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Kemper: Now It's Operations Cost -- Estimated To Be 4x Projected -- Wow! -- October 22, 2016

From PennEnergy:
The construction of Mississippi Power Co.'s Kemper County power plant isn't the only thing that might be costly. Documents filed recently by the company project that operation and maintenance costs will total $1 billion in its first five years. That's four times as much as the unit of Atlanta-based Southern Co. previously projected.
The amount of equipment, material and employees at the plant has increased sharply as the plant's total cost has ballooned to $6.9 billion. Mississippi Power says it will take more money to support that investment, a position that even Kemper opponents agree makes sense.
This was President Obama's poster child for clean coal energy. And so it goes.

I track this debacle here. Another ObamaTrainWreck. Less than 90 days.

Nothing To Do With Anything ... Except Sweet Memories

Wonderful memories. A most beautiful woman took me to see Charlie Rich in concert back in 1975 or thereabouts.

Behind Closed Doors, Charlie Rich

Random Update Of MRO Mega-Fracks -- October 22, 2016

The IPs for these wells were posted earlier but the frack data had not yet been posted. The frack data is now posted. Check out the amount of proppant used in these wells:
  • 31057, 3,490, MRO, Chamaine USA 14-35TFH, Antelope, Sanish, 45 stages, 12 million lbs, t6/16; cum 131K 8/16 after just three months;
  • 31058, 3,661, MRO, Clarks Creek USA 14-35H, Antelope, Sanish, 45 stages, 18 million lbs, t5/16; cum 143K 8/16; after just 3.5 months;
  • 31061, 2,942, MRO, Juanita USA 13-35H, Antelope, Sanish, 40 stages, 12 million lbs, t7/16; cum 115K after just 2.5 months;
Mr Sandman  

Mr Sandman, Bring Me A Dream, The Chordettes

Better Late Than Never -- It's Not Done Until The Paperwork Is Done -- October 22, 2016

Update on this well that I noted went off-line back in November, 2015:

  • 18575, 1,007/IA, Slawson, Hunter 1-8-17H, Big Bend, t6/11; cum 453K 8/16; off-line all of 11/15; only one day production 1/16; only one day production 2/16; IA as of 3/16; back on line as of 6/16;
This is a screenshot of the 6-well pad. Four "Hunter" wells run south; two Jeriyote wells run north. Four of the six wells all went off-line for the same period of time, back in early 2016.

Production profile for #18575 since June, 2015:
PoolDateDaysBBLS OilRunsBBLS WaterMCF ProdMCF SoldVent/Flare

The production profile back in 2012. Note the production jump in February, 2012:
Bakken 10-2012319810101522502720468940

Better late than never.

A sundry report was received by the NDIC on April 4, 2016. The sundry form was dated March 30, 2016. However, the sundry form says the "workover" was started on/about February 2, 2012, and completed February 3, 2012. 

If the "work done" dates are correct, it took about four years for this sundry form to get to the NDIC. 

If the workover was accomplished in February, 2016, then the NDIC dates make sense, and the work would coincide with the well being taken off-line in February, 2016.

But based on the scout report, I think this was simply a pump being put in place as of 2/3/2012. But the production profile shows that there were no down days in February, 2012. 

The "details of work" have too many acronyms for me to sort out everything. If anyone is interested in parsing this one, go for it:
POOH, w/ tbg, & Pkr, W/ Ceramic Disk. LD same. MU & RIH w/ 2 jts, 2 7/8" L-80 tbg. Bll Plugged, 3 1/2" OD Slawson Gas Sep, 1 Jt, 2 7/8" tbg, WeatherfordTHBM 3 1/2" x 2 3/4" x 24' x 30' Tbg. Barrel Pump, w/SN, 1 Jt, 3 1/2" L-80 tbg, 7" Weatherford TAC, 6Jts, 2 7/8" L-80 Duraseal L-80 tbg, & 287 Jts, 2 7/8" L-80 prod, tbg, ND BOP, Set TAC in 21K Tension w/42" Stretch. NU B-1 Flange, NU Rattagin, Pumping Tee w/ Valves. RD Tbg. Equip, RU for rods. Spot in Rod trailer, Prep K-Bars & entire rod string w/ cplgs. RU Floor for PU Rods. PU ON/Off Tool on slick 1 1/2" K-Bar for engaging on Plunger, PU 1 more 1 1/2" Slick K-Bar, PU 8 - 1 1/2" K-Bar w/ 1" x 36" Centr.

PU & RIH w/ 100 - 3/4" New Norris Plain 78's. 125 - 7/8" New Norris Plain 78's, & 139 - 1" New Norris 78's Plain rods.

Get Tag, Mark rod, & LD 2 - 1" rods. Measure & PU 1" x 4' & 1" x 2' Ponys, Prep & dress 1 1/2" x 30' Metal Spray Polish Rod. Engage over Plunder, & long stroke Pump.

OKFill tbg, w/ 3 BSW & Test to 600 Psi. OK, stroke well up w/ rig to 500 Psi, OK. Put Mark II Unit together, PU head on Lufkin Rep, set & program Panel w/ down howl info. Start Unit & ck. for Tag & alignment. OK. Clean up entire location.

Watch well for 30 Min. Pumping good & smooth. SDFD.
Or, "Pump assembled, in place. Stroke tested okay. Site cleaned up. Shut down for day (SDFD). 

Again, Another Look At A Most Interesting QEP State Well In The Grail -- October 22, 2016


January 7, 2017: be sure to read the original post. After that, I started following that well. Here are my notes:
December 16, 2014: noted this monster well has been inactive for past few months --
18973, 2,579, QEP/Helis, State 1-16/21H, Blue Buttes, t10/10; cum 639K 10/16; inactive 4/14; looks like it might be back on line as of 10/14; yes, now shown to be active, 12/14; huge jump in production in 12/14; coming back on line after permission to commingle production from multiple wells; large production number could be due to 'mis-allocation' during early commingling; random update, March 20, 2015; random update, May 7, 2015; major update here, December 15, 2015; same link, updated August 7, 2016; updated here, October 22, 2016 -- is a neighboring refrack responsible for this? Check up on #28168 -- QEP says it plans to re-complete. API: 33-053-05828.
According to FracFocus, the neighboring well #28168 was re-fracked 9/18-21/2015, which correlates exactly when the well below jumped from 7,000 bbls/month to 20,000 bbls/month. This well was off-line for less than a full month; but after the neighboring well was fracked, it's production jumped 3-fold. The production jump was not sustained. Other neighboring wells showed a similar bump in production.

If I remember, I will come back to this one; there's quite a bit more to be said about this one.

Original Post

We've talked about these wells on numerous occasions: the QEP Energy State wells in the Grail oil field, section 16-150-95.

The production profiles of all the wells are quite remarkable, but this well is most intriguing:

Note the new bump in production in September, 2015. I didn't see anything in the file report that would explain the bump. One of the five wells is off-line (inactive, #28168 -- according to a sundry form received June, 2015, there were problems with the frack and QEP plans to "recomplete" the well." It will be interesting to see the dates when #28168 is recompleted).

Production profile:
PoolDateDaysBBLS OilRunsBBLS WaterMCF ProdMCF SoldVent/Flare

Week 42: October 16, 2016 -- October 22, 2016

Welcome to Bakken 2.0. Initial post here. No, not a new blog, and not a revised old blog. We're talking about the second cycle of the Bakken. October, 2016. Ten years of North Dakota Bakken. It begins:
  • almost exactly two years after Saudi Arabia announced "open-spigots policy"
  • begins with the SM Energy-Oasis deal (same link as above); and here, at $14,000/acre
  • era of mega-fracks (and monster fracks)
  • new operators in the Bakken becoming active
  • larger overlapping fields in the Bakken
  • increased density drilling
  • existing permits being renewed
  • anticipation for DUC completions 
Many stories on RSP Permian's deal in the Delaware (Permian) Basin; this is one post

Internationally: Venezuela's giant oil company and country's major source of income could default this coming week. Kazakhstan's Kashagan is back on line.

The big story that mainstream media is not reporting: Putin's push into the Mideast.

Bakken 2.0
NDIC November, 2016, hearing dockets agenda
CLR's 32 wells in "one location"
Arsenal Energy transfers 58 wells to Rampart Energy
North Range Resources drilling again (not Bakken wells) 
Random notes on the SM Energy - Oasis deal
SM Energy: going longer, not deeper
Other Bakken deals announced: SM Energy, Newfield, Oasis  

Traxel 1-31H is no more

Monster frack: "propageddon" -- Chesapeake in the Haynesville, Louisiana

The November, 2016, NDIC Hearing Dockets Agenda

The usual disclaimer applies. Briefly: done in haste; typographical and factual errors; if this information is important to you, go to the source. For my use only to help me understand the Bakken; shared for those who might be somewhat interested.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016; only four pages.

25415, Oasis, Randolph-Bakken, proper spacing, McKenzie County
25416, Oasis, Middle Creek-Bakken, proper spacing, McKenzie County
25417, Oasis, Banks-Bakken; amending 2 hz wells on an overlapping 2560-acre unit; McKenzie
25418, Petro Harvester Co, LLC, terminate the Southwest Starbuck-Spearfish Unit, Bottineau County
25419, BR, Charlson-Bakken, up to 8 wells on a 640-acre unit; establish two overlapping 1280-acre units; one well on each unit; McKenzie
25420, Petro-Hunt, LLC, Charlson-Bakken, establish an overlapping 2560-acre unit; one well; McKenzie
25421, MRO, Antelope-Sanish, to establish a 2560-acre unit; one well, McKenzie
25422, MRO, Antelope-Sanish, to establish a 2560-acre unit; one well, McKenzie
25423, QEP, Grail-Bakken, up to 5 wells on a 2560-acre unit; reduce setbacks, McKenzie
25424, NP Resources, Cooks Peak-Bakken, proper spacing, Billings and Golden Valley counties; NP Resources was first mentioned at the blog at this post;
25425, NP Resources, Roosevelt-Bakken, eliminate setback rules; Billings County
25426, NP Resources, Demores-Bakken, to establish four 1280-acre units; four hz wells in each; Billings County
25427, NP Resources, Ash Coulee-Bakken, establish four 1280-acre units; 4 hz wells in each unit; Billings County
25429, BR, pooling
25429, BR, pooling
25430, BR, pooling
25431, BR, pooling

25432, NDIC, Oakdale-Bakken; proper spacing for wells already completed in a particular 2560-acre unit; Dunn County
25433, CLR, Elidah-Bakken, establish an overlapping 2560-acre unit; 18 wells; on that unit; McKenzie
25424, NDIC, Siverston-Bakken, rule on the effect the XTO 14X-33EXH Sorenson well (#29436) has had on the offsetting hz wells completed in the standup 1280-acre unit, determine if royalties are warranted; McKenzie
25435, NDIC, Siverston-Bakken, rule on the effect the XTO 14X-31EXH Sorenson well (#28887) has had on the offsetting hz wells completed in the standup 1280-acre unit, determine if royalties are warranted; McKenzie
25436, XTO, Siverston, North Fork and/or Haystack Butte-Bakken, establish an overlapping 1920-acre units; 7 wells on that unit; establish an overlapping 1920-acre unit, 9 wells on that unit; establish three overlapping 3840-acre units; a well along the other spacing units; McKenzie
25437, Newfield, Westberg and/or Clear Creek-Bakken, establish an overlapping 2560-acre unit, 1 well; McKenzie
25438, Slawson, Big Bend-Bakken, 1) created three overlapping 1920-acre units; 9 wells each; 2) create an overlapping 1920 acre unit; 7 wells; 3) create five overlapping 3840-acre unit, 2 wells along other drilling units on these new units; 151-91 and 151-92; Mountrail County
25439, Enerplus, Antelope-Sanish, establish an overlapping 1280-acre unit, 6 wells; establish an overlapping 1920-acre unit; 10 wells; McKenzie
25440, EOG, Parshall-Bakken, Fertile 85-0701H, setback rules, Mountrail
25441, EOG, Parshall-Bakken, establish an overlapping 3200-acre unit; multiple wells on that unit, Mountrail
25442, EOG, Antelope-Sanish, establish an overlapping 2560-acre unit; multiple wells, McKenzie
25443, EOG, Alger-Bakken, establish an overlapping 1280-acre unit, multiple wells on that unit; Mountrail
25444, Newfield, pooling
25445, Newfield, pooling
25446, Newfield, Northwest McGregor-Bakken, four wells on an existing 1280-acre unit, Williams County
25447, XTO, pooling
25448, XTO, commingling
25449, EOG, pooling
25450, EOG, pooling
25451, EOG, pooling
25452, EOG, pooling
25453, EOG, pooling
25454, EOG, pooling
25455, EOG, pooling
25456, EOG, pooling
25457, EOG, pooling
25458, EOG, Alger-Bakken, multiple wells on an existing overlapping 1920-acre unit, Mountrail
25459, CLR, Dimmick Lake-Bakken, 12 wells on an existing 1280-acre unit; and 24 wells on an existing overlapping 2560-acre unit; McKenzie; for more on this case, see this post.
25460, CLR, commingling
25461, CLR, Siverston-Bakken, 12 wells on an existing 1280-acre unit, 14/23-150-97, McKenzie; there is currently one well holding that lease right now:
  • #20354, 1,200, CLR, Vardon 1-14H, t7/11; cum 220K 8/16;
General Area Of Big Bend, T151N-R91W And T151N-R92W

See case #25438 above:

Some Quick Notes -- October 22, 2016

Some Quick Notes

The Bakken. Over at the sidebar at the right, a link to one of my most-viewed posts: graphics of 320- and 160-acre density drilling in the Bakken, posted back in 2013. Now three years later, Bakken 2.0: twenty-four (or 32 depending how one counts) wells in one drilling unit.

A Shocking Affair. The other day, in a non-Bakken post, I wrote in an essay on reparations:
Fortuitously for anyone who can claim to have a slave in his or her past, including some of Thomas Jefferson's descendants, I suppose, along came #BlackLivesMatter. The movement.  
In this month's issue of The Smithsonian, on page 25, an essay on "Thomas Jefferson's shocking affair with Sally Hemings" -- titled "Before the Scandal Broke", suggesting that John Adams was well aware of this shocking scandal at the time, long before rumors started circulating.

The Museum Simply Was Not Big Enough. This is the same Smithsonian that excluded Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas from its new African American museum because the Smithsonian said, "We cannot tell every story." It's been reported that Clarence Thomas was the first conservative African-American to be appointed to the Supreme Court, but now we will never know. This was not a small, temporary exhibit in some other museum; this was an entirely new, stand-alone, huge museum "dedicated" to telling the African-American story. The museum did have room to tell Anita Hill's story. I won't be renewing my subscription to the Smithsonian, but I made that decision some months ago for different reasons.

Hurricane season is over in one week. Ten years of no hurricanes hitting the US, and then a "questionable" hurricane hits the US this summer followed by an over-hyped category 5.0 Hurricane Matthew that did not live up to the hype. But it allowed warmists to call for new way of "categorizing" hurricanes.

We've already seen snow in North Dakota this year, and now there are reports of snow in northeast US this weekend. 

US debt. Connecting the dots. The narrative is shifting. Right, wrong, or indifferent. Whether you agree with the thesis of this article at the Huffington Post, it helps explain the shift in thinking in Washington, DC. The US debt and US deficits don't matter.