Friday, August 12, 2011

Oakdale Oil Field Update

Permits in Oakdale Oil Field

2020 (none as of March 14, 2020)

  • None.

2017 (none as of June 2, 2017)
  • 34354, 2,485, CLR, Hawkinson 16-22HSL 1, 4 sections, NENE 22-147-96; 465 FNL 681 FEL, see graphic; t2/19; cum 274K 1/20;
  • 34353, 2,913, CLR, Morris 4-23HSL, NENE 22-147-96; 466 FNL 636 FEL, see graphic; t3/19; cum 233K 1/20;
  • 34352, 2,698, CLR, Morris 523H2, NENE 22-147-96; 466 FNL 500 FEL, see graphic; t4/19; cum 205K 1/20; but essentially off line since 6/19; remains off line 9/19; 
  • 34351, 1,969, CLR, Morris 6-23H, NENE 22-147-96; 467 FNL 456 FEL, see graphic; t4/19; cum 221K 1/20;
  • None.
2015 (list is compete)
  • 31104, 133, CLR, Hawkinson 15-22H, Oakdale, t4/16; cum 95K 1/20; off line since 11/18; see below;
  • No new Oakdale permits in 2014.
  • No new Oakdale permits in 2013.
  • Only the CLR Hawkinson wells noted below
  • None
Hawkinson Wells

Hawkinson wells in section 22/27-147-96 in Oakdale oil field (it should be noted that wells #20208 and #20211 are in this spacing unit, but sited in section 34 to the south):
  • 18275, single well, 1,020, CLR, Hawkinson 1-22H, t2/10; cased hole, 2 million lbs; cum 722K 1/20; went off line 3/19; still off line 4/19; back on line as of 5/19; unremarkable change in production;
A singleton (see above):
  • 31104, 133, CLR, Hawkinson 15-22H, t4/16; cum 95K 1/20; off line as of 11/18; back on line as of 1/19; still a lousy well;
There are two more Hawkinson wells that were drilled from the other end of the spacing unit:
  • 20208, 960, CLR, Hawkinson 2-27H, Oakdale, 4-section spacing, Three Forks; 24 stages, 2.4 million lbs; t9/11; cum 472K 1/20; off line as of 5/18; back on line as of 2/19; 
  • 20211, A/AB-->A/263, CLR, Hawkinson 3-27H, Oakdale, 4-section spacing, middle Bakken, 24 stages, 2.4 million lbs, t9/11; cum 389K 1/20; was AB, now active again, back on line as of 2/18; not much production since coming back on line; off line 10/19 but then back online 1/10;
Three-well pad:
  • 24223, 400, CLR, Hawkinson 4-22H2, Oakdale, Three Forks, 30 stages, 2.8 million lbs; t91/13; cum 382K 1/20; went offline 3/19; see this post;
  • 24224, 681, CLR, Hawkinson 5-22H, Oakdale, middle Bakken, 30 stages, 2.8 million lbs, t9/13; cum 495K 1/20; went offline 3/19; see this post;
  • 24225, 809, CLR, Hawkinson 6-22H3, Oakdale, Three Forks, 30 stages, 2.8 million lbs, t10/13; cum 236K 1/20; went off line 3/19; see this post; intermittent production until 5/19;
Five-well pad:
  • 24282, 175, CLR, Hawkinson 7-22H2, Oakdale, middle Bakken, 29 stages, 2.7 million lbs, t10/13; cum 257K 1/20; off line since 11/18; back online as of 3/19;
  • 24283, 504, CLR, Hawkinson 8-22H, Oakdale, middle Bakken, 29 stages, 2.7 million lbs, t11/13; cum 257K 1/20;
  • 24284, 203, CLR, Hawkinson 9-22H3, Oakdale, Three Forks, 30 stages, 2.8 million lbs, t10/13; cum 151K 1/20; off line since 11/18; back online as of 1/19 but still a lousy well; 
  • 24285, 922, CLR, Hawkinson 10-22H1, Oakdale, Three Forks, 30 stages, 2.8 million lbs, t10/13; cum 193K 1/20; off line since 11/18; online as of 1/19; but still a lousy well;
  • 24286, 323, CLR, Hawkinson 11-22H2, Oakdale, Three Forks, 30 stages, 2.7 million lbs, t10/13; cum 261K 1/20; off line since 11/18; back on line as of 1/19; looks like some increase in production;
Three-well pad:
  • 24350, 445, CLR, Hawkinson 12-22H3, Oakdale, Three Forks, t9/13; cum 204K 1/20; off line since 12/18; back on line for 6 days, 9/19; small amount of production;
  • 24455, 2,323, CLR, Hawkinson 13-22H, Oakdale, middle Bakken, 29 stages, 2.7 million lbs, t10/13; cum 299K 1/20; off line since 10/18; on line for 15 days 3/19 but offline again as of 4/19; back on line as of 6/19;
  • 24456, 542, CLR, Hawkinson 14-22H2, Oakdale, Three Forks, t9/13; cum 243K 1/20; off line since 10/18; back on line for 12 days in 3/19 but back off line as of 4/19; mediocre well at best; back on line as of 9/13;

June 6, 2019: #24282 back on line after being offline for about five months; not much change in production; 

February 4, 2019: lots of activity right now in this area. Several great wells off-line since 10/18; in addition, two new wells on DRL status are now on the 18858-18861 pad:
  • 35272,
  • 35273,
June 4, 2014: Oakdale field is very small; only eight (8) sections. It is two sections wide (west/east) by four sections long (north/south). It has four 1280-acre spacing units; and CLR proposes two overlapping 2560-acre units in the June NDIC dockets.
Case (not permit) 22550, CLR, Oakdale-Bakken, 16 wells on each existing 1280-acre unit within Zone I; 32 wells on each 2560-acre unit in Zones III and IV; Dunn
Since 32 wells works out to 16 wells sited in every 1280 acres, that would suggest a maximum of 32 wells in every 1280 acres. I assume they wouldn't drill a well unless they anticipated a EUR of at least 500,000 bbls. 16 x 500,000 = 8,000,000 boe in each section. 8 million boe / 640 acres = 12,500 boe/acre. 

November 6, 2013: Hawkinson Unit density test produces at an initial combined rate of 14,850 boe per day from middle Bakken and Three Forks benches one, two and three. CLR will dedicate four rigs to drill mega-pads. CLR will drill 350 wells on 25 pads over the next four to five years.

October 18, 2012:  Three new CLR permits in Oakdale -- testing the lower benches of the Three Forks?
Original Post

I recently updated the Morris 2-26H well which is in the Oakdale oil field in the Williston Basin.
  • 18860, 517, CLR, Morris 2-26H, Oakdale, Bakken; t5/11; cum 285K 10/17;  4-section spacing;
Here's the rest of the story:
  • 18858, 715, CLR, Morris 3-26H, Oakdale, Bakken, t5/11; cum 478K 12/18;  (Kind of HUGE), 4-section spacing; off line as of 9/18;
  • 18859, 680, CLR, Carson Peak 3-35H, Oakdale, Bakken, t5/11; cum 671K 12/18;  4 (Really HUGE); 4-section spacing; off line as of 10/18;
  • 18861, 759, CLR, Carson Peak 2-35H, Oakdale, Bakken; t5/11; cum 718K 12/18;  (Really HUGE); 4-section spacing: off line as of 10/18;
This Eco-Pad is in the Oakdale oil field, a field we don't hear much about. That's because it is a very small field, all of eight (8) sections. In fact, it's hard to get more than a couple of Eco-Pads in a field this small. Smile.

The field is in the core Bakken, in the northwest corner of Dunn County and surrounded by some "name" oil fields, including Little Knife and Jim Creek. The field is "owned" by Continental Resources.

Just east of this Eco-Pad is another Continental Resources Eco-Pad, the Hawkinson-Whitman Eco-Pad, 4-section spacing:
  • 20208, IA/960, CRL, Hawkinson 2-27H, Oakdale, Bakken; t9/11; cum 452K 12/18; off line as of 6/18;
  • ******20210, 803, CLR, Whitman 2-34H, Oakdale, Bakken, t9/11; cum 1.629573 million bbls/112/18; FracFocus/NDIC: no record of refrack; huge jump 9/18;
  • 20211, AB/263, CLR, Hawkinson 3-27H, Oakdale, Bakken; t9/11; cum 385K 10/17; 
  • **** 20212, 482, CLR, Whitman 3-34H, Oakdale, Bakken; t9/11; 308K 12/18; re-fracked 9/17;
Just to the west of the Hawkinson-Whitman Eco-Pad is a superb CLR well:
  • 17061, 664, CLR, Whitman 11-34H, Oakdale, Bakken; tested 6/08; 461K 12/18;
To the north is an old legacy well, still considered active, but last produced in 2008:
  • 6130, 220/PA, RM Resources, Hawkinson 1-27, Oakdale, Madison; t8/77; cum 341K as of 1/12 but no production since 5/08, abandoned
Another nice horizontal well drilled in this boom in this oil field:
  • 18275, 1,020, CLR, Hawkinson 1-22H, Oakdale, Bakken; t2/10; cum 712K 12/18; time to re-frack;
  • 17079, 559, CLR, Carson Peak 44-2H, Oakdale, Bakken; t6/08; cum 311K 12/18; off line as of 11/18;
  • 17334, 811, CLR, Morris 1-23H, Oakdale, Bakken, t11/08; cum 278K 12/18; off line as of 8/18; 
Everything suggests this will end up being a very good field. Eight sections, two Eco-Pads: one wonders if this field is an early candidate for unitization.


  1. Hi Bruce, Brigham has the Lucy Hanson well ip reported on their home page at 4365 boepd. The well is in the Catwalk field about 2 miles east of Williston by Medicine Lodge hill.

  2. Yes, I saw that during earnings week, but I had too much to post, and then forgot about it.

    I guess I should have put this up as a stand alone post. This is the boepd, which suggests the bopd will be somewhat lower. I am surprised BEXP didn't have a press release on this one.

  3. Adjacent to the south end of Carson Peak/Morris is the Bonneville/Bridger Eco pad. It has been producing about 6 months now with the initial notation of restricted flow. Very small chokes due to weather/field conditions. As a whole it has produced in the range of a couple hundred thousand barrels to date.
    A couple miles to the south and east is the Meadowlark Skachenko eco pad. What interests me about this location is that the two legs heading north from this pad pass on either side of Skachenko A1 #8499 well completed in Duperow in 1981 I beliieve and has produced around 1.5 million barrels. The Duperow is not that much below the Three Forks.
    As my mind wanders I think about how much information is being gained by all those horizontal wells drilled two miles below the surface and what the topographical map of the three forks looks like. I wonder if Continental may be thinking they have potential conventional prospects with the Duperow because of their expanding knowledge base.

    Another thing is Continental mentioned a while back that they were planning on drilling out some of thier eco pads with full development starting later this year. In the unit with Bonnivelle Bridger they have drilled a disposal well. I would think piping directly from the well to diposal would be the most efficient way to dispose of salt water. I would think that development would start close to the disposal well. I suspect we may see full development of eco pads some where in this area fairly soon.

  4. Excellent.

    You are the second person to point out to me how information Harold Hamm (CLR) is garnering in the Williston Basin. He operates or participates in one out of every six wells drilled in this boom. You are very correct; he is learning a lot. Just reading the geologist's reports remind one how much information the teams are obtaining on all the formations they drill through to get to the Bakken.

    A pipeline to SWD wells makes a lot of sense, and I've often commented that the Williston Basin has a lot of infrastructure already in place compared to what Utica and Eagle Ford have.

    Thank you for a great note; it may lead to a stand-alone post.