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This Can't Be Good -- January 4, 2015

From GDPNow:
The GDPNow model forecast for real GDP growth (seasonally adjusted annual rate) in the fourth quarter of 2015 is 0.7 percent on January 4, down from 1.3 percent on December 23, 2015.
The forecast for the contribution of net exports to fourth-quarter real GDP growth fell 0.1 percentage points to -0.4 percentage points on December 29 after the U.S. Census Bureau's advance report on international trade in goods.
The nowcast for real GDP growth fell 0.5 percentage points this morning following the Census Bureau's release on construction spending and the Institute for Supply Management's Manufacturing ISM Report On Business.

Cushing Crude Oil Storage At All-Time High For Week Ending January 1 -- January 4, 2015

Penn Energy is reporting: Cushing crude oil storage at all-time high for week ending January 1.
Crude inventories at Cushing, OK, reached an all-time high for the week ending January 1, 2016, surpassing the previous all-time high set April 14, 2015, by nearly 347,000 bbls.

West Texas Intermediate (WTI) prices fell $1.65/barrel to $36.60/barrel in the first two hours after the report in reaction to the growing Cushing supply.

The most recent record high was due in part to increasingly favorable storage economics in connection with a widening 12-month price contango structure for WTI. In addition, year-end tax reduction strategies added incentive to move crude into storage tanks at Cushing. The April 2015 storage high was also reached when the WTI price was in a 12-month contango structure.

Capacity utilization at Cushing is currently two percent below the all-time high set in March 2011. Since that time, close to 32mn bbls of storage capacity has been added to the storage hub.

Seven operators at the Cushing tank farm are now above 80 percent capacity utilization, indicating that most of their storage volumes are likely merchant, or leased to others, rather than operational. Genscape considers 80 percent capacity utilization to be an operational maximum.

These seven owners, representing 31.184mn bbls of operational capacity in total, have only 4.745mn bbls of available capacity. Four terminals are currently 70 to 80 percent full with only 6.302mn bbls of remaining capacity.

The final five terminals that are still below 70 percent utilization represent just 32 percent of Cushing’s total capacity and have 9.473mn bbls of capacity available for storage. The available capacity amount does not account for operationally necessary empty space (for blending, pipeline operations, etc.) or contingency tank top space.

At this time, three different companies are expanding their storage infrastructure at Cushing with a combined 1.93mn bbls of capacity under construction. All of these projects are expected to be online by the end of Q1 2016. Currently, 2.276mn bbls of storage capacity is in maintenance. Tanks returning from maintenance could add incremental space in the interim.
Thank goodness for relaxation on rules exporting US crude oil. 

Four (4) New Permits; XTO/Whiting Report Several High-IP Wells -- January 4, 2016

Four (4) new permits --
  • Operator: BR
  • Field: Elidah
  • Comments: permits for a 4-well pad
Five (5) permits renewed, including --
  • Resource Energy Can-Am, a Rebecca permit in Divide County
  • SM Energy (4), permits for a Marlyn, Laura, Bob, and Maria in Divide County, all in same section
Slawson canceled five (5) permits --
  • two Rainmaker Federal permits, two River Rat Federal permits, and one Cougar Federal permit, all in Mountrail County
Eight (8) producing wells completed:
  • 27690, 2,300, Oasis, Logan 5601 13-26 5B, Tyrone, t1/15; cum --
  • 29579, 1,270, XTO, Satter 31X-1CXD, Siverston, t12/15; cum --
  • 29752, 233, SHD, Avalanche 36-17-TF2, Clarks Creek, t12/15; cum --
  • 29962, 142, SHD, Magnum 36-11-TF2, Clarks Creek, t11/15; cum --
  • 30042, 1,939, XTO, Deep Creek Federal 43X-5D, Lost Ridge, t11/15; cum 11K 11/15 (10 days)
  • 30046, 1,686, XTO, Thorp Federal 11X-28A, Little Knife, t9/15; cum 19K 11/15;
  • 30047, 1,186, XTO, Thorp Federal 11X-28E, Little Knife, t10/15; cum 16K 10/15;
  • 30671, 619, Hess, BL-Odegaard-156-95-2116H-5, Beaver Lodge, t12/15; cum --
 Active rigs:

Active Rigs58171184179192

Wells coming off confidential list Tuesday:
  • 29864, 2,210, Whiting, P Wood 154-98-14-22-16-3H, Truax, 34 stages, 7 million lbs, t7/15; cum 120K 11/15;
  • 29865, 2,422, Whiting, P Wood 154-98-14-22-16-3HA, Truax, middle Bakken, 27 stages, 6.7 million lbs, t7/15; cum 108K 11/15;
  • 30863, SI/NC, Enerplus, Burrowing 147-94-13B-24H, McGregory Buttes, no production data,
  • 30927, 756, Triangle USA, Eckert Foundation 152-102-22-15-2HX, Elk, 31 stages, 4 million lbs, t7/15; cum 64K 11/15;
  • 31323, SI/NC, EOG, Wayzetta 99-3019H, Parshall, no production data,
  • 31390, SI/NC, XTO, Sara 41X-13DXA, Grinnell, no production data,

30927, see above, Triangle USA, Eckert Foundation 152-102-22-15-2HX, Elk:

DateOil RunsMCF Sold

29865, see above, Whiting, P Wood 154-98-14-22-16-3HA, Truax:

DateOil RunsMCF Sold

 29864, see above, Whiting, P Wood 154-98-14-22-16-3H, Truax:

DateOil RunsMCF Sold

The Periodic Table Has Been Made A Bit More Tidy, Seventh Row Completed -- January 4, 2015

I will have to get a new coffee cup, but I will wait until the "new" elements are named, Sheldon accepts the new names, and the new names are on the new cup:

The periodic table is complete! The last four elements have been added. I honestly did now know if I would see this in my lifetime. This is quite a milestone. The [London] Guardian is reporting:
Four new elements have been added to the periodic table, finally completing the table’s seventh row and rendering science textbooks around the world instantly out of date.

The elements, discovered by scientists in Japan, Russia and America, are the first to be added to the table since 2011, when elements 114 and 116 were added.

The four were verified on 30 December by the US-based International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, the global organisation that governs chemical nomenclature, terminology and measurement.

IUPAC announced that a Russian-American team of scientists at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California had produced sufficient evidence to claim the discovery of elements 115, 117 and 118.

The body awarded credit for the discovery of element 113, which had also been claimed by the Russians and Americans, to a team of scientists from the Riken institute in Japan.

The elements, which currently bear placeholder names, will be officially named by the teams that discovered them in the coming months. Element 113 will be the first element to be named in Asia.
The [London] Guardian has more at this link:
At last, the periodic table looks tidy. To nobody’s surprise, the discovery – and indeed creation – of a few atoms of elements number 113, 115, 117 and 118 has now been verified by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC), and the seventh period is complete, giving the main table a nice, smooth bottom row. As soon as the new elements are officially named, the world’s chemistry textbooks can be reprinted with what may well be the final version. (There might be an eighth period out there too, but let’s not think about that for now.)
Since we first began to understand that each element consists of a specific number of protons surrounded by the same number of electrons (and flavoured with various numbers of neutrons), it has been easy to speculate about finding more. The Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleev first arranged them in the now familiar way in 1869, having seen the table in a dream. Henceforth, if anyone asks you what the universe is, you can give (as a short answer): “This.” So here are some of the most intriguing elements on the all-singing, all-dancing new periodic table.
The elements and current place-holder names that have been verified and will now be renamed:
  • 113, Uut, ununtrium -- un-un-trium -- one-one-three
  • 115, Uup, ununpentium -- un-un-pentium -- one-one-five
  • 117, Uus, ununseptium -- un-un-septium -- one-one-seven
  • 118,  Uuo, ununoctium -- un-un-octium -- one-one-eight
It's too bad; I finally understood / knew the "names" of these four elements. 

Element #118 is a no-brainer: "Octomomium" as in "octo-mom," the "mother" of all elements.

Random Look At Another Possible Example Of The "Halo Effect" In The Bakken, Part II -- January 4, 2016.

Before reading this post, read the background to this post: Random Look At Another Possible Example Of The "Halo Effect" In The Bakken, Part 1 -- January 4, 2016.

As noted, that is Part 1.

In that post, I highlighted the possibility of a halo effect from fracking this index well:
  • 17758, 617, Newfield, Alice Federal 1-28H, Sand Creek, t8/09; cum 102K 11/15; 
In the graphic below, the Alice Federal is "index well, part I."

But what about "index well, part II?
  • 18323, 2,654, Newfield, Sand Creek Federal 1-21H, Sand Creek, t3/10; cum 180K 11/15; here's the production profile:
PoolDateDaysBBLS OilRunsBBLS WaterMCF ProdMCF SoldVent/Flare

I've always maintained that the farther the toe is from the boot in a horizontal well, the less effective is the fracking. This well (#18323, Sand Federal) seems to validate that observation (compare this post with the earlier post, Part I). In the long, long article by Mike Filloon that was linked earlier today, Mike suggested the same thing (although I believe it was one of his comments in reply to a reader and not in the main body of the Seeking Alpha post. And finally, EOG's success with short laterals seems to validate my thinking regarding this issue.

Random Look At Another Possible Example Of The "Halo Effect" In The Bakken, Part I -- January 4, 2016

Disclaimer: in a long note like this, there will be factual and typographical errors. I often see things that are not there. I often make assumptions that are incorrect. If this information is important to you go to the source. I often mix personal comments with facts provided by other sources.

A huge "thank you" to a reader for sending me this one.

Doing things a bit differently, let's look at this well back in 2014. Here is the production profile for this well back in 2013 - 2014, 500 to 600 bbls per month (the four column is "oil production"):


This well was so "bad" it met the definition of a "stripper well" as defined by North Dakota, and on November 19, 2014, the operator applied for Stripper Well status for this well. In the letter requesting stripper well status, the operator wrote: "The well produced from a well depth greater than 10,000 feet. During the qualifyign period, September 1, 2012, through August 31, 2013, the well produced a maximum efficient rate and the average daily production from the well was 24.2 bopd during this period."

Fast forward to the latest six months of production. See if you can spot the anomaly. To make it easier, I've put it in bold red:

PoolDateDaysBBLS OilRunsBBLS WaterMCF ProdMCF SoldVent/Flare

Maybe it's just me, but I find that incredible. For some reason, this well jumped in crude oil production as much as 20-fold (20 x 500 = 10,000). Note also the jump in natural gas sold (2nd to last column).

There is no indication of any direct work on this well in the well file. The reader states that this well has always been a poor well, due to a dropped tool in the well that was never recovered. If that was mentioned in the file report, I missed it, but it makes sense and explains the production profile.

The question is: what might explain a 20-fold jump in production?

Let's look at the GIS map server to see where this well is located. The GIS map server does not yet show the horizontals of the Skaar Federal wells that "engulf" the index well. But based on the permit applications, I've drawn in the arrows where I think the horizontals will go. I apologize for the "busy-ness" of the graph. Among the arrows, the index well (production profile noted above) is almost lost:

Okay, now let's go back to some dates. Go back up to the production profile in which the production well jumped 20-fold. When did that happen? Between August and October, 2015. The Skaar Federal wells were fracked in September/October, 2015:
  • 30739, 1,243, Three Forks B1, 48 stages, 7 million lbs, t9/15;
  • 30740, 1,019, middle Bakken, 48 stages, 7 million lbs, t9/15;
  • 30741, 1,085, Three Forks B1, 41 stages, 7 million lbs, 9/15;
  • 30742, 1,736, middle Bakken, 48 stages, 11 million lbs, 10/15;
  • 30743, conf
Finally, back to the index well:
  • 17758, 617, Newfield, Alice Federal 1-28H, Sand Creek, t8/09; cum 102K 11/15; 
Part II here.
The reader sent a photograph of the Skaar Federal 5-well pad and pipeline equipment for either a Oneok or Hiland Crude line taken in mid October when the reader was in ND.

As incredible as all that is, there is even more to the story. I will follow that up in another post, later. This post is getting way too long.

Just to complete this page, here are the production profiles for the Skaar Federal wells:


PoolDateDaysBBLS OilRunsBBLS WaterMCF ProdMCF SoldVent/Flare


PoolDateDaysBBLS OilRunsBBLS WaterMCF ProdMCF SoldVent/Flare


PoolDateDaysBBLS OilRunsBBLS WaterMCF ProdMCF SoldVent/Flare


PoolDateDaysBBLS OilRunsBBLS WaterMCF ProdMCF SoldVent/Flare

Here We Go -- Active Rigs In North Dakota Drop Below 60 -- January 4, 2016

Active rigs:

Active Rigs58171184179192


Crust made from scratch. "Preparing" the butter for the crust is incredibly time-consuming and physically demanding. We'll see later how it turned out. The filling was incredibly easy. Instead of three individual spices, I used "pumpkin spice." So, we will see how that turned out.

  • the filling was superb
  • the crust was incredibly tasty
  • but, the crust was a bit hard -- I left it in the over perhaps 5 - 10 minutes to long; I wanted to make sure the filling was "firm," not watery
  • the crust was way too rich; perhaps less butter next time
Bottom line: thrilled with how well it turned out.

Delayed Royalty Payments In The Bakken? -- January 4, 2016

A reader noted that he/she had been having some abnormal delays with his/her royalty payments. The reader noted a single operator in the note. The reader was wondering if others have had noted similar delays.

EOG's $20 Million Pad In Non-Core Bakken Acreage -- January 4, 2016

From Mike Filloon earlier today (note, Mike Filloon originally posted this article back in June, 2015, which was not made particularly obvious, which is somewhat disturbing):

EOG completed a three-well pad north of Parshall in Stanley field where economics change significantly. Other operators nearby are Hess, MDU, Statoil, Oasis, ConocoPhillips, Continental, and Marathon. This pad includes Burke 46-3130H, Burke 45-3130H, and Burke 66-3130H.

The wells:
  • 26645, 445, Burke 66-3130H, Stanley, 43 stages, 12 million lbs, TD = 18,603 feet, t4/14, cum 194K 11/15;
  • 26646, 737, Burke 46-3130H, Stanley, 38 stages, 11 million lbs, TD=17,566 feet, t4/14; cum 117K 11/15;
  • 26647, 7636, Burke 45-3130H, Stanley, 32 stages, 10 million lbs, TD = 16,340 feet, t4/14; cum 155K 11/15;

Look how far east these wells are:

Now, back to what Mike Filloon wrote about this three-well pad -- note the important take-away: "even in non-core acreage."
This pad is just north of Parshall field. It produced 323,180 bbls of oil and 178440 Mcf in 10 months.
This produced revenues of $19,926,120.
The total cost of this pad was roughly $24 million.
Modeling these wells forward, it still reaches payback in an estimated 14 months. This is still an acceptable time frame, especially when we consider today's oil prices.
All three wells saw a different well design. Burke 66-3130H had the most complexity. It used 43 stages and 12.9 million pounds of sand. 288000 bbls of frac fluids were used.
Burke 46-3130H was a 38 stage frac. It used 11.3 million lbs. of sand and 248000 bbls. of frac fluids.
Burke 45-3130H was a little shorter. It was a 32 stage frac and used 9.7 million pounds of sand. 202000 bbls of frac fluids were used. EOG continues to use a progressive frac design, even in non-core acreage.
For what it's worth, here's a closer look of the 3-well Burke pad:

This Can't Be Good News -- January 4, 2016: Alaska Pipeline In Danger Of "Freezing" Up

Platts is reporting:
Trans-Alaska Pipeline System operators are taking new steps to keep North Slope crude oil warm enough to flow through the 800-mile pipeline during cold months of the Alaskan winter.
In 2011, a mid-winter disruption in operations almost resulted in oil congealing into sludge, to a point where the pipeline would be difficult to restart. Since then, operators have been adding heat during the winter by recirculating oil through pipe loops at pump stations.
In 2015 they added a plug-in heating unit at a remote gate valve in Interior Alaska, where winter temperatures drop below minus 60 degrees Fahrenheit.
The pipeline company is battling a gradual, long-term cooling of the oil temperature as production from the North Slope drops and as lower volumes reduce natural mechanisms that previously warmed the oil, such as the friction of fluids against pipe walls.
During winter, oil that now enters the pipeline at 104 degrees on the North Slope drops to 40 degrees by the time it reaches the Valdez Marine Terminal in southern Alaska.
TAPS, built in 1977, now operates at about 25% of its 2 million b/d design capacity.

New 1,390-MW Power Plant To Be Built In Saudi Arabia; Mostly Natural Gas But With Nod To Solar -- January 4, 2016

GE lands $1 billion contract to build new Saudi Arabian power plant.
GE will manage the construction of a new power plant for Saudi Arabia capable of generating 1,390 megawatts of electricity (enough to power 500,000 Saudi homes).
The new plant will be a state of the art facility, capable of generating power from a number of different fuel sources including various grades of natural gas as well as solar electricity. Included in the plans are four F-class heavy duty gas turbines as well as one steam turbine alongside an array of solar panels. GE expects the plant to be fully operational in 48 months.
This is an interesting development in light of this data point posted some time ago:
Saudi Arabia recently announced a $109 billion solar energy program to run their desalination plants.
But then, out of the blue, on May 22, 2015, the Guardian reports in passing that Saudi has decided to delay that program for eight years. (If that link is broken, see this post.)
The promoter of that $109 billion solar energy program was non-US.

A lot of story lines. 

December, 2015, US Car Sales -- January 4, 2016

Tweeting now: French gasoline cars sales gained ground on diesel in 2015, rising 5.6 point or 38.6%.

By the way, December, 2015, car sales data will be released Tuesday, January 5. A preview can be found at "" The figures below are estimates based on most recent data. The "final" numbers will be updated Tuesday.


#1 Best-Selling Vehicle Overall: Ford F-Series

2015 Sales: 763,000 *
Nov. 2015 YTD Sales: +2.3% to 695,143

#2 Best-Selling Vehicle Overall: Chevrolet Silverado

2015 Sales: 590,000 *
Nov. 2015 YTD Sales: +13.9% to 537,552

#3 Best-Selling Vehicle Overall: RAM P/U

2015 Sales: 447,000 *
Nov. 2015 YTD Sales: +3.1% to 407,981

#4 Best-Selling Vehicle Overall: Toyota Camry

2015 Sales: 430,000 *
Nov. 2015 YTD Sales: -1.2% to 392,056

#5 Best-Selling Vehicle Overall: Toyota Corolla

2015 Sales: 361,000 *
Nov. 2015 YTD Sales: +7.0% to 330,887

High IP Wells

This is Page 10 for "high IP" wells.  This page was begun with the January 1, 2016, data.

Permits 32425 -- : Permits issued in calendar year 2016
Permits 30370 --  32424: Permits issued in calendar year 2015
Permits 27360 - 30369: Permits issued in calendar year 2014
Permits 24693 --27359: Permits issued in calendar year 2013 
Permits 22160 -- 24692 : Permits issued in calendar year 2012
Permits 20247 -- 22159: Permits issued in calendar year 2011
Permits 18571 -- 20246 : Permits issued in calendar year 2010
Permits 17946 - 18570: permits issued in 2009
Pretty much in the order they were reported
Definition of "high IP" is arbitrary and does not refer to only the 24-hour IP
Page 11
Page 10
Page 1

31925, 1,332, Liberty Resources, Haustveit 155-95-12-13-2MBH, Capa, t1/16; cum 82K 5/16;

29571, IA/1,471, HRC, Fort Berthold 148-94-33D-28-6H, McGregory Buttes, 30 stages, 4.5 million lbs, t12/15; cum 36K 4/16; taken off-line 3/16; only produced 21 days 2/16; and one day 3/16;

30863, 800, Enerplus Resources, Burrowing 147-94-13B-24H, McGregory Buttes, t5/16; cum --
30864, 1,285, Enerplus Resources, Screech 147-94-13B-24H, McGregory Buttes, t5/16; cum --
30865, 1,589, Enerplus Resources, Snowy 147-94-13A-24H TF, McGregory Buttes, t5/16; cum --
30866, 1,486, Enerplus Resources, Barn 147-94-13A-24H, McGregory Buttes, t5/16; cum --

31795, 2,218, Whiting, Chameleon State 21-16-1H, Banks, 35 stages, 7.3 million lbs, t12/15; cum 114K 4/16;
31796, 2,186, Whiting, Chameleon State 21-16-1TFH, Banks, 35 stages, 7.3 million lbs, t12/15; cum 65K 4/16;
31797, 1,467, Whiting, Chameleon State 21-16-2H, Banks, 35 stages, 7.3 million lbs, t12/15; cum 117K 4/16;

30853, 1,452, Whiting, Ronna 21-4TFH,  Stockyard Creek, t1/16; cum 66K 4/16;
30852, 2,954, Whiting, Connie 21-4H, Stockyard Creek, total middle Bakken pay zone thickness estimated at 45 feet; a trip gas of 3,475 units with a 6 - 8 foot flare, 37 stages, 6.6 million lbs; t12/15; cum 137K 4/16;
30892, 1,390, Oasis, Andersmadson 5201 43-24 7B, Camp, 36 stages, 4.1 million lbs, t2/16; cum 51K after 42 days;
30893, 984, Oasis, Andersmadson 5201 43-24 8T, Camp, 36 stages, 4.1 million lbs, t2/16; cum 22K after 52 days;
30894, 1,668, Oasis, Andersmadson 5201 43-24 9B, Camp, 36 stages, 4.1 million lsb, t2/16; cum 48K after 2 months;
30895, 869, Oasis, Andersmadson 5201 43-24 10T, Camp, t3/16; cum 15K after 42 days;
31053, 606, Oasis, Andersmadson 5201 42-24 3B, Camp, 36 stages, 4.1 million lbs, t1/16; cum 48K 4/16;
31054, 1,341, Oasis, Andersmadson 5201 42-24 4T, Camp, t1/16; cum 38K 4/16 but only about 20 days/month;
31055, 1,941, Oasis, Andersmadson 5201 42-24 5B, Camp, t1/16; cum 77K 4/16;
31056, 1,259, Oasis, Andersmadson 5201 42-24 6T, Camp, t1/16; cum 45K 4/16;
 30846, 3,017, Whiting, P Lynch 155-99-14-33-28-2H, Epping, t12/15; cum 111K 4/16;
30848, 2,249, Whiting, P Lynch 155-99-14-33-28-3H, Epping, t12/15; cum 126K 4/16;
30850, 2,015, Whiting, Marty 31-4H, Stockyard Creek, t12/15; cum 104K 4/16;
31078, 1,901, HRC, Fort Berthold 147-94-2B-11-8H, McGregory Buttes, t12/15; cum 122K 4/16;
31077, 1,910, HRC, Fort Berthold 147-94-2B-11-7H, McGregory Buttes, 33 stages, 9.8 million lbs, t12/15; cum 75K 4/16;

31076, 2,237, HRC, Fort Berthold 147-94-2B-11-6H, McGregory Buttes, t12/15; cum 109K 4/16;

30709, 991, QEP, State 8-25-24BH, Spotted Horn, 4 sections, t2/16; cum 14K 3/16; only 23 days in 3/16;
30710, 139, QEP, State 4-25-24T2H, Spotted Horn, 4 sections, t2/16; cum --
30711, 670, QEP, Stte 9-25-24BH, Spotted Horn, 4 sections, t2/16; cum --
30712, 817, QEP, State 5-25-24TH, Spotted Horn, 4 sections, t2/16; cum --
30904, 2,024, QEP, State 5-36-1TH, Spotted Horn, 4 sections, t2/16; cum 32K 3/16;
30905, 2,385, QEP, State 9-36-1BH, Spotted Horn, 4 sections, t3/16; cum 27K in 31 days;

31080, 2,088, HRC, Fort Berthold 147-94-2B-11-9H, McGregory Buttes, t12/15; cum 63K 4/16;

29530, 2,478, Enerplus, Raccoon 150-94-04B-09H,  Spotted Horn, t4/16; cum --
31600, 1,388, Hess, EN-Cvancara-LE-155-93-1522H-1, Alger, t5/16; cum --

28886, 2,342, Zavanna, Gust 2-11 2H, stimulated 8/15; 50 stages, 58 million lbs; Long Creek, t5/16; cum --; a sundry form received April 19, 2016, says the company will cap this well, temporarily and produce the well once commodity prices improve; an earlier sundry form shows this well stimulated in August, 2015, but the file report shows it was tested in May, 2016

30412, 2,684, Slawson, Lightning Federal 6-24-13TFH, Big Bend, t4/16; cum -- 
30413, 1,008, Slawson, Lightning Federal 2-24-13H, Big Bend, t4/16; cum --
30414, 1,622, Slawson, Lightning Federal 7-24-13TFH, Big Bend, t4/16; cum --

22503, 3,244, HRC, Fort Berthold 148-95-25B-36-2H, Eagle Nest, t5/16; cum --  
27414, 2,712, HRC, Fort Berthold 148-95-25B-36-6H, Eagle Nest, t4/16; cum --  
27415, 3,158, HRC, Fort Berthold 148-95-25B-36-5H, Eagle Nest, t4/16; cum --

27685, 872, Oasis, Logan 5601 11-26 8T, Tyrone, t11/15; cum 43K 3/16;
27689, 1,325, Oasis, Logan 5601 13-26 4T, Tyrone, t11/15; cum 63K 3/16;
29042, 914, Oasis, McCauley Logan 5601 11-26 6T29, Tyrone, t12/15; cum 40K 3/16;
24963, 1,936, Enerplus, Banjo 149-94-02B-01H- TF, Mandaree, t11/15; cum 124K 3/16;

32037, 2,981, Newfield, Skaar Federal 153-96-30-4H, Sand Creek, t2/16; cum 54K after 41 days;
32038, 2,202, Newfield, Skaar Federal 153-96-30-3H, Sand Creek, t2/16; cum 54K after 44 days;
25854, 3,098, Statoil, Skarston 1-12 2TFH, Banks, t4/16; cum -- 

24962, 1,957, Enerplus, Grassy Knoll 2-11H, Mandaree, t11/15; ucm 127K 3/15;
32039, 2,308, Newfield, Skaar Federal 153-96-30-2H, Sand Creek, t2/16; cum 50K after 46 days
31023, 1,647, Whiting, P Berger 156-100-14-7-19-13H, East Fork, t11/15; cum 101K 3/16;
31025, 1,832, Whiting, P Berger 156-100-14-7-19-14H, East Fork, t11/15; cum 84K 3/16;
32040, 2,347, Newfield, Skaar Federal 153-96-30-1H, Sand Creek, t2/16; cum 42K after 46 days;

24046, 1,661, Petro-Hunt, State 154-94-31C-32-2H, Charlson, t1/16; cum 42K 3/16;
32041, 1,229, Newfield, Skaar Federal 153-96-30-5HLW, Sand Creek, t2/16; cum 36K after 46 days

29413, 2,705, Whiting, P Berger 156-100-14-7-6-4H, East Forks, t11/5; cum 102K 3/16;
29414, 2,399, Whiting, P Berger 156-100-14-7-6-4H3, East Forks, t11/15; cum 91K 3/16;
29416, 1,374, Whiting, P Berger 156-100-14-7-6-3H, East Forks, t11/15; cum 84K 3/16;

31557, 1,275, Hess, HA-Chapin-152-95-2932H-7, Hawkeye, t3/16; cum --
31558, 1,432, Hess, HA-Chapin-152-95-2932H-8, Hawkeye, t3/16; cum --
31934, 2,245, BR, CCU Atlantic Express 41-30MBH, Corral Creek, t2/16; cum 7K after 13 days;

31005, 1,957, QEP, Henderson 36-25-35-26T2H, Three Forks 2nd Bench, 49 stages, 10 million lbs, Grail, t11/5; cum 25K after 46 days;
31006, 1,906, QEP, Henderson 36-25-35-26BH, 48 stages, 9.7 million lbs, Grail, t11/15; cum 27K after 49 days;
31007, 2,557, QEP, Henderson 1-12-2-11BH, Grail, 48 stages, 9.3 million lbs, t11/15; cum 33K after 51 days;
31008, 2,725, QEP, Henderson 1-12-2-11T2H, Grail, Three Forks 2nd Bench, 49 stages, 8.1 million lbs, t11/15; cum 41K after 47 days;
31560, 1,115, Hess, HA-Chapin-152-95-2932H-10, Hawkeye, t3/16; cum --

31430, 1,579, EOG, Liberty 44-1423H, Parshall, t3/16; cum -- ; look how fast this well was drilled; spud rig, September 5, 2015; big rig (H&P 524), October 1, 2015; cease drilling, October 8, 2015; spud October 1, 2015; reached kick-off point on October 3, 2015; gas measurements ranged from 103 to 11,275 units;

30947, 1,928, Whiting, P Bibler 155-99-15W-31-7-14H, Stockyard Creek, a big well, the P Bibler wells are tracked here, t10/15; cum 94K 2/16;
31936, 2,204, BR, CCU Plymouth 11-29MBH, Corral Creek, 2/16; cum 6K over 9 days;

25859, 3,802, Statoil, Skarston 1-12 6TFH, Banks, t3/16; cum --
32050, 2,246, MRO, Martinez USA 24-8H, Wolf Bay, t1/16; cum 42K 2/16 over 43 days;
29499, 1,081, Oasis, Brier 5200 43-22 12T, Camp, ICO, 46 stages, 11.8 million lbs, t12/15; cum 55K 2/16;
29500, 1,618, Oasis, Brier 5200 42-22 11T2, Camp, ICO, 1600 acres, second bench, 46 stages, 4.8 million lbs, t12/15; cum 63K 2/16; only 23 days in February;
29501, 2,158, Oasis, Brier 5200, 42-22 10B, Camp, ICO, t11/15, 46 stages, 5.1 million lbs; cum 92k 2/16; only 20 days in 2/16;
29502, 1,644, Oasis, Brier 5200, 42-22 9T, Camp, ICO, first bench, t11/15; cum 83K 2/16; only 26 days in 2/16;
30687, 1,841, Whiting, Flatland Federal 11-4-2H, Twin Valley, 31 stages, 4.2 million lbs, t10/15; cum 103K 2/16; only 24 days in 2/16;

32031, 1,275, Hess, EN-Pederson-LW-154-94-0408H-7, Alkali Creek, 50 stages, 3.5 million lbs, t2/16; cum 19K over 13 days;

31179, 2,2124, BR, CCU Atlantic Express 13-19 TFH, Corral Creek, 46 stages, 8 million lbs, t2/16; cum 15K after 27 days;
31180, 3,287, BR, CCU Atlantic Express 23-19 MBH, Corral Creek, 45 stages, 5.1 million lbs, t2/16; cum 13K after 24 days;
32029, 1,258, Hess, EN-Pederson-LW-154-94-0408H-5, Alkali Creek, 4 sections, Three Forks, 50 stages, 3.5 million lbs,  2/16; cum 33K after 25 days;

25856, 3,645, Statoil, Skarston 1-12 7H, Banks, t3/16; cum --
29445, 2,441, WPX, Emma Owner 23-14HB, Spotted Horn, t3/16; cum --
29446, 1,871, WPX, Emma Owner 23-14HX, Spotted Horn, t3/16; cum --
29447, 1,690, WPX, Emma Owner 23-14HC, Spotted Horn, t3/16; cum --
29448, 1,986, WPX, Emma Owner 23-14HD, Spotted Horn, t3/16; cum --
29449, 2,049, WPX, Emma Owner 23-14HW, Spotted Horn, t3/6; cum --
30666, 2,553, WPX, Emma Owner 23-14HA, Spotted Horn, 4 sections, t3/16; cum --
31158, 1,097, Whiting, Obrigewitch 11-29PHU, Bell, 4 sections, t2/16; cum 6K 2/16;
30606, 1,090, QEP, Boggs 3-29-32T2HD, Grail, t10/15; cum 100K 2/16; production held back;
30607, 1,000, QEP, Boggs 8-29-32BHD, Grail, t10/15; cum 96K 2/16; 
30608, 1,995, QEP, Boggs 2-29-32T2HD, Grail, t10/15; cum 78K 2/16; production held back; only 8 days in January, 2 days in February;
30609, 2,053, QEP, Boggs 29-32-30-31T3HD, Blue Buttes, t10/15; cum K 2/16; production held back; only 7 days in December, 5 days in January;
30610, 2.202, QEP, Boggs 29-32-30-31THD, Blue Buttes, t10/15; cum 93K 2/16; production held back; 21 days in December, 21 days in January;
30776, 1,345, Whiting, Flatland Federal 11-4-3TFH, Twin Valley, Three Forks 2nd cycle, 31 stages, 4.2 million lbs, t10/15; cum 134K 2/16; only 24 days in February, 16 days in November, 8 days in October. Drilled to vertical depth and the curve in five days. Total depth of the south lateral was reached in ten days from spud. Gas: 800 to 1,000 units. Connection gases as high as 7,958 units, with a 3' to 5' flare. At 21,505 feet it's a lot of pipe.

30688, 1,392, Whiting, Flatland Federal 11-4-2TFH, Twin Valley, 35 stages, 4.2 million lbs, t10/15; cum 108K 2/16; not even full months of production since coming on line;
30774, 1,844, Whiting, Flatland Federal 22-4-5TFH, Twin Valley, 35 stages, 5.8 million lbs, t10/15; cum 214K 2/16; not even full months of production since coming on line;
31236, 1,172, Whiting, Carscallen 31-14-1TFH, Truax, spud August 15, 2015; cease drilling, August 29, 2016; t10/15; cum 51K; production cut way back past two months;
31238, 2,744, Whiting, Carscallen 31-14-3TFH, Truax, spud July 30, 2015; cease drilling, August 12, 2015; 10/15; cum 110K 2/16; not even full months of production since coming on line;

29564, 3,583, Statoil, Skarston 1-12 XE 1H, Banks, 4 sections, t3/16; cum --

29972, 1,643, Enerplus, Quilt 149-93-04D-03H, Mandaree, t2/16; cum --
30256, 1,617, XTO, Tobacco Garden 11X-17E, Tobacco Garden, t2/16; cum --

30749, 1,873, XTO, Amundson 44X-22HXE, Siverston, t2/16; cum --
30750, 1,656, XTO, Amundson 44X-22D, Siverston, t2/16; cum --
30751, 912, XTO, Amundson 44X-22H, Siverston, t2/16; cum --
31663, 968, Hess, AN-Evenson-152-95-0310H-12, Antelope, Sanish pool, t2/16; cum --
31664, 1,066, Hess, AN-Evenson-152-95-0310H-11, Antelope, Sanish pool, t3/16; cum --
30257, 2,110, XTO, Tobacco Garden 11X-17B, Tobacco Garden, t2/16; cum -- 

31950, 2,035, MRO, Crosby USA 41-6H, Corral Creek, t1/16; cum -- 

31087, 2,399, Whiting, P Pankowski 153-98-4-6-7-13H3, Truax,t9/15; cum 81K 1/16; off-line much of the time;
31089, 2,374, Whiting, P Pankowski 153-98-4-6-7-14H3, Truax, t10/15; cum 97K 1/16; off-line some of the past few months;

31086, 2,249, Whiting, P Pankowski 153-98-4-6-7-13H, Truax, t9/15; cum 132K 1/16; only 15 days in January, 2016;
31088, 2,248, Whiting, P Pankowski 153-98-4-6-7-13HA, Truax, t9/15; cum 106K 1/16; only 16 days in January, 2016;
29324, 1,963, QEP, Jones 3-15-23TH, Grail, t9/15; cum 130K 1/16; only 8 days in 12/15;
29325, 2,308, QEP, Jones 5-15-22TH, Grail, t9/15; cum 98K 1/16; only 8 days in 12/15;
29326, 904, QEP, Jones 3-15-22BH, Grail, t10/15; ucm 54K 1/16; only five days total in 12/15 and 1/16;
29327, see below, QEP, Jones 6-15-22TH, Grail, huge well,
29328, 2,312, QEP, Jones 4-15-22BH, Grail, t9/15; cum 128K 1/16; only 8 days in 12/15;
29329, 2,291, QEP, Jones 15-22 16-21LL, Grail, t9/15; cum 140K 1/16; only 8 days in 12/15;

30946, 1,902, Whiting, P Bibler 155-99-15W-31-7-14H3, Stockyard Creek, a Three Forks well, a target window of 9 feet, total Three Forks member thickness of 25 feet, 35 stages, 4 million lbs, t9/15; cum 71K 1/16; 

31760, 2,352, BR, CCU Audubon 3-7-22TFH, Corral Creek, t12/15; cum 21K 1/16;

29761, 1,012, XTO, Homer 14X-32E, Grinnell, t1/16; cum 3K 3 days;
30713, 1,823, XTO, State 11X-16MB5, Charlson, t2/16; cum --
30715, 2,384, XTO, State 11X-16MB4, Charlson, t1/16; cum 21K 13 days;
31045, 955, XTO, Homer Federal 14X-32F, Grinnell, t1/16; cum 2K 3 days;
31760, 2,352, BR, CCU Audubon 3-7-22TFH, Corral Creek, t12/15; cum 21K 1/16;

31141, 1,008, BR, C.E. Stroh 4A MBH-ULW, Fayette, 4 sections, t1/16; cum 2K 11 days;
31759, 2,472, BR, CCU Boxcar 4-7-22TFH, Corral Creek, t12/15; cum 19K 1/16;

28651, 1,471, Slawson, Nightmaker 6-8-17TFH, Baker, t9/15; cum 31K 1/16;

28715, 3,899, Whiting, P Johnson 153-98-1-6-7-16H, Truax, t9/15; cum 182K 1/16;
29695, 2,312, Whiting, P Bibler 155-99-16-31-8-13H, Truax, t9/15; cum 120K 1/16;
29697, 2,581, Whiting, P Bibler 155-99-16-31-7-16H, Stockyard Creek, 9/15; cum 103K 1/16;
29698, 1,608, Whiting, P Bibler 155-99-16-31-7-16H3, Stockyard Creek, t9/15; cum 80K 1/16;

30767, 1,644, Statoil, Judy 22-15 7TFH, East Fork, t1/16; cum 3K over 31 days, first month;
31397, 1,309, Newfield, Larsen Federal 152-96-9-4-12H, Three Forks according to well summary; s9/29/15; TD, 10/17/15; according to well summary, planned as upper Three Forks; 22.6% drilled in 15; upper Three Forks target zone; 26% drilled in 15' middle Three Forks target zone; no frack data at NDIC site yet, but FracFocus shows the well was fracked 12/15 - 21/2015, using 5,247,480 gallons of water and 13.6% sand by weight ; t2/16; cum --
31398, 1,667, Newfield, Larsen 152-96-9-3HLW, Westberg, THREE FORKS 2nd Bench according to well summary, but well evaluation said planned as upper Three Forks well; ended up beint a Upper and Middle Three Forks well; s9/29/15; TD, 10/17/15; 2 sections; 22.6% drilled in 15' upper TF target zone; 26% drilled in 15' middle Three Forks target zone; frack data not availabel at NDIC yet, but FracFocus showed well fracked 12/19-20/2015, with extraordinarily low amount of water, 1,790,754 gallons of water, but extraordinarily high (by percentage) sand, 12.44% by weight of total proppant; will be interesting to see Newfield's frack data; t1/16; cum 35K first 30 days;

29696, 2,645, Whiting, P Bibler 155-99-16-31-7-16H3A,  Stockyard Creek, 4 sections, 30 stages, 4.2 million lbs, t9/15; cum 109K 12/15; 

29381, 2,449, MRO, Trinity 14-21H, Bailey, 4 sections, t2/16; cum --
29382, 1,100, MRO, Ringer 14-21TFH, Bailey, 2 sections, t2/16; cum --

28717, 3,638, Whiting, P Johnson 153-98-1-6-7-16HA, Truax, t8/15; cum 172K 12/15; see separate post here;
29572, 1,145, HRC, Fort Berthold 148-04-33D-28-7H, McGregory Buttes, t8/15; cum 60K 12/15, and off-line for the past two months;
29055, 799, EOG, Van Hook 132-1319H, Parshall, ICO, TD, 18,748 feet; t8/15; cum 103K 12/15;
29056, 754, EOG, Van Hook 25-1319H, Parshall, ICO, TD, 18,589 feet; t8/15; cum 96K 12/15;

31646, 1,020, Hess, HA-Swenson-152-95-1819H-10, Hawkeye, t12/15; cum 20K after 17 days;

29384, 1,931, MRO, Ulmer 24-21H, Bailey, t1/16; cum --
30884, 1,097, XTO, Sorenson 31X-28G, Siverston, t12/15; cum 2K over four days;
28754, A/no IP, Oasis, Kline Federal 5300 31-18 8B, Baker, firs production 9/15; cum 48K 12/15;
28755, 1,774, Oasis, Kline Federal 5300 31-18 7T, Baker, t9/15; cum 30K 12/15; on-line about half the time since it was tested;
28756, 1,174, Oasis, Kline Federal 5300 31-18 6B, Baker, t9/15; cum 43K 12/15; off-line much of the time since it first started producing;
30789, 1,479, Oasis, Kline Federal 5300 31-18 15T, Baker, t9/15; cum 49K 12/15; off-line much of the time it first stared producing;
20468, 2,976, BR, Lovaas 7-1UTFH, Blue Buttes, t1/16 cum --
28433, 0 (no typo) -- see below, Zavanna, Tomahawk 10-3 4TFH, East Fork, t10/15; cum 70K 12/15;
29383, 1,975, MRO, Wilhelm 24-21TFH, Bailey, t1/16; cum --
29861, 2,661, Johnsrud Federal 34X-14A, Bear Den, gas shows up to 7,013 units; t1/16;  cum --

26914, 2,526, HRC, Fort Berthold 152-93-19D-18-4H, Four Bears, t8/15; cum 107K 12/15; on line only one day 12/15 and no production in 12/15; 107K in less than four months; 33 stages; 5 million lbs;

29492, 2,581, XTO, Rita 44X-34G, Tobacco Garden, t12/15; cum 2K 12/15 over 3 days;
30667, 1,162, Hess, EN-L Cvancara-155-93-2627H-11, Robinson Lake, t1/16; cum --

28296, 2,268, HRC, Fort Berthold 152-93-19D-18-10H, Four Bears, t8/15; cum 111K 12/15; on-line only 4 days in 12/15;

28297, 2,073, HRC, Fort Berthold 152-94-19D-18-11H, Four Bears, t8/15; cum 85K 12/15; only 2 days in 12/15;
29670, 1,195, CLR, Thronson Federal 7-21H, Alkali Creek, t8/15; cum 82K 12/15;
31401, 1,848, BR, CCU Golden Creek 34-23 TFH, Corral Creek, t12/15; cum 5K 12/15; only 1 day in 12/15; only 14 days in 11/15;
26772, 2,058, Zavanna, Double Down 24-13 2H, East Fork, t1/16; cum -- 
28895, 1,135, Zavanna, Blackjack 24-13 2TFH, East Fork, t1/16; cum --
24115, 2,277, Whiting, Skunk Creek 4-18-17-1H, Heart Butte, t11/15; cum 22K 11/15;
31402, 1,824, BR, CCU Burner 31-26 TFH, Corral Creek, t12/15; cum -- 28298, 2,112, HRC, Fort Berthold 152-93-19D-18-14H, 32 stages, 4.8 million lbs;  Four Bears, 4 sections, t8/15; cum 126K 12/15; off-line all of January, 2016;

27686, 1,984, Oasis, Loga 5601 11-26 7B, Tyrone, t2/15; cum --
30938, 2,445, BR, CCU Bison Point 24-34MBH, Corral Creek, t1/16; cum --
30940, 2,405, BR, CCU Bison Point 34-34MBH, Corral Creek, t12/15; cum --

30937, 2,164, BR, CCU Bison Point 24-34TFH, Corral Creek, t1/16; cum --

29669, 962, CLR, Sorenson 6-16H2, Alkali Creek, 4 sections, Three Forks Second Bench, 15 stages, 2.9 million lbs, 8/15; cum 51K 11/15;

26042, 1,383, CLR, Patterson Federal 5-13H, Camp, 4 sections, t1/16; cum 2K 2 days;
26044, 1,316, CLR, Kuhn Federal 5-12H, Camp, 4 sections, t1/16; cum --
26933, 1,243, CLR, Patterson Federal 7-13H, Camp, 4 sections, t1/16; cum 1K 1 day;
26934, 1,288, CLR, Kuhn 6-13H1, Camp, 4 sections, t1/16; cum 1K 2 days;
26935, 1,059, CLR, Kuhn 7-13H, Camp, 4 sections, t1/16; cum --
30361, 1,239, CLR, Patterson Federal 6-13H, Camp, 4 sections, t1/6; cum -- 29810, 1,650, Whiting, P Wood 154-98-14-22-15-2H3, Truax, t7/15; cum 87K 11/15;

29812, 1,365, Whiting, P Wood 154-98-14-22-15-3H3, Truax, t7/15; cum 75K 11/15;
29863, 2,746, Whiting, P Wood 154-98-14-22-16-2H, Truax, t7/15; cum 108K 11/15;

29870, 1,379, Whiting, P Wood 154-98-13-22-15-4H3A, Truax, t7/15; cum 61K 11/15;

29263, 1,272, EOG, Parshall 23-3029H, Parshall, t7/15; cum 88K 11/15;
29526, 734, EOG, Parshall 90-3029H, Parshall, t7/15; cum 70K 11/15;
29667, 1,109, CLR, Thronson Federal 9-21H, Alkali Creek, t8/15; cum 71K 11/15;
30403, 2,398, QEP, Kirkland 6-7-1-12BHD, Croff, t7/15; cum 134K 11/15;
30404, 2,396, QEP, Kirkland 6-7-12T2HD, Croff, t7/15; cum 66K 11/15;

24116, 3,746, Whiting, Skunk Creek 4-18-17-1H3, Heart Butte, Three Forks NOS, 33 stages, 7.8 million lbs, sJuly 14, cease drilling July 25, talk about a straightforward well, no fuss, no muss, no errors, and an IP of 3,746; t11/15; cum 33K 11/15;
29196, 559, CLR, Mildred 6-19H1, Brooklyn, Three Forks, 30 stages, 5.5 million lbs; t8/15; cum 48K 11/15;
29668, 1,122, CLR, Thronson Federal 8-21H1, Alkali Creek, Three Forks B1, 45 stages 8.3 million lbs, t8/15; cum 71K 11/15;
29224, 1,890, Whiting, P Jackman 156-100-2-18-19-16H, East Fork, t7/15; cum 59K 11/15;
30220, 745, Triangle, Eckert Foundation 152-102-22-15-1H, Elk, t7/15; cum 79K 11/15;

29853, 1,397, WPX, Beaks 36-35HZ, Mandaree, t12/15; cum --
29851, 1,121, WPX, Beaks 36-35HD, Mandaree, t12/15; cum --
29852, 1,205, WPX, Beaks 36-35HC, Mandaree, t12/15; cum -
30697, 2,044,  Mikkelsen 11-14H, Reunion Bay, t12/15; cum --
30287, 951, QEP, Dailey 6-12-13BH, Spotted Horn, t7/15; cum 86K 11/15; only 10 days in 11/15;
30288, 2,067, QEP, Dailey 4-12-13T2H, Spotted Horn, t7/15; cum 16K 11/15; on-line only 11 days for past four months;
30289, 2,197, QEP, Dailey 7-12-13BH, Spotted Horn, t7/15; cum 61K 11/15; on-line only 37 days last three months;
30290, 1,888, QEP, Dailey 4-12-13TH, Spotted Horn, t7/15; cum 34K 11/15; on-line only 52 days last four months;
30291, 2,463, QEP, Dailey 12-11LL, Spotted Horn, t7/15; cum 85K 11/15;
29797, 2,084, BR, Morgan 24-21MBH, Pershing, 4 sections, t12/15; cum --
29874, 2,004, BR, Morgan 41-28MBH, Pershing, 4 sections, t12/15 cum --
29875, 1,483, BR, Morgan 31-28TFH, Johnson Corner, 4 sections, t11/15; cum 7K over 7 days;
30164, 1,113, Hess, AN-Prosser-152-95-1102H-7, Antelope, Sanish, t12/15; cum 8K over 4 days;
30165, 1,376, Hess, AN-Prosser-152-95-1102H-8, Antelope, Sanish, t12/15; cum --
30681, 1,827, MRO, Marjorie 14-10H, Reunion Bay, t12/15; cum --
30683, 1,529, MRO, JL Shobe 24-10TFH, Reunion Bay, t12/15; cum --
30684, 1,005, MRO, Charlie 24-10H, Reunion Bay, t12/15; cum --

29864, 2,210, Whiting, P Wood 154-98-14-22-16-3H, Truax, 34 stages, 7 million lbs, t7/15; cum 120K 11/15;
29865, 2,422, Whiting, P Wood 154-98-14-22-16-3HA, Truax, middle Bakken, 27 stages, 6.7 million lbs, t7/15; cum 108K 11/15;

27690, 2,300, Oasis, Logan 5601 13-26 5B, Tyrone, t1/15; cum --
29579, 1,270, XTO, Satter 31X-1CXD, Siverston, t12/15; cum --
30042, 1,939, XTO, Deep Creek Federal 43X-5D, Lost Ridge, t11/15; cum 11K 11/15 (10 days)
30046, 1,686, XTO, Thorp Federal 11X-28A, Little Knife, t9/15; cum 19K 11/15;
30047, 1,186, XTO, Thorp Federal 11X-28E, Little Knife, t10/15; cum 16K 10/15;

29869, 2,064, Whiting, P Wood 154-98-13-22-16-4H, Truax, t7/15; cum 103K 11/15;
30739, 1,243, Newfield, Skaar Federal 153-96-28-21-11H, Sand Creek, t10/15; cum 37K 11/15;

29222, 1,182, Whiting, P Jackman 156-100-2-18-19-15H, East Fork, t7/15; cum 74K 11/15;
30740, 1,019, Newfield, Skaar Federal 153-96-28-21-4H, Sand Creek, t10/15; cum 39K 11/15;
29221, 407, Whiting, P Jackman 156-100-2-18-19-15H3A, East Fork, t7/15; cum 32K 11/15;
30741, 1,085, Newfield, Skaar Federal 153-96-28-21-12H, Sand Creek, t10/15; cum 31K 11/15;

24117, 2,078, Whiting, Skunk Creek 4-18-17-8H, Heart Butte, t11/15; cum 25K 11/15;
30269, 1,716, HRC, Fort Berthold 148-94-17D-8-13H, Eagle Nest, 4 sections, t7/15; cum 112K 11/15;
30742, 1,736, Newfield, Skaar Federal 153-96-28-21-5H, Sand Creek, t10/15; cum 34K 11/15;