Saturday, August 16, 2014

Random Update Of New Mexico's Shale Revolution -- August 16, 2014

Note: Clear Creek oil field has been updated. Click here

Las Cruces Sun-News is reporting:
New Mexico is currently undergoing an oil and gas boom — oil production is up nearly 70 percent from 2008 and is projected to increase by 20 percent in 2014. Most of the increase is attributable to new technology that allows producers to extract more oil and gas — specifically hydraulic fracturing, commonly called fracking, and horizontal drilling techniques which allow drillers to tap previously unreachable reserves. 
It's a fairly nice, balanced article. I found some interesting data points regarding wind, which I've touched on before:
Wind and solar are free raw materials which should be used. The current difficulty is in getting the electricity generated to larger, urban markets to be sold.
"I think we are running into some success," Porter said. "We are now getting better at wind and solar, but you also lose energy in the grid. A lot of the things talked about in Washington nowadays is how do you get more efficient grid dynamics." 
But work is progressing to correct the transmission deficiencies to better allow development of renewable energy in the state.
I have talked about this progression in the past: the transmission / energy / electricity grid will gradually be improved because of the emphasis on wind and solar energy. Several generations from now, the solar and wind farms can be replaced by small nuclear electricity-generating sites, taking up a fraction (like 1%) of the land that is required by wind/solar.  By then, perhaps even the shale revolution will have run its course and close to 100% of electricity will be generated by nuclear energy.

I digress, but I remember back during the OPEC embargo, I was concerned about the energy situation here in the states, and to some extent, I suppose, globally. It now appears that there are solutions. I can take that off my list of things about which to worry.

The Wall Street Journal

Top story: Ebola crisis -- health staff might be saved if they had such basics as gloves

Now that Maliki has stepped down, the US will increase aid; looks like it was all about the oil after all

Ukrainian artillery hits Putin's convoy of "aid."

Texas governor Perry indicted; all politics, but it sounds like it's a legitimate indictment

I guess Europe hasn't gotten the memo: sanctions don't work; ready to impose new sanctions on Putin

Wow! I said this to my brother-in-law last year -- are pro golfers too bulked up? Recent injuries have some wondering if Tour players are working out too much and wearing down their bodies. I think they are putting stresses on their bodies in disproportionate ways; Tiger has withdrawn from the Ryder Cup

Kinder Morgan CEO Richer Kinder could collect almost one-half billion dollars in consolidation

Hmmm.... it looks like Wal-Mart finally got the memo -- will staff every cash register from the day after Thanksgiving through the days just before Christmas during peak shopping times. That's my #1 complaint about Wal-Mart -- the check-out lines are way too long; no one goes there any more because the lines are too long.