Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bakken: KOG


KOG Presentations


December 11, 2014: the ticker symbol KOG no longer exists. Kodiak Oil & Gas was bought by Whiting (WLL).

May 2, 2014: Zeits on KOG after the miss. SeekingAlpha conference call, 1Q14.

April 15, 2014: Zeits on KOG.

April 1, 2014: fascinating update from KOG; annual Howard Weil conference. 

February 27, 2014: 4Q13, full year 2013, earnings; transcript

February 16, 2014: KOG is one of five Bakken operators Filloon is bullish on.  

January 26, 2014: KOG flaring in the Bakken compared to Oasis flaring, November, 2013, data

January 14, 2014: SeekingAlpha contributor on KOG, not particularly remarkable article. Wells still cost $9.4 million; for all intents and purposes: $10 million.

October 22, 2013: KOG doubles daily production, year over year; 3Q12 to 3Q13

October 2, 2013: KOG presentation transcript.

July 22, 2013: a couple of staggering KOG wells

July 12, 2013: KOG's acquisition of Liberty Resources has closed; even pricier than initial reports?

June 25, 2013: Mike Filloon's analysis of the Liberty Resources acquisition.

March 5, 2013: huge story. KOG announces new completion method which could be a game changer. I think CLR knew about this for quite some time.

February 20, 2013: 4Q12 and year-end operational update.

December 17, 2012: increases CAPEX for 2013; provides guidance; plans 61 net operated wells in 2013

October 29, 2012: corporate presentation;

October 25, 2012: 3Q12 operations update.

July 19, 2012: 2Q12 production results

May 19, 2012: KOG set to surge --

April 23, 2012: KOG primed for explosive growth in 2013 -- SeekingAlpha.

April 5, 2012: SeekingAlpha article.

April 4, 2012: update of KOG's Skunk Creek wells.

February 29, 2012: update of KOG's Koala wells.

February 3, 2012: end-of-year production numbers; misses.

January 9, 2012: KOG completes previously announced acquisition; nothing new; for archival purposes, and in case other links break. 

January 5, 2012: Barron's -- KOG one of 2012's top acquisition targets. -- Google Barron's -- paid subscription required.

December 21, 2011: BTA wells being transferred to KOG.

December 9, 2011: snapshot of KOG; no news

November 23, 2011: KOG raises $1 billion (rounded).

November 22, 2011: Multi-part series on the North Plains acquisition. Mike Filloon is now up to part v; I assume he will eventually get to 38 parts.

November 20, 2011: Mike Filloon fills in more details regarding KOG's acquisition of BTA's assets; reviews new acquisition of North Plains Energy assets

November 18, 2011: New offering, 42 million shares at $7.75; $650 million in senior notes.  $325 million + $650 million --> $975 million.

November 16, 2011: Comparing KOG and CLR -- daily Bakken production.

November 14, 2011: KOG announces acquisition of 50,000 net acres. Also: Wrap-up here.

November 8, 2011: Motley Fool -- high on KOG.

November 2, 2011: the reason for recent KOG volatility.

October 3, 2011: KOG to buy BTA.

September 28, 2011: KOG acquires 13,500 net acres and a drilling rig. 

August 2, 2011: KOG will start trading on NYSE on/about August 4, 2011. 

July 26, 2011: archived investing stories on KOG up to this date.

May 25, 2011: KOG enters $85.5 million deal with private oil and gas company:
  • New drilling rig, to be completed late 2011; tailored for pad drilling
  • Operated working interest in two producing wells currently producing 200 net boepd
  • Modicum of surface equipment and pipeline connection facilities that tie into regional system
  • 400 net, largely de-risked, un-drilled locations "across all of its WB leasehold"
April 19, 2011: Operational update. A very exciting press release.

November 30, 2010: KOG completes previously announced acquisition.

September 21, 2010: operational update. Bottom line -- KOG is still testing the producing potential of the Middle Bakken and the Three Forks Sanish in Dunn County and McKenzie County.

June 29, 2010: Update -- 1,370 flowback on a Moccasin Creek well. Both KOG rigs are now in North Dakota. KOG initiates drilling on a 4-well pad.  

April 27, 2010: Update -- Area of Operations.

April 6, 2010: KOG acquires 5,500 net acres. (link broken ever since Mr Teegue grew frustrated with all the idiots and closed down his site)

February 16, 2010: KOG announces 3-well pads in the Bakken. KOG announces that it will soon take delivery of its second drilling rig. This rig will drill outside North Dakota (in Montana) and will be a vertical well into the Red River formation, not the Bakken.  In same press release, KOG announced a Bakken well in the FBIR with an IP of 1,419, a short lateral (#18261, Moccasin Creek 16-3-11H) on a 2-well pad; the 2nd well on this pad, #18295, MC 16-3.

December 18, 2009:  KOG announces $60 2010 CAPEX program. It will take delivery of a second rig in February 2010 for the Bakken. KOG commits to 12 gross (9.5 net) wells in 2010.

December 11, 2009: another nice well in the FBIR -- permit # 18107, 903 bbls IP, Two Shields Butte 14-33-6H

December 7, 2009: another nice well in the FBIR -- permit # 18051, 1309 bbls IP, Two Shields Butte 14-33-28.