Thursday, June 30, 2016

CLR To Apply For 28 Wells On An Existing 2560-Acre Drilling Unit, Jim Creek Oil Field -- June 30, 2016


December 25, 2016: random update of the 9-well Pletan-Dvirnak pad in this 2560-acre spacing unit.  There are nine wells on this pad: three Pletan wells run south; six Dvirnak wells run north:



The Pletan-Dvirnak pad:
  • 30136, 1,008, CLR, Pletan 5-18H2, t11/18; cum 223K 3/20;
  • 30137, 1,232, CLR, Pletan 6-18H1, t11/18; cum 250K 3/20;
  • 30138, 2,574, CLR, Pletan 7-18H, t10/18; cum 361K 3/20;
  • 32748, 2,728, CLR, Dvirnak 7-7H1, Jim Creek, t10/18; cum 434K 3/20;
  • 32749, 2,358, CLR, Dvirnak 8-7H, Jim Creek, t10/18; cum 393K 3/20;
    PoolDateDaysBBLS OilRunsBBLS WaterMCF ProdMCF SoldVent/Flare
  • 30139, 2,034, CLR, Dvirnak 4-7H2, t10/18; cum 278K 3/20;
  • 30140, 2,962, CLR, Dvirnak 5-7H, Jim Creek, t10/18; cum 383K 3/20;
    PoolDateDaysBBLS OilRunsBBLS WaterMCF ProdMCF SoldVent/Flare
  • 30141, 2,076, CLR, Dvirnak 6-7H1, t10/18; cum 196K 3/20;
  • 32899, 2,186, CLR, Dvirnak 9-7H, t10/18; cum 398K 3/20;
Original Post

From the NDIC hearing dockets, Thursday, July 28, 2016, this is a "case," not a permit:
  • 25171, CLR, Jim Creek-Bakken, 28 wells on an existing 2560-acre unit, sections 6/7/18/19-146-95, Dunn
Again, that is the "case number," not a permit number.

Although it has not been updated in awhile, this is where I track the Jim Creek oil field

For newbies: the current wells in this area are sited on 1280-acre units, so the 28 wells on the 2560-acre unit would be in addition to the wells already in these sections. 

A screenshot of the 2560-acre unit:

This is what the current area looks like where the wells might be situated:

Wells/locations in the above screen shot (see production data):
  • 30136, see above, CLR, Pletan 5-18H2, Jim Creek,
  • 30137, see above, CLR, Pletan 6-18H1, Jim Creek,
  • 30138, see above, CLR, Pletan 7-18H, Jim Creek,
  • 32748, see above, CLR, Dvirnak 7-7H1, Jim Creek,
  • 32749, see above, CLR, Dvirnak 8-7H, Jim Creek,
  • 30139, see above, CLR, Dvirnak 4-7H2, Jim Creek,
  • 30140, see above, CLR, Dvirnak 6-7H, Jim Creek,
  • 30141, see bove, CLR, Dvirnak 6-7H1, Jim Creek, 
A four-well pad in the area:
  • 20806, 744, CLR, Dvirnak 2-7H, Jim Creek, t12/11; cum 367K 3/20;
  • 20808, 1,106, CLR, Pletan 3-18H, Jim Creek, t12/11; cum 370K 3/20;
  • 20807, 831, CLR, Dvirnak 3-7H, Jim Creek, t12/11; cum 454K 3/20;
  • 20809, 1,294, CLR, Pletan 4-18H, Jim Creek, t12/11; cum 254K 3/20;

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