Saturday, December 8, 2018

Equinor Johnston Wells In Banks Oil Field

An earlier post for these wells was posted back on September 6, 2017.

Lots of data to run through here. I'm just going to post the graphics, note the wells, and link production profiles for some of the wells.

There will be three graphics. The first graphic will be an "overview" of the area. Then dividing that graphic in half, there will be two more graphics; the "northern half" and then the "southern half."

The graphics.

The "overview graphic":

The "northern half":

The "southern half":

The wells:

29564, a line section well, 3,583, Equinor, Skarston 1-12 XE 1H, Banks, t3/16; cum 364K 7/19;
26158, 3,771, Equinor, Johnston 7-6 3TFH, Banks, t11/14; cum 244K 7/19;
26157, 3,869, Equinor, Johnston 7-6 4H, Banks, t5/15; cum 394K 7/19;
26156, 3,657, Equinor, Johnston 7-6 5TFH, Banks, t11/14; cum 232K 7/19;
26155, 4,076, Equinor, Johnston 7-6 6H, Banks, t11/14; cum 348K 7/19; full production profile here;

20714, 3,884, Equinor, Johnston 7-6 1H, Banks, t11/12; cum 372K 7/19;
23991, 4,071, Equinor, Johnston 7-6 2TFH, Banks, t8/13; cum 394K 7/19;
23993, 3,888, Equinor, Johnston 7-6 7H, Banks, t10/13; cum 485K 7/19; full production profile here;

29685, a section line well, IA/2,068, Equinor, Richard 8-5 XW 1TFH, t7/16; cum 216K 12/18; full production profile here; off line since 12/18;

One Month To Go: Then Top Stories Of The Year To Be Posted -- December 8, 2018

Every January I post the top stories for the preceding calendar year. It's often difficult to come up with the top story of the year. This year it's going to be really, really easy. I already have it. Nothing is likely to change my choice. I will probably have several examples to prove my point but one of the examples will most likely include this well. This well is NOT the top story of the year. It is just one of hundreds of examples that I will use to defend my choice.

This well has not been re-fracked according to available data, but the data certainly suggests it must have been re-fracked but either way it won't change the top story for 2018.
See full production profile at this post.

Army - Navy

I see President Trump is in the stands at the Army-Navy football game. He is on the job 24/7. He simply amazes me. With all that is going on, he had time to "needle" his great friend and really nice guy French President Emmanuel Macron who has apparently gone AWOL while Paris burns.

Ring of Fire, Johnny Cash

Week 49: December 2, 2018 -- December 8, 2018

Every week it is difficult to select the top stories for the week. This week, it seemed, was particularly difficult. I would have liked to have added a lot more posts to the list of top stories for the week, but the list has to be constrained (sort of like Bakken production). -- Wow, good luck at diagramming that sentence! LOL.  

Without question, the top story of the week was the announcement that the US has become a net exporter of crude oil and petroleum products for the first time since WWII. The youngest 17-year-old who would have fought the last days of WWII would be 90 years old this year. For the first time ever, no survivors of the USS Arizona attended yesterday's Pearl Harbor ceremonies.

Geoff Simon's top North Dakota energy stories:
  • ND legislature starts to look at spending money on infrastructure: process to be labeled "Operaton Prairie Dog" because the critters are known for their infrastructure prowess -- not to say their incredible annoyance for developers -- just saying
  • Legislators see benefits of oil tax revenue -- oh, no!
  • Winter doesn't stop Williston airport work
  • Permian oil/gas discovery is largest ever
  • Pilot Flying J expands Bakken waste water trucking -- Bloomberg
  • Meridian hires McDermott for Davis Refinery engineering -- Rigzone
  • PSC split decision on Xcel Energy wind farms -- Jamestown Sun
  • Permit denied for Burleigh-Emmons wind farm -- Bismarck Tribune
The United States becomes a net exporter of crude oil and petroleum products for first time in 75 years:
North America
Canadian CBR now exceeds Bakken CBR

Curtails oil production

Permian is "huger" than previously reported -- USGS Survey; press release from Dept of the Interior;

Corpus Christi loading first LNG cargo? 

MRO well: almost 120,000 bbls in one month -- with a little extrapolation 
CLR reports another huge Wiley well  
Kaiser-Francis Sanish wells in 4-153-92
A Duperow well added to list of monster wells
Huge initial production numbers coming out of the Bakken
Around the Bakken 

Bakken 2.5
Ten DUCs reported as completed
Six DUCs reported as completed
Bakken 2.5 and 3.0 defined
Record-setting Bakken performance 

New fact-checker for the blog hired
An incredible new link added to the blog
Happy Birthday, Ms Kate Hopkins #1 -- 61 years old

Come On Home And Turn Me On, Norah Jones

Topsy-Turvy Week -- December 8, 2018

I believe both "soaring" and "braking" was between $51 and $53 for the week. Hardly consequential.

Jamestown Ferry, Charley Crockett
I don't like karaoke but knowing which songs to cover separates the best from the rest. And then when one nails it ...

If It's The Weekend, It's The Weather! -- December 8, 2018

From the Weather Channel:

From Rutgers University, note the source puts this on the "climate" page and not the "weather" page. Just saying.

From Rutgers University charts: "100% departure from normal" means a doubling of what is considered normal.

From nsidc:

Ice growth through the month was strong in the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas, but extent remained below average in these areas at the end of the month. A large area of open water remained in the Laptev Sea, which is unprecedented in the satellite record at the end of October. Especially prominent was the lack of ice growth on the Atlantic side of the Arctic in the Barents Sea, and in some regions, a slight contraction of the ice edge further north (Figure 1b). As a result, extent is presently far below average in this area, and is the primary reason why October extent for the Arctic as a whole is third lowest on record.
Satellite era is a blink of the eye in the geologic record.

It will be interesting to come back in March, 2019, to see the satellite mapping of the Arctic for the upcoming winter.