Monday, October 15, 2012

Fourteen (14) New Permits; CLR With a Nice Eco-Pad; Whiting With Two Nice Wells;

Bakken Operations

Coming off confidential wells tomorrow, Tuesday:
21246, drl, CLR, Tande 2-23H, Lindahl,
21994, drl, Abraxas, Ravin 26-35-2H, North Fork,
22459, drl, BEXP, Liffrig 29-20 2H, Alger,

Active rigs: 190 (steady, but down two from this morning)

Wells coming off confidential list over the weekend/Monday were reported earlier; see sidebar at the right.

Fourteen (14) new permits
  • Operators: Whiting (6), Petro-Hunt (3), KOG (2), ERF (2), OXY USA
  • Fields: Murphy Creek (Dunn), Eagle Nest (Dunn), Poe (McKenzie), Park (Billings), Eagle Nest (McKenzie), 
Comment: First OXY USA permit since Sept 27, 2012

In addition, fifteen more wells were reported as producing or plugged.

Five (5) producing wells completed:
  • 21854, 492, CLR, Maruskie 1-22H,
  • 22173, 1,180, Whiting, Carl Kannianen 22-32TFX,
  • 22175, 1,249, Whiting, Kannianen 22-32TFX, 
  • 22547, 378, CLR, Sibbern 1-27H, North Tioga oil field,
  • 22549, 405, CLR, Sibbern 2-27H, North Tioga oil field, 
The two Sibbern wells are part of a four-well Eco-Pad in Burke County. This Eco-Pad is in an area that  hasn't had a lot of activity, so these look like some nice wells. [See first comment: I was using someone else's computer; rushed to get information; made error on IP. A huge thank you to a reader for catching my error. It's been corrected.]

CLR: Five-Year Plan -- Testing the Three Forks -- The Stratigraphy

Link to

Bakken shale: source rock for the Bakken Pool -- the Bakken formation(s) and the Three Forks formation(s)


Mission Canyon Formation (the "Madison" wells)
Lodgepole Formation  -- generally the kick-off point for horizontals targeting the middle Bakken
Bakken Formation
upper Bakken -- low permeability shale
middle Bakken -- dolomite, which 85% of "Bakken" wells have targeted
lower Bakken -- low permeability shale
Three Forks Formation
upper Three Forks sub-formation; bench 1, TF1 -- oil bearing
lower permeability rock
Three Forks second bench, TF2 -- oil bearing
lower permeability rock
Three Forks third bench, TF3 -- oil bearing
lower permeability rock
Three Forks fourth bench, TF4 -- oil bearing
lower permeability rock
Birdbear Formation

Monday Morning Links; German Consumers Get Crushed Paying For Electricity; CLR - 14 Wells In a Spacing Unit (160-Acre Infill)

Wells coming off confidential list have been posted; scroll down.

CLR in the Bakken, fourteen wells in one 1280-acre spacing unit;; this link will probably be posted again; it's a great discussion of CLR's plans;

RBN Energy: Pipelines should narrow WTI/Brent spread early  next year.

SandRidge: hidden gem or hidden trap for investors. Disclaimer: this is not an investment site.

Oil service companies to "lose" $1 billion collectively; natural gas fracking demand down --;

Wow, this story is all over the net; reported by every television news outlet it seems:
BERLIN (AP) - There were cheers around Germany when Chancellor Angela Merkel announced last year, in the wake of the Fukushima disaster in Japan, a swift end to nuclear power in favor of renewable energy sources like wind and solar.
But only 18 months into the plan, the cost of the switchover is beginning to sink in. Some politicians, fearful of losing popular support for the transition, are demanding an overhaul of the mechanism to pay for it.
The country's four main grid operators said Monday that households will from January see a nearly 50 percent rise in the tax they pay to finance the switchover - from €3.6 cents to €5.3 cents ($6.7 cents) per kilowatt hour. A typical family of four will pay about €250 ($324) per year under the tariff, including a sales tax.[For newbies, Americans pay about 10 cents/kwh; it costs about 6 cents for nuclear or coal;]
WSJ, page C1: US oil boom falls short of pump -- gas prices stay high even as production surges, as Midwest can't dent global market; some refiners profit;

WSJ, page C12: Tesla's cars look better than its stock
The biggest concern with electric cars is that they might never get you to your destination. That is also a risk with Tesla Motors, the vehicle of choice for many investors enamored of the prospects for battery-powered autos. 
WSJ, page B2, weak drilling curbs oil-field firms
Most oil-field services companies are expected to post lower earnings than a year ago, as price volatility and weather issues have damped drilling activity.
Weather issues? One tropical storm/hurricane this past summer?

WSJ, page A16, Obama's great Alaska shutout -- Interior bars drilling on 11.5 million acres of "petroleum reserve" -- permitorium or moratorium -- whatever you call it, DOI makes it DOA.

Random Look At Status of Oasis Wells in The Williston Basin

Oasis has 279 permits/wells/file numbers, according to the NDIC website.

Active: 167
Confidential: 39
DRL status: 17
Expired: 2
  • 21254, Peer Creek, Mondak,
  • 21255, Cummings Draw Federal, Mondak
Permitted (LOC): 36

PNC: 11

  • 16301, Bertsch Trust, Grand River,
  • 16046, BBC Bay Creek, Mondak,
  • 16047, Cummings Draw, Mondak
  • 16823, Flynn Federal, Cartwright,
  • 19843, Ogle, Camp,
  • 19658, Moresby, Wildcat,
  • 17533, Trulson, Alger,
  • 17496, Loki Johnson, Alger,
  • 18914, Ellis, Bull Butte,
  • 18915, Somerset, Bull Butte,
  • 21267, Fedorenko, Bull Butte,
Others are abandoned, etc.