Sunday, April 15, 2012

MagicMaps To Include Montana Data

For newbies, one of the best sites to locate rigs and wells in North Dakota is "MagicMaps." It has been linked at my "Data Links" pay for quite some time.

Great news! The developer of MagicMaps says in the very near future, the site will also map wells and rigs in Montana.

In addition, MagicMaps will tie production to the mapped wells. This is a huge update, giving a lot more Montana information for readers of this blog who have been looking for more Montana information.

Without the updates, MagicMaps is ... well ... magic.  With the updates, even more magical. I've added the link to the sidebar at the right ... near the top.

Random Photograph of a Pair of Heater Treaters -- The Bakken, North Dakota, USA

A reader sent me this photograph asking me what they are.

I 've seen them occasionally on pads (as has the reader) and assumed they were separators of some sort (water from oil; wet gas from oil) but more than that, I do not know.

I'm sure a reader out there will let us know.  Thank you in advance.