Friday, June 28, 2013

Samson Oil & Gas To Sell Montana Acreage; Use Proceeds To Develop Stockyard Creek

From the 8-K:
On June 24, 2013, Samson Oil & Gas Limited entered into an Asset Purchase and Sale Agreement, dated as of June 21, 2013, to sell its interests in the Roosevelt Project in Montana for $13.533 million in cash, subject to the completion of specified due diligence by the buyer. 
Market action for SSN. It will be interesting to look at this company a year from now. 

Disclaimer: this is not an investment site. Do not make any investment decisions based on what you read here or what you think you might have read here. 

See snapshot of SSN and other Bakken operators here

Friday Night Reading

A reader sent me this link a week or so ago after I mentioned Krugman. It's a long article, but very, very interesting. This is the kind of article that goes nicely on the iPad and then you lay in bed and read it until you fall asleep. In the morning, when you wake up, you finish the article. There is much more to the article, but this, near the beginning, caught my attention:
His proposal is so simple you could write it on the back of a napkin: raise margin requirements on any financial asset – stocks, real estate or whatever – as its price goes up beyond its mean-reverting (average historical) valuation.  Reduce the amount of permissible leverage in proportion to the degree of deviation from the mean.  "If housing prices go up, then you would have to keep putting more and more money down, which would kill the psychology of the bubble," Brock said. 
The same requirement would, of course, prevent Wall Street from leveraging its collective balance sheets by a 50-1 margin leading into the next financial crisis.  "On Wall Street, the objection you hear is: oh, we can't tell when we're in a bubble," Brock argued.  "I say, who cares?  What you do know is that theoretically and in the data, the average PE is 15 for the stock markets of the 10 largest countries for the past century.  So if a PE of 15 is the norm," Brock continued, "and the market goes to 20, then you have to put more down if you want to buy stocks.  When the PE goes up to 34, as it did in 2000, you bloody well better be putting 95% down, and in doing that, you deflate the tech bubble."
You might be surprised to learn that this proposal has historical precedent.  A review of margin requirements  shows that investors who could put virtually nothing down to buy shares of stocks before the 1929 crash were later required to limit their margin accounts as low as 0% and as high as 55%, with the figures moving around as the markets did.  Brock pointed out that in January, 1958, when the Dow was at 440, a person could buy stock with 50% down.  By August, when the Dow had breached 510, the investor had to put down 70%, and by December, when the Dow was trading around 580, the requirement had grown to 90%.  "When everybody has to put 90% down," said Brock, "You no longer have a bubble."

Economists come and go, but this song will never go old:

Phantom 309, Red Sovine

Years ago when I did a lot of hitchhiking, I got a lot of truck rides -- never with Phantom 309, sad to say. Back in the early 70's. Truckers won't pick up hitchhikers any more: liability issues. Sad.


I happened to catch a bit of the Sean Hannity radio "show" today -- only because a) I was "surfing" through radio stations looking for some music; and, b) I had just finished listening to a bit of Rush.

I say all that because I want to make it clear I do not care for Sean Hannity.

But this was pretty neat. I "see" Sean has "new" music as a lead-in to his segments. The song: "Bulletproof."

This could be a) a trailer for a new Jimmy Neutron movie; and/or b) an ad for tennis shoes.

Bulletproof, La Roux

The song and the video have been around, like, forever (released in 2009).

I think Elly Jackson could be a formidable NASCAR icon. She has the walk, the swagger, the suit, the look.

From wiki:
He went on to give five points on why the song is good: marvellous verses, marvellous chorus, the music serves the song brilliantly, less shrill to the singing, and the vocoder breakdown. "Bulletproof" was listed at number twenty-five on Rolling Stone's list of The 25 Best Songs of 2009.
I posted it at my music site on November 7, 2009. [Warning: do not click on that music site link unless you have a very fast internet connection. Otherwise, it will really mess up your browsing experience.]

Two More CBR Facilities In The Bakken; CBR Capacity Jumps By 50 Percent; CBR Near 500,000 BOPD; Could Reach 700,000 BOPD By Year-End

From the ND Commerce Department, where the motto is: "North Dakota is open for business."
North Dakota's capacity to export oil by rail has jumped more than 50 percent in June as shippers in the state increasingly turn to mile-long trains to move crude to markets not linked by pipelines.

The increase comes with a pair of crude-to-rail facilities built by Texas companies to move oil from the rich Bakken and Three Forks formations in western North Dakota's oil patch.
North Dakota now has the ability to ship at least 470,000 barrels of oil daily by rail, up from about 310,000 barrels. The capacity could increase to 710,000 barrels by year's end with the addition of two other planned crude-to-rail projects.

The press release continues:
Houston-based Musket Corp. increased capacity at its crude-to-rail facility at Dore from 10,000 barrels to 60,000 barrels per day, with the first full shipment leaving the terminal in early June.
Musket built the facility in 2008 and had been sending small so-called manifest shipments of North Dakota crude. The company now is loading full unit trains which typically consist of up to 104 railcars laden with 60,000 barrels of crude.

"We have successfully loaded and returned our initial unit trains to the Gulf Coast, East Coast and Canada from Dore with turn times of 10 to 17 days," Turner said.
And then this:
Rangeland Energy LLC, which is based in Sugar Land, Texas, began shipping crude-laden trains from its facility near Epping earlier this month.

The facility, which includes five 120,000-barrel storage tanks and a sixth near Tioga, had been under construction for about a year, said Casey Nikoloric, a company spokeswoman.

The terminal has the capacity to ship in excess of 120,000 barrels daily by rail, Nikoloric said.
And still more pipeline projects:
Kringstad said while six major pipeline projects are proposed to move North Dakota crude, railroads have taken a formidable foothold in the state.
I still vividly recall the comment from a reader two years ago who opined that crude-by-rail would be a temporary phenomenon. Okay.

Headlines From The Williston Wire

For newbies: the current Bakken boom began in Montana in 2000; it began in North Dakota in 2007. Whether one says the boom has been going on for 13 years or 6 years, it is incredible that we are still seeing the type of activity note below. With all that has happened in the past decade, look at what keeps coming in:

Headlines from The Williston Wire. No links. It is easy to subscribe The Williston Wire.

A ground breaking ceremony was held recently for the Renaissance Heights Apartments project in Williston.  
The first phase of the development will feature 288 units in five buildings. The luxury apartment complex will have a clubhouse with an indoor pool and spa. 
Holiday Stationstores, an industry leader in convenience stores, has signed a commitment to open a new location on the NEC of Hwy 2 and Chandler Blvd in Willstion.
Holiday Stationstores will develop a 6,000+ square foot convenience store with multiple fuel pumps and a car wash. The Holiday development is part of a larger 25 acre commercial development called Chandler Field.
The fate of the 18th Street/West Dakota Parkway intersection took one giant leap forward when the Williston City Commission approved the latest recommendation for an underpass during a recent meeting. 
The recommendation was made by Public Works Director Monte Meiers on behalf of a special committee established by the commission to identify an agreeable solution. The proposal would align 18th Street West to Bison Drive, which would convert 18th Street to the Bison Corridor on the west side.
A public hearing will be held to discuss potential improvements and impacts associated with construction of the proposed bypass route connecting US Highway 85 and ND Highway 23 south of Watford City, ND.

Murex Petroleum Corporation would like to build an oil field supply service and shop that may bring 25 to 30 employees and their families to the Fortuna area within the next few years.  In addition to the facility, the company plans on building seven to 14 homes to accommodate employees and their families.

Eagle Landing, a new $20 million housing facility for oil field workers rising from the prairie outside of Sidney, Montana, isn't a typical man camp, Scott Willard explains. It's not, he says, a man camp at all.
"It's another living option for oil workers," Willard says. "But it's a subdivision instead of a man camp."
Eleven (11) new refineries, port terminals in Pacific Northwest will receive Bakken crude by rail.

North Dakota's capacity to export oil by rail jumped by 50% in June. The increase came from a pair of new CBR facilities. This brings the number of CBR terminals to 17 in  built in the state since 2008. 

We've Been Saying This All Along: Slicers And Dicers Have No Redeeming Value

FoxNews is reporting from Scotland:
There hasn’t been a sighting of a White-throated Needletail in the United Kingdom for 22 years, so nearly 80 birdwatchers flocked to Scotland this week to get a look, the Telegraph reported.  But instead of enjoying the world’s fastest flying bird soaring, they watched it fly into the small blade of a wind turbine and die.
"It was seen by birders fly straight into the turbine. It is ironic that after waiting so long for this bird to turn up in the UK, it was killed by a wind turbine and not a natural predator, “ Josh Jones of Bird Guides said.
The Needletail was apparently thousands of miles off course when two bird spotters identified it on the isle of Harris Monday. By Wednesday, scores of watchers had gathered in the Tarbet area of Harris, Outer Hebrides, Scotland to catch a glimpse of the rare bird.     
But at least they got to see the bird.

Had the poor bird not been so far off course it would not have flown into this wind turbine.

Just another wind turbine elsewhere. 

And so it goes.

[A huge "thank you" to a reader for sending me this link. I would have missed it.]


On a more pleasant note, we all raced out to watch our older granddaughter go boogie-boarding off the coast of southern California.

And then she got eaten by a shark.  Just kidding.

She is an expert swimmer. She will go far out into the surf and swim with the dolphins. She is a southern California girl through and through.

Surfer Girl, The Beach Boys

Ten (10) New Permits -- The Williston Basin, North Dakota, USA; Statoil Reports A Huge Well

Active rigs: 189 (no change)

Ten (10) new permits --
  • Operators: BR (5), Whiting (2), Slawson (2), Triangle
    Fields: Harding (McKenzie), Estes (McKenzie), Van Hook (Mountrail), Keene (McKenzie), Buffalo Wallow (McKenzie),
    Comments: The five BR wells are all in the same section, 31-153-95
Wells coming off the confidential list were posted earlier; see sidebar at the right.

One (1) producing well completed:
  • 22938, 2,945, Statoil, Banks State 16-21 4TFH, Banks, t5/13; cum --
Three (3) permits cancelled:
  • 22187, PNC, BR, Twin Mountain 44-19MBH,
  • 23315, PNC, Hess, GO-Ron Viall-156-98-2524H-2,
  • 23316, PNC, Hess, GO-Ron Viall-156-98-2524H-3
A Note to the Granddaughters
A few minutes ago I was "shaking" -- I was excited to write down some thoughts on John Steinbeck -- or perhaps the shaking was due to hypoglycemia -- now, having had a Whataburger -- the shaking is less -- but I am still eager to post -- I'm reading Steinbeck's The Log From The Sea Of Cortez. Of Steinbeck's books -- it may be his most important, least of which because it helps one understand his world view which helps one better enjoy Of Mice And Men and Grapes of Wrath.

I am reading from a Penguin Classics Edition -- soft cover, of course -- and it already looks well-worn. It's been damaged by other contents in the back pack -- and it's been soaked by Boston rain (in that same semi-water-resistant back pack).

The introduction to the book was written by Richard Astro.

Steinbeck's Sea of Cortez is a long book -- 600 pages long and is composed of two parts. The first part is a log of the boat trip/the scientific trip into the Sea of Cortez. The second part is a phyletic catalogue describing the animals collected. The book I am reading is just the first part, the log.

Astro writes: "The phyletic catalogue is a comprehensive and remarkably readable account of marine life in the gulf, though it is not as complete as Between Pacific Tides, because it is based on a single collecting trip rather than a decade of study and research."

Immediately my thoughts turn to a similar book, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: a book on philosophy; a book on travel; a book on a single adventure.

Steinbeck was the writer, the novelist. His collaborator, Ed Ricketts, was the biologist who wrote Between Pacific Tides -- "which became the definitive source book for studying marine life along the Pacific Coast."

Astro writes: "There are those who believe that Steinbeck drew most if not all his ideas from Ricketts."

Immediately my thoughts turn to Fitzgerald and Zelda. I have opined elsewhere it was Zelda from whom F. Scott drew his inspiration, if not his ideas for his novels, and in same cases, large passages from Zelda's own writings.

Steinbeck wrote often that the whole was greater than the parts. That was true of Fitzgerald and Zelda. I picture Zelda as an airhead with a high school attendance record, but a genius that came through years later (something attracted Fitzgerald to her; like Nora and James Joyce).

And that brings me to another airhead with a high school attendance record but a genius that came through year years later: Cher. Like others, the whole was greater than the parts -- Sonny and Cher were greater than either alone, though Cher went on to become bigger than any single female singer of her generation. Her only two "competitors" flamed out, crashed, and burned (M & BS).

But I digress.

There's a three-cubic-millimeter neuronic and neurotic locus of glions somewhere in my left temporal lobe devoted to Steinbeck. I recall reading, but not remembering, one or two of his books. I read one of them out loud on a car trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco -- probably Cannery Row. The love of my life was driving; she enjoyed listening to me read. I remember not liking the book; I do remember enjoying reading to Linda.

Wow -- the Steinbeck locus -- I've not visited that three-cubic millimeter locus in a very long time. The Steinbeck nub. The nub includes my two great aunts, Santa Cruz, Watsonville, Carmel, Monterey. It includes Belle and Santa Barbara. One axon leads to a book on whales in the Sea of Cortez, and that, of course, opens into Melville. The Steinbeck locus.

Linda passed away a couple of years ago. I wonder whatever happened to Belle?

The US Produced More Oil In April Than In Any Month Since February, 1992; More Than 21 Years Ago -- CarpeDiem

Link here.

Look at the percent increase year-over-year -- that is what is truly awe-inspiring. Simply incredible:
  • Oklahoma: 34% increase, year-over year
  • Texas: 30.4%
  • New Mexico: 30.3%
  • North Dakota: 30%

Watching With Interest This Cluster Of Wells

Wildcats between Norma oil field and Smith oil field about 35 miles northwest of Minot:
  • 19474, conf, Fram Operating, Nailor Trust 1,
  • 19781, conf, Fram Operating, Helmers 1,
  • 19782, conf, Fram Operating, Schlak 1,
  • 19783, conf, Fram Operating, Schlak 2,
  • 21972, conf, Fram Operating, Goettle 1,
  • 25472, ros, Fram Operating, Schlak 3,
  • 25580, conf, Fram Operating, Murphy 2
These are vertical wells, probably targeting the Madison. 

Blackberry -- Wow!

I've been waiting all week for this story. The hype seemed unwarranted. And it was. CNBC is reporting:
BlackBerry delivered quarterly earnings and revenue that badly missed analysts' expectations on Friday, sending its shares sharply lower in pre-market trading.
After the earnings announcement, the company's shares tumbled 24 percent in trading prior to the opening bell.
BlackBerry posted a first-quarter loss, excluding items, of 13 cents per share, compared with a quarterly loss of 37 cents a share in the year-earlier period. The company cited Venezuela foreign currency fluctuations as hitting its results by 10 cents a share.
The GAAP loss from continuing operations was even steeper, at 16 cents a share, compared with GAAP loss from continuing operations of 97 cents a share in same quarter a year ago.
These analysts need to get out a bit more, actually look around. Has anyone even seen a new Blackberry being used. By anyone?

A Note To The Granddaughters

The Blackberry story is another reminder that there is a lot of fluff on CNBC. I had access to television this past month, but as of Monday this week, I no longer have television, and again, I do not miss it. But last month, it seemed there were endless stories on Green Mountain Coffee and Blackberry on CNBC. Folks who moved their money from Apple to Blackberry had a rude shock today.

I now have additional time to read. I am re-reading Rediscovering Homer: Inside the Origins of the Epic, by Andrew Dalby, c. 2006. So often, I find reading a book the second time through is so much more rewarding. I already know the thesis, the ending, the viewpoint of the author. Now, I can go back and see how the author developed the story.

I am always amazed how little information about the Trojan War is actually in the Iliad. The poem only covers the last few weeks near the end of the ten-year siege/war and does NOT include the tale of the Trojan Horse. That little detail and much of the rest of what we know about the war is found in the Odyssey. 

 The hero of the Iliad is Achilles, but interestingly is not called by that name or even references him in the title. Hold that thought.

The author also notes that the Iliad and the Odyssey are two of the very, very few surviving pieces of literature from that period. Hold that thought.

"Homer" was the singer/poet who is credited with the two epics. But "Homer" did not write down the epics; that was done by someone else, probably around 650 BC. "Homer" himself lived two to four hundred years earlier.

Early on, Andrew Dalby asks the question: why did someone write down the two long poems. I think he answered his own question in the introduction. It will be interesting to see how he develops his answer. I've forgotten, so I'm looking forward to rereading the book.

Dalby notes that a new temple was built for Athena/Athene at the time the Iliad and the Odyssey were written. It took years, of course, to plan, build, and consecrate the new temple for Athene, and I am convinced that the Iliad and the Odyssey were commissioned to accompany the "grand opening."

The hero of the Iliad and the Odyssey was not Achilles. The hero(ine) was Athene. She saved Achilles and she saved the Achaean/Mycenaean Greeks. Just as their are many mortal "heroes" in the Bible, the Bible is a story about God/Jesus, the Homeric epics have many mortal "heroes" but the epics, in the end, are about Athene.

I have never had the interest in reading the Iliad but in this new light, that might be worthwhile.

Our older granddaughter loves mythology and knows the Greek gods better than I do. She taught me all about Hephaistos, the blacksmith to the Greek gods. Hephaistos made the shield for Achilles. I did not know that, or had forgotten that, until the second reading of Dalby's book. 

See also: The Wooden Horse: The Liberation of the Western Mind, From Odysseus to Socrates, Keld Zeruneither, c. 2007.

North Carolina Becomes First State To Drop Federal Jobless Funds

The AP is reporting:
With changes to its unemployment law taking effect this weekend, North Carolina not only is cutting benefits for those who file new claims, it will become the first state disqualified from a federal compensation program for the long-term jobless.
State officials adopted the package of benefit cuts and increased taxes for businesses in February, a plan designed to accelerate repayment of a $2.5 billion federal debt. Like many states, North Carolina had racked up the debt by borrowing from Washington after its unemployment fund was drained by jobless benefits during the Great Recession.
The changes go into effect Sunday for North Carolina, which has the country’s fifth-worst jobless rate. The cuts on those who make unemployment claims on or after that day will disqualify the state from receiving federally funded Emergency Unemployment Compensation. That money kicks in after the state’s period of unemployment compensation — now shortened from up to six months to no more than five — runs out. The EUC program is available to long-term jobless in all states.
But keeping the money flowing includes a requirement that states can’t cut average weekly benefits.
This is what strikes me the most: North Carolina was actually one of the states I thought was doing very, very well, economically. This is quite shocking, quite surprising. 

Greyhound Bus Lines in North Carolina will probably see an upsurge in one-ticket sales to Florida, Texas, and California.

Another Wind Turbine Manufacturer Closing Its Doors

The AP is reporting:
A $40 million wind turbine factory in northeast Arkansas that opened in 2010 with plans to employ more than 700 people announced Friday it would end production and lay off 40 workers. 
Germany-based Nordex SE, parent company of Nordex USA, said the company had not received enough orders due to an uncertain U.S. market, overcapacity in the industry and an unstable outlook for a federal tax production credit. 
The company said factory workers would be let go after existing orders have been filled. The layoffs are expected to start in October. 

On my cross-country trip from Boston to Dallas, I mentioned that I loved traveling among the thousands of trucks. Literally thousands. Always an awesome sight. Among those thousands there were exactly two carrying wind turbine blades. One truck each carrying one blade. Two trucks. That was about the extent of all the jobs being created by the wind industry. 

New Wells Reporting -- 3Q13 -- The Williston Basin, North Dakota, USA

This page is data for wells coming off the confidential list in the third calendar quarter of 2013.

Data for 2Q13: 2Q13
Data for 1Q13: 1Q13
Data for 4Q12: 4Q12
Data for 3Q12: 3Q12
Data for 2Q12: 2Q12
  Data for 1Q12: 1Q12   
Data for 4Q11: 4Q11 
Data for 3Q11: 3Q11 
Data for 2Q11: 2Q11 
 Data for 1Q11: 1Q11  
 Data for 2H10: 2H10  
Through 1H10: 1H10

Monday, September 30, 2013
  • 23095, 2,045, QEP, MHA 5-06-05H-149-92, Heart Butte, t9/13; cum 195K 3/20;
  • 23996, 1,356, Equinor/Statoil, Margaret 5-8 5TFH, Spring Creek, t6/14; cum 94K 3/20;
  • 24435, 482, Hess, BW-Heidi-HO 149-99-3526H-1, Juniper, t8/13; cum 143K 3/20;
  • 24891, 1,814, Eqinor/Statoil, Cayko R&P 27-22 1TFH, Briar Creek, t7/13;cum 208K 3/20;
  • 25028, 1,061, Hess, EN-Sorenson A 154-94-0211H-6, Alkali Creek, t11/13; cum 246K 3/20; off line 3/19; returns to production 12/19;
  • 25147, 2,256, BR, Gudmunson 11-26TFH, Elidah, t6/13; cum 2678K 3/20; back on line after being offline 1/19 - 2/19;
Sunday, September 29, 2013
  • 24339, 2,302, Bruin/HRC, Fort Berthold 148-94-33D-28-5H, McGregory Buttes, t8/13; cum 474K 3/20; nice jump in production 11/18;
  • 24434, 464, CLR, Tena 1-13H, Corinth, t6/13; cum 134K 3/20;
  • 24629, 2,949, BR, Badlands 31-15TFH, Hawkeye, t8/13; cum 152K 3/20;
  • 24979, 2,982, BR, CCU Corral Creek 41-28TFH, Corral Creek, t10/13; cum 192K 3/20;
Saturday, September 28, 2013
  • 23995, 3,462, Equinor/Statoil, Margaret 5-8 4H, Spring Creek, t10/13; cum 303K 3/20;
  • 24529, 1,621, Petro-Hunt, Clear Creek 152-96-34A-4H, Clear Creek, t9/13; cum 179K 3/20;
  • 24906, 2,971, BR, CCU Meriwether 34-19TFH, Corral Creek, t7/13; cum 207K 3/20;
  • 25083, 193, CLR, Kurtz 21-28SH, Cedar Hills, a North Red River B well; t5/13; cum 290K 3/20;
Thursday, September 26, 2013
  • 22212, 1,474, WPX, George Evans 14-23HZ, Van Hook, t8/13; cum 252K 3/20;
  • 23645, 2,926, BR, Lillibridge 24-22MBH 2NH, Johnson Corner, 4 sections; t7/13;cum 387K 3/20;
  • 24126, 269, Oasis, Melvin 6093 43-19H, Gros Ventre, t3/13; cum 121K 3/20;
  • 24258, 2,966, BR, Glacier 14-9TFH, Clear Creek, t12/13; cum 315K 3/20; off line as of 2/19; still off line as of 4/19; back on line 5/19;
  • 24641, 680, Hess, HA-Nelson 152-95-3328H-5, Hawkeye, t9/13; cum 166K 3/20;
  • 24930, 545, CLR, Tangsrud 13-1H2, Hayland, t2/14; cum 64K 3/20;
Wednesday, September 25, 2013
  • 23994, DRY, Equinor/Statoil, Margaret 5-8-3TFH, Spring Creek, Three Forks, casing problem, dated August 1, 2013;
  • 24138, 449, Oasis, Inez 6093 43-19H, Gros Ventre, t3/13; cum 167K 3/20;
  • 24703, 572, Lime Rock/OXY USA, Bernard Irwin 1-1-12H-143-98, Little Knife, t3/13; cum 100K 3/20;
  • 24725, 1,400, Hess, HA-Nelson 152-95-3328H-2, Hawkeye, t9/13; cum 300K 3/20;
  • 24997, 1,820, Newfield, Lawlar 150-98-18-19-4H, Siverston, t7/13; cum 251K 3/20;
  • 25197, 1,051, XTO, Allie 31X-24D, Capa, t9/13; cum 1179K 3/20;
Tuesday, September 24, 2013
  • 23094, 2,512, QEP, MHA 2-06-05H-149-92, Heart Butte, t9/13; cum 286K 3/20;
  • 23317, 1,105, WPX, Adam Good Bear 15-22HW,  Van Hook, t11/13; cum 454K 3/20;
  • 24280, 243, Pulvermacher 33-28-162-99H 1PB, Ambrose, t5/13; cum 110K 3/20;
  • 24484, 2,932, BR, CCU Prairie Rose 31-30TFH, Corral Creek, t8/13; cum 231K 3/20;
  • 24640, 1,381, Hess, HA-Nelson 152-95-3328H-4, Hawkeye, t9/13; cum 283K 3/20;
  • 24788, 1,880, Whiting/KOG, Smokey 13-7-19-13H, Pembroke, t9/13; cum 157K 3/20;
  • 24810, 550, CLR, Wahpeton 8-16H1, Banks, 30 stages; 2.7 million lbs sand/ceramic, Three Forks NOS, t6/14; cum 138K 3/20;
Monday, September 23, 2013
  • 24259, 2,966, BR, Glacier 14-9MBH, Clear Creek, t12/13; cum 362K 12/19; offline 12/19; remains off line 3/20;
  • 24634, 2,533, Equinor/Statoil, Blanche 27-22 7H, Painted Woods, t1/14; cum 196K 3/20;
  • 24998, 1,565, Newfield, Lawlar 150-98-18-19-3H, Siverston, t7/13; cum 242K 3/20;
Sunday, September 22, 2013
  • 23602, 284, Baytex, Pulvermacher 34-27-162-99H 1NC, Ambrose, t5/13; cum 242K 3/20;
  • 24137, 266, North Plains, Sorenson 160-100-27-34-4A-1H, Smokey Butte, t5/13; cum 102K 3/20;
  • 24787, IA/1,329, KOG, Smokey 13-7-19-14H3M,  Pembroke, t9/13; cum 86K 10/19; remains off line 3/20;
  • 24929, 995, CLR, Tangsrud 12-1H3, Hayland, t2/14; cum 56K 3/20;
  • 24943, 1,780, XTO, Sax 41X-26D, Siverston, t8/13; cum 343K 3/20;
Saturday, September 21, 2013
23093, 2,052, QEP, MHA 3-06-31H-150-92, Heart Butte, t9/13; cum 476K 4/19; see this post; a re-frack;
23097, 2,512, QEP, MHA 2--06-31H-150-92, Heart Butte, t9/13; cum 523 4/19;
23464, 428, Triangle, Dwyer 149-101-2-11-1H, Antelope Creek, t5/13; cum 84K 10/14;
23702, 3,072, Oasis, Taylor N 5200 14-29B, Camp, t4/13; cum 117K 10/14;
24022, 1,549, Oasis, Autumn Wind State 5601 14-16B, Tyrone, t3/13; cum 83K 10/14;
24633, 1,171, Statoil, Blanche 27-22 2TFH, Painted Woods, t1/14; cum 37K 10/14;
24809, 1,786, CLR, Wahpeton 9-16H,  Banks, middle Bakken; 30 stages; 2.7 million lbs; t5/14; cum 86K 10/14;
24870, 662, Hess, EN-Fretheim A 155-93-3334H-7, Robinson Lake, t8/13; cum 85K 10/14;
24940, 27, Corinthian, Backman 15-35, North Souris, a Madison well, t6/13; cum 5K K 10/14;
24973, 2,437, MRO, Brigner 24-24H, Bailey, t7/13; cum 234K4/19; was off line for seven months; now shown as active again, and produced for five days in 4/19;

24996, 1,541, Newfield, Lawlar 150-98-18-19-2H, Siverston, t7/13; cum 245K 4/19;
25095, 896, Hess, LK-Bice 147-97-1201H-5, Big Gulch, t2/17; cum 88K 10/14;
25113, 1,592, MRO, Glenn Scott 24-31H, Murphy Creek, t7/13; cum 86K 10/14;

Friday, September 20, 2013
20329, 1,203, EOG, West Clark 4-2425H, Clarks Creek, middle Bakken; 34 stages; 9 million lbs; sand; t5/13; cum 356K 4/19; gas as high as 8,796 units;
24260, 2,766, BR, Glacier 24-9TFH, Clear Creek, t12/13;cum 82K 10/14;
25064, 111, Zargon, Zargon Mackobee Coulee 2HZ 2-16-158-85, Mackobee Coulee, a Madison well; horizontal; t8/13; cum 16K 10/14;
25078, 75, Whiting, Davidson 24-29, Delhi, a Red River well, t5/13; cum 23K 9/18;

Thursday, September 19, 2013
24030, 654, Fidelity, Larry 41-7H, Heart River, t3/13; cum 80K 10/14;
24216, 224, Baytex, Leo 5-8-161-97H 1XN, Frazier, t5/13; cum 47K 10/14;
24303, 554, Liberty Resources, Anderson 152-103-21-16-1H, Glass Bluff, t4/13; cum 111K 10/14;
24786, 1,321, KOG, Smokey 13-7-19-14H3M, Pembroke, t9/13; cum 41K 1/14;
24808, 366, CLR, Wahpeton 10-16H2, Banks, 30 stages; 2.7 million lbs sand/ceramic; Three Forks NOS, t6/14; cum 9K K 10/14;
24928, 344, CLR, Tangsrud 11-1H1, Hayland, t2/14; cum 27K 10/14;

Wednesday, September 18, 2013
23312, 690, WPX, Good Bird 36-25HB, Moccasin Creek, t6/13; cum 257K 4/19;
24038, 1,620, XTO, FBIR Darcie 34X-14D, Heart Butte, t6/13; cum 118K 10/14;
24074, 285, Fidelity, Enander 41-32H-29, Stanley, t3/13; cum 82K 10/14;
24869, 868, Hess, EN-Fretheim A 155-93-3334H-8, Robinson Lake, t8/13; cum 96K 10/14;
25054, 95, Legacy, Legacy Et Al Wunderlich 5-6 2H, Souris, a Spearfish well, t5/13; cum 21K 10/14;

Tuesday, September 17, 2013
24783, 789, Hess, LK-Bice-147-97-1201H-4, Big Gulch, t2/14; cum 81K 10/14;
24966, A, CLR, Tangsrud 10-1H2, Hayland, no test date; cum 22K 10/14;

Monday, September 16, 2013
22981, 2,396, Bruin/HRC, Fort Berthold 148-94-9C-04-3H, Eagle Nest, t7/13; cum 302K 4/19;
23296, 641, Petro-Hunt, Boss 154-99-18C-17-3H, Stockyard Creek, t6/13; cum 102K 10/14;
24192, 318, Baytex, Pulvermacher 3-10-161-99H 1XN, Garnet, t5/13; cum 60K 10/14;
24798, 1,532, MRO, Roehr USA 34-7H, Wolf Bay, t5/13; cum398K 4/19;
24807, 354, CLR, Wahpeton 14-16H2, Banks, t6/14; cum 28K 10/14;
25049, 737, Slawson, Alamo 6-19-18TFH, Big Bend, t6/13; cum 266K 4/19;

Sunday, September 15, 2013
24526, 1,729, Newfield, Loomer State 150-99-5-8-2H, Tobacco Garden, t6/13;cum268K 9/18;
24625, 2,854, BR, Badlands 41-15TFH, Hawkeye, t8/13; cum 207K 9/18;
24868, drl, Hess, EN-Fretheim A 155-93-3334H-9, Robinson Lake, no production data,
24967, 197, CLR, Tangsrud 9-1H, Hayland, t10/13; cum 40K 10/14;
25111, 2,869, XTO, Lundin 41X-14D, Siverston, t10/13; cum 265K 9/18;
23670, 1,043, KOG, Koala 8-5-6-5H3, Poe, t8/13; cum 92K 10/14;

Saturday, September 14, 2013
23712, 780, Fidelity, BMP 19-20H, Dutch Henry Butte, t4/13; cum 70K 10/14;
23911, 256, Baytex, Leo 32-29-162-97H 1NC, Bluffton, t4/13; cum 44K 10/14;
23929, 1,164, Lime Rock/Fidelity, Nesson 31-30H, Stanley, t3/13; cum 219K 9/18;
24189, 3,192, Zenergy, Link 10-3H, Foreman Butte, t7/13; cum 98K 10/14;
24261, 2,837, BR, Glacier 24-9MBH, Clear Creek, t11/13; cum 90K 10/14;
24635, 287, American Eagle, Frances 2-2-163-101, Colgan, t7/13; cum 58K 10/14;
24784, 891, Hess, LK-Bice-147-97-1201H-3, Big Gulch, t2/14; cum 98K 10/14;
25017, 495, CLR, Patch 1-11H, Hardscrabble, t6/13; cum 109K 10/14;

Friday, September 13, 2013
23669, 2,660, KOG, Koala 8-5-6-5H3, Poe, some time ago Teague told me that wells don't go from "conf" list to "loc" list, as this one did; t8/13; cum 256K 9/18;
23913, 1,223, Fidelity, State 30-31H, Stanley; t3/13; cum 191K 10/14;
24016, 379, CLR, Colfax 2-19H, Oliver, t7/13; cum 63K 10/14;
23913, 1,223, Fidelity, State 30-31H, Stanley; t3/13; cum 191K 10/14;
23913, 1,223, Fidelity, State 30-31H, Stanley; t3/13; cum 191K 10/14;
24195, 1,862, KOG, P Evans 154-99-2-4-28-2H3, Epping, t8/13;cum 108K 10/14;
24439, 1,733, Petro-Hunt, Sorenson 152-96-24D-13-6H, Union Center, t813; cum 114K 10/14;
24806, 1,031, CLR, Wahpeton 12-16H3, Banks, t5/14; cum 5K 10/14;
24933, 1,988, XTO, Lundin 41X-14C, Siverston, t9/13; cum 108K 10/14;
24949, 2,274, QEP, Patsy 2-29-32BH, the Helis Grail, t9/13; cum 398K 9/18;

Thursday, September 12, 2013 
20441, 592, OXY USA, State Marsh 1-34-27H-142-97, Willmen, t3/13; cum 60K 10/14;
22980, 3,077, HRC, Fort Berthold 148-94-9C-0404H, Eagle Nest; average gas, 3,523 units; t7/13; cum 146K 10/14; another well in which the roughnecks don't get the credit they deserve for preventing a blow-out
23196, 1,478, Statoil, Hospital 31-36 6TFH, Alger; t10/13; cum 26K 10/14;
23512, 676, Hess, En-Fretheim S-154-93-0805H-6, Robinson Lake, t9/13; cum 68K 10/14;
23727, 581, Fidelity, Peaceful Valley 13-24H, Dickinson, t3/13; cum 83K 10/14;
24327, 626, CLR, Vera 1-1H, Beaver Lodge, t7/13; cum 68K 10/14;
24528, 1,558, Newfield, Loomer State 150-99-5-8-3H, Tobacco Garden; t6/13; cum 136K 10/14;
24700, 490, Samson Resources, Baja 2215-2H, Ambrose, t6/13; cum 64K 10/14;
24785, 1,057, Hess, LK-Bice-147-97-1201H-2, Big Gulch, t1/14; cum 103K 10/14;

Wednesday, September 11, 2013
23031, 178, Whiting, Kubas 14-8PH, North Creek, t4/13; cum 30K 11/14;
23032, 294, Whiting, Mann 11-18PH, North Creek, t3/13; cum 47K 11/14;
23362, 604, CLR, Atlanta 11-6H, Baker, t3/14; cum 46K 11/14;
23948, 2,454, Whiting/KOG, Charging Eagle 15-21-16-3H3, Twin Buttes; t7/13; cum 318K 9/18;
24036, 560, CLR, Hartford 3-19H, Dollar Joe, t8/13; cum 43K 11/14;
24701, 712, Samson Resources, Baja 2215-3H, Ambrose, t6/13;cum 72K 11/14;
24805, 1,612, CLR, Wahpeton 13-16H, Banks; nt5/14; cum 71K 11/14;
24948, 2,638, QEP, Patsy 1-29-32BH, the Helis Grail, t9/13; cum 295K 9/18;

Tuesday, September 10, 2013
23195, 2,232, Equinor/Statoil, Hospital 31-36 3H, Alger, t10/13; cum 249K 9/18;
23361, 407, CLR, Atlanta 12-6H, Baker, t3/14; cum 76K 9/18;
23515, 303, Petro-Hunt, L. Hoiby 159-94-30C-19-3H, North Tioga, middle Bakken, 30 stages; 3.3 million lbs; 500 to 2,000 units; t51/13; cum 30K 7/13;
23668, 2,432, Whiting/KOG, Koala 8-5-6-4H3, Poe, t9/13; cum 204K 9/18;
24010, 1,810, MRO, Cummings USA 41-6TFH, Van Hook, t8/13; cum 247K 9/18;
24015, 507, CLR, Colfax 3-19H, Oliver, t7/13; cum 162K 9/18;
24326, 1,674, Petro-Hunt, Vera 1-1H, Clear Creek, middle Bakken; 30 stages, sliding sleeve; t5/13; cum 257
K 9/18;
24947, 2,586, QEP, Lawlar 2-5-8BH, the Helis Grail, t9/13; cum 394K 9/18;
25013, 23, CLR, MPHU 13-10H, Medicine Pole Hills, a Red River well; t5/13; cum 32K 9/18;

Monday, September 9, 2013
23513, 1,241, Hess, EN-Fretheim S-154-93-0805H-5, Robinson Lake, t8/13; cum 22K 11/13;
23949, 2,298, Whiting/KOG, Charging Eagle 15-21-16-2H, Twin Buttes; t7/13; cum 136K 11/14;
24084, 1,241, XTO, FBIR Stephen 31X-19G, Heart Butte, t8/13; cum 28K 12/13;
24932, 1,956, XTO, Lundin 41X-14G, Siverston, t9/13; cum 32K 11/13;
22405, 563, Hess, BW-Hagen-149-100-1522H-1, Ellsworth, t6/13; cum 25K 7/13;

Sunday, September 8, 2013
22985, 80, OXY USA, State Little Knife 1-20-17H-142-95, Manning; t3/13; cum 12K 1/14;
23194, 1,864, Statoil, Hospital 31-36 4TFH, Alger, t3/14; no production data;
23360, 522, CLR, Atlanta 13-6H, Baker, t4/14; no production data;
23505, 2,147, HRC, Fort Berthold 152-93-17D-08-7H, Four Bears, t9/13; cum 58K 11/13;
24035, 647, CLR, Hartford 2-19H, Dollar Joe; t8/13; cum --  
24597, 261, Samson Resources, Bonneville 3625-2TFH, West Ambrose; t6/13; cum 14K 7/13;
24934, 76 (no typo), CLR, Tangsrud 4-1H3, Hayland, t1/14; cum 20K 11/14;
25024, 132, Legacy, Legacy Et Al Bernstein 4-18H 2H, Red Rock, a Spearfish well; t4/13; cum 12K 7/13;

Saturday, September 7, 2013
23514, 620, Hess, EN-Fretheim S-154-93-0805H-5, Robinson Lake, t10/13; cum 24K 11/13;
23885, 1,566, XTO, FBIR Stephen 31X-19X, Heart Butte, t8/13; cum 21K 11/13;
24336, 694, Liberty Resources, Molien 156-101-14-23-1H, Tyrone, t3/13; cum 61K 7/13;
24792, 1,445, Whiting/KOG, Smokey 16-7-19-16HA, Pembroke, s3/13; cum 132K 9/18; sister well on this pad (#24790, 28 stages; 3.8 million lbs)
24861, 595, Hess, BW-Sharon 150-100-2536H-3, Timber Creek, 7K in first month; t81/3; cum 37K 11/13;

Friday, September 6, 2013
22984, 640, OXY USA, Schafner 1-29-34H-142-95, Manning, t3/13; cum 21K 7/13;
23193, 3,171, Statoil, Hospital 31-36 5H, Alger, t10/13; cum 15K 11/13;
23950, 2,411, KOG, Charging Eagle 15-21-16-2H3, Twin Buttes; t7/13; cum 31K 7/13;
24598, 203, Samson Resources, Bonneville 3625-3TFH, West Ambrose, t6/13; cum 10K 7/13;
24965, A, CLR, Tangsrud 5-1H, Hayland, first production 2/14; 16 days = 8K;

Thursday, September 5, 2013
23209, 2,009, MRO, William USA 31-2TFH, Reunion Bay, no production data;
23359, 342, CLR, Atlanta 14-6H, Baker, 4 sections, 27 stages; 3 million lbs, s3/13; t3/14; cum 37K 11/14;
23422, 142, EOG, Trenton 2-0817H, Rosebud; t3/13; cum 44K 7/13;
23763, 1,519, EOG, Van Hook 127-0107H, Parshall; t4/13; cum 548K 9/18;
23764, 2,342, EOG, Van Hook 20-0107H, Parshall; t4/13; cum 467K 9/18;
23884, 1,436, XTO, FBIR Stephen 31X-19D, Heart Butte, t8/13; cum 21K 11/13;
24291, 892, Newfield, Johnson 150-99-33-28-3H, South Tobacco Garden; t5/13; cum 32K 7/13

Wednesday, September 4, 2013
23506, 1,758, HRC, Fort Berthold 152-93-17D-08-6H, Four Bears, t9/13; cum 66K 11/13;
23685, 225, OXY USA, Meduna Trust 1-7-6H-142-94, Murphy Creek, t3/13; cum 12K 7/13;
23742, 859, Fidelity, Hank 28-33H, Stanley, t3/13; cum 40K 7/13;
24689, 575, Hess, BW-Sharon 150-100-2536H-2, Timber Creek, t712; cum --;
24713, 637, Hess, EN-Hein S 156-94-1201H-5, Big Butte, t7/13; cum 14K 7/13;
24791, 708, Whiting/KOG, Smokey 16-7-19-16H3M, Pembroke, cum 50K 9/18; see #24792 above;
24946, 1,823, QEP, Lawlar 1-5-8BH, the Helis Grail, t9/13; cum 42K 11/13;

Tuesday, September 3, 2013
24231, 403, HRC, Glimm 1-13-24H, Climax, t6/13; cum 8K 7/13;
24293, 1,092, Newfield, Johnson 150-99-33-28-2H, South Tobacco Garden, t5/13; cum 31K 7/13;
24608, 2,017, KOG, P Wood 154-98-2-27-34-15H, Truax, t7/13; cum 17K 7/13; 
24770, 2,001, Statoil, TML 14-13 1H, Briar Creek, t7/13; cum --
24964, 390, CLR, Tangsrud 6-1H2, Hayland, no production data; (I remember being told two years ago by folks elsewhere that wells don't do from "conf" to "LOC," which this one did; one learns a lot from the Bakken); t10/13; cum 1K 11/13;

Monday, September 2, 2013
22073, 1,227, WPX, State of ND 10-3HZ, Van Hook; t5/13; cum 55K 7/13;
24127, 2,487, BR, Lloyd 14-24MBH, Blue Buttes, t5/13; cum 14K 7/13;
24178, 241, Whiting, Taylor 34-7TFH, Sioux, t3/13; cum 13K 7/13;
24210, 228, OXY USA, Woodrow Keeble 1-21-22H-141-96, St Anthony, t3/13; cum 10K 7/13;
24225, 809, CLR, Hawkinson 6-22H3, Oakdale, t10/13; cum 11K 11/13;
24609, 890, KOG, P Wood 154-98-2-27-34-16H3B, Truax, t7/13; cum 12K 7/13;
24692, 431, Whiting, Faiman 34-33PH, St Anthony, t3/13; cum 25K 7/13;
24790, 1,859, KOG, Smokey 16-7-19-16H, Pembroke, t8/13; cum 49K 11/13;
24883, 314, Corinthian, 2-Brenden 9-33 1M, North Souris, a Madison well (note the "M" designation in the name of the well); a nice Spearfish well; t5/13; 14K cum 7/13;
24896, 868, Slawson, Jeriyote 4-32-5TFH, Big Bend; t8/13; cum 42K 11/13;

Friday, August 30, 2013 (these were producing wells that were completed; these may have been previously reported)
24398, 2,909, QEP, MHA 1-04-33H-150-92, Heart Butte, middle Bakken, t7/13; cum --
24400, 2,844, QEP, MHA 2-04-33H-150-92, Heart Butte, middle Bakken, t7/13; cum --
24399, 2,381, QEP, MHA 3-04-33H-150-92, Heart Butte, Three Forks; t7/13; cum --
24401, 2,384, QEP, MHA 4-04-33H-150-92, Heart Butte, t7/13; cum --
24600, 592, Sequel, Leon 21-8H-0817-15895-TF, McGregor, May 7 - 25; fairly high gas units; t8/13; cum --
24599, 694, Sequel, Larena 21-8H-0817-15895-MB, McGregor, high gas units; 24-foot trip gas flare, t8/12; cum --

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Wednesday, August 28, 2013
24366, 2,102, QEP, MHA 4-04-03H-149-91, Heart Butte, t7/13; no production data, 
24468, 3,863, Statoil, Viking 16-15 1H, Poe,9/13; cum 25K 11/13;
24587, 229, Murex, Keri Elizabeth 4-9H, Fortuna, t4/13; cum 11K 6/13;
24714, 1,029, Hess, EN-Hein S 156-94-1201H-4, Big Butte, t7/13; cum 10K 6/13;
24910, 45, Whiting, Meyers 31-19, Bonnie View, a Red River well;  (2-section field out in the middle of nowhere), t5/13; cum 1K 6/13;
24958, 40, Petro Harvester, Swenson 4H,  Columbus, a Madison well; t6/13; cum -- 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013
23637, 203, Kaiser-Francis/Fidelity, SDF 11-30H, Sanish, t3/13; cum 72K 9/18;
24082, 1,403, MRO, Schmidt 34-32H, Murphy Creek, t5/13; cum 18K 6/13;
24432, 400, CLR, Lindell 4-10H, Stoneview, t5/13; cum 10K 6/13;
24485, 511, Murex, Lori Ann 4-9H, Writing Rock, t3/13; cum 22K 6/13;
24610, 2,197, KOG, P Wood 154-98-2-27-34-16H, Truax, no production data;
24972, 1,867, MRO, Nelson 11-25H, Bailey, t8/13; cum 36K 11/13;

Monday, August 26, 2013
23399, 79, Legacy, Legacy Etal Klingbeil 13-30H, North Souris, a nice Spearfish well; t4/13; cum 6K 6/13;
23760, 930, Arsenal, Ronald Carter 11-2H-155-91, Stanley, t7/13; 19K in first month;
24190, 1,028, SM Energy, Jorgenson Federal 14-19H, Bear Den, t7/13; no production data;
24224, 681, CLR, Hawkinson 5-22H, Oakdale, t9/13; cum 19K 10/13;
24367, 1,003, QEP, MHA 2-04-03H-149-91, Heart Butte, t7/13; no production data; 
24715, 533, Hess, EN-Hein S 156-94-1201H-4, Big Butte, t6/13; cum 12K 6/13;
24897, 325, Slawson, Jeriyote 5-32-5TFH, Big Bend, t7/13; cum 39K 10/13;

Sunday, August 25, 2013
23581, 189, Corinthian Exploration, Corinthian Backman 16-27 1H, North Souris; another nice Spearfish well;t3/13; cum 10K 6/13;
23811, 134, Corinthian Exploration, Corinthian Backman 13-35 1H, North Souris, another nice Spearfish well; t3/13; cum 14K 6/13;
24469, 2,521, Statoil, Viking 16-15 2TFH, Poe, t9/13; cum 9K 10/13;
24483, 2,840, BR, CCU Prairie Rose 31-30MBH, Corral Creek, t7/13; no production data,
24611, 1,806, KOG, P Wood 154-98-2-27-34-16H3A, Truax, t7/13; no production data;

Saturday, August 24, 2013
23353, 302, Bruin/OXY USA, Frank Anders 1-27-34H-142-95, Murphy Creek; t2/13; cum 77K 9/18;
24191, 946, SM Energy, Jorgenson Federal 14X-19H, Bear Den, t4/13;cum 297K 9/18;
24245, 2,445, BR, CCU Prairie Rose 11-30TFH, Corral Creek; t4/13; cum 179K 9/18;

Friday, August 23, 2013
24223, 400, CLR, Hawkinson 4-22H2, Oakdale, t9/13; cum 5K 10/13;
24445, 515, Hess, EN-State B 155-93-1609H-2, Alger, t8/13; cum 20K 10/13;
24833, 3,084, Statoil, Houston 11-2 1H, Buford, t7/13; cum 52K 10/13;

Thursday, August 22, 2013
23384, 270, OXY USA, Joseph Carter 1-13-12H-141-96, St Anthony, t2/13; cum 15K 6/13;
23651, 820, Liberty Resources, Helling 150-101-7-6-1H, Pronghorn, t3/13; cum 47K 6/13;
24006, 451, CLR, Columbia 5-5H, Dollar Joe, no production data,
24470, 3,552, Statoil, Viking 16-15 3H, Poe, t9/13; cum 12K 10/13;

Wednesday, August 21, 2013
23318, 935, WPX, Adam Good Bear 15-22HX, Van Hook, t11/13; cum 7K 10/13;
23412, 2,074, XTO, Hegg 21-29SEH, Siverston, no production data, t/7/13;
24037, 1,868, XTO, FBIR Darcie 34X-14H, Heart Butte, t6/13;
24079, 3,581, Oasis, Anonsen 5393 14-3B, Sanish, a nice well; t3/13; cum 71K 6/13;
24080, 2,627 Oasis, Flavin 5393 14-3T, Sanish, a nice well, t3/13; cum 66K 6/13;
24196, 2,251, KOG, P Evans 154-99-2-4-9-15H3, Stockyard Creek, t8/13; cum 43K 10/13;
24656, 411, SM Energy, Hartel 1-26HB, Siverston, t8/13; cum 52K 10/13;
24969, 103, American Eagle, Karen 3-2N-163-101, Colgan, producing, t5/13; cum 4K 6/13;

Tuesday, August 20, 2013
21548, 1,437, Whiting, Taylor 34-7H, Sioux, a nice well, t2/13; cum 39K 6/13;
23281, 411, CLR, Krehlik 1-11H, Barta/wildcat, t7/13; cum 22K 10/13;
24005, 634, CLR, Columbia 4-5H, Dollar Joe, t8/13; cum 36K 10/13;
24128, 1,304, Whiting, Miller 34-8-1H, Harding, t3/13; cum 42K 6/13;
24281, 1,833, EOG, Parshall 32-0225H, Parshall, spectacular well; 137K in less than 4 months;
24558, 834, Whiting, Langwald 31-17-1H, Estes, t3/13; cum 25K 6/13;

Monday, August 19, 2013
24443, 831, Hess, EN-State B 155-93-1609H-3, Alger, t9/13; cum 24K 10/13;

Sunday, August 18, 2013
22914, 2,954, BR, Sun Notch 44-32TFH, Sand Creek, t5/13; cum 14K 6/13;
23979, 2,852, Statoil, Rose 12-13 5TFH, Avoca, t10/13; cum 13K 10/13;

Saturday, August 17, 2013
22662, 1,369,  Sinclair, Harris Federal 1-29H, Lone Butte, t6/13; cum 38K 10/13;
24197, 2,308, KOG, P Evans 154-99-2-4-28-1H, Epping, t11/13; cum --
24444, 1.050, Hess, En-State B 155-93-1609H-2, Alger,t8/13; cum 38K 10/13;
24543, 1,086, Zavanna, Bear Cat 33-28 1H,  Williston, t4/13; cum 69K 6/13;
24655, 838, SM Energy, Hartel 1X-26H, Siverston, t8/13; cum 50K 10/13;
24712, 1,572, XTO, Kulczyk 43X-17A, Alkali Creek, t6/13; cum 10K 6/13;
24851, 1,865, XTO, Rolfson 11X-16A, Siverston, t6/13; cum 72K 10/13;
24864, 1,815, MRO, Kupper 24-10TFH, Bailey, t4/13; cum 39K 6/13;

Friday, August 16, 2013:
23313, 1,441, WPX, Good Bird 36-25HW, Moccasin Creek, t5/13; cum 32K 6/13;
24585, 318, Hunt, Bear Butte 1-6-7H, Little Tank, t9/13; cum 16K 10/13;
24591, 268, American Eagle, Myrtle 2-1-163-101, Colgan, t5/13; cum 12K 6/13;
24654, 881, SM Energy, Hartel 1-26HA, Siverston, t8/13; cum 52K 10/13;
24658, 90, CLR, Farver 3-29H2, Hamlet, t8/13; cum 5K 10/13;
24852, 1,434, XTO, Rolfson 11X-16E, Siverston, t6/13; cum 43K 10/13;

Thursday, August 15, 2013:
22878, 1,532, HRC, Fort Berthold 148-94-22B-27-5H, McGregory Buttes, t5/13; cum 42K 6/13;
23600, 484, Baytex, M. Macklin 15-22 5H, Ambrose, t1.13; cum 31K 6/13;
24908, 397, CLR, Charlotte 6-22H2, Banks, t7/13; cum  --

Wednesday, August 14, 2013:
23700, 790, Fidelity, Albert 14-23H, Dickinson, t3/13; cum 50K 13; 30 stages; 2.5 million lbs; Upper Three Forks; a trip gas of 2,655 units was noted. 
24442, 537, Hess, EN-State B 155-93-1609H-4, Alger, t9/13; cum 23K 10/13;
24657, 344, CLR, Farver 2-29H4, Hamlet, Lower Three Forks, 30 stages; 3 million lbs; t7/13; cum 72K 9/18;
24699, 551, Samson Resources, Baja 2215-2, Ambrose, t6/13; cum 13K 6/13;

Tuesday, August 13, 2013:
22441, 808, OXY USA, Binstock 1-34-27H-142-96, Russian Creek, t2/13; cum 17K 6/13;
22841, 2,627, Statoil, Rose 12-13-4TFH, Avoca, t10/13; cum 4K 10/13;
23636, 718, Fidelity, Bob 16-21H, Stanley, t2/13; cum 39K 6/13;
24148, 132, Legacy, Legacy Et Al Berge 8-11H, Red Rock, Spearfish, t4/13; cum 9K 6/13;
24607, 1,622, KOG, P Wood 154-98-2-27-34-16H3B, Truax, t7/13; cum 31K 10/13;

Monday, August 12, 2013
22698, 1,320, XTO, Star 21X-14B, Grinnell, t7/13; cum --
23182, 818, Hess, SC-Tom 153-98-1514H-3, Truax, t9/13; cum 40K 11/13;
23435, 1,267, Whiting, Marsh 44-9PH, Dutch Henry Butte, t2/13; cum 35K 6/13;
23576, 2,061, Whiting, Havelka 11-15PH, Dickinson, t2/13; cum 28K 6/13;
23577, 1,192, Whiting, Havelka 21-15PH, Dickinson, t2/13; cum 59K 6/13;
23708, 937, KOG, P Thomas 153-98-5-10-11-8H, Truax, t6/13; cum 10K 6/13;
23863, 487, Hunt, Frazier 1-3-10H, Frazier, t6/13; cum 7K 6/13;
23894, 146, Corinthian Exploration, Corinthian Backman 12-34 1H, North Souris, t2/13; cum 23K 10/13;
23895, 133, Corinthian Exploration, Corinthian Backman 4-34 1H, North Souris, t3/13; cum 28K 10/13;

Sunday, August 11, 2013 
23285, 1,398, Statoil, Charlie Sorenson 17-8 3TFH, Alger, t9/13; cum 5K 10/13;
23383, 2,343 HRC, Fort Berthold 148-94-36C-25-3H, McGregory, t5/13; cum 44K 6/13
23436, 597, Whiting, Marsh 41-16PH, Dutch Henry Butte, t6/13; cum 6K 6/13;
23579, 1,897, Whiting, Havelka 14-10PH, Dutch Henry Butte, t2/13; cum 47K 6/13;
23845, 488, OXY USA, Ridl 1-24-25H-142-96, Russian Creek, t2/13; cum 26K 6/13;
23978, 3,810, Statoil, Rose 12-13 6H, Avoca, t10/13; cum 5K 10/13;
24660, 511, CLR, Salo 4-26H, Hamlet, t5/13; cum 14K 6/13;
24827, 1,807, QEP, Hemi 2-27-34BH, Grail, see this post; t6/13; cum 92K 10/13; 

Saturday, August 10, 2013
21466, 2,448, MRO, William USA 31-2H, Reunion Bay, t7/13; cum 453K 9/18;
23646, 2,325, BR, Copper Draw 24-22TFH 2SH, Johnson Corner, 4 sections, t7/13; cum --
24448, 709, Petro-Hunt/SM Energy, Legaard 2-25HNB, Colgan, t7/13; cum 157K 9/18;
24606, 2,118, KOG, P Wood 154-98-4-27-34-13HA, Truax, t7/13; cum 56K 10/13;
24826, 1,936, QEP, Hemi 1-27-34BH, Grail, see this post; t6/13; cum 48K 6/13;
24858, 1,790, XTO, Star 21X-14F, Grinnell, t7/13; cum 36K 10/13;

Friday, August 9, 2013
22074, 496, KOG, P. Thomas 153-98-5-10-11-8H3, Truax, t6/13; cum 8K 6/13;
22745, 1,070, Enerplus, Wormwood 149-93-21C-22H,  Mandaree, t6/13; cum 17K 6/13;
22746, 1,028, Enerplus, Bluestem 149-93-21C-22H TF, Mandaree, t6/13; cum 17K 6/13;
23183, 564, Hess, SC-Tom 153-98-1514-2, Truax, t8/13; cum 25K 10/13;
24294, 324, CLR, Langved 1-35H,  Beaver Lodge, t7/13; cum 20K 10/13;
24816, 74, Hunt, Hawkeye 1-34-27HTF, Bluffton, t7/13; cum --

Thursday, August 8, 2013
20063, 1,504, HRC, State 157-100-32C-29-1H, Marmon, t4/13; cum 35K 6/13;
22797, 2,574, Statoil, Esther Hynek 10-11 2TFH, Alger, t7/13; cum --,
23124, 2,265, HRC, Fort Berthold 148-94-30A-31-3H, Eagle Nest, t6/13; cum 16K 6/13;
23830, 168, Samson Resources, Bakke 3229-6TFH, Ambrose, t5/13; cum 7K 6/13;
23382, 2,710, HRC, Fort Berthold 147-94-1B-12-3H, McGregory Buttes, t5/13; cum 158K 11/13;
24176, 798, SM Energy, Simonson 1-29HN, Colgan, t4/13; cum 23K 6/13;
24449, 440, SM Energy, Legaard 2-25HNA, Colgan, t7/13; cum 38K 11/13;
24605, 2,556, KOG, P Wood 154-98-4-27-34-13HA, Truax, t7/13; cum 60K 11/13;
24626, 2,924, BR, Badlands 41-15MBH, Hawkeye, t8/13; cum 45K 11/13;

Wednesday, August 7, 2013
22543, 1,038, OXY USA, State 2-25-36H-144-97, Cabernet, t2/13; cum 61K 6/13;
23184, 680, Hess, SC-Tom 153-98-1514H-1, Truax, t813; cum 38K 11/13;
23396, 314, Fidelity, Schmidt 11-2H, Dutch Henry Butte, t3/13; cum 27K 6/13;
23676, 134, OXY USA, Charles Davis 1-4-9H-142-94, Murphy Creek, t2/13; cum 7K 6/13;
23713, 319, Fidelity, Diamond J 41-20H, Sanish, t2/13; cum 20K 6/13;
23829, 266, Samson Resources, Thomte 0508-6TFH, Ambrose, t5/13; cum 14K 6/13;
24670, no IP yet, Whiting, Plienis 24-24, Camel Hump, a Red River well, first produced 4/13; cum 82K 2/14; 
24742, 911,  Zenergy, K2 Holdings 31-32H, Todd, t5/13; cum 29K 6/13;
24771, 964,  Slawson, Serpent (Federal) 4-36-31TFH, Van Hook, t4/13; cum 40K 6/13;
24803, 363,  CLR, Dragseth 1-4AH, Winner, t4/13; cum 21K 6/13; 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013
23704, 141, Corinthian, Corinthian Bowers 5-2 1H, Spearfish well, North Souris, t2/13; cum 19K 6/13;
23709, 2,157, KOG, P Thomas 153-98-5-10-11-1H, Truax, t6/13; cum 19K 6/13;

Monday, August 5, 2013
20736, 873, Liberty Resources, Jackman 156-100-11-2-1H, East Fork, t3/13; cum 62K 6/13;
23674, 2,811, Statoil, Esther Hynek 10-11 7H, Alger, t6/13; cum --
24088, 2,762, Statoil, Sax 25-36 6TFH, Banks, t9/13; cum 16K 10/13;
24305, 1,577, MRO, Helgeson 41-30H, Bailey, t7/13; cum 33K 10/13;
24506, 1,065, Hess, BB-State 151-96-3625H-5, Blue Buttes, t7/13; cum 67K 10/13;
24604, 2,272, KOG, P Wood 154-98-4-27-34-13HB, Truax, t7/13; cum 56K 10/13;
24705, 828, OXY USA, Stag 1-35-23H-142-96, Russian Creek, t5/13; cum 14K 6/13;

Sunday, August 4, 2013
21707, 1,462, BR, Keene 44-35MBH, Little Knife, t5/13; cum 10K 6/13;
23078, 259, CLR, Oscar 3-24H, Stoneview, 4 sections, t8/13; cum 19K 10/13;
23123, 2,075, HRC Operating, Fort Berthold 148-94-19D-18-3H, Eagle Nest, t6/13; cum 64K 10/13;
24496, 790, Whiting, Koppinger 31-13PH, Green River, t2/13; cum 25K 6/13;

Saturday, August 3, 2013
23461, 825, MRO, Hansen Ranch USA 44-10TFH, Bailey, t6/13; cum 15K 61/3;
24087, 4,059, Statoil, Sax 25-36 5TFH, Banks, t9/13; cum 20K 10/13;
24300, 795, Whiting, Tank 34-7H, Dollar Joe, t2/13; cum 38K 6/13;
24345, 526, HRC Operating, Pederson 1-17-20H,  Little Muddy, t3/13; cum 18K 6/13;
24505, 659, Hess, BB-State 151-96-3625H-5, Blue Buttes, t81/3; cum 33K 10/13;

Friday, August 2, 2013
22072, 1,664, WPX, State of ND 10-3HC, Van Hook, t5/13; cum 44K 6/13;
23640, 883, Whiting, Buresh 44-10PH, Dutch Henry Butte, t2/13; cum 29K 6/13;
23641, 1,153, Whiting, Buresh 41-15PH, Dickinson, t2/13; cum 44K 6/13;
23662, 444, CLR, Zimmerman 3-13H, Stoneview, 4 sections, t8/13; cum 7K 10/13;
23675, 2,236, Statoil, Esther Hynek 10-11 6TFH, Alger, t6/13; cum --
24387, 592, SM Energy, Behan 2-29H, Indian Hill, t5/13; cum 18K 6/13;
24403, 1.045, SM Energy, Koeser 3-26HA, Siverston, t8/13; cum 58K 10/13;
24404, 685, SM Energy, Koeser 3X-26HA, Siverston, t8/13; cum 45K 10/13;

Thursday, August 1, 2013
20633, 1,236, EOG, Fertile 53-3024H, Parshall, t2/13; cum 104K 5/13;
22213, 1,732 WPX, George Evans 14-23HD, Van Hook, t7/13; cum 71K 10/13;
23531, 1,597, Oasis, K A Sutton Federal 5300 24-15T, Willow Creek, t3/13; cum 40K 5/13;
24639, TA, GMX Resources, Fairfield State 21-16-2H, Whitetail/St Demetrius;

Wednesday, July 31, 2013
20513, 2,365, EOG, Riverview 3-3130H, Clarks Creek, t3/13; cum 116K 6/13;
23286, 2,316, Statoil, Bures 20-29 4TFH, Alger, t91/3; cum 18K 10/13;
23405, 183,  Fidelity, Jerry 15-22H, Stanley, t3/13; cum 17K 6/13;
24086, 2,285, Statoil, Sax 25-36 4TFH, Banks, t91/3; cum 17K 10/13;
24402, 858, SM Energy, Koeser 3X-26HB, Siverston, t8/13; cum 51K 10/13;
24504, 827, Hess, BB-State 151-96-3625H-4, Blue Buttes, t8/13; cum 47K 10/13;

Tuesday, July 30, 2013
23077, 455, CLR, Oscar 2-24H, Stoneview, t8/13; cum 26K 10/13;

Monday, July 29, 2013
21820, 83, Legacy, Legacy Et Al Berge 13-6H, North Souris, t3/13, cum 3K 5/13;
24071, 349, Whiting, Oukrop 34-34PH, St Anthony, t2/13; cum 14K 5/13;
24246, 2,164, BR, CCU Meriwether 14-19TFH, Corral Creek, unitized, t7/13; cum 61K 10/13;
24638, 1,592, XTO, Emma 31X-30D, Alkali Creek, t6/13; cum --
24834, 214, CLR, Durham 3X-2H, North Tobacco Garden, t5/13; cum 16K 5/13;

Sunday, July 28, 2013
23214, 784, Whiting, Froehlich 21-13PH, Zenith, t2/13; cum 25K 5/13;
23407, 746, Baytex, Marilyn Nelson 20-17-162-98H 1XB, Blooming Prairie, t1/13; cum 65K 5/13;
23409, 625, Baytex, Burton Olson 28-33-162-98H 1XP, Whiteaker, t1/13; cum 51K 5/13;
23921, 432, Samson Resources, Border Farms 3130-5TFH, West Ambrose, t5/13; cum 10K 5/13;
24085, 3,243, Statoil, Sax 25-36 3H, Banks, t9/13; cum 24K 10/13;
24503, 733, Hess, BB-State 151-96-3625H-2, Blue Buttes, t8/13; cum 35K 10/13;

Saturday, July 27, 2013
22991, 1,056, Zenergy, Reidle 18-7HTF, Nohly Lake, t5/13; cum 6K 5/13;
23555, 2,018, HRC Operating, Fort Berthold 152-94-14D-11-3H, Antelope, t6/13; cum 62K 10/13;
23663, 207, CLR, Zimmerman 2-13H, Stoneview, 4 sections, t81/3; cum 5K 10/13;
24033, 508, CLR, Dover 2-30H, Dollar Joe, 4 sections, t7/13; cum 41K 10/13;
24316, 394, MRO, Hopkins USA 15-2H, McGregory Buttes, t3/13; ;cum 12K 5/13;

Friday, July 26, 2013
21678, 1,107, OXY USA, Emerson 2-24-25H-143-96, Fayette, t1/13; cum 31K 5/13;
22699, 377, American Eagle, Mona Johnson 1-3N-163-101, Colgan, t5/13; cum 4K 5/13;
22925, 1,336, OXY USA, Emerson 3-24-25H-143-96, Fayette, t1/13; cum 27K 5/13;
23297, 378, Petro-Hunt, Boss 154-99-18C-17-2H, Stockyard Creek,  t6/13; cum --
23413, 2,400, XTO, Hegg 21-29SH, Siverston, t7/13; cum 51K 10/13;
23502, 1,035, Hess, BB-Burk-151-95-0718H-5, Blue Buttes, t9/13; cum 49K 10/13;
24021, 550, Whiting, Tomchuk 11-30PH, Green River, t1/13; cum 23K 5/13;
24482, 2,963, BR, CCU Meriwether 24-19MBH, Corral Creek, unitized, t7/13; cum 18K 10/13;
24590, 520, American Eagle, Hagberg 2-1N-163-101, Colgan, t5/13; cum 6K 5/13;
24637, 1,524, XTO, Emma 31X-30C, Alkali Creek, t6/13; cum --
24708, 149, MRO, Cook 24-31H,  Saxon, t3/13; cum 5K 5/13;

Thursday, July 25, 2013
21065, 539, KOG, Skunk Creek 9-2-3-12HS, South Fork, t3/12; cum 40K 5/13; 
22689, 1.910, EOG, Wayzetta 136-2127H, Parshall, t2/13; cum 74K 5/13;
23630, 1,975, Statoil, Reiten 23-14 2H, Painted Woods, t8/13; cum 20K 10/13;
23920, 370, Samson Resources, Border Farms 3130-4TFH, West Ambrose, t5/13; cum 11K 5/13;
24034, 598, CLR, Dover 3-30H, Dollar Joe, t7/13; cum 27K 10/13;
24711, 1,322, XTO, Kulczyk 43X-17B, Alkali Creek, t6/13; cum --

Wednesday, July 24, 2013
23245, 721, CLR, Richmond 3-26H, Brooklyn, t6/13; cum 2K 5/13;
23501, 828, Hess, BB-Burk-151-95-00718H-4, Blue Buttes, t9/13; cum 43K 10/13;
23554, 2,909, HRC, Fort Berthold 152-94-14D-11-4H, Antelope, t8/13; cum 79K 10/13;
23988, 1,209, Oasis, Dale 5601 14-26B,  Tyrone, t1/13; cum 31K 5/13;
24121, 2,886, BR, Blegen 44-24MBH, Blue Buttes, t6/13;
24438, 527, Petro-Hunt, Sorenson 152-96-24D-13-5H, Union Center, t8/13; cum 37K 10/13;
24668, 1,579, Emerald, Pirate 1-2-11H, Foreman Butte, t3/13; cum 39K 5/13;

Tuesday, July 23, 2013
24255, 2,447, HRC Operating, Fort Berthold 152-93-7D-6-2H, Four Bears, t4/13; cum 45K 5/13

Monday, July 22, 2013
23500, 790, Hess, BB-Burk-151-95-0718-3, Blue Buttes, t8/13; cum 42K 10/13;
23534, 589, Liberty Resources, J. Garvin Jacobson 150-101-8-5-1H, Pronghorn, t2/13; cum 50K 5/13;
23601, 212, Baytex, Moe Trsut 33-28-160-98H 1BP, Skabo, t1/13; cum 21K 5/13;
24122, 2,968, BR, Blegen 44-24TFH, Blue Buttes, t6/13; cum --
24341, 2,803, BR, Waterton 44-32TFH, Keene, t5/13; cum 5K 5/13;

Sunday, July 21, 2013
20516, 211, KOG, Smokey 15-22-15-2HS, Pembroke, t12/11; cum 52K 5/13;
23244, 911, CLR, Richmond 2-26H,  Brooklyn, t6/13; cum 4K 5/13;
23852, 1,036, Whiting, Peterson 34-35H, Sanish, t2/13; cum 42K 5/13;
23993, 3,888, Statoil, Johnston 7-6 7H, Banks, t10/13; cum 7K 12/13;
24323, 1,187, CLR, Raymo 3-31H, Clear Creek, producing; 9K first month; t5/13; cum 10K 5/13;
24351, 1,007, WPX, Stevenson 15-8HD,  Squaw Creek, producing; 13K first two months; t4/13; cum 14K 5/13;

Saturday, July 20, 2013
22760, 412, Zavanna, Rogers 1-12 1TFH, Foreman Butte, t6/13; cum --
24743, 28, Enduro Operating, MRPSE 19-13, Mouse River Park, t3/13; cum 3K 5/13;

Friday, July 19, 2013
21274, 1,389, Enerplus, Chord 148-93-18D-07-3H, McGregory Buttes, t7/13; cum 98K 10/13;
21920, 653, OXY USA, Sharon Rainey 1-17-20H-142-96, Manning, t1/13; cum 26K 5/13;
23499, 694, Hess, BB-Burk-151-95-0718H-2, Blue Buttes, t8/13; cum 37K 10/13;
23535, 574, Liberty Resources, J. Garvin Jacobson 150-101-17-20-1H, Pronghorn, t2/13; cum 57K 5/13
24618, 215, Whiting, Davidson 13-19, Delhi, Red River well; t3/13; 320-acre spacing; cum 8K 5/13;

Thursday, July 18, 2013
22979, 1,583, HRC, Fort Berthold 148-94-9C-04-5H, Eagle Nest, t7/13; cum 12K 7/13;
23631, 2,174, Statoil, Michael Owan 26-35 3H, Painted Woods, t8/13; cum 7/13;
23992, 5,417, Statoil, Beaux 18-19 7H, Banks,t8/13; cum 15K 10/13;
24554, DRY, Great Plains Energy, Wolf 42-21, wildcat, no production data; along with #19705, southeast of Dickinson, near Gladstone; #19705 was a Fidelity Wanner well that does not look promising; this is the first (and only) permit Great Plains Energy has;
24680, 114, Corinthian, Corinthian Kveum 5-32 1-H, Northeast Landa, a Spearfish/Madison;  t3/13; cum 8K 5/13; this is a very good well for a Spearfish well;
24684, 2,805, QEP, G. Levang 2-32-29TFH, Grail, t8/13; cum --

Wednesday, July 17, 2013
22103, 430, Petro-Hunt, Thorson 159-94-7A-18-5H, North Tioga, t5/13; cum 10K 5/13; 
23607, 801, OXY USA, State Ruck 1-21-16H-143-97, Crooked Creek, t1/13; cum 24K 5/13;
24436, 291, CLR, Posse 1-35H,  Corinth, t3/13; cum 6K 5/13;
24593, 405, CLR, Rosenvold 3-30H-3, Hamlet, t4/13; cum 9K 5/13;

Tuesday, July 16, 2013
23991, 4,071, Statoil, Johnston 7-6 2TFH, Banks, t8/13; cum 15K 10/13;

Monday, July 15, 2013
21275, 1,082, Enerplus Resources, Music 148-93-18D-07-4H TF, McGregory Buttes, t7/13; cum 30K 7/13,
22313, 1,545, HRC, Fort Berthold 148-94-28A-33-2H, McGregory Buttes, t4/13; cum 19K 5/13;
23017, 4,174, Oasis, Ashlin 5300 44-12B, Willow Creek, t2/13; cum 82K 5/13;
23018, 2,559, Oasis, Andy 5300 44-12T, Willow Creek, t2/13; cum 51K 5/13;
23633, conf --> loc, Statoil, Michael Owan 26-35 2TFH, Painted Woods, no data,
23788, 1,905, XTO, Thorp Federal 11X-28F, Little Knife, nt8/13; cum 27K 10/13;
24132, 1,385, XTO, FBIR Walterpackswolf 31X-12D, Heart Butte, t7/13; cum 5K 7/13;
24340, 658, Hunt Oil, Frazier 1-24-13HTF, Frazier, t4/13; cum 22K 5/13;
24388, 944, Hess, EN-Uran A 154-93-1522H-2, Robinson Lake, t7/13; cum 29K 7/13;
24685, 2994, QEP, G. Levang 13-32/29H, Grail, t8/13; cum --

Sunday, July 14, 2013
21858, 206, CLR,, Knutson 1-15H, Stoneview, t5/13; cum 3K 5/13;
23460, 1,450, MRO, Hansen Ranch USA 44-10H, Bailey, t5/13; cum 19K 5/13;

Saturday, July 13, 2013
22912, 2,972, BR, Old Hickory 14-33TFH, Sand Creek, 4-sec spacing, t5/13; cum 12K 5/13;
23303, 2,888, WPX, Blackhawk 1-12H, Moccasin Creek, t11/12; cum 78K 5/13;
23990, 3,657, Statoil, Beaux 18-19 2TFH, Banks, t8/13; cum --
24389, 534, Hess, EN-Uran A 154-93-1522H-3, Robinson Lake, t7/13; cum 35K 10/13;
24456, 542, CLR, Hawkinson 14-22H2, Oakdale, t9/13; cum 6K 10/13;
24686, 2,207, QEP, G. Levang 13-32/29H, Grail, t8/13; cum --

Friday, July 12. 2013
23698, 781, Murex, MacKenzie Joy 3-10H, Sanish, t1/13; cum 34K 5/13; 
23710, 348, Whiting, Richard 31-15PH, Zenith, t2/13; cum 10K 5/13;
23787, 1,604, XTO, Thorp Federal 11X-28B, Little Knife, t9/13; cum 35K 10/13;

Thursday, July 11, 2013
23632, 879, Statoil, Reiten 23-14 1TFH, Painted Woods, t8/13; cum 10K 10/13;
23744, 501, Fidelity, Fladeland 34-31H, Sanish, t1/13; cum 26K 5/13;
24003, 757, Hess, EN-Cvancara 155-93-1522H-3, Alger, t4/13; cum 27K 5/13;
24455, 2,323, CLR, Hawkinson 13-22H, Oakdale, t10/13; cum 19K 1013;
24687, 2,740, QEP, G. Levang 4-32-29BH, Grail, t8/13; cum --

Wednesday, July 10, 2013
22752, 1,064, Fidelity, State 34-33-28H, Stanley; t1/13; cum 79K 5/13;
24352, 287, CLR, Gibb 1-24H,  Beaver Lodge, t3/13; cum --

Tuesday, July 9, 2013
22677, 1,191, OXY USA, Dennis Kadrmas 2-9-4H-143-96, Fayette, t1/13; cum 59K 5/13;
23258, 1,681, HRC Operating, Fort Berthold 147-94-3A-10-2H, McGregory Buttes, t3/13; cum 43K 5/13;
24004, 715, Hess, EN-Cvancara 155-93-1522H-2, Alger, t4/14; cum 29K 5/13;
24350, 445 CLR, Hawkinson 12-22H3, Oakdale, t9/13; cum --
24390, 819, Hess, EN-Uran A 154-93-1522H-4, Robinson Lake, t6/13; cum 30K 7/13;
24698, WI, Enduro, MRPSU 19-33, Mouse River Park, Madison, no data

Monday, July 8, 2013
24009, 2,089, Statoil, Paulson 36-1 1H, Briar Creek, t7/13; cum 17K 7/13;
24174, 2,004, Statoil, Panzer 22-23 3TFH, Alger, t6/13; cum 19K 7/13;
24343, 2,880, BR, Waterton 34-32TFH, Keene, t5/13; cum 4K 5/13;
24616, 2,389, QEP, Hemi 2-34-27TH, Grail, t5/13; cum 9K 5/13;

Sunday, July 7, 2013
24109, 623, Murex, Maxwell James 17-20H, Stanley, t3/13; cum 24K 5/13;
24257, 4,125, Murex, Albert Skari 35-26H,  Sandrocks, t2/13; cum 121K 10/13;
24525, 483, True Oil, Hagen Federal 23-25 30-29H, Red Wing Creek, t7/13; cum 8K 7/13;

Saturday, July 6, 2013
20395, 159, OXY USA, Henry Kovash 1-6-7H-142-95, Manning; t1/13;  um 29K 5/13;
22336, 752, CLR, Columba 2-5H, Dollar Joe, t6/13; cum 22K 7/13;
24357, 724, Hess, EN-Hermanson 154-93-0235H-3, Robinson Lake, t7/13; cum 11K 7/13;
24431, 1,113, CLR, Coleter 5-14H3, Bear Creek, no data, t6/13; cum 38K 7/13;
24562, 748, Hess, EN-Hermanson-154-93-0235H-5, Robinson Lake, t8/13; cum 32K 10/13;
24615, 3,167, QEP, Hemi 3-34-27BH, Grail, producing

Friday, July 5, 2013
20493, 1,099, WPX, North John Elk 28HC, Reunion Bay, spacing: 320 acres; t4/13; cum 24K 5/13; 10 stages; 1.9 million lbs sand frack; the lateral was drilled in one continuous run; originally this was a Zenergy permit for 1280-acre spacing; somewhere along the line it was changed
24173, 2,771, Statoil, Panzer 22-23 4H, Alger, t6/13; cum 17K 7/13;
24544, 341, Mountain Divide, Olson 35-26-1H, wildcat, t4/13; cum --

Wednesday, July 3, 2013
22337, 349, CLR, Columbia 3-5H,  Dollar Joe, t6/13; cum 8K 7/13;
23507, 520, HRC/G3 Operating, Fort Berthold 152-93-17D-08-5H, Four Bears, t7/13; cum 43K 2/14;
23647, 2,886, BR, Lillibridge 24-22TFH 3NH, Johnson Corner, t7/13; cum 13K 7/13;
24230, 2,927, BR, State Veeder 11-25MBH, Blue Buttes, 2-section spacing; t5/13; cum 108K 2/14;
24356, 816, Hess, EN-Hermanson 154-93-0235H-2, Robinson Lake, t7/13; cum 20K 7/13;
24452, 999, Newfield, Rolla State 152-07-1-12-10H, Westberg, t5/13; cum 3K 5/13;,
24453, 1,453, Newfield, Rolla State 152-97-1-1H, Westberg, t5/13; cum 14K 5/13;
24537, 2,842, BR, Midnight Horse 11-1MBH-ULW, Union Center, 4-section spacing, t5/13; cum 14K 5/13;
24561, 533, Hess, EN-Hermanson 154-93-0235H-4, Robinson Lake, t8/13; cum --
24614, 2,729, QEP, Hemi 3-24-27TH, Grail, t5/13; cum 15K 5/13;

Tuesday, July 2, 2013
22584, 1,231, Sinclair, Harris Federal 1-30H, Lone Butte, t5/13; cum 5K 5/13;
24172, 2,079, Statoil, Panzer 22-23 5TFH, Alger, t6/13; cum 27K 10/13;

Monday, July 1, 2013
23847, 296, Whiting, Stecker 32-9, Hoot Owl, Deadwood, t2/13; cum 11K 4/13; 
23859, 2,909, Statoil, Wright 4-33 5H, Alger, t6/13; cum 79K 2/14;
24229, 2,900, BR, State Veeder 11-25TFH, Blue Buttes, t5/13; cum 14K 4/13;
24454, 1,382, Newfield, Rolla State 152-97-1-12-2H, Westberg, t4/13; cum 23K 4/13;
24514, 794, Slawson, Serpent Federal 2-36-31H, Van Hook, t4/13; cum 5K 4/13;