Saturday, March 10, 2018

By Section

155-96-17, Brooklyn, CLR, Rolf

153-97-8, Banks, Whiting, Hellandsaas and Frick

153-91-27, Sanish, Whiting, Liffrig / Fladeland

152-99-25, Banks, CLR, Lansing

152-98-31, Banks, Oasis, Hagen / Hagen Banks wells

152-91-11, Parshall, EOG, Van Hook wells

152-91-10, Sanish, Whiting, Pennington, Sorenson, Tollefson, etc.

152-93-30, Reunion Bay, MRO, USA wells;

151-98-18, Siverston, Oasis, Johnsrud Federal

151-95-5: Blue Buttes, Hess, BB-Chapin and BB-Federal

151-94-26, Antelope, Bruin E&P, Fort Berthold wells;

151-94-17; Antelope-Sanish, EOG, Clarks Creek; Enerplus, Danks

151-94-14, Reunion Bay, MRO, Jones/Lun/Others

151-92-3, Big Ben, Slawson, Pike Federal

149-93-30: Mandaree oil field; Enerplus, "cat" wells 

147-96-36; Corral Creek; CLR, State Weydahl

147-96-34; Oakdale; CLR, Whitman

147-93-8: Moccasin Creek oil field; Enerplus, "cat" wells

146-94-14: Bailey oil field; MRO, incredibly good wells

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