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Mega-Pads: Reservoir Well Spacing Pilot Projects; EOG, CLR, KOG; 12+ Wells In One Spacing Unit


This is nothing new. Regular readers are aware of all this. But it was time to put all this "stuff" in one spot for easier access.

Whiting's high-density pilot projects, December, 2013. 

Summer of 2013: 24- and 48-Well/Spacing Unit Tests
EOG's 320-Acre Downspacing Test Successful; May Go To 160-Acre Downspacing
Continental's Charlotte Wells
  • For background, visit this August 29, 2012, posting. This is one of my most visited pages, and one I am most happy to have posted. This is one of the first, if not the first post, to note the possibility of a trillion-bbl reserve in the Bakken.
  • For the graphic and better explanation of Continentals' Charlotte test program, visit this January 27, 2013, post.
Kodiak's Smokey and Polar pilot projects.

[Update: KOG asked for a longer period of confidentiality after the pilot projects came off the confidential list but that was denied by the NDIC. Status update of these wells in that request. -- July 23, 2013]

KOG has two pilot tests going on. Results from one are starting to be reported. The 12-well test on a single 1280-acre spacing unit will target the middle Bakken with 6 horizontals, the first bench of the Three Forks with 3 horizontals, and the second bench of the Three Forks with 3 horizontals. (There are some additional subtleties if the test proves to be a success and adjacent spacing units are involved. That's where overlapping spacing units become important.)

KOG provided this in their most recent presentation (OGIS, April 16, 2013) [If I'm asked to remove this graphic, I will]:

KOG's Polar Pilot Project in southeast Williams County, north/west of the river. These wells are being updated here.
  • 24374, conf, KOG, P Wood 154-98-3-27-34-14H, Truax,
  • 24375, conf, KOG, P Wood 154-98-3-27-34-14H3, Truax,
  • 24376, conf, KOG, P Wood 154-98-3-27-34-15H, Truax,
  • 24604, conf, KOG, P Wood 154-98-4-27-34-13HB, Truax,
  • 24605, conf, KOG, P Wood 154-98-4-27-34-13H3, Truax,
  • 24606, conf, KOG, P Wood 154-98-4-27-34-13HA, Truax,
  • 24607, conf, KOG, P Wood 154-98-4-27-34-14H3, Truax,
  • 24608, conf, KOG, P Wood 154-98-2-27-34-15H, Truax,
  • 24609, conf, KOG, P Wood 154-98-2-27-34-16H3, Truax,
  • 24610, conf, KOG, P Wood 154-98-2-27-34-16H, Truax,
  • 24611, conf, KOG, P Wood 154-98-2-27-34-16H3A, Truax,
  • 24649, conf, KOG, P Wood 154-98-3-27-34-14H, Truax,
  • 24650, conf, KOG, P Wood 154-98-3-27-16-3H, Truax, (running north)
KOG's Smokey Pilot Project in McKenzie County.
12+ Wells In One Spacing Unit

QEP's Heart Butte wells, 10-149-91

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