Thursday, February 20, 2014

Looks Like We Have A New Shale Play To Keep Track Of: Burnt Wood Canyon,

A big thank you to a reader alerting me to this new shale play, southwestern Nebraska/northwestern Kansas, on the state line. 
THE KANSAS-NEBRASKA LINE SOUTH OF STRATTON, Nebraska -- Sparked by a series of significant oil strikes, one of the biggest oil booms in this region's history is bringing an outpouring of oil activity along the Kansas-Nebraska line south of Stratton, Nebraska.
Exceeded only by the Sleepy Hollow and Ackman Field discoveries of the late 1950s and early 1960s, the latest rush of petroleum activity got a big boost July 5, 2013, when Berexco hit a 400 barrel a day well on the ranch land of Rich and Ken Walter. Before and since, drilling crews from Berexco and Murfin have brought in a bunch of big producers on both sides of the state line, with the core of the prolific production centered in the Walter Brothers' Burnt Wood Canyon field.
"The Sleepy Hollow name became famous in the 1960s," said Bill Sydow, the executive director of the Nebraska Oil & Gas Conservation Commission. "Going forward, the Burnt Wood Canyon name will define this development."

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