Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bakken: Fidelity (MDU)

December 29, 2015: MDU will close on sale of Fidelity by year's end (2015); selling 162 wells to five different companies

January 9, 2015: due to price slump, MDU will delay shedding Fidelity; is looking at second refinery near Minot; first refinery will come on-line early in 2Q15 (delay due to weather).

December 7, 2014: Fidelity E & P calls it quits.

November 3, 2014: MDU will "market" its Fidelity exploration and production division. Rumors (but then there are always rumors): Oasis could be doing the same thing. Maybe some big operator could scoop up both Oasis and Fidelity. Add Fidelity to the list that includes OXY USA. Scuttlebutt on the message boards is that MDU had financial challenges in Paradox Basin leading to this "forced" sale

May 1, 2014: SeekingAlpha  -- 1Q14 earnings transcript

February 3, 2014: huge year for MDU

May 30, 2013: MDU subsidiary to built $700 million natural gas pipeline

July 20, 2012: Knife River's aggregate (cement) contract for the Los Angeles Port and the Long Beach Port. 

July 2, 2012: MDU announces name change -- placing three subsidiaries under one new holding company: MBI. 
May 21, 2012: MDU subsidiary (not Fidelity) purchases half interest in Whiting's natural gas, oil gathering/storage system in Belfield area.

April 25, 2012: Fidelity reports a nice well in Utah.

March 23, 2012, RMOJ: Fidelity stakes five more wells in the Niobrara; east of Cheyenne, Laramie County, Wyoming.

March 12, 2012: MDU press release; new Bakken production record; acquires more acreage;  

March 12, 2012: update on Fidelity permits issued since 2010;

November 1, 2011: from the 3Q11 earnings release:
  • The company continues to pursue expansion of facilities and services offered to customers. Energy development within its geographic region, which includes portions of Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and North Dakota, is expanding, most notably the Bakken of North Dakota and eastern Montana. It owns an extensive natural gas pipeline system in the Bakken area. Ongoing energy development is expected to have many direct and indirect benefits to this business.
  • Installation of additional compression at the Charbonneau station was completed and placed into service in September, providing additional firm capacity for producers in the Bakken production area. With some additional modifications, this project has the potential of adding a total of 27 MMcf of firm capacity.
  • Construction has begun on approximately 12 miles of high pressure transmission pipeline providing takeaway capacity from the Garden Creek processing facility being constructed in northwestern North Dakota. The pipeline project is expected to be completed before year-end.
  • Preparations are underway for the construction of approximately 13 miles of high pressure transmission pipeline from the Stateline I and II processing facilities in northwestern North Dakota to deliver gas into the Northern Border Pipeline. The project is expected to be completed by mid 2012.
  • The company has three natural gas storage fields including the largest storage field in North America located near Baker, Montana. It continues to seek interest in its storage services and is pursuing a project to increase its firm deliverability from the Baker Storage field by 125 MMcf per day. Commitment on approximately 30 percent of the total potential project has been received. The additional firm deliverability is expected to be available in November.
Aug 26, 2011: analyst's views.

Aug 23, 2011: New corporate presentation.

July 27, 2011: Montana PSC agrees to 5% MDU rate hike, half what MDU was asking, to pay for two wind farms, three abandoned coal-fired generation projects, and two other issues.

July 26, 2011: archived investing stories on Fidelity up to this date

April 21, 2011: MDU (Fidelity) adds second rig.

March 14, 2010: New executive named president/CEO of MDU's Resources' Natural Gas and Oil Development division.

July 19, 2010: MDU vs SE.

June 29, 2010: MDU completes two wind farms in North Dakota and Montana.

May 19, 2010: Williston Basin Interestate Pipeline Company (a subsidiary of MDU) announced plans to increase natural gas pipeline capacity by 33 percent. WBIPC will add 30 million cubic feet capacity per day to the current 90 million cubic feet per day. The project will begin in November, 2011.

March 16, 2010: Fidelity (a subsidiary of MDU) is acquiring acreage in the Bakken, the Nibrara and Green River Basin. The Bakken acquisition results in an additional 40,000 net acres, increasing their total Bakken pool to 56,000 net acres.  This acreage is targeting the TFS. If both the middle Bakken and TFS are economic, there is room for 23 net wells for each (a total  of 46 new wells) from the Bakken acquisition. The Niobrara deal will result in an additional 27,000 acres. You can find full press releases at the MDU web site.

November 15, 2009: Some time ago Fidelity (MDU) was successful in getting a new oil field in the Williston Basin designated; it was the Cottonwood, north of the Sanish and the Parshall oil fields. The few Fidelity wells did not seem all that good based on IPs.

Then, all of a sudden, these "Fidelity" wells disappeared; it turns out they were sold/transferred to Oasis.

Now we learn that Oasis and Fidelity are partnering on these permits/leases/wells.

Updated March 16, 2010.

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