Saturday, July 25, 2015

Three More Hess Wells In Robinson Oil Field, Fretheim / Cvancara With 18 Wells On One Pad; Last Three Wells Drilled; Also,The EN-Abrahamson Wells -- July 25, 2015

The Hess EN-Fretheim / Cvancara 18-well pad has been updated.

Three more wells placed on the pad; completes this 18-well pad. The last three wells are on confidential list.

When you get to the link, the new "map" is at the top; the legal description and production updates of the three new wells are at the bottom of that post at the link.

The Hess EN-Abrahamson Wells In Alger

These ten horizontals all run to the north.

31017, PNC, Hess, EN-Abrahamson-155-93-3019H-9, Alger, 2/29/16 (during the Saudi Surge)
27612, 603, Hess, EN-Abrahamson-155-93-3019H-8, Alger, t1/15; cum 137K 6/19;
27611, 530, Hess, EN-Abrahamson-155-93-3019H-7, Alger, t12/14; cum 115K 6/19;
27610, 800, Hess, EN-Abrahamson-155-93-3019H-6, Alger, t1/15; cum 112K 6/19;
27609, 544, Hess, EN-Abrahamson-155-93-3019H-5, Alger, t11/14; cum 111K 6/19;
31016, PNC, Hess, EN-Abrahamson-155-93-3019H-4, Alger, 2/29/16 (during the Saudi Surge)
31015, PNC, Hess, EN-Abrahamson-LE-155-93-3019H-1, Alger, 2/29/16 (during the Saudi Surge)
18838, 424, Hess, EN-Abrahamson-155-93-3019H-1, Alger, t7/10; cum 263K 6/19;
18839, 424, Hess, EN-Abrahamson-155-93-3019H-2, Alger, t10/10; cum 243K 6/19;
18840, 684, Hess, EN-Abrahamson-155-93-3019H-3, Alger, t12/10; cum 307K 6/19;

Four Strong Winds

Four Strong Winds, Ian and Sylvia

It Just Gets Worse -- July 25, 2015

After losing to 76th-ranked Jamaica, 2 - 1, the US Men's team fell to Panama, 3 - 2, in the Gold Cup consolation round.

Looking For Work? Looking To Establish A New Business?

If so, look at all the job opportunities in this month's edition of the Bakken Magazine

Maps For Sale

Wow, this is cool. Look at the maps for sale. Note: I have no association with this website. I first saw it on Facebook. 

As for me, I'm looking for a historical map of Dickinson. Until then, I may place this on my Hanukkah / Eid al-Fitr / Christmas / Vesak / Holiday / Eid al-Adha list.

You Took Me By Surprise, Jessie Colter

Williston's Average Wage Tops $80,000; Beats National Average Of $72,000 -- Dickinson Press -- July 25, 2015

The Dickinson Press is reporting: If looking for work, Williston has never looked better! If looking to establish a business, Williston has never looked better! I was surprised by their story, so upbeat. Look at the numbers, some of which were picked up by The Dickinson Press :
  • taxable sales at record levels (see below); Williston's taxable sales and purchases hit $1 billion 4Q14, six months ago
  • Williston's average annual wage tops $80,000 compared with a national average of $72,000
  • unemployment rate 2nd lowest in the nation
  • 1,700 job openings in Williston -- job openings, not unemployment lines
  • housing still tight, but opening up; opportunity to move out of man camp into city
  • house prices coming down; rents "plunging"
  • minimum starting wage at Wal-Mart: $17 (double Dickinson's minimum wage of $7.25 / hour -- not even a living wage)
  • traffic no longer a problem with all the new bypasses, new highways
  • truck traffic way down now that pipelines are in
  • 925 wells need fracking; oil service companies hiring
  • for the past 5 years, the area has put in 2,000 wells / year; 10,000 new wells; all need servicing
  • more than 1 million bbls of crude oil needs to be moved daily
The Dickinson Press led with a different slant, but finished the article with incredible data points, some of which were noted above.

By the way, there are rumors, that as busy as the Bakken is right now, activity is going to increase at the end of the summer.

If there's any doubt about activity in the Bakken, look at all the job opportunities in this month's edition of the Bakken Magazine

Taxable Sales, First Quarter For The Past Six Years
  • Williston: $216K 
  • Fargo: $460K
  • Williston: $447K
  • Fargo: $481K
  • Williston: $791K 
  • Fargo: $541K
  • Williston: $790K 
  • Fargo: $543K
1Q14 (city, taxable sales for the quarter, percent change from 1Q10):
  • Williston: $779K (261.0%)
  • Fargo: $563K (22.4%)
  • Williston: $703,517,913
  • Fargo: $586,272,823
  • Dickinson: $279,965,591

Two Very Interesting Dots To Connect -- July 25, 2015

Back on July 23, 2015: 80 million bbls of crude oil storage to be added along the Gulf Coast, this year.

Today: US imports of crude oil rising.

Something tells me there are some folks along the coast who are hoping / betting we don't see the end of the ban on crude oil exports any time soon.

Next data point to watch: refining capacity along the coast. Integrated companies are making more money off refined products than off their upstream operations.

Just A Reminder: QEP Fracking In The Grail -- July 25, 2015

Lots of sand; lots of stages:

  • 28931, 2,016, QEP, Foreman 1-2-1BH, 51 stages, 9.8 million lbs, t4/15; cum 34K 5/15;
See also: completions in the Grail.

Headlines LIke These Really Annoy Me -- July 25, 2015

This is the tweeted headline from EIA a few minutes ago:
Trinidad and Tobago provides approximately two-thirds of to the United States
Of course that got my attention. With all the natural gas the US is producing, the EIA tweets that Trinidad and Tobago provides about two-thirds of the US natural gas imports. What gives?


When you go to the linked story:
The United States imports and exports LNG. Sometimes LNG originally imported to the United States is re-exported to other destinations where prices are higher. In 2014, the United States imported about 59 billion cubic feet (Bcf) of LNG and exported 16 Bcf of LNG.
The net imports of 43 Bcf of LNG contributed about 0.2% of total U.S. natural gas consumption in 2014.
About 95% of LNG imports were from Trinidad and Tobago, Yemen, and Norway.
A note from the EIA telling us that two-thirds of natural gas imported into the US comes from T&T, only to find out total NG imports represents 0.02% of total US NG use, is about as useful as a tweet from Dennis Rodman telling us he supports Donald Trump. This is one of the reasons I discontinued following twitter for such a long time, until a reader suggested I follow John Kemp. Which I now do. And I'm thrilled with his tweets.

But the EIA tweets: incredibly lame. Not all, I suppose, but certainly a lot.

By the way: imported LNG contributed about 0.2% of total US natural consumption. Compare with EIA noting that solar energy accounts for about 0.4% total electricity production.

The only thing this post is good for is a song:

Dead Flowers, Townes Van Zandt

Another Photo Of Statoil's 5-Well Pad West Of Williston -- July 25, 2015

As promised, here is the second of several photos that will be posted over the next several days. The first batch of photos will be of the Statoil Trust wells a few miles west of Williston. This 5-well pad is just east of another 4-well pad in the same section.

A huge "thank you" to the reader for sending these photos.

Price Of Whole Fryers

With recent news of chicken and egg shortages due to "bird flu," and the arrival of beer can chicken season, I've been following the availability of chickens and their prices in the local stores.

At Costco yesterday, whole fryers were going for 69 cents/lb, if I remember correctly. All I know for sure is that I bought two small fryers -- two of them -- for a total of $7.50.

At Minyard's next door, whole fryers are going for $1.5/lb; similar fryers are selling for 68 cents/lb at Albertson's two blocks away, a short bike ride. [Minyard's is a Texas-based store, pretty much limited to the DFW area.]

I didn't check the price of "organic" chickens at Albertson's but at Minyard's, "organic" fryers were going for $2.59/lb or thereabouts. It might have been $2.47. Anyway, a single "organic" fryer was $10+.

Availability was no issue at Costco, but at both Minyard's and Albertson's there were only about 8 at the former, a dozen at the latter, a fairly small number.

Ahi tuna fillets were very inexpensive at Albertson's -- one could buy three 5-ounce steaks pre-wrapped for $4.95. I bought two fresh 5-ounce tune fillets for $3.50 each ($7.00 total).

The tuna was significantly less expensive than the one corn-fed Angus rib-eye that I bought.

One package of Johnsonville bratwurst to round out the grill.

On the bike ride home -- temperature was 94 degrees, forecast to hit 99 -- I noted all the huge SUVs and pick-up trucks. Mostly huge SUVs. I got to thinking about "culture" across the US. I have my own world view of the southwest, the south, the northeast, and the midwest. The only areas of the continental US I really don't feel comfortable talking about / thinking about is the far southeast (Florida, Georgia) or the far northwest (northern California, Oregon, Washington). With regard to the far southeast, we did live in Alabama for two years, so I feel I have a pretty good understanding of that area. And in the Pacific Northwest, our younger daughter lives there and we have visited occasionally but not enough.

Update On Spiritwood, Jamestown, North Dakota -- July 25, 2015

The story is tracked here. If one is at all interested in energy, ethanol, the Bakken, North Dakota, this is quite a story.

It's hard to believe that it was less than three years ago that I posted the vision folks had for this project. That was January 6, 2013.

Rigs By Operator In The Bakken; CLR Leads The List -- July 25, 2015

After hitting a post-boom low of 68 rigs this past week, we bounced back up to 73 by the end of the week.

Using the tag at the bottom of the post, you can find other posts with active rig lists.

The source is a dynamic link.

Abraxas: 1
BR: 4
CLR: 11
Denbury: 1
Enerplus: 1
EOG: 4
Hess: 7
HRC: 2
MRO: 1
Newfield: 1
Oasis: 4
Petro-Hunt: 2
QEP: 2
Sinclair: 1
Slawson: 1
SM Energy: 5
Statoil: 4
Triangle: 1
Whiting: 9
WPX: 1
XTO: 9
Zavanna: 1