Thursday, May 16, 2013

RBN Energy

Heading toward one million bopd
Bakken crude pricing, part IV, June 28, 2012

The 2013 - 2014 propane shortage
Perhaps the first RBN story on the propane shortage, November 10, 2013; Part II;
Propane exports take off, August 5, 2013

Propane exports exceed 400,000 b/d for the first time, January 28, 2014
Polar vortex turns propane and other NGL markets upside down, January 26, 2014

PADD 1 NGL storage requirements, June 24, 2013
Part 1, the first in a series on the basics of natural gas liquids, May, 2012
Part 5, last in the series on NGL production, storage, pricing, June 21, 2013
Part 4 in the series on huge NGL production, June 12, 2013
NGLs, Condensates, and Pentanes, Part 1: the US vs the World, Through the Looking Glass
Big surge comes to Whoville, Northeast NGLs to Increase Six Fold
Bakken NGLs production growth: the race is on and it looks like ONEOK is the winner
CBR Terminals
Final episode in the 2013 series on CBR; sixteenth CBR post
154 terminals operating, May 12, 2013; BNSF dominant
Brent, WTI, and the impact on Bakken netbacks 
RBN Energy discusses the possibility of a CBR bust, June 13, 2013 
CBR to California, September 30, 2013

Canada: CBR vs Pipeline
CBR could be competitive in price, July 31, 2013

Set fire to the gas; the fight to limit Bakken flaring

Not just shipping crude, but bringing drilling supplies to the shale-rail revolution
Tank cars, May 23, 2013
Bakken shippers switching back to pipeline, May 29, 2013 

Pricing the various crudes, August 12, 2013
How Bakken prices are threatened by narrowing Brent/WTI spread
How decreased inventories affected pricing; backwardization and cotango, Aug 19, 2013

North Dakota refineries
Update, April 24, 2013
How the new gasoline sulfur rules will affect refineries, June 25, 2013 

Update on Keystone XL South (Cushing to the Gulf Coast), December 3, 2013
Update on Enbridge and Energy Transfer Parters projects to convert two large natural gas pipelines to crude oil pipelines, June 12, 2013
TransCanada's conversion of its Mainline natural gas pipeline to crude, Part I, May 31, 2013

Other plays
Update on the Utica, May 21, 2013 
Marcellus: exceeding expectations, May 22, 2013 
Eagle Ford condensates, a great review, June 3, 2013
Eagle Ford diluent going back to Canada, June 26, 2013 
The Permian, one in series, July 2, 2013

Bakken and the sour crude (H2S) issue, May 24, 2013 
How refineries will react to a glut of light sweet oil, June 17, 2013
A primer on diluent, March, 2012
Tracking where Texas Ford crude is going, June 26, 2013 ; 2nd in a series, where all the light crude is going, June 27, 2013 

The "crack spread" -- is the US refining party over?

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