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Deals In The Bakken Prior To 2015; Simply Some Housekeeping; Nothing New Being Posted Here

This is simply some housekeeping; nothing new will be posted.

I am moving some of the items at the sidebar on the right to this post, to get rid of some of the clutter at the sidebar.

In a few days, this post will be buried, but a link at the sidebar will capture it. The dates may refer to the initial blog entry; the date the deal was announced; the date the deal was closed; all dates are approximate and somewhat arbitrary in some cases. Everything prior to 2015 was previously linked at the sidebar at the right. Current year deals are at the sidebar. Miscellaneous current year deals not at the sidebar may be captured below.

Deals in the Bakken, 2015

Tesoro Corp to acquire Great Northern Midstream, which has Williston crude oil transportation and storage assets. December 8, 2015.

Deals in the Bakken, 2014

American Eagle sells non-core acreage in Divide County for approximately $8,000/acre; closed November, 2014.

Rumors that OXY was going to leave the Bakken, October, 2014.

National Resources acquires 5,700 net acres in the Sanish Field for about $60,000/acre, October, 2014.

Magnum Hunter sells non-core assets in Divide County for approximately $8,000/acre; September, 2014.

SM Energy acquires 61,000 net acres in the Bakken; from Baytex, July, 2014.

Whiting acquires KOG for $3.8 billion; $19,000 acre, July, 2014.

Triangle Petroleum acquires 46,100 acres, May 2014.

SM Energy sells non-core Bakken acreage, May, 2014.

Oasis selling Sanish acreage, $40,000/mineral acre, February, 2014.

COP and OXY -- idle chatter, January, 2014.

Emerald Oil acquires 20,000 acres, January, 2014.

Liberty Resources re-enters the Bakken as Liberty Resources II, January 30, 2014.

Hess transfers North Dakota Bakken wells to Hess Bakken; 28 pages of wells, January, 2014. 

Deals in the Bakken, 2013

MRO and OXY talking, no deal, December, 2013.

Deals in the Bakken, June, 2013 through September, 2013.

Oasis acquires 160,000 net acres in the Bakken, September, 2013.

Whiting acquires 17,000 acres in the Bakken from Petro-Hunt, August, 2013.

Triangle Petroleum acquires 9,350 acres, August, 2013.

KOG acquires Liberty Resources assets; about 42,000 net acres, June, 2013.

Denbury buys COP field in the Williston Basin, January, 2013.

Deals in the Bakken, 2012

Bakken deals, 2012.

CLR acquires 120,000 acres from Samson Resources, November, 2012.

Halcon buys some Petro-Hunt assets in the Bakken, October, 2012.

XOM buys Denbury Onshore acreage in Williston Basin; XOM becomes major player in the Bakken, September, 2012.

QEP buys Helis, August, 2012.

CLR acquires 35,000 acres from Newfield, February, 2012.

Deals in the Bakken, 2011

Statoil buys BEXP, announced in late 2011.

Deals in the Bakken, 2010

Hess acquires 167,000 acres from privately-held Tracker Energy, November, 2010.

WPX buys 7% of FBIR -- the reservation, November, 2010.

Mergers, Acquisitions, Swaps, Exchanges of Acreage (from Top Stories, 2010)
American O&G Sells All Holdings in Powder River Basin, Wyoming to Become Pure-Bakken Play
February State Lease Sale Second Highest in History: $47 Million
Anschutz Finds a Buyer. Who Is It? (October, 2010)
KOG Acquires Significant Amount of New Acreage; Huge Story (October, 2010)
Enerplus Completes Bakken Acquisition (October, 2010)
Hess Acquires TRZ LLC For Cash
Williams Buys Seven (7) Percent of the Reservation
Two More Investments in the Bakken: Williams and ERF
Oasis Acquires 10,000 Acres in Richland County (Montana)
Occidental Petroleum Buys Into the Bakken

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