Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Traveling -- No More Updates Until This Evening?

Not sure when I will get back on the internet, traveling today.

I've posted the wells that came off the confidential list today, scroll down or sidebar to the right.

My biggest disappointment: I may miss the Apple announcements at 10:00 a.m. PT (if that is the correct time).  Should be a huge day.

Also, looks like another great buying opportunity.

Good luck to all.

And congrats to state utilities for getting $370 million in US government loans as reported earlier to build out the power grid in North Dakota. Huge.

New Name, Operator in the Bakken?

Link here to announcement by Amadeus, a PDF file. Link provided by "anon 1."
  • 32,625 net acres in the Bakken, operator: Lonestar; no operated wells. 
Also, short note in yesterday's WSJ.
Texas-based private oil and gas producer Lonestar Resources may have bowed out to Aurora Oil & Gas in the pursuit for shale oil player Eureka Energy earlier this year, but a deal with Amadeus Energy announced Monday means it will secure an Australian Securities Exchange listing.
I will track it as Lonestar for now.  NDIC does list a "Lone Star Producing Company" ("well search"") but not sure if same company, and the three wells were drilled back in the early 1970's and were all dry.