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BR's Gudmunson Wells In Elidah Oil Field -- December 23, 2016

See also this post for the most recent production data:

See this post for scout ticket and complete production for #19548:


April 25, 2017: production update; look at that bump in production --

DateDaysBBLS OilRunsBBLS WaterMCF ProdMCF SoldVent/Flare

March 1, 2017: look at the jump in production in #19548. For monthly production of recently fracked wells in this family, see this post.

February 24, 2017: see also, the note of February 24, 2017.

February 3, 2017: production data, and completion data updated; see below.

February 2, 2017: random production profile of #19548 posted, with comments.  
Original Post
A reader alerted me to the Gudmunson wells in the Elidah oil field. Note: the original Gudmunson well in this drilling unit was a CLR well; all subsequent Gudmunson wells in this drilling unit are BR wells. 

Note that the two producing Gudmunson wells (#19548, #25147) were taken off-line in October, 2016, which suggests that the operator is getting ready to frack neighboring wells. However, FracFocus does not yet have any frack documents for the four wells on SI/NC status (DUCs).
  • 30973, 2,325, BR, Gudmuri 1-1-26TFH-ULW, Elidah, no production data, API: 33-053-06826; reached TD on 12/22/15; above drilling target 0%; in drilling target 95%; below drilling target 5%; 24 stages; 10 million lbs; t12/16; cum 29K in less than 2 months; cum 322K 9/20;
  • 30972, 1,964, BR, Gudmunson 1-1-26MBH, Elidah, no production data, API: 33-053-06825; reached TD on 1/3/16; above drilling target 10%; in drilling target 84%; below drilling target 6%; 22 stages, 7.6 million lbs; t12/16; cum 287K 9/20; off-line the whole second month;
  • 30971, 1.042, BR, Gudmunson 3-1-26MBH, Elidah, no production data, API: 33-053-06824; reached TD on 1/11/16; above drilling target 13%; in drilling target 87%; below drilling target 0%; t12/16; cum 356K 9/20; off-line most of first two months;
  • 30970, 1,283, BR, Gudmunson 4-1-26TBH, Elidah, no production data, API: 33-053-06823; reached TD on 1/20/16; above drilling target 19%; in drilling target 62%; below drilling target 19%; t12/16; 61 stages, 14 million lbs; cum 243K 9/20; off-line most of first two month

  • 25147, 2,256, BR, Gudmunson 11-26TFH, Elidah, 30 stages, 3.2 million lbs, t6/13; cum 283K 9/20; taken off-line late 9/16; API 33-053-04847; back on line most of 1/17;

  • 19548, 508, CLR, Gudmunson 1-26H, Elidah, 24 stages, 2.4 million lbs, t10/11; cum 382K 9/20; taken off-line early 12/16; API 33-053-03264; see update here, March 1, 2017;

  • 30991, 176, BR, Gudcadia 8-1-26TFH-ULW, Dimmick Lake, API: 33-053-06837; 29 stages; 8 million lbs proppant: t11/19; cum 182K 9/20;
  • 30992, 101, BR, Gudmunson, 7-1-26MBH, Elidah, API: 33-053-06838; 29 stages; 8.2 million lbs; t11/19; cum 158K 9/20;
  • 30993, 65, BR, Gudmunson, 6-1-26TFH, Elidah, API: 33-053-06839; 30 stages; 8.2 million lbs proppant; t11/19; cum 9/20;

Anadarko Petroleum Sells Assets In The Marcellus -- December 23, 2016

At PennEnergy. Data points:
  • buyer: Alta Marcellus Development, LLC
  • $1.24 billion 
  • Anadarko's operated and non-operated upstream assets, and operated midstream setts in the Marcellus Shale of north-central Pennsylvania
  • 195,000 net acres
Back-of-the-envelope: $6,400 / acre.

Russians In Syria

Is Russia's aircraft carrier still off the coast of Syria. Yup.  From the transponder, the Nikolay Chiker, latest position, the last ping was nine minutes ago, about 6:35 p.m. Central Time, December 23, 2016. The aircraft carrier has been off the coast of Syria since early November. 

One XTO DUC Reported As Completed -- December 23, 2016

Active rigs:

Active Rigs4165172189187

One new permit:
  • Operator: Liberty Resources Management Company
  • Field: Northwest McGregor (Williams)
  • Comments:
Five permits renewed:
  • Statoil (2): two Olson permits in Williams County
  • EOG (2): two Parshall permits in Mountrail County
  • Lime Rock Resources: 
One producing well (a DUC) reported as completed:
  • 30835, 408, XTO, TAT State Federal 14X-36H, a Three Forks well, Bear Creek, t10/16; cum -- ; from the file report, "the well was spud on December 29, 2015, ...the rig was walked away to drill three additional wells in assembly lie style to intermediate casing prior to re-entering the subject well on January 24, 2016." 
  • the middle Bakken was logged at 11,020' TVD
  • the lower Bakken shale was drilled at 11,058' TVD (one can do the math)
  • the Three Forks formation was logged at 11,079' TVD
  • maximum trip gas of 2,082 units; 1' - 3' constant to intermittent flare while drilling
  • the target within the TF was 26' thick, beginning approx 4' below the base of the lower Bakken shale
  • wellbore 100% in target; drilled in seven runs to a total depth of 23,242' MD
At 19,934, Just Short Of 20,000

Respondents to the poll:
  • 58 % thought we would hit "20,000" by Christmas, 2016
  • the rest did not
Intra-day, during the past week, we did come within 13 points of hitting 20,000. 

Bankruptcy Filings In Energy Field: Bonanza Creek; Memorial Production Partners LP; Forbes Energy Service Ltd -- December 23, 2016

Reuters is reporting.
Denver-based Bonanza Creek, with oil and natural gas assets in Colorado and Arkansas, said it would file for bankruptcy on or before Jan. 5 with a plan to eliminate $850 million in debt and provide $200 million in new equity.
The company said it expects to exit bankruptcy in the first quarter of 2017. Bonanza Creek's shares slid 55 percent to $0.88 in morning trade.
Some previous posts on Bonanza Creek:

Random Update Of The Statoil Cheryl-Richard Wells In Banks Oil Field -- December 23, 2016

I track the Cheryl-Richard wells here.

The last of the three Cheryl-Richard wells (DUCs) have been fracked.

In the original post (linked above) there were three DUCs (#32289, #29610, #29611).

#32289 was tested 10/16; and, 29611 is now producing, but the IP has not been reported.

Most of the producing/older Cheryl-Richard wells were taken off line in 10/16. The last two of the Cheryl DUCs have been fracked. Expect to see the results of those wells soon.


The last two Cheryl DUCs to be fracked:
  • 29610, SI/NC, Statoil, Cheryl 17-20 5H, Banks, no production data, API 33-053-06347, FracFocus -- fracked 5/29/16 - 6/21/16; 
  • 29611, A, Statoil, Cheryl 17-20 8TFH, Banks, producing; API 33-053-06348, FracFocus -- fracked 5/16-27/16 and again, 10/27 - 31/16;

The scout ticket and production data for #29611:

NDIC File No: 29611     API No: 33-053-06348-00-00   
Well Type: OG     Well Status: A     Status Date: 10/8/2016     Wellbore type: Horizontal
Location: SESW 8-152-98     Latitude: 47.994234     Longitude: -103.255431
Current Operator: STATOIL OIL & GAS LP
Current Well Name: CHERYL 17-20 #8TFHTotal Depth: 21565     Field: BANKS
Spud Date(s):  3/3/2015
Completion Data
   Pool: BAKKEN     Perfs: 11549-21565     Comp: 10/8/2016     Status: SI     Date: 10/8/2016     Spacing: 2SEC
Cumulative Production Data
   Pool: BAKKEN     Cum Oil: 28204     Cum MCF Gas: 67505     Cum Water: 27500
Monthly Production Data:

PoolDateDaysBBLS OilRunsBBLS WaterMCF ProdMCF SoldVent/Flare

US Consumer Confidence Near A 13-Year High; Active Rigs Stable At 41 In North Dakota -- December 23, 2016

Active rigs:

Active Rigs4165172189187

From the Williston Wire:

Williams County expansion project reaches milestone:
Construction on the new Williams County Administration Building reached a major milestone Dec. 19, 2016. The building held a "Topping Out" ceremony as the final major beam was put into place. The beam was signed by construction workers and representatives from Williams County. When it's completed, the building will make it easier for the public to get in touch with county offices.
Feature story on Red River Oilfield Services in Williston: link here.

Drone  industry coming to Minot: link here.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year

The Political Page

Only five (5) states in the United States have both a Democratic governor and a Democratic legislature -- talk radio. The Daily Kos says six states, see link below.

From Daily Kos,
With a firm grip on the presidency, Congress, and soon the Supreme Court, Republicans have won more political power in 2016 than in any election since at least 1928, when Herbert Hoover was elected to the White House. Democrats now face a deep hole they need to climb out of to fight back against the coming reactionary policy shift of the pending Trump administration and its allied state governments.

Two other important maps at the linked article.
Republicans have total control over 25 states outright and another two where they can override a Democratic governor’s vetoes. These 27 states cover 56 percent of the population. Meanwhile, Democrats have total control outright in a mere six states and veto-proof majorities to override a Republican governor in just two more. These eight Democratic-controlled states add up to only 19 percent of the population, or roughly one-third as much as Republicans control.
In 2018: there will be 23 Democrats, 2 independents who caucus with the Senate Democrats, and 8 Republicans, subject to retirements or other changes before the 2018 election.

Democrats are expected to target the Senate seats in Nevada and Arizona.

Republicans are expected to target Democratic-held seats in Indiana, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, and West Virginia, all of which voted for Mitt Romney in the 2012 election and Donald Trump in the 2016 election, as well as seats in Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan, all of which voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 election.

Republicans could also target seats in Virginia, Maine, and New Jersey.

One would think that some states with only 3 or 4 electoral votes with a Democratic Senator up for re-election in 2018 will watch very, very closely how their Democratic Senator votes in the 115th Congress.

Safe Zones

From The New York Post.