Tuesday, October 14, 2014

For Newbies, The Silurian -- Just For The Fun Of It -- October 14, 2014

Reminder: in a long post, I make many typographical and factual errors. If this information is important to you, go to the source (generally the NDIC website).

I don't know if any of the newbies caught this one, reported just a couple of days ago, October 12, 2014:
  • 27980, drl, Hess, BLSU E-406, Beaver Lodge, Silurian, no production data, 
The "Silurian" is so far off my radar it's not even at the sidebar on the right where all the other plays are linked. Memo to self: add the "Silurian" to the sidebar at the right.

Also, I track "monster wells" here

On my list of things to follow up on is a Silurian well. So here's the update:
  • 7571, 482, Hess, Reitsch NCT-2 4, Blue Buttes, a Silurian well, 40-acre spacing, from the well report, "On 4-6-84 the well was acid fractured ....", t4/81; cum 999,798 bbls 8/14
This well was taken off-line sometime late last year or early this year (going to "inactive" status), most likely while activity on other wells was proceeding or this well was being re-worked. Based on production numbers, it looks like the well was re-worked. See below.

PoolDateDaysBBLS OilRunsBBLS WaterMCF ProdMCF SoldVent/Flare

Until the Bakken came along, the Blue Buttes field was predominantly a Madison formation field. But there were "several" Siilurian wells drilled in Blue Buttes. 

Other Silurian wells in Blue Buttes:
  • 13412, IA/482, Hess, C. Lovaas 9, t11/92, cum 324K 10/13;
  • 12810, PA/28, Amerada Hess, C. M. Loomer 17, t7/90; cum 9K
  • 10957, PA/507, Hess, C. Lovaas (NCT-1) 7HR, t10/84; cum 257K
  • 10947, PA/225, Hess, J. S. Rice 1HR (Bakken), t9/84; cum 147K
  • 10363, PA/48, Texaco, C. Lovaas NCT-2 1, t1/84; cum 6K
  • 10247, PA/140, Hess, Wheeler 10-23H, t10/83; cum 23K
  • 10132, PA/20, Hess, Blue Buttes-Madison Unit L-309X, multiple formations, t9/83; cum 82K
  • 9944, PA/285, Amerada Hess, E. C. Olson 3, multiple formations, t3/83; cum 257K
  • 9871, PNC,
  • 9870, PNC,
  • 9737, PA/202, Hess, R. L. Olson 11, t11/82; cum 51K
  • 9562, PA/265, Texaco, G. V. Levang B 1, t7/82; cum 84K
  • 9558, PA/481, Hess, C. M. Loomer 5, t8/82; cum 757K 10/08
  • 9414, 310, Hess, R. L. Olson 10, t5/82; cum 418K
  • 9192, PA/225, Hess, Elisabet Siverstson A 2, t5/82; cum 182K
  • 9185, AB/193, Hess, G. V. Levang 1 HR, multiple formations, t4/82; cum 245K
  • 9069, PA/992, Hess, R. L. Olson 9, t1/82/ cum 647K
  • 8997, 497, Ranch Oil, Ellestad 9-35, t9/82, cum 273K 8/14;
  • 8632, dry,
  • 8489, PNC,
  • 8339, IA/385, Hess, Johnson 3, multiple formations, t8/81; cum 262K 3/90;
  • 8301, AB/532, Hess, O. J. Anderson 4, t6/81; cum 1.1 million 8/11;
  • 8269, 211, Hess, C. M. Loomer 14, t4/81; cum 861K 8/14;
  • 8229, 449, Hess, C. M. Loomer 13, multiple formations, t6/82; cum 797K
  • 8163, SWD/78, Ranch Oil, State 13-36 (SWD), t6/81; cum 36K
  • 8083, PA/250, Hess, Mosholder 4, t5/81; cum 275K
  • 8008, dry,
  • 7993, dry,
  • 7874, PA/556, Hess, Blue Buttes-madison Unit L-206, multiple formations, t11/80; cum 36K
  • 7810, IA/603, Hess, C. M. Loomer II, t9/80; cum 1.4 million 4/13;
  • 7566, IA/682, Hess, T. P. Riggs 15-31, t2/81; cum 860K 7/11
  • 7192, 483, Hess, C. Lovaas NCT-1 5, t2/80; cum 1.4 million 8/14;
One can make a case had the Bakken not come along, once WTI hit $100/bbl, there was a very good chance that there would have been a resurgence of the oil industry in North Dakota. Not necessarily a boom, but certainly a resurgence. These are vertical wells, very inexpensive to drill, and 40-acre spacing. 

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