Saturday, May 12, 2018

Week 19: May 6, 2018 -- May 12, 2018

Bakken is top producer among shale plays ranked by productivity of new wells -- EIA
Random look at several "50K+" wells -- WPX -- Spotted Horn
Enerplus with some great "snake" wells
Flipping Bakken acreage -- update
oil and gas projects endorsed by the ND this past week
MRO in the early running for "best operator of the year"
Update on Peregrine

Bakken economy
"Old" Williston airport -- master plan for site released
Long X bridge, south of Watford City, slated for 4-lane replacement 

WTI briefly hits $71.02 this past week
The Texas state economy is now the fastest growing state economy in the US
Saudi Arabia's foreign exchange reserves improve
Trump dumps Obama's rules that "eased" sanctions on Iran
COP to take control of Venezuelan oil sector assets -- $2 billion judgment 
Tipping point for Venezuela

Top ND Energy Stories This Past Week -- ND Energy -- Geoff Simon -- May 12, 2018

Master plan for "re-purposing" Sloulin International Airport once new airport completed has been released:
A three-phase approach to the overall enhancement of the 800+ acre site includes space in the first phase for commercial, retail, housing and public amenities located at the front and easterly side of the project, near U.S. Highway 2. The second phase of work is primarily for future single-family housing options near the rear and westerly wide of the site, by the Williston Public Golf Course. The center of the overall property will be the emphasis in phase three, including commercial/office operations, Williston’s Foreign Trade Zone and commercial innovation pursuits.
This link will most likely download a PDF on your desktop.

B is for Bakken. B is for Best. Bakken is the top producer of crude oil among US shale plays -- ranked by "productivity of new wells." This has been previously posted.