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"Things To Follow Up On"

I've tried different methods as reminders; nothing has worked very well. Maybe this will work.

August 15, 2017: #17106; 90,000 bo in one month;

August 9, 2017: #17975. 32751, 417, Enerplus, Denali 148-95-12D-01H-TF, Eagle Nest, t7/17; cum -- (#17975)

August 5, 2017: 18047, Teton 21-3H, recently taken off-line; also, #29428 also taken off-line recently; re-fracking one or the other?

August 1, 2017: #17089, Bridger 44-14H. 3-well pad; two wells fracked 4/17; see effect it had on #17089.

July 31, 2017: 16531, BR, just came back on-line after off-line for quite some time

July 31, 2017: 16459, MRO, Oscar Stohler 41-4H, recent off-line; coming back online
July 30, 2017: follow up on this well in a month or so -- 19004, 1,440, EOG, Squaw Creek, SESE 7-149-94, 640 acres, t11/10; cum 164K 5/17; see this post.

July 21, 2017: 17876; note production jump 4/17/

July 18, 2017: 22088, see production jump, 5/17;

July 18, 2017: 19639, 2,414, Oasis, Cook 5300 42-12H, t9/11; cum 333K 2/17; taken off-line 2/17;

July 18, 2017: 28785, 28786, 28787, 28788, 28789, 28790 -- wells being fracked with effect on neighboring wells?

June 30, 2017: #31635; check production profile for typographical error.

June 27, 2017: check #19662, #17619, 24553, 24552, 17280 for any halo effect; Parshall Van Hook wells

June 25, 2017: #16098; check production profile when this comes back on line; note neighboring wells just recently fracked.

June 24, 2017: is CLR getting ready to frack the Rath Federal wells?

June 24, 2017: many of the EOG Clarks Creek wells were noted to be off-line as of late 2016, and going into 2017; noted 4/17. 

June 16, 2017: huge jump in production. #18224.

June 12, 2017: an older well, #16730 (API: 33-053-02815) runs right next to two recently fracked wells; new production data not yet available; check production data in a couple of months; the other two wells:
  • 32635, 476, BR, Anderson Ranch 3A-MBH, Camel Butte, t5/17; cum --; (#16730 -- still off-line)
  • 32628, 540, BR,Anderson Ranch 3B-TFH, Camel Butte, t5/17; cum --; (#16730 -- still off-line)

June 11, 2017: add graphic to this post:

June 11, 2017: watch for FracFocus data for this well, #20464:
  • 20464, 1,202, Oasis/Zenergy, Rolfson 29-32H, Siverston, 28 stages, 1.95 million lbs; t12/11; cum 247K 4/17; (off-line since 6/16); a re-frac according to a September 4, 2016, sundry form; FracFocus as of 6/17 has no record of re-frack;
June 7, 2017: #17106; huge jump 4/17; need to check next several months;

June 6, 2017: 13428, no new data, Rim Operating, Skurdal 6-24, Hardscrabble oil field, Red River and Stonewall, a recompletion; 

June, 2, 2017: June, 2017, hearing dockets; Case 25899, Samson Oil and Gas, Foreman Butte-Madison, establish an overlapping 1280-acre unit to facilitate an enhanced oil recovery pilot operation; sections 20/29-150-102, McKenzie

May 9, 2017: check up on these wells in next month or so. Both in same area where EOG fracked three 3-well pads almost simultaneously: 25238, 17127.

May 9, 2017: follow #17200; two rigs in the same section drilling new wells near this one -- a BR well. 

March 28, 2017: 19516; watch for halo effect; check back in a few months; 

March 28, 2017: it may be awhile, but check up on which Monroe well becomes a SWD well.

March 28, 2017: check up on the Patsy wells

March 28, 2017: 18218; check up on production in next few months; neighboring wells recently fracked; noted that 2/17 extrapolates to 8,000 bbls/month, much more than the 2,000 to 3,000 bbls/month prior to neighboring wells being fracked. 

March 28, 2017, the incredibly good Skarston wells are off-line again; no reason why. Check back monthly. Update: about half are back on-line as of 4/17; incredibly good production continues.

March 17, 2017: XTO's #30834, only 10 stages, 2 million lbs; is there an explanation? At same link check all those "lousy" wells: 30834; 31596; 31609; 31597; and, 32151.

March 16, 2017: 25266, 25267, 25268 -- all off line while Rolfson N wells were being fracked; check on their status and if there is a bump, look at the graphic.

March 16, 2017: #20891 recently taken off-line

March 4, 2017: check on halo effect on #25827. It was taken off-line when this well was fracked:
  • 31508, 1,655, CLR, Akron Federal 7-27H, Banks, 4 sections, t1/17; cum --

March 4, 2017: check on halo effect on these two wells (#16730 and #17718) in the next couple of months or so. See this post

March 1, 2017: were neighboring wells fracked to drive this increase in production in 12/16 - 1/17? #19548. Tracked here And here. Update: July 18, 2017: still no FracFocus report or anything in the file report to suggest this well was re-fracked.

February 28, 2017: EOG wanted to abandon this well due to pump failure and low commodity prices (August, 2016, sundry form) but I see it is producing, albeit not much, as of November, 2016. #16727; check over the next few months. Update: as of 1/7, taken back off-line.

February 28, 2017: reader wants to know why this well -- #22389, Norgard -- might have gone off-line 12/16; check back in a few months. See comment at this post. Update: As of 3/17 nothing in the file report to suggest why this well was taken off-line 12/16; it's back on-line; production not changed much.

February 26, 2017: #16630, CLR, a Red River well; pretty good well; off-line for many months starting in 4/2016 -- check back in mid-2017 to see status of well; 

February 20, 2017: check no sooner than May, 2017, to see how long the bump in production lasted for these two wells, #19301, and #19651, two Whiting Koala wells. 

February 15, 2017: CLR's Anna well pad; a reader asked about them; reader thinks he's not getting full answers from CLR; all wells are SI/NC, but sundry form suggests CLR planned to complete them 1/17, but no evidence yet that is occurring. #30157, #30156, #30155, #30154, #32969, #32968, #32967, #32966. Watch for #23279 coming off-line -- that will be hint that wells are about to be fracked. [Update, #23279 came off-line 1/17.][Update, #23279 back on-line; other wells have been fracked. See this link.] Check in a few months to see if production changed for #23279. Update: huge jump; see this post.

February 15, 2017: #33095-33098 (inclusive, four wells); query over at Discussion Group wondering what "green circles" / DRL status meant.

February 11, 2017: Armstrong Operating has a vertical wildcat in Stark County -- will it be a Red River or a Silurian? #33340.

February 11, 2017: the Archer wells; jump in productivity; then coming off-line again; sporadic production profile. #25962, #25961, #25960, #26007, #26006, #17356, #26419 (the last one came off-line 12/16). #25961 with "frack-like" jump in production and no evidence of a re-frack; still no evidence of a re-frack as of 4/17;

February 4, 2017: check the Florida wells when they start reporting; #28800. Huge (4/17). 

February 4, 2017: the dual laterals, the dual stacked White Butte Oil (Slawson) wells, Panzer and Meerkat wells. Probably re-check in mid-2017.

December 31, 2016: #32847, #33067, #32846, #32845 on a 4-well pad sitting near a great short-lateral EOG well, #17044.

December 31, 2016: #32700, #32699, #32698, and #32697 on a 4-well pad in an exciting section Also, #31824 and #31825 on a 2-well pad in the same section.

December 15, 2016:  This comment came in today. I will have to follow this story next winter, 2017 - 2018.
As per ISO Express, oil is now providing 3% New England electricity, up from near zero for the past many months.
Coal, now providing 15%, was also near zero two weeks ago.
At today's 2,000 Mwh from coal, the looming shutdown this spring of the 1,500 Mw capacity coal burner in Brayton Point could wreck havoc next winter if/when cold occurs. 
Came in as a comment at this post:

December 9, 2016: it looks like Sedalia is going to drill two laterals in each of these wells, #29854, and #29855. The first horizontal for each has been drilled and both are producing. On this date, there is a rig on #29854 and production from #29854 has ceased. That would suggest, they are drilling the second lateral on #29854. No sundry form yet, but it looks like they maybe planning to do the same thing for #29855. I follow #29854 at this post; will add #29855 when more information is available. Should check map monthly to see if rig is on the pad. I follow #29854 here. February 4, 2017 update here.

December 5, 2016: check up on Flatland Federal / Tarpon Federal wells. Were they all taken off line while #30775 was re-worked/re-fracked? Sundry form/completion form says CLR will resume fishing operations 1Q16. Was this delayed; as of 12/16, no update in the file report.

November 28, 2016: an incredibly good well abandoned by Oasis after leak; #22100, IAW/1,317, Oasis, Achilles 5301 41-12B, Baker, t2/12; cum 187K 1/15;

November 27, 2016: 17120, EOG, Austin 10-34H; t8/08; 955K 6/17; a short lateral; 24 days in 3/16; check reason for bump up in 9/16; was off-line during the summer; [update: it was taken off-line while neighboring wells were being fracked;] A graphic of this area has been completed; posted for a few minutes and then placed in draft status. Will be brought back up in a few weeks. 

November 21, 2016: post frack data when the data for the Rolfson N wells come available. The wells will be tracked here

October 13, 2016: Whiting took all of its wells in Twin Valley off-line the entire month of August, 2016; no explanation; 

October 11, 2016: bump in production after neighboring well fracked; note how little time this well was taken off-status while neighboring well was fracked; see if this well goes 1 million bbls without being put on a pump:
  • 17158, Whiting, LL, Richardson Federal 11-9H, 4,148, s8/08; t10/08; F; cum 933K 6/17;
September 11, 2016: check on production profile #21733 when the following four wells are fracked: #32412 - #32415, inclusive. 

July 26, 2016: a year from now, check if this well ever gets back on-line; for now, this third bench TF well is a bust:
  • 27453, IAW/54, CLR, Hartman 5-28H3, 30 stages; 2.9 million lbs, t1/15; cum 1K 1/15; abandoned after 8 months of minimal production; nothing in the file report to suggest why;
June 25, 2016: CLR re-frack in the Rattlesnake Point oilfield. #17089. Update: this well was taken off-line 7/16; getting ready for a re-frack? Recent sundry form says they are getting ready to drill more wells in this area -- was that reason for coming off-line? API: 33-025-00731. FracFocus does not show this well as having been fracked. Now inactive; still inactive as of 5/17. Active as of 6/17; small production, one day, 6/17.

June 12, 2016; follow-up on #31466 (a Statoil well) in a few months; it is currently a DUC; but neighboring Whiting wells fracked in 2015 might have had an effect. The Whiting wells are the Chameleon wells in Banks oil field

April 11, 2016: two Anschutz wells, now Lime Rock Resources wells, were never fracked; now Lime Rock Resources has two new locations on the same pad; it will be interesting to see if they frack these wells. As of 5/16, the two new wells were still LOC; #18644 was updated. Not much change as of 6/17.

March 27, 2016: a reminder to check this post some day in the future; Oasis wanted to put 21 wells on a 640-acre section/drilling unit.

March 16, 2016: months from now, maybe a year or so from now, check on the Whiting Schaffer wells to see why they are sited north to south in this section.  See also March 10, 2016, entry below; same thing. [Update: nothing new, 6/17]

****January 27, 2016: see if this well is ever fracked; if it ever does anything; note the IP (no frack data as of this date; no frack data as of December, 2016 at FracFocus)
  • 29439, 2 (no typo), Murex, Sherry Ann 13-24H, Three Forks, no frac data yet, API 33-105-03762; 18 days drilling; gas shows poor to fair throughout, Temple, t9/15; cum --; producing a very small amount of oil monthly;
January 3, 2016The most recent EIA energy analysis of California. The last EIA analysis, as of September 17, 2015.

December 16, 2015: check to see if the second lateral was ever drilled or if production numbers changed significantly --
  • 30949, 233, Sedalia Energy, Thompson 13-31 H, Lake Darling, a horizontal Madison well, not stimulated (not fracked), a short lateral, TD of 9,207 feet, payzone: Mississippian Bluell Pay Bench 3 Target, Renville County, wellbore in target 100% of the whole length, 13 operational days, geologist report dated 6/30/15; a sundry form was received October 9, 2015, with company's intent to drill a second lateral also in the Bluell B3 payzone, t7/15; cum 25K 3/17; no change in monthly production;
November 26, 2015: Oasis requested permission to drill 21 wells on a 640-acre unit (one section); currently has 12 horizontals in that section. Curious if any halo effect but most recent wells drilled to depth but now fracked (SI/NC). No new data as of 3/17;

October 28, 2015: follow-up on this well; note strange early production profile; look at all wells in this area in Sand Creek to see if there is operational reason for production profile, #28779. Nothing of note to report 3/17. At least on TFH well revealed a halo effect. 

September 21, 2015: why did this on go inactive - 
  • 18177, AB/IA/1,844, BR, Bryce 31, Westberg field, t10/09; cum 255K 4/14. Update, October 17, 2016 sundry form -- a stuck coil tubing; cut at 9,855 feet. Low commodity prices make fishing uneconomical. Will follow yearly until commodity prices recover. [Active again as of 5/17, but just for one day.]
August 24, 2015: the Zavanna Simmental wells.

August 22, 2015: the new Rattlesnake Point wells. Data updated 3/17.

July 28, 2015: went inactive in March, 2015, in March, 2015 -- application for Stripper Well Status:
  • 19542, IAW/IA/30, EOG, Austin 102-05H, Parshall, Bakken, t1/11; cum 36K 5/15;

June 17, 2015: follow up on this 2013 Fed Reserve article on the Bakken.

May 7, 2015: will this well be abandoned or start up again after the price of oil recovers?
  • 7614, A/AB/IA/712, Deep Creek Adventures Co, Signalness Federal 2-10, cum 280K 6/15; (Duperow) (5/15 -- I don't see the "AB" designation); vertical; Lost Bridge; back on-line as of 4/15; but then off-line as of 7/15; now AB noted 3/17; 
April 18, 2015: Amber Renee, #18408, went inactive 1/14 after huge drop in production; did something happen on a work-over; did putting in a pump cause a problem? TA; October, 2014, file report has sundry forms talking about a re-drill;

April 18, 2015: will they ever get this well working?
  • 22544, TA/56, Lime Rock/OXY USA, Kary 2-24-13H-144-97, no evidence this has been fracked; t2/13; cum 1K 2/15; I thought this well would be plugged, but it's back on active status; problems running the liner; wanted to re-work the well starting o/a December 19, 2013; absolutely no production since 3/14; updated 3/17 -- no production;
March 20, 2015: 17-well, 2-pad site. On March 27, 2016, it was noted that at least six more locations in this section have been added. Now 34 wells sited in this section. 

December 24, 2014: three huge Whiting wells (#27520, #27521, #27522). These three huge wells went off-line in August, 2016. Production updates. Back on line as of 9/16. Huge jump in production 11/16; no explanation (FracFocus or NDIC sundry form).

December 17, 2014: I noted this well on the MRO likely-to-be-refracked wells to have been taking off-line in early January, 2014; curious when it will go back on line:
  • 19375, AB/IA/308, MRO, Gertrude Tuhy 34-24H, Chimney Butte, Bakken, 14 stages; 2 million lbs; t3/11; cum 48K 10/15; last production of any note 1/14; six days of production in April, 2015; back on line as of April, 2015; full month of production May, 2015; full month, 6/15; noted in 11/15 to be inactive; noted to be AB, 12/16;
December 9, 2014: just noticed that this one went inactive in August, 2014; track the well here.
  • 20398, 1,313 825 (corrected), Gadeco, Golden 25-36H, Epping, Bakken, t6/12; cum 147K 3/17; IA as of 8/14; back on status for one month, 12/14, but then off-line all of 1/15; now listed as A, 2/15. Off-line 11/15, and then back on-line 3/16 but only 3 - 6 days each month through 6/16. Two IPs provided; not explained why; t6/12; installed new ESP after it quit working 4/16; July 18, 2016; back on status, 2/15;A API 33-105-02135; FracFocus: no report that this well has been fracked. No stimulation reports in the file. On-line only 2 days 12/16; off-line since; last checked 3/17; remains off-line since 12/16 and before that off-line much of the time. Back on status 4/17; and a good well?
December 3, 2014: the operator wants to re-enter the Amber Renee (#18408). Noted on January 27, 2016, to be AB (abandoned). Now TA as of 3/16; sundry form March 8, 2016 -- original well bore plugged; "future use of of the wellbore will be to sidetrack and complete new lateral once commodity prices improve." Operator requests Amber Renee 25-36H be granted TA status for one (1) year. 

November 29, 2014
  • 26929, IAW/133, EOG, Wayzetta 148-0311H, Parshall, Three Forks NOS, 1920 acres; target: "E section of the Three Forks; middle Bakken with good shows and a thickness of 47 feet; background gas units were unremarkable, peaking at less than 700 units; near the end of the lateral, the wellbore brushed the lower "F" marker; 47 stages; 14.8 million lbs sand, but not much production, t6/14; was inactive 8/14 - 11/14; back on status 12/14; cum 15K 1/16; [Update: 6/15 - this well is back on "A" status after having a NGL stripper skid put in place in 12/14][Update: 11/15 -- back on IA status; 12/15 back on active status for one day; 1/16 -- off-line; IA as of 1/16; remains IA through 12/16;]
November 17, 2014
Statoil's Brown wells will be their first crack at cemented liners and increased frac stages. Will be interesting to see the difference. [ 27003, 27004, 27005, 27006, 28733, older wells: 20790, 18760. Reviewed March, 2015 (most recent data 1/15); still need time to compare; something going on -- 9/16; most of these wells with minimal production for one month -- something going on in the area?;
October 17, 2014:
  • 22166, 48 (no typo), CLR/Samson Resources, Outback 25-36-162-97H, Bluffton, 23 stages, 725K lbs, July, 2012; 35 stages, 650K lbs, August 12; something doesn't make sense; t9/12; cum 25K 11/16; was taken off-line 4/17 and placed on IA status. Back on status one month later; still a lousy well.
September 12, 2014: a failed frack; will it be re-fracked?
  • 27635, 137, Slawson, Matilda Bay 1-15H, Stockyard Creek, 8 stages; planned for 24, mechanical problems; 600,000 pounds proppant; single section spacing, fracked May 22 -23, 2014, according to FracFocus; t6/14; cum 44K 11/16; went off-line middle of July, 2014; then began producing again 10/14; production up markedly, November, 2014 through January, 2015; as of 9/16, no new frack; API 33-105-03404;
September 5, 2014: which way will #29090 and #29091 run (north/south?) Compare with #17799. Reference "Trace" in e-mail.

August 26, 2014: from mail received this date, wondering when Hess would be pad drilling on wells with file numbers #17141 and #16911. One well now, but no new permits in either section. I track #17141 here.


Was this well fracked when it was tested? It produced 630 bbls in the first six months of production:
  • 22761, 50, Lime Rock Resources/OXY USA, Crosby Creek 1-19-18H-144-98, Little Knife, t2/14; cum 999 bbls 9/15; from the well file (noted 8/14); dated 6/13, 12 stages fracked, 1.3 million lbs sand; "indications frac port failure/no ball seats"; 4 stages; 200K "oil frac" -- diagnostic test to determine liner functionality"; [Update, November 18, 2014: zero bbls in August, 2014; only 5 (no typo) bbls in 30 days in September, 2014; 0 bbls in Oct/Nov, 2014; 1 bbl in Dec, 2014; 40 bbls, one day, 6/15; essentially remains off-line, 9/15; noted to be IA 11/15; active as of 12/15 but very little production; minimal to "no" production through 12/16; noted to be back on status (A) in 2/17]


Wells that I followed and were closed after April 24, 2017, are at this page (page #4)

Wells that I followed and were closed after November 23, 2016, are at this page (page #3).

Wells that I followed and were closed after November 4, 2015, are at this page (page #2).

Wells that I followed and have now been closed as of November 4, 2015, have been moved to this page, page #1.

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