Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Gulf Coast Refinery Interest -- Absolutely Nothing To Do With The Bakken


August 22, 2012: update of three refinery projects in North Dakota (April 7, 2012).

August 22, 2012: In the Bakken; the Trenton Diesel Refinery; apparently on track (a PDF file); all permits; financing being arranged; construction to begin soon; to be completed late 2013; 

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I wanted to add this story as a short update, just a link to an already-posted story, but it didn't seem to fit anywhere.

It has to do with refineries, something I've only recently touched upon. It seems, all of a sudden, folks are interested in refineries: refineries closing on the East Coast; a new Saudi/Shell refinery at Port Arthur; and, now, this: Gulf Coast seeing a resurgence in interest in refining.

Data points:
  • cheap natural gas / surge in natural gas production is leading to a renaissance for the chemical refining industry in Texas
  • a number of energy companies will reinvest in refining plants in the region
  • Dow announced (April 19) plans for a new $1.7 billion natural gas refining plant at its Freeport facilities, Houston; just part of Dow's $4 billion investment plan for the region
  • others, including Royal Dutch Shell, COP, will invest $8.7 billion in the region
Pretty remarkable.

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