Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Families: N - R

Nashville Wells (CLR, Catwalk)

National Parks Pad (Enerplus, Eagle Nest)

Nelson Wells (Oasis, Banks)

Nelson Federal Wells (XTO, Antelope-Sanish) 

Niemitalo Wells (Whiting, Kraken, Sanish)

Nikolai Federal Wells (Oasis, Banks)

ND Levang Wells (QEP, Grail)

ND Winter Wells (Enerplus, Mandaree oil field)

Nordeng Wells (Oasis, Elidah, Banks)

Norfolk Wells (CLR, North Tobacco Garden)

Norway Wells (CLR, Fancy Buttes, Dimmick Lake)

Oakdale Wells (CLR, Jim Creek, along with the Ryden wells; plans to put 24 wells in an existing 5260-acre drilling unit in this area)

Obrigewitch Wells (Whiting, Bell oil field, Stark County, southwestern North Dakota)

Odell USA -- L-M-2P-O pad (MRO, Reunion Bay)

Ogden Wells (Whiting, Sanish oil field) 

Olson Wells (Whiting, Dollar Joe oil field)

Omaha Woman Wells (WPX, Squaw Creek oil field)

Omlid - Ransom Wells (CLR, Elidah oil field)

Ortman -- C-E-2H-O pad (MRO, Reunion Bay)

Osprey Federal (Slawson, Big Bend oil field)

Otter Woman Wells (WPX, Mandaree oil field)

Outlaw Gap Wells (BR, Sand Creek)

Outlaw Wagon Wells (BR, Sand Creek)

Oyloe Wells (Oasis, North Tobacco Garden)

P Bibler (Whiting, Epping oil field / Stockyard Creek oil field)

P Earl Rennerfeldt Wells (Whiting, Stockyard Creek, Epping oil field)

P Evitt / Evitt Wells (Whiting, Truax)

P Levang Wells (QEP, Grail oil field)

P Lynch Wells (Whiting, Stockyard Creek / Epping oil fields)

P Pankowski Wells (Whiting, Truax oil field) 

P Peterson Wells (Epping oil field)

P Thomas Wells (multiple sections, including: 33-154-98; 10-153-98; 3-153-98; and, 14-154-98)

P Vance, Vance, Vance Federal Wells (KOG, Truax oil field;  T154N R97W)

P Wood Wells (27-154-98, other sections)

Palmer / Palmer Federal (CLR, Haystack Butte)

Panther Wells (Zavanna, Stony Creek)

Panzer Wells (White Butte/Slawson, Stacked Dual Lateral, Antelope oil field)

Pasadena Wells (CLR, Banks oil field)

Patricia Kelly Wells (WPX, Spotted Horn, Antelope)

Patriot Pad (Enerplus, Spotted Horn)

Patsy Wells (Oasis, Siverston wells, sited in 17-151-98; run south to north)

Pepper Pad (Enerplus, McGregory Buttes)

Periot Wells (Whiting, Dollar Joe)

Periscope Federal Wells (Slawson, Van Hook)

Pittsburgh / Uhlman Federal Wells (CLR, Banks) 

Plano FIU (CLR, Todd oil field)

Pletan Wells (CLR, Pletan-Dvirnak pad, Jim Creek oil field)

Porcupine Wells (Sinclair, Little Knife oil field)

Porcupine Federal Wells (XTO, Bear Creek oil field)

Precipitation Pad (Enerplus, Mandaree)

Privratsky Wells (different operators, different fields)

P-R-S-4W Pad (MRO, Reunion Bay) 

Pyramid Wells (Statoil, Williston city limits)

"Quilt Pad" (Enerplus, Mandaree) 

Rachel Wolf Wells (WPX, Squaw Creek)

Radermecher Wells (CLR, Camel Butte)

Raider Wells (BR, Twin Valley) 

Rainmaker Federal Wells (Slawson, Big Bend)

Ransom - Omlid Wells (CLR, Elidah oild field) 

Raptor Wells (WPX, Reunion Bay)

Rath Federal (CLR, Sanish, extended long laterals)

Ravin Wells (Abraxas, North Fork oil field)

Ravin Wells (CLR, Dimmick Lake oil field)

Rebel, Bandit, Snakeeyes Wells (Slawson, Big Bend/Van Hook)

Red, White, and Blue Wells (Kraken, Burg oil field)

Rehak Federal Wells (CLR, Alkali Creek)

Remington Wells (BR, Blue Buttes)

Renegade Wells (BR, Sand Creek)

Rennerfeldt Wells (CLR, Brooklyn, along with Mildred wells) 

Richard Wells (Statoil, Banks, the Cheryl-Richard pad)

Rieckhoff Wells (XTO, North Tobacco Garden oil field)

Rink Wells (XTO, Garden oil field)

Rink / Kermit Wells (BR, Pershing)

River Rat Federal Wells (Slawson, Big Bend)

Riverview Wells (EOG, Antelope oil field)

Riverview Wells (EOG, Clarks Creek oil field)

Rixey Wells (Kraken, Lone Tree Lake)

Rodney / Gale (CLR, Cedar Coulee) 

Roggenbuck / Bartleson / Burr Federal (17-well pad, Whiting, Sanish)

Rolf Wells (CLR, Brooklyn oil field)

Rolfson Wells (Oasis, Siverston; record wells)

Rolfson N Wells (Oasis, Siverston)

Rolfson S Wells (Oasis, Siverston)

Rolla Federal Unit (Whiting, Twin Valley)

Rollefstad Wells (CLR, Antelope oil field, density infill test)

Rubia/Topaz Wells (WPX, Mandaree)

Ruby / Ruby Parshall Wells (WPX, Antelope oil field)

Ruth/Jack Wells (Equinor, East Fork) 

Ryden Wells (CLR, Jim Creek, along with the Oakdale wells; plans to put 24 wells in an existing 5260-acre drilling unit in this area)


The Skaar Federal, Tarpon Federal, and Flatland Federal wells.  There is no guarantee these postings will stay up "forever" and they certainly may not be updated.

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