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Renewables And A Dose Of Reality: Is Chevrolet Throwing In The Towel? -- July 22, 2017

Wow, how coincidental. First, a reader sent me the link to a story on the absurdity of EVs. I posted it over at "Renewables and a Dose of Reality."

Now, this story over at USA Today: GM may kill Chevy Volt, Sonic and four other cars.
General Motors has put six of its cars under review, including its once breakthrough Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid, and is evaluating whether to cancel them in the coming years, according to a report from Reuters.

The news comes as sales of cars continue to plummet in the U.S. and as consumers increasingly turn to SUVs and pickups.

Besides the Chevrolet Volt hybrid, other vehicles believed to be under consideration for elimination iinclude the Buick LaCrosse, Cadillac CT6, Cadillac XTS, Chevrolet Impala and Chevrolet Sonic, according to Reuters.
I guess the Bolt is safe for now.  There is a 105-day supply inventory for the Bolt. By the way, GM said Bolt was being hurt by its Sonic sales -- FNB -- which, I guess, is the reason for killing the Sonic -- to boost sales of the Bolt. Whatever.

Meanwhile Tesla says it will deliver thirty Model 3 cars at the end of this month; and, oh by the way, Musk Melon has said his plans for a Model 3 with a solar panel roof have been "put to rest."

BR's Red River Wells In Corral Creek


December 10, 2018: production updated;

January 7, 2018: a graphic update at this post.

Original Post

 The BR CCU Red River wells in Corral Creek oil field:
  • 18095, PNC, BR, CCU Red River 34-9H, SWSE 9-147-95, Corral Creek,
  • 27267, 2,525, BR, CCU Red River 34-9MBH, NWNE 16-147-95, Corral Creek, t6/14; cum 311K 3/19; periodic jumps in production;
  • 27268, 1,803, BR, CCU Red River 34-9TFH, NWNE 16-147-95, Corral Creek, t6/14; cum 167K 1/20;
  • 27269, 2,324, BR, CCU Red River 24-9MBH, NWNE 16-147-95, Corral Creek, t6/14; cum 291K 1/20;
  • *****30777, 1,960, BR, CCU Red River 7-2-15TFH, NWNW 15-147-95, Corral Creek, t10/15; cum 220K 1/20; went off line 1/20;
  • 30778, 1,944, BR, CCU Red River 8-2-15MBH, NWNW 15-147-95, Corral Creek, 9/15; cum 294K 1/20;
  • 32331, 2,204, BR, CCU Red River 1-2-16 MBH, SENW 16-147-95, Corral Creek, 9/15; cum 392K 1/20; 60K in one month; "50K wells are tracked here";
  • 32332, 52 (no typo), BR, CCU Red River 3-2-16 TFH, SENW 16-147-95, Corral Creek, t12/17; cum 159K 1/20: elevated curve;
  • 32333, 129, BR, CCU Red River 3-2-16 MBH, SENW 16-147-95, Corral Creek, t12/17; cum 239K 1/20: elevated curve; great well;
  • 32334, 244, BR, CCU Red River 4-2-16 TFH, SENW 16-147-95, Corral Creek, t12/17; cum 229K 1/20; elevated curve;
  • original frack; high production, 1/15; 24K
  • declined to 8K/month
  • off-line two months in late 2015
  • production jumped to 12K 2/16
  • original frack; high production, 1/15; 17K
  • declined to less than 5K/month
  • off-line four to five months late 2015/early 2016
  • no jump in production
  • original frack; high production, 1/15; 24K 
  • never taken off line; declined to 4K by 5/17;
  • original frack; high production, 2/16; 17K
  • off-line for a short period of time 4/16 - 5/16
  • production jump to 15K 9/16;
  • steady decline to 8K by 5/17
  • original frack; high production, 3/16; 22K 5/16 (a very good well; high production for seven months;
  • never taken off line; declined to 6K by 5/17;
  • original frack; high production, 4/17; 60K in one month
  • only three of production as of 5/17;

32332: no production as of date of original post

Keeping America Great, T+183 -- July 22, 2017

Recent natural gas articles (all previously posted) that need to be posted again:
These articles were all posted within the last several days. The gap between the US and EU simply continues to widen when it comes to energy.

Personal Financial Note

For whatever reason, I've been following the earnings reports from the financial institutions this quarter.  I think my interest (no pun intended) may have been piqued when AMEX ended its relationship with Costco. What were they thinking? I no longer have an AMEX card but I still shop at Costco.

I was thinking about that after another credit card company sent me a "replacement card." I did not order a "replacement card" and did not need one. But the financial institution used the opportunity to introduce new features, new loyalty rewards, and, a new chip card.

The card is pretty slick; it still doesn't have the heft of another common card but it is eye-catching. Most noticeable is the removal of the raised account number on the front of the card.

But this is what really caught my attention: no interest charges for one full year; and, if you can believe this, "cashback match" which matches dollar-for-dollar every cashback dollar I earn. Apparently at the end of the year, if I have $50 in my cashback account, the financial institute will double it.

I now have to post "stick-it" notes to my credit cards to remind me which credit card offers cashback dollars for which purchases. 

Keeping America Great -- The Newest US Aircraft Carrier -- July 22, 2017

When reading this story, remember that Russia has one aircraft carrier and that carrier is often "broken."

From CNN:
The one-of-a-kind control system is just one of many state-of-the-art upgrades aboard the $13 billion USS Gerald Ford that will be commissioned into active duty on July 22 after eight years of construction, development and testing.
As the first new carrier design in 40 years, the 1,100-foot Ford incorporates advanced technology and operational systems that will allow aircraft take off and land more quickly, a smaller crew and improved survivability against projected threats, according to the Navy.
"We've worked a great deal to automize a lot of what we do," [the ship's executive officer] said, highlighting that the Ford maintains a crew of 2,600 sailors -- 600 fewer than its predecessors in the Nimitz-class.
State-of-the-art electromagnetic catapults and advanced arresting gear have been coupled with new structural designs -- including a larger flight deck to improve aircraft maneuverability and a repositioned "island" (the tower where the captain sits) for better visibility.
These systems are expected to streamline flight operations and allow the Ford to launch 33% more aircraft than older carriers in the fleet -- meaning it will be able to pack a bigger punch.

Natural Gas From The Bakken Hitting All-Time Records; Another Pipeline Necessary? -- July 22, 2017

Too busy with too much stuff so I will just post the link now and come back to it later. A huge "thank you" from a reader for sending me the link. From ArgusMedia:
Rising natural gas production this year from North Dakota has curbed western Canadian flows on Northern Border and limited price gains on that pipeline.

Associated gas production from the Williston basin, which includes the Bakken and Three Forks formations in North Dakota, has exceeded year-earlier levels since February.
Overall gas production in the state reached a record 1.85 Bcf/d (53mn m³/d) in May, up by 13pc from a year earlier.

Final production numbers from June may show a new high as producers there are focusing in areas with a high gas-to-oil ratio.

Spot gas prices from February to May on Northern Border at Ventura, Iowa, averaged $2.80/mmBtu, up by 55pc from a year earlier. But the price increase lagged that of the NIT/AECO hub in Alberta, where prices almost doubled year over year to $2.06/mmBtu.

Northern Border delivers Canadian gas and supplies from North Dakota, to major midcontinent markets such as Chicago. The pipeline receives production from the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin through TransCanada's Mainline system near Port of Morgan, Montana.

Gas flow from Canada at Port of Morgan in the first half of 2017 averaged 1.5 Bcf/d, down by 3.3pc from the year-earlier period, according to pipeline flow data.

Meanwhile, gas flow on Northern Border past the Glen Ullin compressor station, which indicates Bakken receipts, has been near its full capacity of 2.4 Bcf/d for the past year.
Much more at the link.

Something Going On? MRO's Ell -- #17876 -- July 22, 2017

There is nothing in the file report (no sundry form) and nothing over at FracFocus to explain this. Note a one-day production of 2,176 bbls for a stripper well that was producing about 300 bbls/month at best.
  • 17876, 288, MRO, Ell 31-1H, Murphy Creek, t5/09; cum 79K 5/17;
Monthly production data:
PoolDateDaysBBLS OilRunsBBLS WaterMCF ProdMCF SoldVent/Flare

Making North Dakota Great -- Unemployment Rate At 2.5% -- July 22, 2017

At The Bismarck Tribune, data points:
  • June data
  • 2.5% unemployment in ND
  • up 0.5% from previous month
  • down 1% from one year ago (June, 2016)
  • national rate: 4.5%
Easy One

What is the link between Disneyland's Great Moments With Mr Lincoln and The Trouble With Harry