Sunday, June 20, 2010



January 15, 2011: Update on Sagebrush wells in Bottineau County. These are all Madison wells.

Original Posting

On the sidebar on the right, I have links to "producers" in the Bakken. I originally did not include Sagebrush for unknown reasons, probably an oversight.

But with the granting of five permits this past week on one or two abutting pads in the Renville oil field in Bottineau County, I thought it was about time to include a direct link to Sagebrush.

The five new wells will be on the same pad (or abutting pads) where there are already two wells (rig is on site). This appears to be two Eco-Pads side-by-side but I don't know; time will tell.

The pay zone in this area, is it the Madison? Yes, it is the Madison.


  1. Yes, Madison/Mission Canyon, Wayne porosity.

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    By the way, there's a record 133 active rigs in North Dakota today. Wishing the best to all the truckers, oil workers, restaurant owners and employees, and thousands of others supporting the industry.

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