Monday, December 19, 2011

Wind Advocates Show No Qualms in Destroying Habitat for Eagles and Other Raptors in Land Of 10,000 Lakes

Incredible. The state that refuses coal-generated electricity from North Dakota has no qualms about destroying a habitat for eagles and other raptors in the land of 10,000 lakes, a state soon to be known as the land of 10,000 wind turbines. Truly incredible. What a sad state of affairs. As mentioned earlier, I have yet to find one redeeming feature about wind.

Link here.


Three (3) New Permits -- The Bakken, North Dakota, USA

Daily activity report, December 19, 2011 --

Operators: QEP (2), and EOG

Fields: Heart Butte, Parshall

QEP's two permits are for a 2-well pad in Heart Butte, Dunn County.

Six of ten wells that came off the confidential list today reported IPs; four were not completed.

Another interesting well name change:
  • 20508, conf, Dakota-3, Buffalo 1-36HC (was Buffalo 1-36H).
As time goes on in the Bakken, I am noting an increased number of wells with "new" designations regarding type of well, in this case, an "HC" well.

Statoil/BEXP Reports Great IP in the Bull's Eye of the Bakken -- The Bakken, North Dakota, USA

I just got a note that Statoil released the IP on the Banks State well: 3,179, Banks oil field.

See first comment for link and 42-stage frack info.

I assume it is:
  • 20630, 3,179, BEXP, Banks State 16-21 1H, Banks, Bakken.  Right in the bull's eye of the Bakken, northeast McKenzie County; t9/11; cum 286K 8/14;  on same pad as:
  • 19876, 2,879, BEXP, Enderud 9-4 1H, Banks, 36K in first month of production (less than 30 days of production);  t10/11; GL; cum 224K 8/14;] 39-stage frac; 4.1 million lbs sand frac including 2.5 million lbs ceramic
  • 20631, 3,166, BEXP, Enderud 9-4 2H, Banks; t9/11; cum 244K 8/14;
These three wells are on the same pad, right in the bull's eye of the Bakken, northeast McKenzie.

This is quite incredible.

This is where the well is being followed.

A big thank you to anonymous for sending me this update.

Ten Wells Came Off Confidential List Today -- Six Reported IPs -- The Bakken, North Dakota, USA

4 of 10 wells still not completed.

Three nice wells:

For Investors Only: Three Stocks Under $10 -- The Bakken, North Dakota, USA

Three "Stocks Under $10."


KOG was mentioned first. Again, for newbies, go back to posts regarding KOG; production currently about 15,000 bopd; expects to get to 30,000 bopd by end of next year. And I don't see the bottom falling out on the price of oil going forward.

Considering the 10's of thousands of publicly traded companies that could have been selected, it is amazing, at least to me, that KOG pops up yet again. The folks on Wall Street see the production expectations; folks that follow the Bakken closely know that KOG has positioned itself in the heart of the Bakken. In addition, its market cap now places KOG in position to start acquiring more Williston Basin property. I can think of at least one publicly traded company in the Bakken that might interest KOG.

Second, TriQuint Semiconductor; chips for iPhone.

Third, Cott. Juices, sodas.

See disclaimer at the sidebar at the right; this is not an investment site.

For Investors Only -- Insanity Once Again?

For me, the best site to get quick update of what the markets are doing is Yahoo!Finance. For years now, at Yahoo!Finance site, the exchanges, gold, and oil were prominently featured. Going to the bookmarked site, one could quickly see what the markets are doing.

Today, "oil" is not there. It's been replaced by "Zynga." That suggests to me that insanity is returning to the market, when Yahoo!Financial features "Zynga" at the expense of oil. Ridiculous. Zynga is the " du jour" and a flash in the pan, in terms of interest.

Disclaimer: this is not an investment site; information and entertainment only. See disclaimer at sidebar at the right.

[Note, at the end of the day, Yahoo!Finance was back to showing "oil price" and "Zynga" had been removed.]

Tyrone Field Update -- The Bakken, North Dakota, USA

 (not including the ones in the original post)

2015 (list is complete)
30744, loc, Oasis,

2014 (list is complete)
30006, loc, Oasis,
30005,  loc, Oasis,
29787, loc, Oasis, 
29539, loc, HRC, Borrud 156-101-1B-12-2H,
29538, loc, HRC, Borrud 156-101-1B-12-3H,
29240, 1,827, HRC, Borrud 156-101-1B-11-5H, t4/15; cum 102K 1/16;
29239, 1,803, HRC, Borrud 156-101-1B-11-4H, t3/15; cum 107K 1/16;
29238, 1,209, HRC, Borrud 156-101-1B-11-3H, t4/15; cum 82K 1/16;
29042, SI/NC-->producing, Oasis, McCauley Logan 5601 11-26 6T,
28905, 1,441, Oasis, Harbour 5601 42-33 2B, t2/15; cum 86K 1/16;
28904, 1,061, Oasis, Harbour 5601 42-33 3T,t2/15; cum 88K 1/16;
28903, 1,384, Oasis, Harbour 5601 42-33 4B, t2/15; cum 119K 1/16;
28902, 622, Oasis, Harbour 5601 42-33 5T, t2/15; cum 26K 1/16; off-line quite a bit;
28127, 787, Oasis, McCauley 5501 13-3 7T2, t21/5; cum 26K 1/16;
28048, 1,049, Oasis, Harbour 5501 14-5 2T, Tyrone, t2/15 cum 11K 5/15;
28046, 1,470, Oasis, Holmes Harbour 5501 14-5 2B, 32 stages, 4 million lbs, t2/15; cum 46K 5/15;
28045, 315, Oasis, Holmes 5501 14-5 6T, t2/15 cum 18K 5/15;
27784, 287, Oasis, McCauley 5501 14-3 2B, Tyrone, t12/14; cum 69K 5/15;
27783, 606, Oasis, McCauley 5501 14-3 3T, Tyrone, t12/14; cum 44K 5/15;
27736, SI/NC Oasis, McCauley 5601 41-34 6B, Tyrone,
27735, 517, Oasis, McCauley 5601 41-34 5T, Tyrone, t2/15; cum 41K 5/15;
27734, 567, Oasis, McCauley 5601 41-34 4B, Tyrone, t2/15; cum 48K 5/15;
27730, 1,867, Oasis, Holmes 5501 12-5 4B, Tyrone, 32 stages; 3.7 million lbs, t12/14; cum 55K 5/15;
27729, 523, Oasis, Holmes 5501 12-5 5T, Tyrone, t11/14; cum 45K 5/15;
27690, 2,300, Oasis, Logan 5601 13-26 5B, Tyrone, t11/15; cum 48K 1/16;
27689, SI/NC--> producing, Oasis, Logan 5601 13-26 4T, Tyrone, a nice well;
27686, SI/N-->producing, Oasis, Logan 5601 11-26 7B, Tyrone, a nice well;
27685, SI/N-->producingC, Oasis, Logan 5601 11-26 8T, Tyrone, a nice well;
27642, 634, Oasis, Holmes 5501 11-5 2T, Tyrone, t12/14; cum 39K 5/15;
27641, 1,488, Oasis, Holmes 5501 11-5 3B, 32 stages, 3.4 million lbs, Tyrone, t11/14; cum 52K 5/15;

2013 (list complete)
26505, 445, Oasis, Hendricks 5602 43-36 5B, t5/14; cum 79K 1/16;
26504, 1,035, Oasis, Hendricks 5602 43-36 4T, t2/14; cum 25K 8/14;
26503, 635, Oasis, Hendricks 5602 43-36 3B, t5/14; cum 18K 8/14;
26502, 582, Oasis, Hendricks 5602 43-36 2T, t5/14; cum 14K 8/14;
26278, 454, Oasis, Johnson 5601 41-24T, Tyrone, t2/14; cum 26K 8/14;
26277, 474, Oasis, Edwin 5601 44-24T, t3/14; cum 22K 8/14;
26264, 627, Oasis, Lydia 5601 43-24T, t2/14; cum 20K 8/14;
25915, 1,049, Oasis, Orcas State 5601 13-16 3T, t10/13; cum 38K 8/14;
25562, 1,208, HRC, Borrud 156-101-2A-11-2H, t8/13; cum 124K 8/14;

2012 (list complete)
24336, 694, Whiting/KOG, Moline 156-101 14-23-1H, t3/13; cum 142K 8/14;
24022, 1,549, Oasis, Autumn Wind State 56-1 14-16B, t3/13; cum 54K 1/14;
23988, 1,209, Oasis, Dale 56-1 14-26B, t1/13; cum 48K 1/14;
22842, 1,979, Oasis, Arlyss 5601 14-26T, t9/12; cum 96K 1/14;
22608, 1,694, Oasis, Tyler T 5601 41-24B, t7/12; cum 123K 8/14;
22607, 1,216, Oasis, Tanner T 5601 42-24B, t9/12; cum 80K 1/14;
22495, 805, HRC/KOG/Liberty, Borrud 156-101-1-12-1H, t8/12; cum 209K 8/14;

2011 (list complete)
22068,  567, KOG, Sylte 156-101-15-22-1H, t6/12; cum 135K 1/14;
22067, 758, KOG, Sylte 156-101-10-3-1H, t6/12; cum 138K 1/14;
21261, 94, Oasis, Clark 5602 12-13H, a Lodgepole well, went inactive 1/14; t1/12; cum 9K 2/14;
21019, 1,339, Oasis, Melville 5601 12-18H, Tyrone, t12/11; cum 111K 1/14;


March 23, 2012: interesting oil field for two reasons -- follow the Lodgepole story and the Liberty Resources story. Read the first first comment at the link; if it's valid, it speaks volumes about "who" knows about the Bakken and "who's" investing in it.

Original Post

Tyrone oil field has seen increased activity lately. This is a single-township oil field, T156N-101W, 36 sections north of Williston.

Drive straight north on US 2&85 out of Williston, up to the 13-mile corner, and you will be on the east side of this field.

If you were to turn west at the 13-mile corner, you would track a series of wells, running east to west, all the way to the next field, Bonetrail (12 sections) and then to Bull Butte (70 sections to the Montana state line).

Running east to west in Tyrone oil field:
  • 19048, 705, Petro-Hunt, Borrud 156-101-11D-2-1H, Tyrone, Bakken;  t8/11; cum 76K 7/12
  • 21441, 182, Oasis, Orcas State 5601 13-16H, Tyrone, Bakken, t12/12; cum 36K 1/14;
  • 21578, 470, KOG/Liberty Resources, Berger 156-101-9-4-1H, Tyrone, Bakken; t/12; cum 93K 1/14;
  • 19307, 1,033, Oasis, Devon 5601 12-17H, Tyrone, Bakken, s8/10, t7/11; cum 76K 9/12;
  • 19308, 1,235, Oasis, Glover 5601 12-17H, Tyrone, Bakken, s8/10, t6/11; cum 80K 9/12;
  • 21019, 1,339, Oasis, Melville 5601 12-18H, Tyrone, Bakken, t12/11; cum 66K 9/12;
  • 19418, 1,030, Oasis, Baffin 5601 12-18H, Tyrone, Bakken, s10/10; t6/11; cum 83K 9/12;
  • 18418, 1,228, Oasis, Sandaker 5602 11-13H, Tyrone, Bakken, s3/10; t6/10; cum 104K 9/12;
  • 18567, 1,835, Oasis, Njos Federal 5602 11-13H, Tyrone, Bakken, s1/10; t6/10; cum 109K 9/12;
  • 21261, IA/94, Oasis, Clark 5602 12-13H, a Lodgepole; came off confidential May 1, 2012; said to be economical by Oasis (personal correspondence); closed hole frack; 4 million lbs sand/ceramics; 4K 7/12; this particular well has an interesting history; google it at this blog; t1/12; cum 5K 9/12; went inactive 1/5/12 (still producing small amount)
  • 22067, see above, Liberty Resources, Sylte 156-101-10-3-1H, Tyrone, s1/12; cum 30K 2 months; no IP
  • 22068, see above, Liberty Resources, Sylte 156-101-15-22-1H, Tyrone, s1/12; cum 25K 2 months; no IP
  • 22495, DRL, Liberty Resources, Borrud 156-101-1-12-1H, Tyrone; cum 11K 1 month; no IP
  • 22607, LOC --> conf, Oasis, Tanner T 5601 42-24B, Tyrone;
  • 22608, LOC --> conf, Oasis, Tyler T 5601 41-24B, Tyrone; cum 3K no IP yet
I've written about the Clark well before, and have it tagged for follow-up in February, 2014.
 Rambling, overheard at the Economart:
  • If time is running out on leases....
  • And, if leased acreage is held by production ...
  • And, if there is a huge backlog in fracking...
  • And, if there is a huge supply/demand mismatch for sand, ceramics ....
  • Doesn't it follow that to drill a well where leased acreage is already held by production -- means that the operator has found something particularly interesting about that location to drill again (of course, in cases like the Sanish and Whiting, sometimes the payoff is so good that infill wells are drilled for the cash flow)...
Also, note Liberty Resources, a relative newcomer to the Bakken with somebody providing lots of financial capital behind the scenes, has the Berger well in this field.  I've recently posted more about those behind Liberty Resources (March, 2012).