Monday, February 10, 2020

Random Update Of An EOG Shell Well In Parshall Oil Field -- February 10, 2020

The EOG Shell wells in the Parshall oil field are generally pretty mediocre at best. One exception:
  • 30855, 1,086, EOG, Shell 30-2820H, t10/16; cum 3210K 12/19;
Recent production, after three years, still doing very well:
PoolDateDaysBBLS OilRunsBBLS WaterMCF ProdMCF SoldVent/Flare

Bob Shane, Last Surviving 
Original Member of the 
Kingston Trio, Dies -- January 27, 2020

Blog Rank -- February 9, 2020

Update Of Several "Monster" Wells -- February 10, 2020

"Monster wells" are tracked here

Goes over 800K cumulative:
  • 24337, 2,519, EOG, Hawkeye 3-2413H, Anteope-Sanish, 28 stages; 10 million lbs sand, t5/13; cum 808K 12/19; huge well; great production continues, 3K, 12/19;
  • 26028, 1,142, EOG, Wayzetta 41-2117H, Parshall, 47 stages; 19 million lbs, t12/13; cum 830K 12/19;
Goes over 600K cumulative:
  • 16577, 571, EOG, Alan 1-06H, Parshall, t1/08; cum 600K 12/19;
  • 18504, 2,195, EOG, Van Hook 7-23H, Van Hook; 13 stages; 2 million lbs sand, t5/10; cum 603K 12/19;
  • 18896, 4,438, Equinor/BEXP, Clifford Bakke 26-35 1H, Alger, 38 stages; 3.9 million lbs, t10/10; cum 604K 12/19;
  • 18922, 472, WPX, Skunk Creek 1-12H, South Fork, t6/11; cum 602K 12/19; off line 11/18; back on line 2/19; jump in production;
  • 22484, 2,946, EOG, Hawkeye 102-2501H, Clarks Creek, Bakken, Three Forks, 62 stages; 14.5 million lbs; 3-section stand-up, 1920 acres; TD = 25,451 feet;  producing, first short month at 17,147 bbls, January, 2013; t1/13; cum 603K 12/19; extended long lateral (3 sections long);
Goes over 500K cumuative:
  • 18876, 3,023, Whiting, Rohde 14-6XH, Sanish, 22 stages; 2.1 million lbs, t8/10; cum 501K 12/19; 
  • 33146, 273, BR, Mathistad 22B UTFH, Croff, 4 sections, Three Forks, 31 stages; 15 million lbs, t10/17; cum 504K 12/19;

WTI Well Below $50; Seven New Permits; Active Rigs Back Up To 55 -- February 10, 2020

Back to the Bakken

Active rigs:

Active Rigs5563583541

Seven new permits today, #37373 - #37379, inclusive:
  • Operator: CLR
  • Field: Cedar Coulee (Dunn County)
  • Comments:
    • CLR has permits for a seven-well Gale/Rodney pad in section 32-147-96, Cedar Coulee oil field;
    • there are six existing/producing Gale/Rodney wells in this drilling unit;
No permits canceled.

No permits renewed.

No producing wells (DUCs) reported as completed.

Notes From All Over, Part 2 -- November 10, 2020

US market:
  • S&P 500, NASDAQ could close at all-time highs [later: apparently they both did close at all-time highs]
Coronavirus: absolutely fascinating public health story to follow in real-time. A number of interesting graphs at this coronavirus site. It's being reported that China is allowing folks to return to work.

Oscars: viewers plunge to all-time low. Story everywhere. 


Tulip Season

Closer Look At A Second Bench Three Forks Well -- CLR Hereford Federal -- February 10, 2020

The well;
  • 32354, 174, CLR, Hereford Federal 8-20H2, 55 stages; 13.43 million lbs; Elm Tree; early production suggests a poor well; stimulated 3/28/2017; t8/14/2019; cum 11K 12/19;
From the file report:
  • spud: March 20, 2016
  • TD date: April 6, 2016
  • target: upper Devonian 2nd beach Three Forks formation
  • a three-section lateral;
  • fourth well in these sections;
  • vertical: 
    • begun: March 20, 2016
    • reached KOP: March 26, 2016
    • upon reaching this depth, it was noted that target was deeper than prognosis
  • drilled out of the show: March 28, 2016
  • reached TD: April 6, 2016
  • TD: 27,242 feet
  • low gas units; rare flares, 1' to 5' in height, brief in duration;
  • horizontal: 98% in the delineated target zone;
  • "This well was somewhat unique, in that we had fair control from the parallel Buelingo 1-20H well to the east of us for the first section, but thereafter we had little data to confirm the structure interpretation ahead of us....[our data] will provide a better template for the other eight wells [on this] pad. It was very important, with the length of the well, to maintain a smooth well bore, in order to not interfere with sliding as we proceeded into the third section. This was also achieved, and the well reached TD without any significant down-hole interference."
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Notes From All Over, Part 1 -- 2020

From twitter yesterday:

Destination today:

Making pancakes yesterday:

The Book Page

From Rediscovering Homer: Inside the Origins of the Epic, Andrew Dalby, c. 2006.

This one is an important one for the oldest granddaughter whose favorite high school / college activity might be the theater: she has acted, written, and directed high school theater productions.

From Dalby on the Iliad, pages 94 - 95:
 As in nearly all lists in the two epics [the Iliad and the Odysset], more space is automatically given to the last item -- in this case, the fourth tradesman. This does not mean that the singer is more important than the other three; it is simply that the last item in a list earns a formula. The chosen [formulaic] adjective is thespis, a rare word that is applied elsewhere in Greek poetry to songs and storms, for these, like singers, are filled with a divine breath -- theya re inspired.

Epic poets in many traditions are considered to be divinely inspired; they are often called "seers," those who can see, beause unlike ordineary people, there are permitted by inpsiration to see the past and the future as well as the present.
So, back to thespis, or thespian.

What does wiki have to say?

Thespis: along with Aeschylus considered the father of Greek tragedy; Sophocles was the playwright; Thespis, the actor.

Aeschylus: 525 - 455 BC
Thespis: won competition in 534 BC -- so preceded Aeschylus

  • 6th century BC
  • Dionysos, Greece
  • first person to ever appear on stage as an actor playing a character in play (instead of speaking as him or herself) [Aristotle]; in other sources, he is said to have introduced the first principal actor in addition to the chorus; introduced tragedy; 534 BC -- won Greek competition to find best tragedy; competition held in City Dionysia in Athens; Thespis won the first documented competition. At that point; went on tour.
Translate: "City Dionysia in Athens" -- Athen's festival for plays; the second most-important festival after Panathenaia. The Lesser Panathenaia was an annual event; the Greater Panathenaia was held every four years.

The question is, of course, if thespis is an older Greek word than the actor named Thespis, was that his given name, or was that a stage name?

Of course, there is some irony here: epic poets were called "seers." Homer was said to have been blind. 

Fourteen Wells Yet To Be Reported; Looks Like Several Will Be DUCs -- Monday, February 10, 2020

Top 30 "high impact" wells in 2020 -- Rystad Energy: link here. Rystad Energy press release here.
  • North America: 5 (one in Alaska; one off Cuba, south of Florida; four in the gulf)
  • South America: 7 (the map shows only five)
  • Africa: 6
  • off the coast of Norway: 2
  • Mideast: 2
  • Oceania, Australia, New Zealand: 5 
Trudeau's white elephant: Trans Mountain costs to rise 70 percent to almost $10 billion.
  • that $10 billion does not include the C$4.5 billion Canadians paid to buy the pipeline
  • because of legal delays and "accommodations" made to indigenous communities
  • don't you just love that word, "accommodations"?
  • C$1.1 billion spent by previous owner KMI
  • excludes the C$4.5 billion that it cost Trudeau to purchase the pipeline -- say what? 
  • how bad is this? Canadian government to hold press conference on "where we stand" on this debacle
  • the good news: the Canadians will use the Iowa caucus app to poll citizens on the pipeline 
Oscar-diversity (and, no, I did not watch):
  • Daily Beast: But as could have been expected, the sharpest jokes of the opening bit came at the expense of the Academy’s continued lack of diversity. This year, 19 out of the 20 acting nominees are white and all five director nominees are male. 
  • Daily Beast: Joaquin Phoenix -- old, white male -- Oscar for Best Actor -- rails against Academy's lack of diversity -- along with just about everything else.
  • South Koreans? The big winners? Whatever. 
Back to the Bakken
Active rigs:

Active Rigs5463583541

Fourteen wells might come off confidential list today -- 

Monday, February 10, 2020: 32 for the month; 139 for the quarter, 139 for the year:
  • 36678, drl, XTO, Mariner 14X-36D, Bear Creek,
Sunday, February 9, 2020: 31 for the month; 138 for the quarter, 138 for the year:
  • 36427, drl, XTO, Linda 41X-22HXE, 
  • 36426, drl, XTO, Linda 41X-22D, Capa,
  • 35654, 917, Lime Rock, Twist 5-3-10H-143-95L, Murphy Creek, t8/19; cum 49K 12/19;
  • 34954, drl, Petro Harvester, PTL4 10-15 163-92 C, Portal,
  • 34953, drl, Petro Harvester, PTL4 10-15 163-92 B, Portal,
Saturday, February 8, 2020: 26 for the month; 133 for the quarter, 133 for the year:
  • 36665, SI/NC, PetroShale, Jorgenson Federal 3MBH, Bear Den, 25K over 23 days;
  • 34951, drl, Petro Harvester PTL4 10-15 163-92 D, Portal, minimal production;
Friday, February 7, 2020: 24 for the month; 131 for the quarter, 131 for the year:
  • 36664, SI/NC, PetroShale, Jorgenson Federal 2MBH, Bear Den,  20K over 22 days;
  • 36425, drl, XTO, Linda 41X-22H, Capa,
  • 35884, 644, Liberty Resources, Haley 158-93-29-32-1TFH, East Tioge, t8/19; cum 61K 12/19;
  • 35069, 16, Resonance Exploration, Resonance Issendorf 16-10H, Russell, Spearfish/Madison, t8/18; cum 8K 12/19;
  • 35048, drl, XTO, Johnson Trust Federal 21X-6F,
  • 32354, 174, CLR, Hereford Federal 8-20H2, 55 stages; 13.43 million lbs; Elm Tree; early production suggests a poor well; t8/19; cum 11K 12/19; see this note:
RBN Energy:Tallgraa/Rockies Express' recontracting efforts for Rockies gas flows.
For much of the time since it began operations, the capacity on Tallgrass Energy’s Rockies Express Pipeline has been contracted and utilized at high rates for long-haul flows east from the Rockies to the Midwest. Specifically, the pipeline consistently has had between 1.3 and 1.8 Bcf/d out of a total 1.8 Bcf/d contracted, mostly for 10-year terms. That all changed in the past year, however, as the original long-term shipper contracts that took effect in 2009 came due and the pipeline experienced a major decontracting, with the bulk of the contracts rolling off in November 2019. Since then, a number of open seasons led to a partial recontracting. Tallgrass also is developing two projects — Cheyenne Connector and REX Cheyenne Hub Enhancement — that could increase flows to REX later this year. Today, we continue a series providing an update on eastbound pipeline contracts and gas flows on REX.