Friday, June 26, 2020

BR To Create Two 3200-Acre Units, To Place Sixteen Wells On Each Unit -- June 26, 2020

From the July, 2020, NDIC hearing dockets, link here
  • Case 28516, BR, two overlapping 3200-acre units, each with sixrteen wells, Jim Creek and/or Murphy Creek-Bakken. These are quite interesting 3200-acre drilling units: these are two "stand-up" units, running north to south; five 640-acre sections, from north to south. Graphics pending.
First 3200-acre unit:
  • 35-146-96
  • 2/11/14/23-145-96
Second 3200-acre unit:
  • 36-146-96,
  • 1/12/13/24-145-96
3200/16 = 200-acre spacing, though these will be targeting at least two different formations.

The graphic:


  1. 200 acre spacing...35,000 more wells (eventually) or an array for a formational sweet spot?

    1. Everybody tells me I'm wrong, but I'm with you on this one ... I think there's a lot of work left to be done. I still think Oasis made a mistake turning their focus on the Permian and paying top price at just the wrong time, when there was clearly enough work left for them in North Dakota and wait for better prices in the Permian.

  2. I saw what was a formerly marginal area that Marathon drilled and then applied its new fracking technique. It surely wasn't as good as 1st tier areas with new style fracking applied, but it was literally five time better with a starting point of 20,000 barrels. This moves, especially in higher priced market, much more real estate into profitable territory. I predict Tyler and lowest lodgepole will become productive in some areas. Will tell my kids to hold on to road frontage as 30 years in it may be doing very well.

    1. If the world is still using oil ten years from now, and the US government hasn't shut down the US oil industry, my hunch is that we will see some pretty incredible strides in improved technology and completion strategies.

  3. Also the case will show up in the search system in a few days and you can see what their proposed plans are.