Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Looks Like South Carolina Needs The Revenue and The Jobs

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Looks Like New York State Needs The Revenue

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$2900/Month: Detroit vs Williston --- CarpeDiem

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China: Voted #1 Economic Power on Earth

Some time ago I posted a note saying that China was now the #1 economic power or would be the #1 economic power within the next couple of years. I forget exactly what I wrote, or how I wrote it; it was in a long note; impossible to find now, although I may look for it. If I find it, I will link it.

I remember the note I got from "anonymous" suggesting I was crazy (or something to that effect) when I suggested that China was soon to be the #1 economic power. I did not post the note (for obvious reasons).

So, now, at the top of Drudge Report: China is voted #1 economic power, and it links to an AP story.

Go to the link for the full story: one can take any side of the argument one wishes. But connect the linked story above with Bret's story yesterday, and one starts to see a trend.

A Note for the Granddaughters

This is a "penny postcard" of the hospital in which I was born in 1951. 

This is a very cool site. Click on your state and eventually click back to penny postcards that may bring back some wonderful memories.

Enerplus Cuts Its Dividend in Half

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Disclaimer: this blog is not an investment site; this is not a recommendation to buy or sell shares in ERF.

Thirteen (13) New Permits -- The Williston Basin, North Dakota, USA

Daily activity report, June 13, 2012 --
  • Operators: OXY USA (4), Fidelity (4), Petro-Hunt, Denbury, Baytex, Corinthian, Hess
  • Fields: East Tioga (Mountrail), South Westhope (Bottineau), Cabernet (Dunn), Crooked Creek (Dunn), Lone Tree Lake (Williams), North Souris (Bottineau), Sanish (Mountrail), Antelope (Williams)
Three wells were released from "tight hole" status:
  • 20439, no data, Zavanna, Thelma 1-21H, Bakken, Williams
  • 20508, 257, WPX, Buffalo 1-36HC, Bakken, Dunn
  • 21879, no data, BEXP, Everett 5-8 1H, Bakken, Williams
Two of three wells not completed/fracked.

One producing well was completed:
  • 21769, 1,776, Hess, CA-Halverson-154-95-0409H-1, Williams
Already temporarily abandoned:
  • 19567, TA, Legacy, Legacy Etal Bliss 13-10H, Bottineau

Seismic Survey Covering 1,000 Square Miles of the Reservation -- Three Affiliated Tribes -- Fort Berthold -- The Williston Basin, North Dakota, USA

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Three Affiliated Tribes (Fort Berthold Reservation) has contracted with a Texas company to conduct a 3-D seismic survey covering 1,000 square miles of the reservation. The survey will image the Bakken, Three Forks, and other producing oil formations. The survey should begin in 3Q12 and 4Q12.

Dunn Camp: Two More Small Crew Camps; Larger Crew Camp Decision Postponed

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Data points:
  • Approved: a 12-person single-employer crew camp, Northridge Subdivision
  • Approved: ~ 20-building modular crew camp; JR's Industrial Park Subdivision
  • Postponed per developer's request: Target Logistics requested a delay in the council's decision regarding a 650-unit crew camp to July 10

CarpeDiem With Data Points on Automobile Industry, Rail Cars

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Sometimes the comments are more interesting than the story; it is amazing how some folks ... but I digress.

The linked article suggests that there is a shortage of rail cars for transporting automobiles.

One item that caught my attention was the volatility in monthly automobile and light truck manufacturing annualized:
  • the current annualized US motor vehicle assemblies: 10.7 million units
  • this is the highest monthly production level since August, 2007
  • the current annualized rate is three times -- repeat, three times -- the recessionar low of 3.7 million units in January, 2009
  • at the current rate, the rate should get to 11 million in a few months; 12 million units by the end of this year
Remember: the Chinese are buying automobiles at a clip to exceed 15 million units on an annualized basis, exceeding that of the US.

EnerCom's London Oil and Gas Conference

"Anon 1" sends the following conference agenda/reminder: EnerCom's London Oil and Gas Conference.

And, now, for those going on break:

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