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Notes From All Over -- The Early Evening Edition -- Nothing About The Bakken -- June 27, 2020

  • TCM: A Hard Day's Night, 1964.
  • Steve Jobs: born 1955.
  • iTunes: announced by Steve Jobs in 2001.
  • And, of course, the rest is history.
US Senate:
  • 35 seats "up"
  • GOP: 23
  • Dem: 12
  • five are considered "toss-ups"
  • all five are currently held by GOP
  • Dems need three to take control of the US Senate; four if Pence remains VP
  • followed at "Campaign 2020"
  • Politico: 11/19/2019
  • Ballotpedia
  • wiki 
The Literature Page

Enemies of Promise, Cyril Connolly, c. 1938; second printing, 1948; new foreword, 2008.

Wow the things one learns.

Now, we come to quarterings.

From the book: "[My ancestors were] a fiery race, proud of their Anglo-Norman descent, their sixty-three quarterings and their position among the sporting Church-of-England "Ascendancy," the landlords of the Pale. -- p. 144.

So, quarterings?

See this link.

The example shown is roughly 28 x 22 quarterings, or approximately 616 quarterings. The explanation begins (I've highlighted the words / phrases that need additional exploring on my part):
In the marital achievement of a man and an heiress, her arms are displayed on his, in an escutcheon of pretence.
A man who marries an armigerous woman, not an heiress, impales her arms.
A spinster bears her father’s arms in a lozenge with no crest or other trappings.
A married woman bears her married arms in a shield but still without trappings.
In widowhood a woman continues to bear the married escutcheon but on a lozenge.
A married woman seldom bears arms apart from her husband though since the passing of the Married Women’s Property Act one can conceive cases where she might wish to display arms suo jure.
It will take awhile to go through all that, but I couldn't resist: armigerous. Oh, that's easy: simply a person entitled to bear heraldic arms.

Which, of course, led to this:
Marriage of an heraldic heiress. If a heraldic heiress marries an armiger, then, rather than impaling her arms on the sinister side of his as would be usual in the marriage of a woman whose father bore arms, she instead displays her father's arms on a small shield over the centre of his shield – an "escutcheon of pretence" – for as long as there is no blood male in her extended family.
I now know what I can do if the Covid-19 lockdown lasts until 2025. Purse an academic degree in heraldry.

And then this, on the next page, "And at Montagu there was an island in the mountain river on to which I used to be hoisted clutching a stinking meercat's skin, lord of a rock on which a bird deposited the shells of crayfish, an Ithaca twelve feet long."

So, what's an Ithaca? There is an Ithaca shotgun (and here) but that hardly seems to be the context, and the Ithaca shotgun was "American," the writer was British living in South Africa.

Later: wow, I'm really embarrassed. I was overthinking this. A reader answered the question about Ithaca. The reader said "it is a restatement of the image of "island.   Odysseus had his home on the island of Ithaca. 

Wow, how did I miss that? I am really embarrassed.

CLR Reports 50K Production In One Month In Brooklyn Oil Field Well -- June 27, 2020

Back on March 18, 2020, these were reported --
Three producing wells (DUCs) reported as completed:
  • 35656, A/SI, CLR, Boise 4-24HSL, 33-053-085032, Brooklyn, t--; cum 11K over 16 days; fracked 1/10/20 - 1/26/20; 8.7 million gallons of water; 87.8% water by mass; friction reducer, 1.0005; the "norm" runs about 0.05 - 0.06; cum 85K 4/20;
  • 34851, A/SI, CLR, Pittsburgh 8-18H, 33-053-08510, Banks, t--; cum 51K over 31 days; fracked 6/3/19 - 6/21/19; 11.1 million gallons of water; 88.7% water by mass; friction reducer, 0.05966; cum 144K 4/20;
  • 34850, A/SI, CLR, Pittsburgh 7-18H1, 33-053-08509, Banks, t--; cum 28K over 31 days;  fracked 6/3/19 - 6/21/19; 9.7 million gallons of water; 89.4% water by mass; friction reducer, 0.05923; cum 101K 4/20;
I've updated the total production for those three wells above, but let's look at the production profiles for these well:

Production after being fracked:
  • 35656:
PoolDateDaysBBLS OilRunsBBLS WaterMCF ProdMCF SoldVent/Flare
  • 34851:
PoolDateDaysBBLS OilRunsBBLS WaterMCF ProdMCF SoldVent/Flare
  • 34850:
PoolDateDaysBBLS OilRunsBBLS WaterMCF ProdMCF SoldVent/Flare

After A Re-Frack, This MRO Has Huge Jump In Production -- Reaches 500K Bbls Crude Oil Cumulative -- June 27, 2020

In the process of updating MRO wells, I came across one I had forgotten about. Previously:
  • 17255, 465/1,799, MRO, Pelton 24-31H, Bailey, t9/08 and 4/17;  
    • from the sundry form, dated March 1, 2017: MRO is planning to refrack this well. Originally an open hole completion in 2008 and drilled with toe setbacks that were 500' FNL of section 30. This well had an original TD depth of 19,932' MD. MRO plans to put a rig on this well, extend the lateral starting at a tie-on survey at approximately 19,885' MD,and drill an approximate additional 450' of lateral (extending lateral to approximately 160' FNL of section 30). MRO will then run a cemented liner for a 45-stage plug and perf style completion.
  • second frack: 45 stages; 5.2 million lbs; cum 502K 4/29; full production profile here;
So, how is that well doing today. Glad you asked. It just crossed the "500K" threshold. Whoo-hoo!

Full production here.

Production since the re-frack:
PoolDateDaysBBLS OilRunsBBLS WaterMCF ProdMCF SoldVent/Flare

New US Crude Oil Waterborne Benchmarks -- June 27, 2020

New oil quotes: Argus and S&P Global Platts will now add new crude oil benchmarks based on seven Gulf of Mexico waterborne locations:
  • Magellan Midstream Partners' East Houston terminal
  • EPD: three terminals
  • Houston: waterborne
  • Seabrook: waterborne
  • Texas City: wateroborne
Link here.
S&P Global Platts said its new benchmark for U.S. crude, called Platts American GulfCoast Select (AGS), would reflect the value of waterborne light sweet crude supplied from the Permian Basin in west Texas and New Mexico on major pipelines to the Gulf.
Argus’ new outright daily crude price assessment, Argus AGS, is also designed to reflect the growing importance of the U.S. Gulf Coast as a major export hub and to address ongoing market concerns about the landlocked WTI crude benchmark.
Why now?
Brent is priced on an island in the North Sea roughly 500 meters from the water, where tanker storage is accessible. In contrast, the delivery location for WTI is landlocked and 500 miles from water at Cushing, Oklahoma.
This difference was thought to have illustrated an important point in late April as the coronavirus shock sent U.S. oil prices tumbling, energy analysts at Goldman Sachs said at the time.
They argued waterborne crudes, like Brent, were far more insulated to the pandemic because they had comparatively easy access to tanker storage than landlocked price grades — such as those in the U.S., Canada and Russia.
New To The Neighborhood

The Large Overlapping Units XTO Requests For The Heart Butte -- July, 2020, NDIC Hearing Dockets

From the NDIC, July, 2020, hearing dockets:

The case, not a permit:
  • 28524, XTO, Heart Butte-Bakken, i) establish three overlapping 1600-acre units; one well one each unit; ii) establish an overlapping 3200-acre unit, one well; Mountrail, Dunn counties;
    • the three overlapping 1600-acre units:
      • S/2 of section 1/2; SE/4 of section 4, the NE/4 of section 10, and the N/2 of sections 11/12-149-92;
      • the E/2 of section; all of sections 11/12-149-92;
      • all of sections 13/14, and E/2 of section 15-149-92;
    • the 3200-acre unit:
      • E/2 of section 10/15; and, all of sections 11/12/13/14-149-92
Sophia Swimming

Week 26: June 21, 2020 -- June 27, 2020

Top story of the week: panic in Texas as Covid-19 numbers surge.

The week's best graphic:

Most under-reported story: the size of the noose.

Smallest story with the biggest headline: the noose.

Top international non-energy story:

Top international energy story:
Top national non-energy story:
Top national energy story:
Top North Dakota non-energy story:

Top North Dakota energy story:
Geoff Simon's top ND stories:
  • Governor extends renewal deadline: vehicle and driver license pushed to August 31, 2020
  • Land Board: survey Missouri River mineral acreage
  • Michigan asks Enbridge to shut down pipeline
  • Northern Minnesota mayors urge governor not to file appeal on Line 3
  • Pandemic takes heavy toll on ND's upstart "clean energy" sector
  • Progress of the flood protection plan, nine years after the Souris River flood

Advantaged oil:
500K oil (or more):
Natural gas:


Peak Oil! What Peak Oil? Saudi Simply Can't Win -- June 27, 2020

On top of everything else, now this for Saudi Arabia to contemplate, link here:

Johan Sverdrup tracked here. This turned out to be one of the fastest new fields to come on line in recent memory; quite a story.

Norway oil tracked here.

From the Bloomberg story:
Volumes for Sverdrup will be capped at about 376,000 barrels a day this month, according to a revised permit obtained by Bloomberg through a freedom of information request. That’s down from a peak of 470,000 in April.
If companies produce less than their permits allow, they may roll the difference forward, from June to the third quarter, or from June and the third quarter to the fourth quarter. Equinor will be allowed to pump about 416,000 barrels a day from the field in the third and fourth quarters.
Sophia Kayaking

The Comic Page -- June 27, 2020

Top comic of the week from PoewrLine's  weekly "week in pictures":

Of note: NASCAR and Bubba skewered.