—namely, having to succumb to pricing at a transportation differential to an already heavily discounted Cushing, Okla., based WTI price. 
Not surprisingly, with the storage glut still brimming at Cushing (and likely to be fully alleviated until the second half of 2013), Bakken producers have recently sought out higher-priced coastal markets (via rail) in order to bypass Cushing (and the cheaper WTI benchmark).” 
They said many investors don't realize Bakken oil traded at a premium to WTI through most of September. That, they said, is “a clear indication that railroad takeaway capacity out of the Bakken play has reached an effective scale to clear out the Bakken regional oversupply, even during times of refinery turnarounds. 
Moreover, we would pose that Bakken prices have now actually disconnected from Cushing (and WTI prices) altogether and are now finding a price point that reflects the rail transportation cost all the way to the coastal markets (Light Louisiana Sweet or Brent). In our view, this supports a more sustainable Bakken-to-LLS/Brent differential of $12-20/bbl, a substantial improvement from the $40-plus/bbl differentials that Bakken barrels were receiving earlier this year.

RBOB Spikes

Talk about perfect timing. Earlier today I posted the link to RBN Energy on a fairly mundane story on RBOB.

I knew about RBOB in a general sense, but certainly not to the degree that RBN provided.

Now today, at OGJ -- RBOB spikes:
October reformulated stock for oxygenate blending jumped 19.77¢ to finish at $3.34/gal—the highest level since early April—as traders scrambled to cover short positions prior to expiration of that contract at the close of the Sept. 28 session on the New York market.  
In an amazing move, the contract soared nearly 30¢/gal near the end of the session. The exact cause of the sudden spike was unclear, but there was speculation of delayed gasoline deliveries in New York harbor, the specified point for physical deliveries. Gasoline stocks are reported to be low on the Atlantic Coast, while some refineries are in seasonal turnaround. However, the November RBOB contract gained only 2.29¢ to $2.92/gal in the same session. Heating oil for October delivery rose 1.21¢ to $3.17/gal.
Just in time for the election.

Hey, I will let folks know how this affects the price of gasoline at the service station across the street from where I hang my hat. I sleep with my boots on.


And then this story out of California. Gasoline prices spike.
Spot gasoline in California advanced to a record against futures after Exxon Mobil Corp.’s Torrance refinery lost power and Chevron Corp. shut an oil pipeline that delivers crude to Bay Area refiners. 
California-blend gasoline, or Carbob, in Los Angeles jumped 30 cents to 75 cents a gallon above gasoline futures traded on the New York Mercantile Exchange at 4:16 p.m. East Coast time, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. 
That’s the fuel’s highest premium since at least November 2007, when Bloomberg began pricing there. Carbob in San Francisco gained 20 cents to 72 cents a gallon over futures, also its highest level since at least 2007.
As noted above, just in time for the election.

Thirteen (13) New Permits -- The Williston Basin, North Dakota, USA

Active rigs in North Dakota: 186 (down a couple)

Wells that came off the confidential list over the weekend and today have been posted; see sidebar at the right, near the top.

Thirteen (13) new permits:
  • Operators: WPX (5), Whiting (3), Hess (2), Strike Oil, Ballantyne, EOG
  • Fields: Van Hook (Mountrail), Dutch Henry Butte (Stark), Kanu, Bottineau, Reunion Bay (Mountrail), Blue Buttes (McKenzie), Wiley (Bottineau)
Comments: the NDIC site is very, very slow tonight. 

I had not heard of "Strike Oil" before -- sounds like the name of a race horse. Strike Oil has five permits:

  • 17606, IA, Strike Oil, Artz 22-42, North Haas, 
  • 17632, drl, Strike Oil, Artz 15-13, North Haas, 
  • 21242, drl, Strike Oil, North Dakota State 36-12, Elmore,
  • 23970, conf, Strike Oil, Rice 28-44 1H, Wiley,
  • 23971, conf, Strike Oil, WAIND 18-12, Kanu, 

No More Updates / New Posts Until Later This Evening

Good luck to all.

October, 2012 -- NDIC Hearing Dockets

NDIC Dockets
October, 2012

As expected, the boys over at the Bakken Shale Discussion Group are talking about CLR's request to alter the definition of the stratrigraphic limits of the Three Forks formation.

Quick observations:
  • based on these two days of hearings, it's "all" CLR
  • definition of stratigraphic limits to change across the Bakken -- it will be interesting to see what the boys have to say about this
  • no evidence that current players are down-sizing Bakken spacing units; if anything units are getting bigger; that's good news
  • very few cases to revoke previously issue permits -- interesting
  • many more cases to settle risk penalty issues -- even more interesting
  • 7 wells on one 640-acre unit (Petro-Hunt); 6 wells on each of 2 640-acre units (EOG)
  • incredible number of wells per case
  • it is impossible to miss the scores of cases in which CLR is requesting that the stratigraphic definition of the Bakken Pool be "redefined." Commentary regarding these cases can be found here
Wednesday, October 24, 2012

18788, Whiting, Big Stick-Bakken, proper spacing, Billings County
18580, cont'd
18390, cont'd
18618, cont'd
18578, cont'd
18789, BR, others, Crooked Creek-Bakken, proper spacing, Dunn County
18790, BR, amend Sand Creek Pool; a) 7 wells on a 1280-acre unit; b) 14 wells on each of two 2560-acre units; c) 1+ wells on two overlapping 2560-acre units, McKenzie County
17779, cont'd
18791, Murex, Lonesome-Bakken, proper spacing, McKenzie County
17358, cont'd
18792, Cornerstone, Lostwood--Bakken, proper spacing, Burke County
18582, cont'd
18793, Petro-Hunt, a) 7 wells on a 640-acre unit; b) 5 wells on an existing 1280-acre unit; c) establish a new overlapping 1280-acre unit for 1 well; d) establish two new overlapping 1280-acre units for 2 wells each; e) establish an overlapping 1920-acre unit for 1 well; f) establish four overlapping 2560-acre units for 1 - 2 additional wells on each; McKenzie County
18794, Petro-Hunt, 5 wells on 2-section spacing, McKenzie County
18795, Oasis, revoking a Zenergy permit for the Flynn well McKenzie County
18647, cont'd
18796, American Eagle, SWD, Divide County
18797, North Plains Energy, SWD, Divide County
18798, Sakakawea Ventures, SWD, Divide
18799, Ulm, SWD, Dunn
18800, Prairie Disposal, SWD, Williams
18801, Petro Harvester, SWD, Bottineau
18802, SM Energy, SWD, McKenzie
18804, Whiting, pooling, Big Stick, Billings
18805, Whiting, pooling, Big Stick, Billings
18806, Hess, pooling, Clear Water, Mountrail
18807, Hess, pooling, Clear Water, Mountrail
18808, MRO, commingling, Dunn
18809, MRO, Four Bears-Bakken, 7 wells on two sections, McKenzie, Mountrail
18810, MRO, amend Antelope-Sanish; a) 2 wells on a 640-acre unit; b) 4 wells on each of 3 1280-acre units; c) 7 wells on each of 3 1280-acre units; McKenzie
18811: BR, Camel Butte-Bakken, 7 wells on each of 2 1280-acre units, McKenzie County
18812, BR, Blue Buttes-Bakken, 7 wells on each of 2 1280-acre units; McKenzie County
18813, Helis, Grail-Bakken, 8 wells on each of 8 1280-acre units; McKenzie
18814, Helis, Croff-Bakken, 8 wells on a 1280-acre unit, McKenzie;
18815 - 18825, KOG, pooling
18826, Oasis, amending Tyrone-Bakken, 8 wells on each 1280-acre unit;
18827, Oasis, amend Cow Creek-Bakken; 8 wells on each 1280-acre unit;

Thursday, October 25, 2012

18828, BEXP, Alexander-Bakken, proper spacing, McKenzie
18829, BEXP, Ragged Butte-Bakken, proper spacing, McKenzie
18830, BEXP, Sioux-Bakken, proper spacing, McKenzie
18831, BEXP, amend Elk-Bakken, establish an overlapping 1280-acre unit for 2 wells; McKenzie
18832, Hunt, amend Fertile Valley and/or Smoky Butte-Bakken; establish 18 1280-acre units; for 1 wells each; Divide
18108, cont'd
18833, Crescent Point, amend Ellisville-Bakken; establish a 1280-acre unit; 8 wells; Williams
18834, Triangle, amend Bull Butte-Bakken (Kalil field) to establish a 1920-acre unit for four 2elsl; Williams
18650, cont'd
18651, cont'd
18835, Sinclair, extend West Butte and/or Butte-Bakken; establish 2 1280-acre units; 3 wells each, McKenzie
18836, Chesapeake, temporary spacing for pool discovered, Hutzenbiler well Stark County
18837, Zavanna, extend Stony Creek and/or Williston-Bakken; establish 6 1920-acre units; and establish 5 1280-acre units; multiple wells on each; Williams County
18838, Zavanna, extend Stockyard Creek; establish 2 overlapping 1280-acre units; multiple wells on each; allow multiple wells on 8 existing 1280-acre units; Williams
18839, Zavanna, Poe-Bakken, establish an overlapping 1280-acre unit for multiple wells; McKenzie
18840, Denbury Onshore, amend Garden-Bakken, establish a 1280-acre unit; 7 wells; McKenzie
18841, EOG, Stanley-Bakken, establish 3 1280-acre units; establish five overlapping 1920-acre units; 3 wells on each, Mountrail
18842, EOG, extend Stanley and/or Parshall-Bakken, establish 2 overlapping 1280-acre units; establish two overlapping 1920-acre units; 3 wells on each, Mountrail
18843, EOG, amend Ross and/or Stanley-Bakken, establish 2 overlapping 1920-acre units 3 wells each; Mountrail,
18844, EOG, amend Parshall-Bakken; establish approximately 40 overlapping 1280-acre units; establish approximately 15 overlapping 1920-acre units; 3 wells each, Mountrail;
18845, CLR, temporary spacing for the Kubas well, Billings County
18846, CLR, amend Sadler-Bakken, create 2 overlapping 2560-acre units; multiple wells; Divide
18847, CLR, amend Dolphin and/or Hamlet-Bakken, create 3 overlapping 2560-acre units; multiple wells; Divide
18848, CLR, amend Stoneview-Bakken, create an overlapping 2560-acre unit; multiple wells; Divide
18849, CLR, extend Alkali Creek-Bakken; create a 2560-acre unit for multiple wells; McKenzie, Mountrail
18850, CLR, extend Elm Tree-Bakken, create 3 overlapping 2560-acre units; and an overlapping 3840-acre uni, multiple wells, McKenzie, Mountrail
18851, CLR, amend Crazy Man Creek-Bakken, create an overlapping 2880-acre unit; multiple wells; McKenzie, Williams
18852, CLR, extend Four Bears- Bakken, create a 1920-acre unit, 7 wells; McKenzie, Mountrail
18853, CLR, amend Alkali Creek-Bakken, alter def of stratigraphic limits; McKenzie, Mountrail
18854, CLR, amend Avoca-Bakken alter def of stratigraphic limits, Williams
18855, CLR, amend Baker-Bakken, alter def of stratigraphic limits, McKenzie, Williams
18856, CLR, amend Beaver Lodge-Bakken, alter def of stratigraphic limits, Williams
18857, CLR, amend Blacktail-Bakken, alter def of stratigraphic limits, Billings
18858, CLR, amend Cabernet-Bakken, alter def of stratigraphic limits, Dunn
18859, CLR, amend Camp-Bakken, alter def of stratigraphic limits, Williams, McKenzie
18860, CLR, amend Capa-Bakken, alter def of stratigraphic limits, Williams
18861, CLR, amend Catwalk-Bakken, alter def of stratigraphic limits, , McKenzie, Williams
18862, CLR, amend Charlie Bob-Bakken, alter def of stratigraphic limits, McKenzie
18863, CLR, amend Charlson-Bakken, alter def of stratigraphic limits, McKenzie, Mountrail, Williams
18864, CLR, amend Corinth-Bakken, alter def of stratigraphic limits, Williams
18865, CLR, amend Crazy Man Creek-Bakken, alter def of stratigraphic limits, Williams
18866, CLR, amend Croff-Bakken, alter def of stratigraphic limits, McKenzie
18867 and so on through 18910 -- all relating to CLR and altering def of stratigraphic limits
18667, cont'd
18673, cont'd
18674, cont'd
18450, cont'd
18452, cont'd
18911, Baytex, flaring, Divide
18912, Baytex, flaring, Divide
18913, Baytex, flaring, Divide
18914, Baytex, flaring, Divide
18915, Baytex, flaring Divide
17848, cont'd
17849, cont'd
17883, cont'd
17884, cont'd
17885, cont'd
17886, cont'd
18916, Samson Resources, flaring, Divide
18292, cont'd
18680, cont'd
18683, cont'd
18684, cont'd
18689, cont'd
18676, cont'd
18677, cont'd
18678, cont'd
18312, cont'd
17830, cont'd
18917, Crescent Point, Ellisville-Bakken, 8 wells on an existing 1280-acre unit, Williams
18918, Zavanna, Long Creek-Bakken, multiple wells on each of 3 1280-acre units; Williams
18919, Zavanna, Crazy Man Creek-Bakken, multiple wells on an existing 1280-acre unit; Williams
18920, EOG, Parshall-Bakken, 3 wells on an existing 1280-acre unit; 3 wells on each of 3 1920-acre units; Mountrail
18921, EOG, Squaw Creek-Bakken, 6 wells on each of 2 640-acre units; 5 wells on each of 3 1280-acre units; McKenzie
18922 - 18927, EOG, pooling
18928, EOG, risk penalty legalese, Ross-Bakken
18929, EOG, risk penalty legalese, Clear Water-Bakken
18930, EOG, risk penalty legalese, Kittleson Slough-Bakken
18931, EOG, risk penalty legalese Kittleson Slough-Bakken
18932, EOG, risk penalty legalese Squaw Creek-Bakken
18933, EOG, risk penalty legalese, Sixmile-Bakken
18934, Fidelity, Heart River, 4 wells on each of 2 existing 1280-acre units; Stark
18935 - 18937, Fidelity, pooling
18938 - 18939, BEXP, pooling
18940 - 18941, Hunt, pooling
18942, CLR, Upland-Bakken, 14 wells on an existing 1280-acre unit, Divide
18943, CLR, West Capa-Bakken, 7 wells on an existing 1280-acre unit, Williams
18944, CLR, Indian Hill-Bakken, 7 wells on each of 2 existing 1280-acre units, McKenzie
18945, CLR, Elm Tree-Bakken, 7 wells on an existing 1280-acre unit, McKenzie
18946, CLR, Banks-Bakken, 14 wells on an existing 1280-acre unit, McKenzie
18947 - 18968, CLR, pooling,
18970, CLR, SWD, Williams
18508, cont'd
18971, Samson Resources, Ross-Bakken, 7 wells on an existing 1280-acre unit, Mountrail
18352, cont'd
18354, cont'd
18972, Sinclair, Bully-Bakken, 3 wells on an existing 1280-acre unit, McKenzie
18973, cont'd
18973, GMXR, Bennett Creek-Bakken, 8 wells on an existing 1840-acre unit, McKenzie
18741, cont'd
18742, cont'd
18743, cont'd
18974, Triangle, risk penalty legalese, McKenzie
18975, Triangle, risk penalty legalese, McKenzie
18976, Triangle, risk penalty legalese, McKenzie
18977, XTO, Lindahl-Bakken, 8 wells on an existing 1280-acre unit, Williams
18978, XTO, Tioga-Bakken, 8 wells on each of 2 existing 1280-acre units, Williams
18979, XTO, Buford-Bakken, 8 wells on an existing 1280-acre unit, Williams
18980, XTO, MonDak-Bakken, 8 wells on each of 18 existing 1280-acre units, McKenzie
18981, XTO, pooling, West Capa, Williams
18982, XTO, risk penalty legalese, Williams
18515, cont'd
18983, Newfield, risk penalty legalese, Dunn
17036, cont'd
18984, Denbury, risk penalty legalese, McKenzie
18985, Zenergy, SWD, McKenzie
18986, Zenergy, SWD, McKenzie
18987, RC Disposal, SWD, Williams
18803, Missouri Basin well, SWD, Williams
18782, cont'd

Earthquake History for North Dakota

Link here.

Apparently there was an earthquake southeast of Williston: a 3.3 earthquake on September 28, 2012. The news is now starting to make the rounds. It takes a bit longer for news to travel in North Dakota. This was the first I heard of it -- a reader alerted me. Thank you.

Largest earthquake in North Dakota: 5.5 in 1909.

It looks like fracking, by micro-stimulation, lessens the likelihood of a large earthquake in North Dakota which could cause the state to fall into the Pacific Ocean. No tsunami alerts have been issued for the Missouri River.

I Agree One Hundred Percent With the Premise ...

.... does Wall Street secretly love President Obama?
Bleier doesn't intend to make a political statement. His point is that markets have blasted off under Obama at the hand of "free money" from the Federal Reserve. While the Fed and Executive Branch are supposedly independent of one another, Wall Street believes it. 
Certainly the Fed's recent decision to launch another round of Quantitative Easing, triggering a quick 2% rally did nothing to belie these suspicions. 
"Obama's a shoe-in unless the market crashes two weeks before the election," says Bleier. 
"This guy's got it locked up." Easy money, under Obama or Romney, will come back to haunt the economy eventually but not before driving asset prices higher. Investors and corporate America flourish when cash is cheap and stocks are moving up. As a result, for your near term portfolio performance and the general happiness of corporate America, an Obama re-election is a best case scenario.
I agree one hundred percent. Americans are content/satisfied; polling suggests four more years. Investors (especially Big Oil) are doing very well; savers (and home owners?) are being stomped.

American are content/satisfied.

Americans see riots in Spain and Greece over austerity measures. Americans associate austerity with rampage in the street. Romney/Ryan represent austerity --> rampage in the street. "No drama Obama" represents "steady as she goes."

Good, bad, or indifferent, it is what it is.


Minor note: the president has that million-dollar smile; his adversary does not ignite the independents. There's a reason the military rank-and-file aren't voting this year. The military rank and file are content/satisfied; they are risk averse. They are also investors [personal investors, pension, and 401(k)] -- better for them to just kick the can down the road. And investors are doing very, very well under the president; savers, as noted above, are being stomped. (By the way, there's probably a reason Warren Buffett is buying more wind farms: think wind farms would be a good investment if Romney/Ryan/Hamm win?


Miscellaneous links

US manufacturing grows for first time in four months


I'm reading a fascinating book by Dick Russell, Eye of the Whale: Epic Passage from Baja to Siberia, the story of the gray whale.
It is not known how, when, and where gray whales originated. The first whale ancestors lived on land about 50 million years ago....the single complete skeleton (and a few partial ones) so far discovered of the earliest modern gray whales dates back only 50,000 to 120,000 years... 
Grays make a twice-annual migration that must be regarded as one of the most spectacular achievements on the planet. The majority of a population now estimated at more than 26,0000 travels from three warm lagoodn areas around central Baja to Arctic feeding grounds near the Bering Strait and then back again.... 
We don't know why they make this unique migration, or for how long they've pursued it. Unlike all the other species of baleen whale, the gray is never known to have occupied the southern oceans. Some scientists speculate that gray whales might have resided year-round in Baja approximately 18,000 years ago, when sea levels were lower and those bottom-feeding areas were richer. 
Then, as melting glaciers receded and sea levels rose, they had to move north seeking food. Another view holds that these same sea levels, which caused the disappearance of a low-lying land bridge across the Bering Strait, provided gray whales entree to the extensive and fertile feeding grounds of the Bering and Chukchi Seas.
I find this over and over, reports of global warming cycles and how the flora, fauna, and humanity changed, and/or evolved. I do not know who re-set the global thermostat before wide-spread use of fossil fuels. It remains a mystery. I particularly enjoy the mystery of the warming trend during the Viking era. (Those of long-boat fame, not of football fame.)

The California gray whale may have evolved from the Atlantic gray whale when global warming made it possible for them to traverse an easier passage through the Arctic. Ironically, if so, it was this passage provided by global warming that saved the gray whale. The Atlantic whale is now extinct: the Atlantic whale is the first -- and so far the only -- whale species known to have been driven into extinction (Russell, p. 26), by whalers. The third and "last" of the gray whales is the Korean gray whale, now numbering less than 100, not enough to sustain the species.

Speaking of mystery:
She's a Mystery to Me, Roy Orbison

This, too, has an interesting story.

Random Back-of-The-Envelope Calculations Regarding Oasis Following the XOM-DNR Deal


Later, 12:50 pm: base on first comment, the original post should look like this, with updated "net acreage" per most recent Oasis corporate presentation --

According to my database this is what I show for Oasis:
  • West Williston: 204,000 net acres
  • East Nesson: 108,000 net acres
  • Sanish: 8,000 net acres
West Williston at $7,000/acre --> $1.43 billion
East Nesson: at $20,000/acre --> $2.16 billion
Sanish: at $15,000/acre --> $120 million
Total: $3.71 billion

Oasis: market cap -- $2.9 billion

1.3 x $2.9 billion --> $3.7 billion

Wow, that's amazing. I didn't change a thing but reflect the current "net acres." Note the two numbers in red, bold. Again, as noted below, I did not work backwards; I just went down line-by-line to see what would fall out.

Original Post

According to my database this is what I show for Oasis:
  • West Williston: 201,265 [prev191,716 net acres (up slightly from 191,552, last report)]
  • East Nesson: 97,956 [prev 102,786] net acres
  • Sanish: 8,409 [prev 8,729] net acres
West Williston at $7,000/acre --> $1.4 billion
East Nesson: at $20,000/acre --> $2 billion
Sanish: at $15,000/acre --> $120 million
Total: $3.4 billion

Oasis: market cap -- $2.9 billion

1.3 x $2.9 billion --> $3.7 billion. 

(Note: I did not work backwards on this. I simply went down line-by-line to see what would fall out. It is amazing how nice the "law of large numbers works out.")

Three Great Sports Stories In ...

... the Wall Street Journal, page B10 of the print edition.

Google how would you make this call?
Google the day America fell apart -- a short piece on the US losing the Ryder Cup despite huge lead
Google when Monday's sun sets, Dallas rises; America's Team -- the Dallas Cowboys

The Bakken has a world class links course, by the way: The Links of North Dakota.

A top 100 golf course -- Golf Digest Magazine.

On another note, I seldom read books about war (now that I am retired from the military -- though I read hundreds during three years of Air War College -- two in residence, one in seminar). There have been some exceptions, notably books by Tim O'Brien. However, this might be a good read for those interesting in first-person accounts of the military in combat: Into the Fire: A Firsthand Account of the Most Extraordinary Battle in the Afghan War, to be published this month from Random House.

An excerpt from the book or an essay related to the book is on the op-ed page of the WSJ today; google on patrol with Bravo company in Afghanistan. Excerpt:
A four-foot cobra slithered across the patrol's path. The Marines shrugged -- a snake couldn't blow off their legs.
And so it goes.

Zeits on XOM-Denbury Deal

Link here to

Don alerted the story to me (thank you).  It will be interesting to see if the writer picked up on the single data point that explains how the deal got started -- as told to me by a reader.

Data points for Part I of the series follows.

Introduction and premise

  • the writer notes that the DNR assets bought by XOM are almost identical to those of KOG
  • KOG, if bought out, would command a 30% premium
  • the delta: KOG valued twice that of DNR -- why?

In Part I the writer compares operating performance of the two portfolios in the Bakken (DNR and KOG)

  • location: KOG and DNR incredibly similar; perhaps the sole significant difference is that DNR offered greater exposure in the Charlson area (a huge field)
  • acreage: similar; the deal -- 196,000 DNR acres; my database shows KOG has 155,00 net acres
  • hbp: both companies either hold all acreage or will hold all acreage by production
  • operatorship: exact details unknown, but DNR probably slight advantage
  • developed reserves: KOG producing 13K boepd with 28 million boe of proved developed producing reserves; DNR producing 15K boepd with 28 million boe pdpr
  • performance: KOG wells 15% - 20% better than DNR wells

With regard to the performance, this is the nut:
It is difficult to determine if the difference in well results is attributable to KOG having higher quality acreage, or to more effective completion techniques. If the latter were true and could be demonstrated, DNR's acreage may be just as attractive from an M&A acquirer's point of view as KOG's. 
Part II will discuss the financial aspects of the XOM-DRN deal.

Huge Story: First Reserve, Triangle Form Pipeline Venture

Google  First Reserve, Triangle form pipeline venture

So many story lines from this one story.

Here's the lede:
Private-equity firm First Review Corp has formed a new venture to build pipelines throughout the booming oil fields of North Dakota, an investment aimed at resolving transportation bottlenecks plaguing energy producers in the region.
Data points:
  • new company: Caliber Midstream Parners LP
  • first pipeline: 10,000 bbls of oil and 15 million cubic feet of natural gas per day by mid-2013
  • first pipeline: will connect more than 100 far-flung oil and natural-gas sites to rail terminals
  • later pipelines: connectors to major interstate pipelines
  • hundreds of thousands of pipelines that need to be built
  • "stable market share and still have 100% growth per year"
  • First Reserve: $1.2 billion Energy Infrastructure Fund
  • break-even price for Triangle Bakken oil with pipelines: $45/bbl
At the beginning, I mentioned there are many story lines from this one announcement. This may be the biggest story line: about two years ago, a reader (personal communication) noted that most of the money flowing into the Bakken was by the operators and the builders themselves. Not a lot of outside money was coming in. The reader noted that the Bakken would move to a new level once "Wall Street money" started flowing to the Bakken. I know nothing about First Reserve but it sounds like a Wall Street firm.

How do I know this is a "huge" story. It is one of only three stories on page B3 of the WSJ; with large-font headline (across four columns of the five-column). I've mentioned before that the biggest news posted in the WSJ is generally on page B3.

Speaking of Cash Cows ... Absolutely Nothing To Do With The Bakken

NOTE: The IPs for wells coming off the confidential list have been posted. Scroll down or go to the link at the sidebar at the right: new wells reporting are at the very top.


For newbies: in addition to the Bakken, I enjoy following one telecom company and one mobile entertainment device company.

Google start-up skirts cellphone data plans: Skype founder launches Freedom-Pop which will provide users half a gigabyte of high-speed wireless data per month free and sell more at cheaper rates than what the big carriers charge.

But that's not why I posted the story. I posted it simply because of the great writing:
ATT and Verizon Wireless have become a bit like the Hotel California (in that, like the song says, you can never leave). 
But for the business minded and investors (disclaimer: remember, this is not an investment site):
The two companies (ATT and Verizon) are grabbing the bulk of the industry's new contract customers, and the rate at which people are dropping those plans is at the lowest level in at least eight years.
By the way, that's why investors support the idea of "ObamaPhones": those 250 free minutes are not free. Someone is paying for them. And in this case, it's the US government transferring tax dollars (actually user fees, I guess) from anyone who uses a phone, to the big carriers. At least I assume that is what is happening. It's a huge regressive tax, but goes right to the bottom line of the carriers, I suppose. I could be wrong, but I assume that's how it works. But I digress.

[Note: I talk more about the telecom industry below the videos.]

The purpose of posting this story:
Hotel California, The Eagles

By the way, this is the story of my investing life: stumbling in --
Stumblin' In, Suzi Quatro and Chris Norman

An interesting story about that Suzi Quatro duet. Most folks who end up at MDW do so via bookmarks. "In the beginning," that was not true. Most folks found the site by googling "something." It is hard to believe, but the most googled phrase that brought folks to my blog(s) were "Stumblin' In" and "Storms Never Last." The latter is still one of my most visited sites (on another blog).

Now, back to the telecoms

Recent data has shown that while consumers have cut back spending on amenities coming out of the recession their spending on their phone bills has increased. According to data released from the Labor Department earlier this week in 2011 spending on phone services in the U.S increased by 4 percent, which was the fastest rate in nearly 7 years. Wireless carriers such as -- Verizon and AT&T -- had mobile services revenues of 22 billion in 2007, which then soared to 59 billion by 2011, according to UBS AG analysts. UBS expects that number to rise to $109 billion by 2017.

ATT and Verizon are the two largest telecoms in the US. Can you name the third?

New Wells Reporting -- 4Q12 -- The Williston Basin, North Dakota, USA

This page : 4Q12

For detailed explanation on how this page works, look at the bottom of the page at this link.
Data for 3Q12: 3Q12
Data for 2Q12: 2Q12
  Data for 1Q12: 1Q12   
Data for 4Q11: 4Q11 
Data for 3Q11: 3Q11 
Data for 2Q11: 2Q11 
 Data for 1Q11: 1Q11  
 Data for 2H10: 2H10  
Through 1H10: 1H10

Monday, December 31, 2012: None

Sunday, December 30, 2012:
21420, 344, Bruin/HRC/Petro-Hunt, Hokanson 157-99-1A-12-1H, Lone Tree Lake, t9/12; cum 106K 8/19; needs to be re-fracked;
22210, 1,920, BR, Concord 34-10MBH, Little Knife, t9/12; cum 294K 8/19;
22946, 1,122, Hess, SC-Hoving 154-09-1003H-1, Truax, t9/12; cum 347K 8/19; jump in production obvious after neighboring wells fracked;

23099, 1,994, QEP, MHA 2-06-32H-150-92, Heart Butte, t2/13; cum 295K 8/19;
23150, 1,089, Oasis/Zenergy, Peters Road 30-29H, Todd, t9/12; cum 197K 8/19;

Saturday, December 29, 2012:
19774, 167, Petro-Hunt, Setterland 159-94-34C-27-1H, East Tioga, t10/12; cum 123K 10/15;
20834, 1,563, BR, Wilson 31-6H, Haystack Butte, t9/12; cum 126K 10/15;
21215, 603, WPX Energy, Wounded Face 15HC, McGregory Buttes, t9/12; cum 165K 8/19;
21395, 129, Lime Rock Resources/OXY USA, State Titos 1-3-10H-142-98, Willmen, 21 stages; 1.1 million lbs (why?); t6/12; cum 49K 11/18;
22116, 270, Whiting, Chitwood 44-36TFH, Ellsworth, 30 stages; 1.8 million lbs, t6/12; cum 48K 10/15;
22787, 1,161, MRO, Irene Kovaloff 14-7H, Murphy Creek, t10/12; cum 181K 1/19;

Friday, December 28, 2012
20316, 893, CLR, Kellogg Ranch 1-32H, Elidah, 28K in first full month of production; t9/12; cum 362K 8/19;
21578, 470, Bruin/HRC/Liberty Resources, Berger 156-101-9-4-1H, Tyrone, t7/12; cum 197K 11/18;
22631, 3,201, Equinor/Statoil/BEXP, Marcia 3-10 3H, Last Chance, t2/13; cum 266K 8/19;
22755, 2,605, BR, Iron Horse 31-2MBH, Union Center, t10/12; cum 231K 10/15;
22773, 1,471, CLR, Jensen 2-8A, Chimney Butte, 50K first two full months of production; t9/12; cum 385K 8/19;
22814, 2,365, BR, CCU Powell 229TFH, Corral Creek, t10/12; bcum 138K 10/15;
22861, 1,594, Denbury Onshore, Madson 11-33SH, Charlson, t9/12; cum 199K 11/18;
22945, 1,066, Hess, SC-Norma-154-98-0706H-1, Truax, 34K first month of production; t10/12; cum 296K 8/19;
22970, SI/dry, BR, CCU Golden Creek 33-23PH, Corral Creek, a Birdbear well;
23049, 334, CLR, Chicago 4-26H, Banks, t5/13; cum 155K 10/15;

Thursday, December 27, 2012:
20956, 962, BR, Jair 31-28H, Haystack Butte, t10/12; cum 156K 11/18;
21608, 1,525, MRO, Henry Charging USA 41-3H, Reunion Bay, t9/12; cum 460K 8/19;
21817, 2,524, Whiting/KOG/North Plains Energy, Jorgenson 5-14H, Truax, t9/12; cum 304K 1/19;
22712, 2,207, Statoil/BEXP, Holm 9-4 4H, Alger, t11/12; cum 131K 10/15;
22828, 84, WPX, Edward Goodbird 9HD, Heart Butte, t8/12; cum 114K 10/15;
22862, 1,532, Denbury Onshore, Madson 11-33SWH, Charlson, t10/12; cum 169K 10/15;
Wednesday, December 26, 2012:
22052, 120, SM Energy/Baytex, Randy Olson 17-20-161-98H 1XB, Plumer, t11/12; cum 46
K 10/15;
22588, 548, EOG, Idaho 1-0132H, Ross, t8/12; cum 394K 9/18;

22053, 188, SM Energy/Baytex, Randy Olson 8-5-161-98H 1PB, Plumer, t7/12; cum 53
K 10/15;
23048, 606, CLR, Chicago 3-26H, Banks, t1/13; cum 174
K 10/15;
23006, 2,590, Equinor/Statoil/BEXP, Gunderson 15-22 6H, Banks, s6/12; t12/12; cum 269K 8/19; huge jump after being off line for about a year;
22952, 469, Hess, GO-Dahl A 156-97-2536H-2,  Dollar Joe, t9/12; cum 126K 8/19;
22616, 748, CLR, Landblom 4-35H, Stoneview, t10/12; cum 195K 10/15;

Tuesday, December 25, 2012:
21653, 502, Petro-Hunt, Fort Berthold 152-93-18B-19-3H, Four Bears, t9/12; cum 398K 8/19;
22499, 814, Whiting, KR State 41-16H, Sanish, t6/12; cum 91K 10/15;
22859, 638, Hess, E-Uran S 154-93-1312H-3, Robinson Lake, t11/12; cum 151K 10/15;
23115, 773, Zavanna, Tomahawk 10-3 1H, East Fork, t9/12; cum 301K 8/19;

Monday, December 24, 2012:
21831, 806, Lime Rock/OXY USA, Elroy Kadrmas 3-10-3H-143-96, Fayette, t6/12; cum 303K 9/18;

22909, 703, CLR, Charnwood 1-32H, St Demetrius, t9/12; cum 128
K 10/15;
23098, 1,632, QEP, MHA 4-06-32H-150-92, Heart Butte, t2/13; cum 134
K 10/15;
23199, 1,258,  Slawson, Fox 3-28H, Van Hook, t9/12; cum 274
K 4/19;

Sunday, December 23, 2012:
20511, 2,647, Whiting/KOG, Two Shields Butte 5-7-8-1H3, Heart Butte, t10/12; cum 443
K 1/19; just came back on line 8/19 after being off line for six months;
21896, 1,080, Lime Rock/OXY USA, State Gresz 1-35-26H-143-98, Hungry Man Butte, t6/12; cum 144K 10/15;
22858, 823, Hess, EN-Uran S 154-93-1312H-2, Robinson Lake, t11/12; cum 172
K 10/15;
22930, 225, CLR, Lancaster 1-33H, Elk, t10/12; cum 252
K 1/19;

Saturday, December 22, 2012:
20218, 524, Bruin/OXY USA, State Dvorak 1-9-16H-141-96, St Anthony, t6/12; cum 57K 12/13;
20701, 746, Whiting, Kordon 11-8TFH, Elkhorn Ranch, t6/12; cum 79K 12/13;
20752, 567, SM Energy, Karomojo 2-4H, Ft Buford, t11/12; cum 80K 12/13;
21631, 1,463, MRO, Waljen USA 43-8H, Reunion Bay, t9/12;
cum 438
K 1/19;
22332, 1,318, MRO, RH 34-31H, Bailey, t9/12; cum 268K 11/18;
22879, 1,873, QEP, Gabbert 4-2/11HR, Grail, t9/12; cum 299
K 11/18;

Friday, December 21, 2012:
20273, 2,372, XTO, FBIR Headlessturtle 44X-32C, Heart Butte, t9/12; cum 352K 8/19;
22756, 2,204, BR, Iron Horse 21-2TFH, Union Center, t11/12; cum 233K 7/15;
22816, 511, Oasis/SM Energy; Capstick 2-4H, Ft Buford, t10/12; cum 176K 11/18;

Thursday, December 20, 2012:
19976, 1,047,  Petro-Hunt, Fort Berthold 148-94-29B-32-1H; Eagle Nest; t9/12; cum 220K 11/18;
21416, 549, CLR, Larson 2-21H, Sauk, t4/13; cum 242K 11/18;
22430, 258, WPX, Paul Peter Coffee 35HC, short lateral; Moccasin Creek, t11/12; cum170K 11/18;
22616, 748, CLR, Landblom 4-35H, Stoneview, t10/12; cum 255K 11/18;
22952, 469, Hess, GO-Dahl A 156-97-2536H-2, Dollar Joe, t9/12; cum 119K 11/18;
23006, 2,590, Equinor/Statoil/BEXP, Gunderson 15-22 6H, Banks, t12/12; cum 269K 8/19;

Wednesday, December 19, 2012:
20795, 1,895, Whiting, 3 J Trust 34-8PH, Bell, t6/12; cum 213K 7/15;
22372, 1,775, Whiting, 3J Trust 24-8PH, Bell, t6/12; cum 285K 8/19;
22392, 1,382, Zenergy, Wahlstrom 3-10H, Elk, t8/12; cum 214K 1/19;
22585, 1,429, Equinor/Statoil/BEXP, Lonnie 15-22 4TFH, Ragged Butte, t4/13; cum 138K 1/19;
22680, 137, Crescent Point Energy, CPEUSC Clermont 18-19-158N-100W, Wildcat/Winner, t11/12; cum 121K 1/19;
22847, 1,582, XTO, Kaldahl 34X-11C, Dollar Joe, t9/12; cum 173K 1/19;

Tuesday, December 18, 2012: no wells came off the confidential list this date

Monday, December 17, 2012
21481, 691,  Liberty Resources, Cornabean 156-101-25-36-1H, Tyrone, 64K in production since 6/12; t7/12; cum 68K 10/12;
21897, 598, OXY USA, State Hecker 1-2-11H-142-98, Willmen, 19K in production since 6/12; t6/12; cum 19K 10/12;
22010, 324, Petro-Hunt, Wold 160-94-32A-5-4H, North Tioga, t11/12; cum 148K 8/19;
22342, 1,142, MRO, Lorene Stohler 11-3TFH, Bailey, t9/12; cum 6K 10/12;
22408, 113, CLR, Proch 1-7H, St Demetrius, 9K since 9/12; t9/12; cum 10K 10/12;
22819, 560, SM Energy, Oakland 13-31H, Cartwright, t9/12; cum 12K 10/12;
22972, SI/Dry, Hess, HA-Swenson Observation-19-2, Hawkeye, a Birdbear well;
22976, 665, SM Energy, Holm 14X-12H, Siverston, t12/12; cum 66K 7/13;
23005, 1,964, Statoil/BEXP, Gunderson 15-22TFH, Banks, t12/12; cum 45K 7/13;
23008, 1,542, XTO, Sass 34X-8E, Hofflund; 22K since 8/12; t9/12; cum 23K 10/12;

Sunday, December 16, 2012
21417, 605, CLR, Lovdahl 2-16H, Sauk, t4/13; cum 42K 7/13;
21728, 793, Petro-Hunt, Anderson 152-06-35D-26-4H, Clear Creek, 40K since 8/12; t8/12; cum 40K 10/12;
22482, 1,696, Statoil/BEXP, Wright 4-33 3TFH, Alger, 20K since 9/12; t9/12; cum 21K 10/12;
22720, 23 (no typo), CLR, Grant 1-16H, Corinth, t11/12; cum 60K 7/15;
22772, 968, Hess, EN-Skabo Trust 155-93-0631H-3, Alger, t12/12; cum 88K 7/13;
22960, 698, American Eagle, Anton 3-4-163-101, Colgan, 15K since 9/12; t9/12; cum 13K 10/12;

Saturday, December 15, 2012
20602, 670, EOG, Clarks Creek 15-0805H, Antelope, 100K since 7/12; t7/12; cum 379K 7/15;
21702, 1,261, XTO, Nygaard Federal 13X-5A, Lost Bridge, t1/13; cum 74K 7/13;
22047, 254, Kaiser-Francis/Fidelity, Tuhy Homestead 14-23H, New Hradec, 14K since 7/12; t7/12; cum 72K 8/19;
22793, 465, SM Energy, Leininger 4-27H, Colgan, 19K since 8/12; t8/12; cum 20K 10/12;
22992, 758, Zenergy, Nohly Lake, 8K in two months; t9/12; cum 9K 10/12;

Friday, December 14, 2012
21418, 584, CLR, Larson 3-21H, Sauk, t4/13; cum 64K 7/13;
22771, 1,372, Hess, EN-Skabo Trust 155-93-0631H-2, Alger, t12/12; cum 297K 8/19;
22806, 3,464, Statoil/BEXP, Cheryl 17-20 3TFH, Banks, t2/13; cum 56K 11/13;

Thursday, December 13, 2012
21096, 597, Murex, Keegan Scott 25-36H, Lonesome, t6/12; cum 111K 10/14;
21912, 487, Hess, BW-Horrie 149-101-0805H-1, Sather Lake, t10/12; cum 126K 11/18;
21977, 1,016, CLR, Florida 3-11H, Camp, t1/13; cum 219K 10/14;
22905, 764, CLR, Frisco 1-31H, Glass Bluff, t10/12; cum 103K 10/14;
22922, 2,907, Equinor/Statoil/BEXP, Syverson 1-12 2TFH, Stony Creek, t12/12; cum 272K 8/19;
22975, 951, SM Energy, Holm 14-12HB, Siverston, t12/12; cum 162K 10/14;
23022, 1,645, Newfield, Rolfsrud 152-96-32-2H, Westberg, t7/12; cum 99K 10/14;

Wednesday, December 12, 2012
21170, 1,041, Whiting, Talkington Federal 21-26TFH, Park, t6/12; cum 120K 10/14;
21332, 1,189, EOG, Mandaree 101-20H, Squaw Creek, t9/12; cum 73K 10/14;
21390, 2,151, KOG, Smokeky 15-7-6-2H3, Pembroke, t12/12; cum 110K 10/14;
21419, 535, CLR, Lovdahl 3-16H, Sauk, t4/13; cum 97K 10/14;
22281, 373, Crescent Point Energy, Walters 35-26-158N-101W, Little Muddy, t10/12; cum 81K 10/14;
22466, 1,370, Whiting/KOG, Skunk Creek 12-7-8-9H3, Heart Butte, t11/12;cum 175K 8/19;
22718, 963, QEP, MHA 5-29-30H-150-90, Deep Water Creek Bay, t8/12; cum 174K 8/19;

Tuesday, December 11, 2012
21439, 2,134, Whiting/KOG, Smokey Cupcake 14-21-16-3H3, Pembroke, t11/12; cum 134K 10/14;
21515, 853, Petro-Hunt, Good Shepherd Home 150-101-15B-22-1H, Rawson, t10/12; cum 105K 7/15;
21900, 708, Petro-Hunt, Fort Berthold 147-94-2A-11-2H, McGregory Buttes, t10/12; cum 216K 7/15;
22095, 351, Murex, Michael Wade 1-12H, Sanish, t9/12; cum 149K 10/14;
22636, 540, Murex, Candi Lynn 36-25H, Stanley, t10/12; cum 137K 10/14;
22796, 972, Hess, EN-Rehak 155-93-0718H-3, Alger, t9/12; cum 137K 10/14;
22807, 3,793, Statoil/BEXP, Richard 8-5 2H, Banks, t4/13; cum 150K 10/14;
22977, 944, SM Energy, Holm 14-12HA, Siverston, t12/12; cum 181K 10/14;
23000, 557, MRO, Peggy Schettler 14-33H, Werner, t8/12; cum 50K 7/15;

Monday, December 10, 2012
21289, 1,682, XTO, Ruby State 34X-36G, Grinnell, (interesting name for a well), t10/12; cum 156K 7/15;
21426, 891, Slawson, Whirlwind 2-31H, Big Bend, t10/12; cum 209K 4/19;
21500, 316, Samson Resources, St Helena 17-20-161-92H, Foothills, t10/12; cum 78K 7/15;
22000, 1,185, Oasis, J H Van Berkom 5992 12-6H, Cottonwood, t6/12; cum 148K 7/15;
22248, 1,387, XTO, Tuckerman 11X-11B, Lost Bridge, t8/12; cum 186K 7/15;
22279, 1,108, OXY USA, State Kary 2-19-18H-144-96, Murphy Creek, t6/12; cum 139K 10/14;
22610, 950, Denbury Onshore, Gilbertson 31-16SEH, Siverston, t11/12; cum 107K 10/14;
22635, 1,114, Hess, HA-Swenson-152-95-1819H-5, Hawkeye, t5/13; cum 125K 10/14;
22749, 575, CLR, Repetowski 1-36H, St Demetrius, t8/12; cum 141K 10/14;
22789, 2,004, BR, Morgan 21-28MBH 2NH, Pershing, t1/13; cum 101K 10/14;
22999, 2,201, Statoil/BEXP, Jerome Anderson 10-15 5H, Alger, t10/12; cum 117K 10/14;

Sunday, December 9, 2012
20555, 1,765, Zenergy, Nelson 14-23H, Banks, t8/12; cum 166K 10/14;
22330, 3,050, Equinor/Statoil/BEXP, Taylor 14-23 1H, Elk, t2/13; cum 257K 8/19;
22795, 1,016, Hess, EN-Rehak 155-93-0718H-2, Alger, t9/12; cum 156K 10/14;
22808, 4,439, Equinor/BEXP, Cheryl 17-20 4H, Banks, t2/13; cum 445K 4/19;
22866, 763, CLR, Carpenter 1-12H, East Fork, t8/12; cum 131K 10/14;
22988, 312, Resource Energy Can-Am/Samson Resources, Nomad 0607-5H, West Ambrose, t10/12; cum 128K 1/19;

Saturday, December 8, 2012
20542, 1,068, EOG, Palermo 6-1819H, Ross, t7/12; cum 392K 8/19;
20991, 1,053, EOG, Fertile 47-0712H, Parshall, t7/12; cum 241K 10/14;
21613, 414, MRO, Ione Barstad USA 31-30H, Strandahl, t8/12; cum 39K 10/14;
22416, SI/DRY, Hess, HA-Swenson Observation-18-2, Hawkeye, target: Birdbear; no production scheduled;
22422, 331, CLR, Bar PS 1-25H, Corinth, t8/12; cum 70K 10/14;
22871, 2,457, KOG, P Alice 154-99-4-3-27-4H3, Epping, t8/12; cum 157K 10/14;

Friday, December 7, 2012
21501, 160, Samson Resources, Oakville 8-5-161-92H, Black Slough, t11/12; cum 32K 10/14;
22305, 406, Hunt, Shell 2-6-7H, Parshall, t10/12; cum 158K 10/14;
22563, 704, Fidelity, Hukkanen 11-23H, Sanish, t6/12; cum 119K 9/15;
22611, 638, XTO/Denbury Onshore, Gilbertson 31-16SWH, Siverston, t1/13; cum 57K 10/14;
22989, 281, Samson Resources, Border Farms 3130-6TFH, West Ambrose, t10/12; cum 69K 10/14;

Thursday, 12/6/12
20030, 1,283, Lime Rock Resources/Fidelity, Amundson 23-14H, Stanley, t10/12; cum 247K 9/15;
22044, 700, Zavanna, George 19-30 1H, Stockyard Creek, t10/12; cum 403K 8/19;
22349, 1,587, Oasis, Ricky Federal 5602 43-35H, Bonetrail, t6/12; cum 113K 10/14;
22350, 1,193, Oasis, Bobby 5602 43-35H, Squires, t7/12; cum 87K 10/14;
22646, 1,947, Equinor/Statoil/BEXP, Jerome Anderson 10-15 4H, Alger, t11/12;cum 211K 1/19;
22935, 695, CLR, Salem 3-6H, Dollar Joe, t12/12; cum 69K 10/14;

Wednesday, 12/5/12
20765, 366, OXY USA/Anschutz, George Miller 1-11-2H-142-95, Murphy Creek, t6/12; cum 51K 10/14;
22153, 0, Chesapeake, Grenz 26-138-98 A 2H, Wildcat, Mission Canyon well; that was easy;
22199, 1,088, EOG, Riverview 100-3031H, Clarks Creek, t6/12; cum 350K 10/14;
22200, 528, EOG, Riverview 4-3031H, Clarks Creek, t7/12; cum 368K 7/15;
22278, 593, OXY USA, Martin 2-30-31H-144-96, Cabernet, t6/12; cum 289K 7/15;
22307, 173, Hunt, Oakland 2-31-30H, Parshall, t9/12; cum 174K 10/14;
22415, drl, Hess, HA-Swenson Observation-18-1, Hawkeye, a Birdbear well;
22692, 560, Hess, EN-Meiers-154-93-24H-3, Robinson Lake, t10/12; cum 93K 10/14;
22775, 295, Whiting, Ross 13-2, Hoot Owl, t8/12; cum 38K 10/14; a Red River well;
22990, 373, Samson Resources, Nomad 0607-6TFH, West Ambrose, t10/12; cum 93K 10/14;

Tuesday, 12/4/12;
21830, 1,824, Lime Rock Resources/OXY USA, Beatrice Kubischta 2-15-22H-143-96, Fayette, t6/12; cum 310K 1/19;
22571, 287, Iron Oil Operating/Hunt, Bear Butte 1-4-9H, Bear Butte, t9/12; cum 101K 1/19;
22934, 518, CLR, Salem 2-6H, Dollar Joe, t12/12; cum 216K 1/19;

Monday, 12/3/12:
19891, 2,087, Whiting, Cymbaluk 21-15PH, Bell, Pronghorn Sand prospect; nice well; 60K in first four months; t6/12; cum 65K 10/12;
21396, 1,255, Denbury Onshore, Dwyer 14-33NEH, Arnegard, nice well; t9/12; cum 24K 10/12;
22645, 1,225, BEXP, Jeroome Anderson 10-15 3TFH, Alger, t11/12; cum 22K 4/13;
22693, 344, Hess, EN-Meiers-154-93-24H-2, Robinson Lake, t10/12; cum 12K 10/12;
22283, 1,493, Whiting, Cymbaluk 11-15PH, Bell, Pronghorn Sand prospect; very nice well; 60K in first four months; t6/12; cum 64K 10/12;

Sunday, 12/2/12:
22446, 1,319, MRO, Aisenbrey 21-25TFH, Big Bend, looks like a great well; 42K in first three months; t8/12; cum 44K 10/12;
22906, 310, CLR, Cheyenne 3-4H, Dollar Joe, t12/12; cum 18K 4/13;
22944, 609, Hess, LK-Pohribnak 147-96-16H-4, Cedar Coulee, nice well; 34K in first three months; t8/12; cum 35K 10/12;

Saturday, 12/1/12:
21309, 2,027, KOG, Koala 14-32-29-2H3, Poe, t9/12; cum 37K 10/12;
21564, 2,288, QEP/Helis, Levang Federal 14-21/16H, Blue Buttes, 40K first full month; t812; cum 672K 1/19;
21664, 3,235, Equinor/BEXP, Skarston 1-12 1H, Banks, 33K first month; 16K second month; t9/12; cum 326K 1/19;
21825, 984, Triangle, Gullickson Trust 15101-36-25-1H, Rawson, nice well, in Alexander area; t6/12; cum 35K 10/12;
21827, 1,173, Triangle, Gullickson Trust 150-101-36-25-3H, Rawson, another nice well; t6/12; cum 37K 10/12;
22215, 504, WPX, George Evans 11-2HZ, Van Hook, t10/12; cum 69K 4/13;
22333, IA/1,086, MRO, RH 34-31TFH, Bailey, t9/12; cum 171K 5/18;
22398, 379, Hess, EN-Dakota S-155-94-211609H-6, Manitou, t10/12; cum 6K 10/12;
22500, 483, Whiting, Ben TTT 42-30TFX, Sanish, t6/12; cum 23K 10/12;
22877, 803, MRO, Tom Steffan 21-27H, Murphy Creek, t9/12; cum 127K 1/19; needs to be re-fracked;

22907, 519 CLR, Cheyenne 2-4H, Dollar Joe, t12/12; cum 29K 4/13;

November 30, 2012
22068, 567, Liberty Resources, Sylte 156-101-15-22-1H, Tyrone, t6/12; cum 49K 9/12;
22397, 149, Hess, EN-Dakota S-155-94-211609H-5, Manitou, t10/12; cum --
22754, 2,324, BR, Iron Horse 31-2TFH, Union Center, t11/12; cum --
22982, 868, Hess, HA-Nelson A-152-95-3427H-2, Hawkeye, t9/12; cum 29K 9/12;

November 29, 2012
21294, 591, CLR, Rader 154-100-24-25-1H, Avoca, t8/12; cum 19K 9/12;
21984, 228, Fidelity, Tuhy 22-15H, New Hradec, t7/12; cum 75K 9/15;
22701, 1,133, Oasis/SM Energy, Norby 9X-20HB, Charlson, t8/12; cum 313K 1/19;

November 28, 2012
22169, 795, Whiting, Solberg 14-12PH, Bell, t6/12; cum 32K 9/12;
22396, 479, Hess, EN-Dakota S-155-94-211609H-4, Manitou, t10/12; cum --
22679, 822, CLR, Helena 3-7H, Brooklyn, t10/12; cum --; very nice well for the Brooklyn
22801, 983, Hess, HA-Link-152-95-3526H-2, Hawkeye; t9/12; cum 289K 1/19;

November 27, 2012
20708, 1,352, Zenergy, Nelson 24-13H, Marmon, t8/12; cum 20K 9/12;
21923, 2,968, BR, Dayton 14-22MBH, Haystack Butte, t10/12; cum 95K 7/15;
21979, 338, CLR, Alpha 3-14H, Camp, t1/13; cum 48K 4/13;
22067, 758, Liberty Resources, Sylte 156-101-10-3-1H, Tyrone, t6/12; cum 49K 9/12;
22369, 304, OXY USA, State Jablonsky B 1-36-25H-142-95, Murphy Creek, t5/12; cum 16K 9/12;
22649, 709, WPX, Charles Blackhawk 31-30HA, Heart Butte, t11/12; cum 57K 4/13;
22813, 646, Zavanna, Sylvester 1-32H, Springbrook, t9/12; cum 15K 9/12;

November 26, 2012
22267, 341, CLR, Helena 2-7H, Brooklyn, t10/12; cum 104K 7/15;
22498, 1,267, Oasis, Shepherd 5501 12-5H, Missouri Ridge, t5/12; cum 38K 9/12;
22674, 894, Hess, EN-Rice-155-94-0211H-3, Manitou, t10/12; cum --
22880, 1,834, Helis, Bert 2-2/11H, Grail, should be another huge well; t7/12; cum 60K 9/12;

November 25, 2012
19381, 319, EOG, Crowfoot 36-3018H, Clear Water, t6/12; cum 15K 9/12; 
20550, 1,478, EOG, Clarks Creek 10-0805H, Antelope, Sanish Pool, t6/12; cum 93K 9/12;
22122, 632, Lime Rock Resources/Fidelity, Emil 14-13H-24, Alger, t6/12; cum 137K 9/15;
22326, 1,582, Whiting, Talkington 41-30PH, Bell, t5/12; cum 56K 9/12;
22419, 586, Hess, BW-Sorenson 149-99-1324H-1, Cherry Creek/Wildcat, t12/12; cum 43K 4/13;
22505, 1,437, EOG, Clarks Creek 100-0805H, Antelope, t6/12; cum 56K 9/12;
22726, 1,151, ERF, Serger 149-93-04B-03H TF, Mandaree, t10/12; cum 270K 7/15;
22815, 1,643, BR, CCU Powell 21-29MBH, Corral Creek, t10/12; cum 18K 4/13;
22891, 947, CLR, Monroe 1-2H, Banks, t8/12; cum 43K 9/12;

November 24, 2012
21398, IA/1,063, Slawson, Wolverine Federal 4-31-30TFH, Elm Tree, t9/12; cum 471K 4/19; off line as of 11/18; inactive through 4/19;
22417, SI/DRY, Hess, HA-Swenson Observation -18-3, Hawkeye, an observation well; no production planned;
22479, 754, Hess, LK-Hamilton 146-97-3526H-3, Little Knife, t9/12; cum 19K 9/12;
22870, 1,894, XTO, Flatland 11X-2B, Sand Creek, t12/12; cum 43K 4/13;

November 23, 2012
16906, 61, Denbury Onshore, TRMU 22X-16H, T.R.; I believe this was an earlier Encore permit that was canceled; and now it appears that Denbury decided to go after it (I could be mistaken); a Madison welll; completed 8/12; t9/12; cum 23K 7/15;
20333, 449, EOG, West Clark 2-2425H, Clarks Creek, t9/12; cum 70K 4/13;
20976, 583, CLR, Ralph 1-22H, Long Creek, t9/12; cum 2K 9/12;
22354, 741, EOG, Ross 36-1707H, Alger; t6/12; cum 201K 7/15;
22418, 724, Hess, BW-Spring Creek 149-99-1201H-1, Cherry Creek/wildcat, central McKenzie County; between Pembroke and Cherry Creek oil fields; about 5 miles south of Watford City; t12/12; cum 150K 7/15;
22586, 2,819, BEXP, Bratcher 10-3 4H, Ragged Butte; t10/12;cum 178K 7/15;
22673, 1,048, Hess, EN-Rice-155-94-0211H-3, Manitou, t10/12; 1K 9/12;
22711, 2,599 BEXP, Alger State 16-21 3H, Alger, t11/12; cum 50k 4/13;

November 22, 2012 (Thanksgiving Thursday)
20855, 529, Slawson, Fox 2-28H, Van Hook; t9/12; cum 92K 4/19;
21580, 1,063, Sinclair, Ersa Federal 1-4H, Bully, t8/12; cum 22K 9/12;
22493, 1,319, Newfield, Bernice 150-99-20-17-2H, South Tobacco Garden, 14K first full month; t9/12; cum 16K 9/12;
22722, conf, Triangle USA, Erickson 155-102-26-25-3H/Lynn 2-23-14H-155-102, Squires,

November 21, 2012
19604, PNC, WPX, Mandaree 24-13HD OLD, Spotted Horn,
20390, 169, OXY USA, Bullinger Trust 1-18-19H-142-96, Manning, t5/12; cum 142K 7/15;
21698, AB/181, XTO, Flatland 11X-2F, Sand Creek, t10/12; cum --
22041, 1,084, Hess, SC-JW Hamilton-153-99-1314H-1, Long Creek, t7/12; cum 162K 7/15;
22262, 352, OXY USA, Little Butte 1-21-28H-16-90, Dimond, t5/12; cum 106K 7/15;
22595, 580, Hess, GO-Darryl-158-98-0904H-1, Rainbow, t8/12; cum 122K 7/15;

November 20, 2012
21210, 1,650, Whiting, Johnson 34-33H, Pleasant Hill, t5/12; cum 109K 7/15;
22762, 599, CLR, Jefferson 2-17H, Crazy Man Creek, t8/12; cum 168K 7/15;

November 17 - 19, 2012
20048, 1,283, BR, Carlsbad 21-17H, Banks, t8/12; cum 7K 9/12;
21935, 812, Whiting, Satterthwaite 14-7TFX, Sanish, Mountrail, t5/12; cum 24K 9/12;
22066, 1,329, Whiting, Mork Trust 21-17H, Pleasant Hill, McKenzie, t5/12; cum 46K 9/12;
22224, 971, Fidelity, Kuntz 25-36H, Green River, Stark, t5/12; cum 173K 9/15;
22439, 925, Petro-Hunt, Wisness 152-96-28A-33-2H, Clear Creek, McKenzie, t10/12; cum 248K 7/15;
22442, 685, Hess, MC-Sickler-144-95-1423H-1, Murphy Creek, Dunn, t8/12; cum 32K 9/12;
22494, 1,298, Newfield, Bernice 150-99-20-17-3H, South Tobacco Garden, McKenzie, t9/12; cum 15K 9/12;
22517, 784, Hess, BW-Sharon-150-100-2536H-1, Timber Creek, McKenzie, t9/12; cum 35K 9/12;
22658, 1,324, Marathon, Lee Christensen 34-33H, Bailey, Dunn, t9/12; cum 24K 9/12;
22717, 401, SM Energy, Carter 9-8HW, Colgan, Divide, t8/12; cum 13K 9/12;
22856, 40, CLR, WMPHU 11-9H, Medicine Pole Hills, Bowman, two payzones, a Red River /West Red River well; t8/12; cum 32K 7/15;

20222, 873, Hess/Tracker, 3WX 3-1H, Banks, McKenzie, t9/12; cum 27K 9/12;
22429, 743, Fidelity, Reynold 14-11H, Sanish, Mountrail, t6/12; cum 178K 9/15;
22488, 1,320, BR, Big Bend 31-2TFH, Camel Butte, McKenzie, t8/12; cum 3K 9/12;
22530, 712, ERF, Bradfield 31-14H, Eagle Nest, McKenzie, t10/12; cum 7K 9/12;
22612, 481, Hess, SC-Bingeman-154-98-0904H-1, Truax, Williams, t9/12; cum 8K 9/12;
22908, 235, WPX, Mason 2-11HWR, Van Hook, Mountrail, t8/12; cum 257K 10/15;

20419, 1,454, XTO, FBIR Grinnell 34X-33C, Heart Butte, Dunn, t8/12; cum 22K 9/12;
22869, IA/971, XTO, Flatland 11X-2A, Sand Creek, McKenzie, t11/12; cum 170K 10/18;

November 16, 2012
20058, 2,020, Whiting, Bartelson 44-31H, Sanish, Mountrail, t5/12; cum 313K 1/19;
20919, 1,547, Petro-Hunt,  Fort Berthold 148-05-25B-36-H, Eagle Nest, Dunn, t10/12; cum 432K 4/19;
21454, 2,846, BR, Concord 44-10MBH, Little Knife, Dunn, t9/12; cum 5K 9/12;
22713, 2,114, Equinor/BEXP, Alger State 16-21 4TFH, Alger, Mountrail, t11/12; cum 183K 1/19;

November 15, 2012
20067, 1,042, EOG, Redmond 22-1807H, Clear Water, t8/12; cum 22K 9/12;
22298, 1,095, Bruin/Petro-Hunt, Fort Berthold 148-95-27A-34-2H, Eagle Nest, t10/12; cum 21
K 1/19;
22509, 468, Hess, EN-Hanson-156-94-3031H-2, Manitou, t8/12; cum 13K 9/12;
22531, 754, ERF, Emerald 14-95-03A-10H, Eagle Nest, t10/12; cum 6K 9/12;
22728, 465, Hess, GO-John 156-98-0508H-1, Wheelock, t9/12; cum 17K 9/12; 
22734, 330, CLR, Glasoe 6-19H, Dolphin, t3/13; cum 8K 4/13;
22784, 286, Crescent Point Energy, CPEUSC Justin Troy 33-28-160N-97W, Wildrose, t8/12; cum 47K 7/15;
22822, 796, G3 Operating, Berg 1-29-32H, Wildcat, t8/12; cum 12K 9/12;

November 14, 2012
21526, 854, Hess, BW-Erler 149-99-1522H-1, Cherry Creek, t9/12; cum 32K 9/12;
21910, 842, Baytex, Lokken 1-12-161-98H 1BP, Whiteaker, t5/12; cum 42K 9/12;
21911, 436, Baytex, Lokken 36-25-162-98H 1XB, Whiteaker, t5/12; cum 35K 9/12;
21948, 56, Baytex, Bentson 25-36-161-98H 1AP, Moraine, t5/12; cum 12K 9/12;
22124, 342, Baytex, Bentson 24-13-161-98H 1XB, Whiteaker, t5/12; cum 22K 9/12;
22681, 2,298, XTO, Roxy 21X-6B, West Capa, t8/12; cum 37K 9/12;
22811, 457, CLR, Sefolosha 1-14H, Epping, t7/12; cum 36K 9/12;

November 10 - 13, 2012
20788, 254, Whiting, Zalesky 34-8PH, North Creek, Stark, t5/12; cum 11K 9/12
21957, 1,779, Statoil/BEXP, Cvancara 20-17 4TFH, Alger, t7/14; cum 73K 7/15;
22539, 502, Hess, GO-Qvale Trust 158-97-3229H-1, New Home, Williams, t8/12; cum 17K 9/12
22577, 3,129, Equinor/BEXP, Gunderson 15-22 4H, Banks, McKenzie, [see the Gunderson wells here], t4/14; cum 234K 1/19;

20095, 1,097, XTO, Wagern 24X-23B, Midway, Williams, t7/12; cum 17K 9/12
20859, 196, Petro-Hunt, Carlson 159-94-4B-9-1H, North Tioga, Burke, t8/12; cum 6K 9/12;
21632, 1,686, Triangle, Larson 149-100-9-4-1H, Ellsworth, McKenzie, t5/12; cum 33K 9/12;
22695, 2,042, BEXP, Ross-Alger 6-7 4TFH, Alger, Mountrail, t11/12; cum 41K 4/13;
22733, 200, CLR, Glasoe 5-19H, Dolphin, Divide, t4/13; cum 5K 4/13;
22785, 810, MRO, Thomas Miller USA 21-28H, Deep Water Creek Bay,  McLean, t8/12; cum 12K 9/12;
22788, 366, Crescent Point, CPEUSC Szarka 25-36-159N-100W, Blue Ridge/Wildcat, Williams, t9/12; cum 41K 4/13;

21099, 825, Zenergy, Rella 17-20H/Heen 17-20H, Lake Trenton, Williams, t7/12; cum 25K 9/12;
21444, 141, Samson Resources, Camino 5-9-163-98H, Candak, Divide, t8/12; cum 6K9/12;
21793, 56 (no typo), Hunt, Horst 2-25H, Parshall, Mountrail, t8/12; cum 25K 9/12; 14 stages; 1.3 million lbs proppant;
22271, 616, OXY USA, State Caly 1-26-23H-142-97, Willmen, Dunn, t5/12; cum 44K 9/12;
22578, 3,906, Equinor/BEXP, Gunderson 15-22 3TFH, Banks, McKenzie, [see the Gunderson wells here], t3/13; cum 355K 4/19;
22620, 946, CLR, Thronson 2028AH, Alkali Creek, Mountrail, t2/13; cum 27K 4/13;
22823, 963, G3 Operating, Berg 1-20-17H, Good Luck, Williams, t8/12; cum 9K 9/12;


20483, 1,562, XTO, FBIR Georgeblackhawk 21X-6B, Heart Butte, Dunn, t7/12; cum 23K 9/12;
20515, 2,462, KOG/BTA, P Alice 154-99-4-3-27-4H, Epping, Williams, t8/12; cum 38K 9/12;
20912, 653, Whiting, Duletski 11-16TFH, Gaylord, Stark, t5/12; cum 19K 9/12;
21612, 35 (no typo), MRO, Hoff 24-19H, Strandahl, 30 stages; 2.6 million lbs proppant; , t8/12; cum 32K 7/15;
21947, 161, GMX Resources, Fairfield State 21-16-1H, St Demetrius, Billings, t9/12; cum 50K 7/15;
22356, 207, Hess, GO-Anderson 157-97-36H-1, Ray, Williams, t7/12; cum 6K 9/12;
22510, 264, Hess, EN-Hanson-156-94-3031H-3, Manitou, Mountrail; t8/12; cum 8K 9/12;
22735, 159, CLR, Glasoe 7-19H, Dolphin, Divide, t3/13; cum 8K 4/13;

November 9, 2012
10327, 431/25, Red River/Red River B, Encore/Total Petroleum, Olson 1-30, Horse Creek, for the Red River, t1/84 with cum of 212K now PNA; for the Red River B, t8/12 cum 1K 9/1;
21487, 762, BR, Bartlett 11-16TFH, Murphy Creek, t9/12; cum 2K 9/12; ,
22857, 358, CLR Willie 2-36AH (the "AH" designation has been discussed earlier); t8/12; cum 11K 9/12;

November 8, 2012
21360, 458, CLR, Lakewood 2-20H, Upland, t8/12; cum 65K 7/15;
22550, 1,053, Hess, EN-Labar 154-94-0310H-2, Alkali Creek, huge well; t8/12; cum 38K 9/12;
22580, 240, CLR, Marcy 3-24H, Oliver, t8/12; cum 12K 9/12;
22618, 907, CLR, Thronson 1-28AH, Alkali Creek, [note the "AH" designation; explained earlier]
22629, 180, WPX, Sweet Grass Woman 22-15HB, Spotted Horn, t7/12; cum 40K 9/12;
22696, 2,898, BEXP, Ross-Alger 6-7 3H, Alger, t10/12; cum 56K 4/13;
22824, 590, Hunt, Halliday 3-11-2H, Wolf Bay, t8/12; cum 44K 9/12;
22839, SI/NC, Statoil/BEXP, Gunderson 15-22 5H, Banks,

November 7, 2012
20691, 928, EOG, Fertile 49-3024H, Parshall, t5/12; cum 55K 9/12;
21222, 519, EOG, James Kill 10-0112H, Kittleson Slough, t6/12; cum 27K 9/12;
21223, 572, EOG, James Hill 100-0112H, Kittleson Slough, t6/12; cum 19K 9/12;
21443, 2,036, KOG, Smokey 14-21-33-14H, Pembroke, t11/12; cum 71K 4/13;
22260, 930, MRO, Landblom 24-26H, Murphy Creek, t7/12; cum 21K 9/12;
22277, 118, MRO, Elizabeth Ann 1-32H, St Demetrius, t7/12; cum 11K 9/12;
22731, 496, Slawson, Magnum 3-36-36H, Baker, t7/12; cum 188K 4/19;
22750, 455, Foundation Energy/Whiting, Rieckhoff 44-22, Camel Hump, a Red River well; t8/12; cum 261K 4/19;

November 6, 2012
19698, 622, Fidelity, Kuchynski 12-1H, Dutch Henry Butte, t7/12; cum 134K 1/19;
21962, 793, MRO, Vance Strommen 21-13TFH, Killdeer, t8/12; cum 5K 9/12;
22092, 1,073, QEP, MHA 2-05-04H-148-91, Heart Butte, t10/12; cum --
22105, 451, Hess, GO-Perdue 157-97-0112H-1, Ray, t6/12; cum 34K 9/12;
22256, 60, Hunt, Lee 2-8-5H, Parshall, t8/12; cum 183K 4/19; Bakken, 24 stages; 2.3 million lbs; low gas units; and no flare at any time; this well is on the eastern edge of that part of the Parshall that is productive; another confirmation that wells this far east in the Parshall won't be as good as others to the west; BUT the well 100 feet to the west in the same section (#18254) is a very good well; and, the well just 700 feet to the southwest (#18076), a short lateral, has produced 125K since 6/09;
22474, 420, American Eagle, Coplan 1-3-163-101, Colgan, t7/12; cum 20K 9/12;
22476, 1,179, Denbury Onshore, Grimestad 34-33NWH, Charlson, t7/12; cum 33K 9/12;
22551, 1,041, Hess, EN-Labar 154-94-0310H-3, Alkali Creek, t9/12; cum 37K 9/12;
22591, 115, CLR, Bakke 1-17H, Wildrose, t8/12; cum 70K 4/19;

November 3 - 5, 2012
20521, 1,412, XTO, George Federal 21X-19B, Lost Bridge, t7/12; cum 34k 9/12;
21217, 686, WPX/Helis, Linseth 13-12HW, Squaw Creek, Three Forks; 10 stages; 800K lbs; 21,000 feet to the Birdbear vertically; and 11,000 feet to the Three Forks; interesting file report; t9/12; cum 131K 4/19;
22186, 400, Hess, EN-Horst 154-93-0310H-3, Robinson Lake, t8/12; cum 21K 9/12;
22252, 603, Oasis, Delta 6093 34-15H, Gros Ventre, t12/12; cum 11K 4/13;
22324, 223, Oasis, Celeste 6092 43-34H, Cottonwood, t6/12; cum 20K 9/12;
22339, 573, Whiting, Knife River State 21-16TFH, Sanish, t5/12; cum 25K 9/12;
22381, A, BEXP, Vachal 3-34 4TFH, Alger, t--; cum 43K 4/13;
22467, 1,975, KOG, Skunk Creek 12-7-8-9H, Heart Butte, t10/12; cum 58K 4/13;

21421, 648, Liberty Resources, Fritz 15-101-32-29-1H, Wildcat, t5/12; cum 46K 9/12;
21958, 1,044, Whiting, Iver & Minnie 21-14PH, Zenith, t5/12; cum 32K 9/12;
22022, 3,382, BEXP, Edna 11-2 1H, Camp, t7/12; cum 35K 9/12;
22477, 881, Denbury Onshore, Grimestad 34-33NEH, Charlson, t7/12; cum 25K 9/12;
22579, 446, CLR, Marcy 2-24H, Oliver, t8/12; cum 16K 9/12;

22604, 170, Hunt, Halliday 2-40-42H, Werner, t9/12; cum 9K 9/12;
22617, 448, CLR, Sorenson 1-21AH, Alkali Creek, t2/13; cum 28k 4/13;
22619, 781, CLR, Sorenson 2-21AH, Alkali Creek, t2/13; cum 31K 4/13;
22675, 2,640, BR, Midnight Run 11-1TFH, Union Center, t10/12; cum 284K 4/19;
22732, 350, Crescent Point, CPEUSC Fairholm 33-34-164N-100W, West Ambrose, t7/12; cum 6K 9/12
22454, 3,634, BEXP, Marcia 3-10 1H, Last Chance, t8/12; cum 40K 9/12;

November 2, 2012
11502, PNA --> loc (5/2/2012), Encore, Wegman 2-30, Horse Creek, a Red River well;
20689, 1,202, Zenergy, Patsy 5-8H, Siverston, t11/12; cum 55K 4/12;
21468, 2,522, KOG, Koala 14-32-29-4H3, Poe, t9/12; cum 25K 9/12;
21505, 349, OXY USA, State Watkins 1-26-35H-143-95, Murphy Creek, t5/12; cum 20K 9/12;
21543, 3,203, BEXP, Knight 35-26 1H, Banks, t9/12; cum 20K 9/12;
22362, 593, CLR, Kolstad 1-28H, Corinth, t7/12; cum 16K 9/12;
22461, 3,545, BEXP, Liffrig 29-20 4H, Alger, t7/12; cum 53K 9/12;

November 1, 2012:
20085, 825, Zavanna, Nelson 3-10 1H, Long Creek, t--; cum 128K 4/13; a huge well;
21334, 755, OXY USA, Kenneth Stroh 2-12-1H-143-97, Cabernet, t5/12; cum 61K 9/12;
21808, PNC, Samson Resources, Crow 32-29-163-96H, Wildcat,
21809, PNC, Samson Resources, Jackdaw 5-8-162-96H, Juno,
21980, 569, CLR, Florida 1-11H, Camp, t1/13; cum 43k 4/13; 4 sections;
22161, 508, Hess, GO-Hill 158-98-3427H-1, Rainbow, t8/12; cum 26K 9/12;
22185, 651, Hess, EN-Horst 154-93-0310H-2, Robinson Lake, t8/12; cum 34K 9/12;
22621, 1,561, Newfield, Chameleon State 153-97-16-21-2H, Banks, t7/12; cum 23K 9/12;
22624, 2,162, BEXP, Smith Farm 23-14 3TFH, Cow Creek, t9/12; cum 17K 10/12;
22741, 533, CLR, Bismarck 3-9H, Brooklyn, t8/12; cum 19K 9/12;
22783, 2,256, KOG, P Alexander 155-99-16-11-1-1H3, East Fork, t8/12; cum 29K 9/12;

October 31, 2012: 
22268, PNC, WPX, Fettig 6-7HA, Eagle Nest, Dunn County

October 30, 2012: 
21112, 1,358, MRO, Aisenbrey 21-25H, Big Bend, t7/12; cum 29K 8/12;
21686, 286, OXY USA, Kubik Trust 2-18-19H-143-95, Murphy Creek, t5/12; cum 41K 8/12;
21874, 540, Zavanna, Tony 1-3H, Stony Creek, t8/12; cum 16K 8/12;
22176, 1,261, Whiting, Marsh 34-9PH, Dutch Henry Butte, t5/12; cum 45K 8/12;
22216, 347, WPX, George Evans 11-2HD, Van Hook, t10/12; cum 10K 10/12;

October 27 - 29, 2012 
21752, 656, ERF, Beluga 148-93-06B-05-3H, McGregory Buttes, t2/13; cum 40K 4/13;
22165, 709, Slawson, Athena 6-36TFH, Alger, t6/12; cum 119K 4/19;
22558, 334, Triangle, State 154-102-25-36-1H, Rosebud, t9/12; cum 67K 4/13;
22657, 1,204, MRO, Judy Christensen 31-4H, Bailey, t8/12; cum 8K 8/12;

19859, 1,102, Whiting/Newfield, Chameleon State 153-97-16-21-1H, Banks, t7/12; cum 219K 8/19;
21988, A, Whiting, Tiisto 44-7TFX, Sanish, t --; cum 86K 12/13;
21989, 2,480, Whiting, Tiisto 44-7XH, Sanish, t5/12; cum 86K 8/12;
21990, 688, Whiting, Tiisto 43-7TFX, Sanish, t4/12; cum 20K 8/12;
22264, 276, Hess, EN-Patrick Joseph 157-94-2314H-1, Big Butte, t6/12; cum 19K 8/12;

21751, 770, ERF, Hupback 148-93-06B-05-4H TF, McGregory Buttes, t8/12; cum 20K 8/12;
22272, 471, CLR, Bismarck 2-9H, Brooklyn, t9/12; cum 10K 8/12;
22284, 148, CLR, Olaf 1-7H, Wildrose, t7/12; cum 1K 8/12;
22589, 490, Bruin/Petro-Hunt, King 157-101-3B-10-1H, Otter, t7/12; cum 111K 9/18;

October 26, 2012
19914, 489, Lime Rock/OXY USA, Rebsom 1-23-14H-95, t4/12; cum 191K 9/18; nice well after Lime Rock took over;

19950, 221, Petro Hunt, Grev 157-100-31D-30-1H, Marmon, t7/12; cum 16K 9/12;
20524, 875, Whiting, Bell Lake Creek 44-23TFH, Beaver Creek, t5/12; cum 245K 8/19;
20748, 599, Liberty Resources, Lindy 156-100-10-3-1H, t5/12; cum 43K 9/12;
21517, 389, CLR, Omar 6-12H, North Tioga, t7/13; cum 53K 12/13;
21652, 237, Bruin/Petro-Hunt, Fort Berthold 152-93-18B-19-2H, Four Bears, t9/12; cum 267K 9/18;
22609, 327, CLR, Kubas 1-22H, t8/12; cum 12K 9/12;

October 25, 2012
21630, 1,378, MRO, Waltom USA 43-8TFH, Reunion Bay, t9/12; cum 424K 1/20; off line 1/20; remains off line 3/20;
22391, dry, CLR, Willie 2-36H, Battleview, -- this is not DRY in the sense a layman might think; in early drilling there was concern about stability of the land under the rig; the rig will be moved a bit and the well will be re-spud (slightly new location)
22433, 667, CLR, Rodney 2-29H, Cedar Coulee, t1/13; cum 33K 4/13;
22566, 664, Petro-Hunt, Clear Crek 152-96-34-1H, Clear Creek, t8/12; cum 16K 9/12;

October 24, 2012
20561, 1,063, EOG, Fertile 42-3231H, Parshall, F, t5/12; cum 52K 9/12;
21518, 710, CLR, Lawrence 5-13H, North Tioga, t1/13; cum 60K 4/13;
22037, 2,026, BEXP, Strobeck 27-34 5TFH, Alger, t7/12; cum 29K 9/12;
22315, 856, Zenergy, Ledahl 28-21H, Painted Woods, t6/12; cum 19K 9/12;

October 23, 2012
19155, 769, Slawson, Periscope Federal1-10-11-12H, Van Hook, t7/12;  cum 416K 3/20;
21773, 733, Whiting, Ogden 13-13TFX, Sanish, t4/12; cum 20K 9/12;
22390, 1,252, Denbury Onshore, Lund 26-18SH, Siverston, t7/12; cum 19K 9/12;
22587, 2,633, BEXP, Lonnie 15-22 3H, Ragged Butte, t10/12; cum 20K 10/12;
22600, 668, CLR, Bjarne 1-29H, Patent Gate, t7/12; cum 23K 9/12;
22697, 1,875, BEXP, Hospital 31-36 2TFH, Alger, t11/12; cum 38K 4/13;

October 22, 2012
20560, 2,124, BR, Everglades 11-3TFH, Keene oil field, t8/12; cum 393K 8/19; huge jump, but declined quickly;

21516, 762, CLR, Lawrence 4-13H, North Tioga, t1/13; cum 197K 8/19;
21934, A, Whiting, Ogden 14-3TFX, Sanish, t--; cum 42K 12/13;
22328, 927, Zavanna, James 41-3SH, Poe, t10/12; cum 3K 10/12;
22393, 753, Hess, EN-Dakota N-155-94-211609H-3, Manitou, t8/12; cum 13K 9/12;
22394, 705, Hess, EN-Dakota N-155-94-211609H-2, Manitou, t8/12; cum 19K 9/12;
22573, 175, Oasis/Samson Resources, Felton 13-24-161-92H, Foothills, t9/12; cum 70K 8/19;

17768, 594, XTO, Chruszch 42X-29F, St Demetrius, t7/12; cum 3K 9/12;
22434, 738, CLR, Gale 2-32H, Cedar Coulee, t12/12; cum 53K 4/13;
22460, 1,625, BEXP, Liffrig 29-20 3TFH, Alger, t11/12; cum 192K 4/19;

22700, 1,171, SM Energy, Norby 9X-20HA, Charlson, t8/12; cum 53K 10/12;
21519, 726, CLR, Omar 5-12H, North Tioga, t1/13; cum 38K 4/13;

October 19, 2012
21407, 368, MRO, Opal Holte USA 24-20H, Strandahl, t6/12; cum 67K 8/19;
22218, 804, Petro-Hunt, Roen 152-102-10C-3-1H, Elk, t7/12; cum 24K 9/12; 
22480, 749,  Hess, LK-Hamilton 146-97-3526H-2, Little Knife, t9/12; cum 223K 4/19;
22521, 888,  XTO, Gravgaaard 13-24-1H, Midway, t10/12; cum 10K 10/12;

October 18, 2012
17308, 2,545, BR, CCU Meriwether 44-19TFH, Corral Creek, t7/12; cum 44K 4/13;
22572, 147, Samson Resources, Saratoga 12-1-161-92H, Black Slough, t9/12; cum 94K 4/19;

October 17, 2012
21801, 1,206, Bruin/Petro-Hunt, Fort Berthold 152-93-9C-10-2H, Four Bears, t11/12; cum 320K 1/20; off line 1/20; remains off line 3/20;
22129, 196, WPX, Mason 2-11HA, Van Hook, t7/12; cum 173K 8/19;
22137, 739, Whiting, Hoover 13-1TFX, Sanish, t4/12; cum 24K 9/12;
22138, 523, Whiting, Hoover 14-1TFX, Sanish, t4/12; cum 28K 9/12;
22331, A, Slawson, Atlas 1-16-21H, Ellsworth, t--; cum 171K 4/19;
22395, 660, Hess, EN-Dakota N-155-94-211609H-1, Manitou, t8/12; cum 181K 3/20;
22402, 324, Hunt, Halliday 2-15-22H, Lake Ilo, t7/12; cum 22K 9/12;
22435, 648, CLR, Rodney 3-29H, Cedar Coulee, t12/12; cum 33K 4/13;
22514, 1,023, XTO, Thaxton 24X-35B, West Capa, t6/12; cum 23K 9/12;

October 16, 2012
21246, 636, CLR, Tande 2-23H, Lindahl, t3/13; cum 303K 8/19; 4 sections
21994, 658, Abraxas, Ravin 26-35-2H, North Fork, t2/13; cum 15K 4/13;
22459, 2,276, Equinor/BEXP, Liffrig 29-20 2H, Alger, t11/12; cum 190K 4/19;

October 15, 2012
21697, 396, Whiting, Redmond Federal 21-28TFH, Fryburg, t4/12; cum 17K 9/12;
21742, 2,832, BR, Amanda 41-14MBH, Haystack Butte, t8/12; cum 5K 9/12;
22436, 1,070 CLR, Gale 3-32H, Cedar Coulee, t1/13; cum 44K 4/13;
22471, 785, SM Energy, Gulbranson 2-1H, West Ambrose, t7/12; cum 36K 8/12; 
20871, 239, Petro-Hunt, Fort Berthold 148-94-9D-04-2H, Eagle Nest, t7/12; cum 313K 8/19;
21247, 345, CLR, Strid 2-26H, Lindahl, t3/13; cum 23K 4/13; 4 sections;
20627, 669, Whiting, Lindseth 12-12TFH, Sanish, t5/12; cum 175K 4/19;
22261, 1,188, Marathon, Landblom 14-26H, Murphy Creek, t712; ccum 173K 8/19;

October 12, 2012
20038, 625, EOG, Liberty LR 12-11H, Van Hook, t4/12; cum 74K 8/12;
20332, 647, EOG, West Clark 100-2413H, Clarks Creek, t9/12; cu 236K 8/19;
20334, 1,324, EOG, West Clark 1-2413H, Clarks Creek, t10/12; cum 227K 4/19; spacing ICO;
20860, 540, Petro-Hunt, Hartman 144-97-5A-8-1H, Little Knife, t7/12; cum 12K 8/12;
21197, 1,100, Liberty Resources/NFX, Jackman 156-100-18-19-1H, East Fork, t4/12; cum 72K 8/12;
21248, 562, CLR, Tande 3-23H, Lindahl, t3/13; cum 20K 4/13; 4 sections;
22135, 746, CLR, Washburne 1-22H, Oliver, t8/12; cum 21K 8/12;
22292, 1,754, Equinor/BEXP, Arvid Anderson 14-11 2TFH, Alger, t9/12; cum 160K 9/18;
22478, 417, Hess, MC-Murphy 144-95-1102H-2, Murphy Creek, t8/12; cum 17K 8/12;
22672, 548, G3 Operating, Pederson 1-18-19H, Little Muddy, t10/12; cum 3K 10/12;

October 11, 2012
21251, 465, Whiting, Cymbaluk 21-25TFH, Wildcat, about 2K per month; located in Park oil field, in southwest North Dakota; t4/12; cum 50K 918;
21569, 723, CLR, Mittlestadt 2-20H, Chimney Butte, t7/12; cum 390K 3/20;

October 10, 2012
19738, 378, Nine Point Energy/Triangle, Frederick James 149-101-3-10-1H, Antelope Creek, t7/12; cum 226K 4/19;
20885, 359, CLR, Christopherson 156-99-2-11-1H, East Fork, t6/12; cum 241K 4/19;
21249, 371, CLR, Strid 3-26H, Lindahl, t3/13; cum 201K 4/19;
22227, 1,144, XTO, Odegaard State 21X-16B, Midway, t6/12; cum 352K 3/20;

October 8 - 9, 2012
21308, 2,461, Whiting/KOG, Koala 14-32-29-3H, Banks, t9/12; cum 344K 3/20;
22060, 621, Whiting, Zalesky 31-18PH, North Creek, t/4/12; cum 93K 8/19; lousy well and it's still "active"
22104, 541, CLR, Morison 1-14H, Bully, t7/12; cum 143K 8/19;
22540, 291, CLR, Jarlsberg 1-25H, Wildrose, t7/12; cum 73K 8/19; lousy well and it's still "active"

22597, 459, Gadeco, Alexander 25-36H, Epping, t6/13; cum 231K 8/19;
22623, 2,766, Equinor/BEXP, Heen 26-35 3TFH, Todd, t9/12; cum 232K 8/19; off line as of 8/19;

20580, 540, Bruin/OXY USA, Terry Dvorak 1-15-22H-142-95, Murphy Creek, t4/12; cum 72K 918;
22081, 3,383, Equinor/BEXP, Heen 26-35 2H, Todd, t9/12; cum 281K 8/19;
22166, 48 (no typo), CLR/Samson Resources, Outback 25-36-162-97H, Bluffton, 23 stages, 700K lbs, July, 2012; 35 stages, 650K lbs, August 12; something doesn't make sense; t9/12; cum 32K 8/19;
22167, 1,545, Whiting, Frank 44-7PH, Bell, t4/12; cum 242K 7/15;
22512, 1,848, Statoil/BEXP, Lonnie 15-22 2TFH, Ragged Butte, t5/13; cum 106K 7/15;
22545, 993, G3 Operating, J Haugen 1-9-4H, Climax, t8/12; cum 89K 7/15;
21148, 809, CLR, Pasadena 1-11H, Banks, t7/12; cum 302K 8/19;
22291, 2,650, Equinor/BEXP, Arvid Anderson 14-11 3H, Alger, t9/12; cum 218K 1/19;
21981, 377, CLR, Alpha 1-14H, Camp, t1/13; cum 81K 7/15;

October 5, 2012
19033, 356, CLR, 1-H Chloe 20-17, East Fork, t7/12; cum 200K 8/19;
21345, 1,473, Oasis, Rowley 6093 43-23H, Gros Ventre, t5/12; cum 237K 8/19;
21354, 1,988, Oasis, Cornell 5501 13-1H, Cow Creek, t4/12; cum 283K 8/19;
21441, 182, Oasis, Orcas State 5601 13-16H, Tyrone, t12/12; cum 90K 8/19; lousy well and still "active"

21745, 1,455, Oasis, Marsh 6092 11-33H, Cottonwood, t5/12; cum 261K 8/19;
21902, 4,059, Oasis, Wren Federal 5300 41-26H, Willow Creek, t5/12; cum 313K 8/19;
21903, 873, Oasis, Crane Federal 5300 41-26H, Willow Creek, t5/12; cum 423K 3/20; see this note;
21919, 629, Crescent Point Energy, CPEUSC DeFrance 12-1-158N-100W; wildcat/Winner; t8/12; cum 179K 8/19;
22016, dry, MRO, Lucky One Monitor 3, Reunion Bay, Three Forks, this is a deviated vertical wellbore to be used as a monitoring well; no production expected;
22179, 590, Oasis, Larry Swanson 6093 43-23H, Gros Ventre, t5/12; cum 204K 8/19;
22194, 1,248, QEP/Helis, Moberg 13-17/16H, Grail, t2/13; cum 497K 3/20;

October 4, 2012
20600, 1,831, XTO, FBIR Blackmedicine 24X-21B, Heart Butte, t6/12; cum 411K 3/20; see this post;

*******22270, 484, WPX, Fettig 6-7HC, Eagle Nest, comments on file report for this well; t9/12; cum 206K 3/20; taken off line 8/19; not obvious why; back on line 2/20;

22489, 1,181, MRO, Thomas Miller USA 11-28H, Deep Water Creek Bay, t7/12; cum 227K 8/19;

October 3, 2012
21542, 2,978, BR, Ivan 11-29TFH, Elidah, t7/12; cum 280K 8/19;
21844, 140, Bruin/OXY USA, Keary Kadrmas 1-32-29H-142-96, Russian Creek, t4/12; cum 107K 8/19;
22026, 1,040, Whiting, Stubstad 13-6TFX, Sanish, t4/12; cum 270K 8/19;
22027, 1,969, Whiting, Stubstad 14-6TFX, Sanish, t4/12; cum 294K 8/19;
22375, 814, CLR, Chicago 2-26H, Banks, t6/12; cum 276K 8/19;
21456, 2,014, QEP/Helis, TAT 13-35/26H, Grail, t7/12; cum 482K 3/20; came off line as of 4/19; back on line as of 5/19;
21478, 1,171, MRO, MHA USA 11-4H, Reunion Bay, t7/12; cum 357K 8/19;

October 2, 2012
16435, 48, Whiting, BSMU 3204, Big Stick, a Madison well; t4/12; cum 134K 8/19;
20979, 1,027, Zenergy, Mortenson 6-5H, Rosebud, t6/12; cum 196K 8/19;
21541, 1,202, BR, HE 14-20TFH, Elidah, t7/12; cum 266K 4/19; off line 4/19; remains off line 8/19; lots of activity in the area including new fracks;
21647, 654, XTO/Denbury Onshore, Tobacco Garden 31-29SEH/Leiseth 31-29SEH, Tobacco Garden, t8/12; cum 154K 8/19;
21875, 2,047, Equinor/Statoil/BEXP, Bratcher 10-3 2H, Ragged Butte, t3/13; cum 220K 8/19;
21876, 3,153, Equinor/Statoil/BEXP, Lonnie 15-22 1H, Ragged Butte, t4/13; cum 217K 8/19;
21961, 751, MRO, Elizabeth Strommen 24-12TFH, Killdeer, t7/12; cum 163K 8/19;

October 1, 2012
22206, 878, XTO/Denbury Onshore, Lundin 11-4SH, Siverston, t7/12; cum 128K 8/19; very sporadic production, 8/19;
20823, 2,880, BR, Arches 44-35TFH, Keene, t6/12; cum 395K 8/19;
21198, 1,091, Whiting/Liberty Resources/Newfield, Berger 156-100-7-6-1H, East Fork, t4/12; cum 401K 3/20;
21602, 732, Denbury Onshore, Amundson 44-22NWH, Siverston, t6/12; cum 140K 8/19;
22023, 3,079, Equinor/Statoil/BEXP, Bill 14-23 1H, Alexander, t8/12; cum 315K 8/19;
22366, 1,336, Hesss, HA-Swenson 152-95-1819H-3, Hawkeye, t5/13; cum 163K 8/19;
22368, 1,697, Equinor/Statoil/BEXP, Ross-Alger 6-7 2TFH, Alger, t7/12; cum 188K 8/19;
22399, 3,330, Oasis, Left 5200 13-30H, Camp, t7/12; cum 349K 8/19;
22403, 2,093, Equinor/Statoil/BEXP, Esther Hynek 10-11 4TFH, Alger, t8/12; cum 2211K 8/19;
22404, 2,591, Equinor/Statoil/BEXP, Esther Hynek 10-11 3H, Alger, t8/12; cum 226K 8/19;
22453, 2,622, Equinor/Statoil/BEXP, Marcia 3-10 2TFH, Last Chance, t8/12; cum 236K 8/19;
22511, 928, Equinor/Statoil/BEXP, Bratcher 10-3 3TFH, Ragged Butte, t3/13; cum 121K 8/19;
22599, 289, Sinclair, Martens 3-4TFH, Sanish, t6/12; cum 73K 8/19; small bounnce 8/19;

21648, 1,535, Denbury Onshore, Tobacco Garden 31-29NEH/Leiseth 31-29NEH, Tobacco Garden, t8/12; cum 225K 8/19;
21700, 1,719, RimRock/KOG, Skunk Creek 13-18-17-16H3, Heart Butte, t6/12; cum 271K 8/19;
22002, 425, Whiting, Iver & Minnie 11-14PH, Zenith, t4/12; cum 74K 8/19; wow, talk about a lousy well and still "active";
22036, 1,904, Whiting, Strobeck 27-34 4H, Alger, t8/12; cum 242K 8/19;
22152, 280, Petro-Hunt, L. Hoiby 159-94-19B-30-1H, North Tioga, t7/12; cum 212K 8/19;
22327, 184, CLR, Natalie 2-2H, St Demetrius, t7/12; cum 137K 8/19;
21486, 458, BR, Bartlett 21-16TFH, Murphy Creek, t9/12; cum 216K 3/20;
22251, 1,150, Zenergy, Gary Russell 19-20H, Rosebud, t6/12; cum 380K 3/20;
22322, 4,630, Equinor/Statoil/BEXP, Cheryl 17-20 2TFH, Banks, t4/13; cum 380K 3/20;
22553, 527, Zavanna, Sabertooth 1-24H, Stony Creek, t8/12; cum 324K 3/20;
22598, 444, CLR, Randolph 1-2H, Westberg, t6/12; cum 454K 3/20;