Sunday, October 26, 2014

Petro-Hunt Reports Two Nice Wells; XTO With A "High-IP" Well -- October 26, 2014

Monday, October 27, 2014
  • 25653, 1,024, Petro-Hunt, State of North Dakota 154-99-16A-6H, Stockyard Creek, Three Forks (though app said middle Bakken), short lateral, 640 acres/ICO, 22 stages, 2.5 million lbs sand, t7/14; cum 39K 8/14;
  • 27913, 448, CLR, Kuntz 1-25H1, Ukraine, Three Forks, t7/14; cum 14K 8/14;
  • 28150, 1,651, XTO, Dave 11X-16E, Siverston, t9/14; cum -- 
Sunday, October 26, 2014
  • 23584, 995, CLR, Columbia Federal 6-5H, Dollar Joe, t10/15; cum --
  • 23682, drl, WPX, Martin Fox 20-17HB, Mandaree, no production data,
  • 26992, 557, Slawson, Fox 5-28H, Van Hook, 640 acres/ICO, t9/14; cum 8K 8/14;
  • 27838, drl, MRO, Bears Ghost USA 11-4H, McGregory Buttes, no production data,
  • 27875, 1,791, Petro-Hunt, Wollan 152-96-27C-6H, Clear Creek, 18 stages/2.1 million lbs sand, 640 acres, t7/14; cum 50K 8/14;
  • 28072, drl, Hess, AN-Evenson-LW-152-95-1003H-1, Antelope. Sanish pool, no production data,
Saturday, October 25, 2014
  • 23681, drl, WPX, Martin Fox 20-17HX, Mandaree, no production data,
  • 25834, 750, Fidelity, Dacker 21-16H, Heart River, t5/14; cum 41K 8/14;
  • 27982, drl, Statoil, Palson 36-1 3TFH, Briar Creek, no production data,
  • 28149, 2,566, XTO, Dave 11X-16A, Siverston, 38 stages; 3.4 million lbs sand; middle Bakken, 1280 acres; t9/14; cum --

25653, see above, Petro-Hunt, State of North Dakota 154-99-16A-6H, Stockyard Creek:

DateOil RunsMCF Sold

27875, see above, Petro-Hunt, Wollan 152-96-27C-6H, Clear Creek:

Oil RunsMCF Sold
7-2014 238550

More on that Petro-Hunt well in Stockyard Creek:

I assume #25653 will run south into section 16-154-99. What else is going on with the two wells in the immediate area?
  • 12576, 95, Petro-Hunt, State of North Dakota L 1, a Madison well, a horizontal re-entry well, Sept 97, t2/89; cum 329K 9/14;
  • 20339, 314, Petro-Hunt, State of North Dakota 154-99-16A-1H, t3/12; cum 91K 9/14;
Current screen shot with where I think the new Petro-Hunt well will run:

NOTE: There are some 640-acre drilling units in Stockyard Creek, but every section in Stockyard Creek is part of a 1280-acre unit, except one: the only 640-acre unit still standing is section 16-154-99 in Stockyard Creek, unless I misread the GIS map server.

Active rigs:

Active Rigs194182186199152

It Could Be A Very, Very Harsh Winter -- The Warmists -- October 26, 2014

What some of us will be talking about Monday.

The Wall Street Journal

Baghdad. The last time "we" reported on Baghdad we were told that the citizens were unafraid; they had been through so much, so many wars, they were used to all this. There are two groups defending Baghdad from ISIS: a) the Iraqi Army; and, b) local militias. The residents say it is a given that the Iraqi Army will turn and run; and it will be the local militias that will hold off ISIL. In yesterday's WSJ  we learn that ISIL is getting ever closer to Baghdad, now within 12 miles of the capital, and, yes, the Iraqi Army has not distinguished itself.

Digital music sales at Apple iTunes store have fallen as much as 14% world-wide since the beginning of the year.  

Now the important stuff.

The Dallas Cowboys plays the Washington Native Americans Monday night.

Jeff Gordon leads the NASCAR championship competition, coming in 2nd in today's race. 

Invertebrates—creatures without spines—make up 98% of known animal species, but their backboned cousins get all the attention. Photographer Susan Middleton explores the strange world of underwater invertebrates in her new book “Spineless” (Abrams, $50).
One looks like a cross between a shrimp and a lobster; another resembles Jabba the Hut from “Star Wars.” To capture the often tiny subjects, Ms. Middleton set sail with marine biologists on research trips and photographed the creatures in modified aquariums that she brought on each ship.
She even photographed a few species that hadn’t previously been known to scientists. She wrote the book to showcase less conspicuous animals. A photographer for 35 years, Ms. Middleton has shot everything from lions to leaves but says, “I really am inspired by subjects that are not often seen.”  

And something none of us well be talking about Monday: despite California climate law, carbon emissions may be a shell game. From The Los Angeles Times:
California's pioneering climate-change law has a long reach, but that doesn't mean all its mandates will help stave off global warming.
To meet the requirement that it cut carbon emissions, for example, Southern California Edison recently sold its stake in one of the West's largest coal-fired power plants, located hundreds of miles out of state.
But the Four Corners Generating Station in New Mexico still burns coal — only the power that Edison once delivered to California now goes to a different utility's customers in Arizona.
I doubt I even would have posted this story, but for the fact I recently read and commented on Judith Nies' Unreal City: Las Vegas, Black Mesa, and the Fate of the West, c. 2014, in which many pages are devoted to the Four Corners Generating Station. Until I had read that book, I knew nothing about it.

The good news: all the CO2 being generated by China does not cross the Pacific Ocean to reach California. 

Nearly 3 billion gallons of crude oil will move through Washington on trains this year, and that figure could triple in five years.  
And the state sees an opportunity to put a tax on each bbl of oil rolling through the state.

"If it moves, tax it."

I Guess We're Back To Global Warming

I honestly thought we had moved on from global warming to "at least" climate change and maybe even extreme weather.

I know that we have had to quit talking about extreme weather: it was noted the other day that Florida has not experienced a "real" hurricane in the last decade. Ten years. Hurricane Andrew (Category 5) was back in 1992. Hurricane Opal (a measly Category 3) was the last named hurricane that actually hit the "mainland" of Florida. So, that's extreme weather.

Then we have climate change. I thought that was the first clawback from extreme weather. But apparently not.

I'm sure everyone one saw this in yesterday's news in which the warmists are predicting a harsh winter (memo to self: insert "LOL" here):
“This counterintuitive effect of the global warming that led to the sea ice decline in the first place makes some people think that global warming has stopped. It has not,” Colin Summerhayes, emeritus associate of the Scott Polar Research Institute, said in a statement provided by the journal Nature Geoscience, where the study is published. 
That was from Bloomberg

The warmists are preparing their flock for a harsh winter, and how to explain it. And the word they start with: counterintuitive.

A word that another reader uses is bullshit.

Lawrence Wells Coming Back On-Line -- October 25, 2014

It appears the Lawrence wells are coming back on-line after fracking completed (see this post for background information).

17745, 616, Lawrence 1-24H, CLR, North Tioga, long lateral, going due north through sections 24 and 13 (sited in section 24), cased hole frack; 1.4 million lbs sand; t2/09; cum 257K 8/14;

Production history for this well for past few months:

PoolDateDaysBBLS OilRunsBBLS WaterMCF ProdMCF SoldVent/Flare

HRC Well With Relatively Low IP, Now A Monster Well -- October 26, 2014

This well was spud 4/5/2010 and 7/5/11 (see scout ticket below):
  • 18341, 567, HRC, Fort Berthold 147-94-1A-12-1H, t10/11; cum 644K 3/19;
It was not completed until more than a year later, 10/26/2.
  • 10/7/11: an open hole, 29-stage frack, with 3 million lbs sand;
  • 6/29/10: an open hole frack attempted, 200,000 lbs sand; "the well was killed after flowback frac due to fishing for wireline. This lateral has also been plugged back. 
The scout ticket:

NDIC File No: 18341    
Well Type: OG     Well Status: A     Status Date: 10/26/2011     Wellbore type: Horizontal
Location: NWNE 1-147-94      Latitude: 47.587740     Longitude: -102.594214
Current Operator: HRC OPERATING, LLC
Current Well Name: FORT BERTHOLD 147-94-1A-12-1H
Total Depth: 20442     Field: MCGREGORY BUTTES
Spud Date(s):  4/5/2010  7/5/2011 
Completion Data
   Pool: BAKKEN     Perfs: 11119-20442     Comp: 10/26/2011     Status: F     Date: 10/26/2011     Spacing: 2SEC
Cumulative Production Data
   Pool: BAKKEN     Cum Oil: 436269     Cum MCF Gas: 371535     Cum Water: 169174
Production Test Data
   IP Test Date: 10/26/2011     Pool: BAKKEN     IP Oil: 567     IP MCF: 319     IP Water: 138

A history of early production for this well:

Monthly Production Data (sorry about the formatting, but one can probably figure it out):

PoolDateDaysBBLS OilRunsBBLS WaterMCF ProdMCF SoldVent/Flare

The Rosemary Eckelberg Is Back On Line; An EOG Wayzetta Well Also Back On-Line After Seven Months Of No Production -- October 26, 2014

Some housekeeping. Some months ago I noted that this well was taken off-line. I don't see an explanation in the well file. During the period that the well was taken off-line there were no new wells in the immediate area being drilled or fracked. Mostly likely a work-over back in the summer of 2013.

Regardless, it's back on-line.
  • 17310, Rosemary Eckelberg 41-26H, 459, 49,138 bbls in 15 months; went back on line 1/14; significant increase in oil production; no explanation in well file; t8/08; cum 127K 8/14;
A selected portion of the production history (sorry about the formatting, but one can probably figure it out):

PoolDateDaysBBLS OilRunsBBLS WaterMCF ProdMCF SoldVent/Flare

An EOG Wayzetta well is also back on line; this well went off-line in November, 2013, producing no oil until June, 2014; it is currently producing about 4,500 bbls of oil per month:
  • 16991, 1,383, EOG, Wayzetta 9-03H, Parshall field; short lateral, s4/08; producing 5,000 bbls 1/13; inactive since 5/13; back on status 7/13; no production since 11/13; back on status as of 6/14; t7/08; cum 785K 8/14;

A Silurian Well Hit The One-Million-Bbl Milestone In North Dakota -- October 26, 2014

After almost 35 years of production, this Silurian well has passed the 1,000,000-bbls-milestone. It hit the one-million-bbl mark in early September, 2014, but we don't yet have the official word from NDIC yet. I expect to see that data within the next few days.

The well has been taken off-line many times over the years, I assume for two reasons: a) workover; and, b) when the Tioga Hess plant is down for routine maintenance.
  • 7571, 482/IA, Hess, Reitsch NCT-2 4, Blue Buttes, a Silurian well, 40-acre spacing, t4/81; cum 999,798 bbls 8/14;
Here's the scout ticket (notice the depth) and production data back only to September, 2013:

NDIC File No: 7571     
Well Type: OG     Well Status: A     Status Date: 4/3/1981     Wellbore type: Vertical
Location: SWNE 31-151-95     Latitude: 47.856454     Longitude: -102.884772
Current Well Name: REITSCH NCT-2 4
Elevation(s): 2486 KB     Total Depth: 14893     Field: BLUE BUTTES
Spud Date(s):  7/19/1980
Casing String(s): 13.325" 613'   7" 14760'   9.625" 5507'  
Completion Data
   Pool: SILURIAN     Perfs: 12380-12630G     Comp: 4/3/1981     Status: AL     Date: 4/3/1981     Spacing: N2
   Pool: WINNIPEG     Comp: 4/3/1981     Status: DRY     Date: 4/3/1981
Cumulative Production Data
   Pool: SILURIAN     Cum Oil: 999798     Cum MCF Gas: 1888120     Cum Water: 2379295
Production Test Data
   IP Test Date: 4/3/1981     Pool: SILURIAN     IP Oil: 482     IP MCF: 470     IP Water: 118
Monthly Production Data
PoolDateDaysBBLS OilRunsBBLS WaterMCF ProdMCF SoldVent/Flare