Saturday, February 13, 2021

It's Coming -- Ice Age Now -- February 13, 2021

 Now, imagine "everyone" charging their EV in their garage overnight.
So, we know it will be 2°C warmer ninety-four years from now, but no one predicted this "unprecedented" winter storm one month ago? Say what?

Texas -- Sure Glad They Built All Those Wind Farms -- Not -- February 15, 2021

Send Me Some Lovin', Little Richard

Former President Acquitted -- For The Second Time -- Wow, That Was Quick -- For The Archives -- February 13, 2021

I may post this twice, for each time he's been acquitted. LOL:

Also for the archives: winter storm watch north Texas:

You can see water in the parking lot behind Sophia. I washed my little Honda Civic today. Migratory birds made a mess of it. LOL.

Little Honda, Beach Boys

Could Be A Perfect Storm For The Majors -- February 13, 2021

What a great photo, what a great story!

From Bloomberg:

U.S. oil demand is finally starting to emerge from the grips of pandemic after months with Asia serving as the lone bright spot in the global market market.

American refiners are processing the most crude since the economy ground to a halt in March in anticipation of a vaccine-driven boost in gasoline demand this summer. The uptick means that the refiners are competing for domestic barrels that for months were sent to more robust markets more in Asia. Prices for cargoes of grades like West Texas Intermediate crude have picked up by at least 50 cents a barrel from earlier this month.

The return of U.S. demand, which began when a global vaccination campaign kicked off in December, is the latest development in oil’s recovery from the depths of the pandemic. For months oil prices were managed by OPEC and its parters with production cuts, without the help of demand outside of Asia.

As domestic oil demand recovers, it could meet with supply shortages. Economic-driven output declines took about 2 million barrels a day of local crude off the market from the peak of 13.1 million, after dozens of drillers slashed budgets and filed for bankruptcy. The U.S. government sees production recovering to only 11.5 million barrels a day in 2022.

Could be a perfect storm with President Biden shutting down US oil. Whoo-hoo!

Short List

Trotter Trotting; Moffitt Muffed It -- NASCAR -- February 13, 2021

First things first, first of a doubleheader, ARCA Menards: only woman driver in the series is running second in today's first race in the Daytona 500 junior series. #25: Gracie Trotter. See wiki entry.

Brett Moffitt just spun out (lap ten?) and he was the highlight of the interviews prior to the race starting. Rookie of the year, 2015, truck champion, 2018.

Later: Lap 28, Gracie Trotter makes contact with her teammate in front of her. Puts him into a spin; ends his day, Derek Griffith -- #55 - was just starting leading ... I guess that means Gracie Trotter is racing in first position. Whoo-hoo. She screwed up on drafting. A rookie mistake. Superspeedwayracing with juniors. 

Trotter moves to 8th. Ty Gibbs, b. October 4, 2002, grandson of the "famous" Joe Gibbs is running third. 

Heim won the first of the doubleheader. I fell asleep during the last few laps, but Sophia told me the Toyota won. LOL. 

Second race: the Xfinity series kicks off.

From TutorTime To PartyTime!

Sophia's parents took a three-day vacation to Phoenix, AZ, leaving earlier this morning.

Five minutes after we dropped them off at the airport, Sophia said she already missed her mommy and her daddy.

One minute later she said she was ready for Panda Bear for lunch: noodles, white rice, and a "double-serving" of orange chicken." LOL.

Two minutes later, on the way to Panda Bear, she said she hoped her older sisters would order Papa John pizza for dinner later this evening. Sophia said she would pay; she said she has lots of money. 

Lunch: Panda Bear.

This one serving from Panda Bear will make three meals over the next few days. Possibly even four.

So, BoJo -- How's That Global Warming Working Out? February 13, 2021

 See The [London] Guardian for more.

Indefinitely? Not That Long Any More; Forever And Ever, Amen -- February 13, 2021

One year ago:

Tomorrow: Kyle Larson starts in the 13th position in the Daytona 500, racing for Hendrick Motorspors. Some say he's giving 104% of his earnings to BLM. Don't know. Did not fact check.

Time for some music:

Forever and Ever, Amen, Randy Travis

Good Morning! We're Under A Winter Storm Warning -- We're All Okay Down Here -- February 13, 2021

Our whole area -- north and central Texas is under a storm warning -- apparently the storm of the century soon to arrive -- but right now -- a beautiful -- if chilly -- morning. 

Overcast but no wind. No precipitation. None of the pipes froze overnight. Didn't turn the heat on all night. Woke up this morning to see living room thermostat at 59°F. 

Now with coffee and a donut from donut shop across the street. 

Good luck to all. 

Blogging will resume shortly.

About That Black Snake, Someone Speaks With Forked Tongue And It Ain't Who You Think -- February 13, 2021

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