Thursday, November 25, 2021

Notes From All Over -- November 25, 2021

Feature story

  • a constant theme on the blog for at least a decade. Russia suggests that it's getting more and more expensive to recover their oil reserves. Link here. This comes at a time when US operators keep reporting decreasing drilling costs in shale plays.


For investors:

Gasoline demand:

SPR release:

Road to California:

  • California passed law to ban fracking in 2024; regulator already denying "all" fracking permits; it's over in California; over at FoxBusiness.


  • they must be reading the blog. Link to Politico today. The blog made the suggestion a day or two ago. 

Laying an egg on Turkey day:

  • Apple stops selling its products in Turkey due to currency volatility. Link here.

Day of the Dead

The celebration was held several weeks ago. I forgot to note at the time that our high school sophomore / soccer-playing granddaughter "dedicated" her ofrenda to Amy Winehouse. Later, she said she was surprised I even knew who Amy Winehouse was.