Friday, March 29, 2013

Tokyo Gas Buys Natural Gas Stake in Texas

Rigzone is reporting:
Quicksilver Resources, a natural gas producer is selling a 25-percent stake in its Barnett Shale oil and gas assets to TG Barnett Resources LP, a subsidiary of Tokyo Gas Co. for $485 million.
Quicksilver will remain as operator of the assets which are located in Texas. The company holds about 130,000 net acres within the Barnett Shale formation in the Fort Worth basin of north Texas. The assets currently produce about 275 million cubic feet per day of shale gas and natural gas liquids marketed in the United States.
The world is changing. China and Japan buying US energy assets.

COP Suspending Natural Gas Drilling in San Juan Basin -- Citing Low Prices

Rigzone is reporting:
ConocoPhillips said it is temporarily suspending new drilling in the San Juan Basin in New Mexico and Colorado, citing low natural gas prices that make it uneconomical to drill new wells in the area.
"Natural gas prices have continued to be rather low," Conoco spokesman Jim Lowry said, adding that the company would be watching natural gas prices and resume drilling "as soon as it becomes economical," though he declined to set a specific target price.
COP has only three rigs in the area; employees have been told.

New Wells Reporting -- 2Q13 -- The Williston Basin, North Dakota

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Sunday, June 30, 2013
24069, 455, Resource Energy Can-Am/American Eagle, Stanley 8-1E-163-102, Colgan, t3/13; cum 138K 2/20;
24651, WI, Enduro, MRPSU 19-32, River Park, a Madison well; no data

Saturday, June 29, 2013
22805, 1,971, Statoil, Wright 4-33 2TFH, Alger, t6/13; cum 174K 2/20;
23478, DRY, CLR, Durham 3-2H, North Tobacco Garden

Friday, June 28, 2013
24180, 4,065, Equinor/Statoil, East Fork 32-29 3H, t8/13; cum 411K 2/20;
24467, 1,469, MRO, Point USA 9-1H, Wolf Bay, t2/13; cum 249K 2/20;
24510, 1,597, XTO, Mendenhall 12X-18H, t5/13; cum 340K 2/20;

Thursday, June 27, 2013
20761, 2,196, Zenergy, OMLID 18-19HTF, Elidah, t4/13; cum 307K 2/20;
21496, 791, Zenergy, Hanson 33-28H, Church, t5/13; cum 187K 2/20;
24247, 2,966, BR, CCU Meriwether 14-19MBH, Corral Creek, t7/13; cum 258K 2/20;
24622, 1,448, MRO, Annie USA 11-29TFH, Reunion Bay, t2/13; cum 292K 2/20;

Wednesday, June 26, 2013
23477, 493, CLR, Durham 2-2H, North Tobacco Garden, t4/13; cum 306K 2/20;
23973, 2,995, Statoil, Rose 12-13 2TFH, Avoca, t8/13; cum 233K 2/20;

Tuesday, June 25, 2013
24103, 251, Samson Resources, Bakke 3229-4TFH, Ambrose, t4/13; cum 51K 5/19; off line 6/19; remains off line 2/20;
24481, 1,824, BR, CCU Meriwether 24-19MBH, Corral Creek, t7/13; cum 137K 2/20;
24648, 262, MRO, Lincoln USA 16-1H, McGregory Buttes, t2/13; cum 614K 2/20;
24649, 1,824, KOG, P Wood 154-98-3-27-34-14H, Truax, t6/13; cum 194K 2/20;

Monday, June 24, 2013
24102, 265, Samson Resources, Gjovig 0508-5MBH, Ambrose, t4/13; cum 84K 2/20;
24182, 1,566, Equinor/Statoil, East Fork 32-29 4TFH, East Fork, t5/14; cum 145K 2/20;
24220, 2,078, Bruin/HRC/G3 Operating, Berg Trust Federal 1-26-35H,  Pembroke, t3/13; cum 268K 2/20;

Sunday, June 23, 2013
23724, 475, CLR, Southard 1-4H, New Home, t3/13; cum 145K 2/20;
24420, 792, QEP, MHA 2-32-31H-150-90, Pembroke, t2/13; cum 117K 2/20;

Saturday, June 22, 2013
23853, 674, CLR, Hamlet 7-2H, Hamlet, t5/13; cum 123K 2/20;
24105, 2,646, XTO, Stenberg 14-10SEH, North Tobacco Garden, t4/13; cum 299K 2/29;
24108, 432, Bruin/HRC/G3 Operating, G Larsen 1-14-23H, Strandahl, t4/13; cum 101K 2/20;
24179, 398, American Eagle, Dewitt State 3-16-163-101, Colgan, t3/13; cum 123K 2/20;
24374, 1,860, KOG, P Wood 154-98-3-27-34-14H3, Truax, t6/13; cum 154K 2/20;

Friday, June 21, 2013
24101, 316, Resource Energy/Samson Resources, Bakke 3229-5MBH, Ambrose, t4/13; cum 271K 2/20;
24249, 441, Bruin/G3 Operating, Poeckes 1-14-23H, Climax, t4/14; cum 95K 2/20;
24265, WI, Enduro Operating, MRPSU 19-24, Mouse River Park, a Madison well, no data

Thursday, June 20, 2013
18987, 223, Rimrock/KOG, Two Shields Butte 14-21-16-2HS, Heart Butte, t4/11; cum 691K 2/20;
21513, 23, Whiting/KOG, Smokey 3-6-7-14HS, Bully, t2/12; cum 196K 1/20; off line 1/20; remains off line 2/20;
22983, 1,464, Bruin/G3 Operating, Fort Berthold 148-94-29B-32-2H, Eagle Nest, t3/13; cum 347K 2/20;
23696, 612, Whiting, Evy June 18-19H, Wildcat, located on the Montana state line, about 10 miles south of the Missouri River; about a mile north of the Yellowstone River; lousy well; t12/12/ cum 94K 2/20;
23946, 2,747, Equinor/Statoil, Sanders 34-27 2H, Ragged Butte, t9/13; cum 170K 2/20;
24375, 2,085, KOG, P Wood 154-98-3-27-34-15H, Truax, t6/13; cum 174K 2/20;
24578, 565,  CLR, Barney 2-29H-2, Brooklyn, t3/13; cum 173K 2/20;

Wednesday, June 19, 2013
21947, 161, Prima Exploration/GMX Resources, Fairfield State 21-16-1HRE, St Demetrius, Three Forks, 37 stages; 1.2 million lbs; originally Fairfield State 21-16-1H; t9/12; cum 91K 2/20; "HRE" must be "horizontal re-entry"; folks may remember that GMXR filed for bankruptcy protection, April 1, 2013;
22484, 2,946, EOG, Hawkeye 102-2501H, Clarks Creek, t1/13; cum 605K 2/20;
22485, 1,926, EOG, Hawkeye 01-2501H, Clarks Creek, t1/13; cum 699K 2/20;
23854, 749, CLR, Hamlet 6-2H, Hamlet, t4/13; cum 149K 2/20;
24181, 3,012, Equinor/Statoil, Folvag 5-8 3H, Stony Creek, t8/13; cum 368K 2/20;

Tuesday, June 18, 2013
22691, 478, Oasis/SM Energy, Anderson 14-20H, Sixmile, t4/13; cum 205K 2/20;
23565, 935, Whiting, McNamara 41-26XH, Sanish, t12/12; cum 297K 2/20;
23654, 88, Hunt, Frazier 1-1-12H, Frazier, t4/13; cum 200K 2/20;
24183, 1,949, Equinor/Statoil, Folvag 5-8 4TFH, Stony Creek, t5/14; cum 161K 2/20;
24369, 1,240, Hess, EN-Weyrauch A-154-93-1720H-4, Robinson Lake, t7/13; cum 224K 2/20;
24371, 842, Hess, EN-Weyrauch A-154-93-1720H-6, Robinson Lake, t8/13; cum 257K 2/20;
24376, 915, KOG, P Wood 154-98-3-27-34-15H3M, Truax, t6/13; cum 159K 2/20;
24398, 2,909, QEP, MHA 1-04-33H-150-92, Heart Butte, t7/13; cum 375K 2/20;
24545, 101, MRO, Huber USA 41-2H, Wolf Bay, t2/13; cum 31K 2/20;

Monday, June 17, 2013
21257, 2,078, Whiting, Cherry State 21-16H, Pleasant Hill, t12/12; cum 160K 8/19; off line 8/19; remains off line 2/20;
22723, 489, Whiting, Cherry State 21-16TFH, Pleasant Hill, t12/12; cum 52K 2/20;
23304, 1,444, WPX, Blackhawk 1-12HW, Moccasin Creek, t7/13; cum 337K 2/20;
23434, 2,044, Equinor/Statoil, Roger Sorenson 8-5 5H, Alger, t5/13; cum 245K 2/20;
23909, 1,461, Emerald, Arsenal (Federal) 1-17-20H, Charbonneau, t5/13; cum 206K 2/20;
23945, 1,004, Statoil, Sanders 34-27 3TFH, Ragged Butte, t9/13; cum 112K 2/20;

Sunday, June 16, 2013
23855, 700, CLR, Hamlet 5-2H, Hamlet, 4-section spacing; t5/13; cum 120K 2/20;
21841, 1,216, Zenergy, Knels 17-8H, Dore, t3/13; cum 198K 2/20;
22759, 594, Zavanna, Martinez 36-25 1TFH, Foreman Butte, t2/13; cum 218K 2/20;

Saturday, June 15, 2013
23743, 311, Whiting, Kuntz 34-31PH, Ukraina, t12/12; cum 73K 2/20;
23936, PA/IA, Whiting, Faiman 32-14, Hoot Owl, Red River formation; doesn't look good
23944, 2,658, Equinor/Statoil, Sanders 34-27 1H, Ragged Butte, t9/13; cum 171K 2/20;
24131, 1,536, XTO, FBIR Walterpackswolf 31X-12H, Heart Butte, t7/13; cum 195K 2/20;
24368, 1,259, Hess, EN-Weyrauch A-154-93-1720H-4, Robinson Lake, t7/13; cum 195K 2/20;
24370, 770, Hess, EN-Weyrauch A-154-93-1720H-5, Robinson Lake, t8/13; cum 196K 2/20;

Friday, June 14, 2013
22570, 418, Hunt Oil, Antelope 1-36-25H, Antelope, t7/13; cum 162K 2/20;
22576, 524, Lime Rock/OXY USA, Federal Steffan 1-7-6H-142-96, Manning, t12/12; cum 93K 2/20;
22590, 621, Lime Rock/OXY USA, Lamey 2-30-31H-143-96, Fayette, t11/12; cum 243K 2/20;
22826, 899, Bruin/HRC/G3 Operating, Helstad 157-99-2A-11-1H, Lone Tree Lake, t3/13; cum 246K 2/20;
23080, 1,020, Petro-Hunt, USA 153-95-18B-2H, Charlson, t3/13; cum 325K 2/20;
23223, 1,210, Bruin/HRC/G3 Operating, Fort Berthold 148-94-22A-27-2H, McGregory Buttes, t3/13; cum 236K 2/20;
23453, 1,479, WPX Energy, Dancing Bull 16-21HD, Van Hook, t4/13; cum 444K 2/20;
23916, 605, Resource Energy Can-Am/Samson Resources, Almos Farms 0112-2TFH, Ambrose, t4/13; cum 98K 2/20;
24329, DRY, Cambridge Production, Larson 1, wildcat, a Madison formation well; in section 4-152-79;
24399, 2,381, QEP, MHA 3-04-33H-150-92, Heart Butte, t7/13; cum 306K 2/20;

Thursday, June 13, 2013
23771, 193, Hess, RC-Svihl 140-95-0706H-1 Davis Buttes, t3/13; cum 115K 2/20;
24164, 898, Enerplus, Nimbus 149-94-33D-28H, Eagle Nest, t4/13; cum 287K 2/20;
24342, 2.823, BR, Waterton 34-32MBH, Keene, Three Forks; t5/13; cum 373K 2/20;
23616, 964, Fidelity, Bauer 25-36H, Green River, t12/12; cum 171K 2/20;

Wednesday, June 12, 2013
21320, 561, Whiting, Teddy 44-32TFH, Big Stick, Bakken, t1/13; cum 83K 2/20;
22582, 571, Newfield, Berg Federal 149-97-30-31-2H, Haystack Butte, t4/13; cum 217K 1/20; off line 1/20; remains off line 2/20;
23564, 1,386, MRO, Steve 34-31H, Big Bend, t2/13; cum 370K 2/20;
23915, 499, Samson Resources, Almos Farms 0112-1TFH, Ambrose, t4/13; cum 370K 2/20
23943, 1,227, Equinor/Statoil, Sanders 34-27 4TFH, Ragged Butte, t9/13; cum 126K 2/20;
24185, 414, Future Acquisition Company, LLC/Mountain Divide, Leininger 3-10-1H, Wildcat/Fortuna, far northwest corner of North Dakota; one mile south of Fortuna, ND; t3/13; cum 133K 2/20;
24193, 250, Hess, RS-Red Crown 156-91-2536H-2, Ross, t3/13; cum 169K 2/20;
24400, 2,844, QEP, MHA 2-04-33H-150-92, Heart Butte, t7/13; cum 366K 2/20;

Tuesday, June 11, 2013
23457, 1,196, Hess, BB-Budahn A-150-95-0403H-2, Blue Buttes, t6/13; cum 314K 2/20;
24163, 759, Enerplus, Cirrus 149-94-33D-28H, Eagle Nest, t4/13/ cum 292K 2/20;

Monday, June 10, 2013
22581, IA/1,482, Newfield, Beg Federal 149-97-30-31-1H,  Haystack Butte, t4/13; cum 181K 10/19; offline 10/19; remains off line2/20;
23778, 1,211, WPX, Howling Wolf 28-33HC, Wolf Bay, t2/13; cum 293K 2/20;
24016, 379, CLR, Colter 4-14H-4, Oliver, 4 sections, t7/13; cum 158K 12/19; off line 12/19; remains off line 2/20;
24317, 461, CLR, Dorothy Ann 1-11H, Wildrose, t3/13; cum 172K 2/20;

Sunday, June 9, 2013
23666, 2,806, BR, Kummer 21-30MBH, Blue Buttes, t3/13; cum 343K 2/20;
23800, 74 (no typo), Petro-Hunt, Moody 159-94-15A-22-1H,North Tioga, t5/13; cum 139K 2/20;
24401, 2,384, QEP, MHA 4-04-33H-150-92, Heart Butte, t7/13; cum 139K 2/20;
24429, 1,170, MRO, Fredericks USA 43-26H, Wolf Bay, t1/13; cum 147K 2/20;

Saturday, June 8, 2013
23174, 356, KOG, Grizzly 147-103-14-22-15-4H3, Mondak, t2/13; cum 91K 2/20;
23455, 1,291, Hess, BB-Budahn-150-95-0506H-2, Blue Buttes, t6/13; cum 354K 2/20;
23957, 707, Hess, EN-D Cvancara S-154-93-0904H-5, Robinson Lake, t5/13; cum 170K 2/20;
24119, 2,981, BR, Blegen 34-24TFH, Blue Buttes, t6/13; cum 237K 2/20;

Friday, June 7, 2013
22583, 1,010, Newfield, Berg Federal 149-97-30-31-3H, Haystack Butte, t4/13; cum 212K 2/20;
24031, 2,181, Whiting, Marsh 34-18PH, Dutch Henry Butte, t12/12; cum 261K 2/20;
24120, 2,405, BR, Blegen 34-24MBH, Blue Buttes, t6/13; cum 339K 2/20;
24437, 330, CLR, Mowinckel 1-27H, Corinth, t4/13; cum 135K 2/20;

Thursday, June 6, 2013
22643, 1,371, Oasis, Emie Federal 5792 24-9H, Cottonwood, t1/13; cum 195K 2/20;
22710, 615, Kraken/Fidelity, Niemitalo 24-13H, Sanish, t1/13; cum 378K 2/20; just returned to production 2/20;
23119, 3,426, Statoil, Cora 20-17 5H, Poe, t5/13; cum 228K 2/20;
23343, 590, Oasis, Desmond Federal 5792 13-12H, Cottonwood, t12/12; cum 202K 2/20;
23480, 1,174, Oasis, Leanne 5201 41-24B, Camp, t1/13; cum 272K 2/20;
23497, 1,043, Oasis, Mercedes 5502 41-7T, Squires, t1/13; cum 151K 2/20;
23498, 1,058, Oasis, Marlee 5502 41-7B, Squires, t12/12; cum 154K 2/20;
23527, 1,365, Oasis, Nguyen Federal 5693 44-27T, Alger, t12/12; cum 208K 2/20;
23528, 1,874, Oasis, Bui Federal 5693 44-27T, Alger, t12/12; cum 227K 2/20;
23530, 978, Oasis, Ginny H 5693 41-35T, Alger, t12/12; cum 207K 2/20;
23765, 615, Oasis, Nevis 6092 12-18H, Lucy, t12/12; cum 179K 2/20; 36 stages; 4.4 mill lbs sand;
23860, 3,358, Equinor/Statoil, Hovde 33-4 2H, Sandrocks, t12/13; cum 288K 2/20;
23914, 1,554, Oasis, Klevenberg 6093 11-2H, Gros Ventre, t1/13; cum 225K 2/20;
23956, 566, Hess, EN-D Cvancara S-154-93-0904H-4, t6/13; cum 138K 2/20;
24330, 514, Crescent Point, CPEUSC Sylven 11-2-158N-100W, t8/13; cum 109K 2/20;

Wednesday, June 5, 2013
23410, 644, Baytex, Burton Olson 21-16-162-98H 1PB, Blooming Prairie, t12/12; cum 219K 2/20;
23467, 1,132,Whiting, Buckman 14-9PH, Bell, t12/12; cum 263K 2/20;
23468, 1,244,Whiting, Obrigewitch 11-16PH, Bell, t12/12; cum 224K 2/20;
23493, 568, CLR, Simmental Federal 4-16H, Elm Tree, 4 sections, t6/13; cum 330K 2/20;
23614, 312, CLR, Lester 1-1H, New Home, t2/13; cum 93K 2/20;
24017, dry, Armstrong Operating, Zurcher 1, wildcat, a Madison well, 34 miles NNE of Minot, ND
24252, 75, Enduro, MRPSU 19-31, Mouse River Park, a Madison well; t2/13; cum 64K 2/20;
24409, 1,339, Hess, BB-Budahn A 150-95-0403H-4, Blue Buttes, t6/13; cum 128K 11/13;

Tuesday, June 4, 2013
22719, 632, Petro-Hunt, Syverson 156-99-30A-31-1H, East Fork, t3/13; cum 240K 2/20;
23721, 2,880, BR, Inga 14-21H, Haystack Butte, t2/13; cum 269K 2/20;
23767, 1,405, XTO, Mendenhall 12X-18C, Grinnell, t5/13; cum 339K 4/20;
23881, 850, XTO, FBIR Bird 31X-19G, Heart Butte, t9/13; cum 176K 4/20;
23982, 2,652, Statoil, Samson 29-32 2TFH, Banks, t6/13; cum 299K 4/20;

Monday, June 3, 2013
22526, 1,628, Statoil, Roger Sorenson 8-5 4TFH, Alger, t5/13; cum 198K 4/20;
23494, 360, CLR, Angus Federal 5-9H, Elm Tree, 4 sections, t6/13; cum 477K 4/20;
23827, 587, Resource Energy/American Eagle, Christianson Brothers 15-33-164-101, Colgan, t3/13; cum 161K 4/20;
23836, 2,984, BR, Waterton 11-29TFH, producing, t4/13; cum 311K 4/20;
23955, 560, Hess, EN-D Cvancara S-154-93-0904H-3, Robinson Lake, t5/13; cum 146K 4/20;
24406, 2,076, KOG, P. Thomas 153-98-5-3-2-8H, Truax, t4/13; cum 299K 4/20;
24410, 56 (no typo), Hess, BB-Budahn A 150-95-0403H-5, Blue Buttes, t7/13; cum 210K 4/20;

Sunday, June 2, 2013
23243, 645, CLR, Addyson 3-23H, Brooklyn, 4 sections; t4/13; cum 123K 2/20; off line 2/20; remains off line 4/20;
23496, 300, CLR, Angus Federal 4-9H, Elm Tree; 4 sections, t5/13; cum 381K 4/20;
23610, 731, CLR, Akron 2-27AH, Banks, t5/13; cum 321K 3/20; off line 4/20;

23835, 1,967, XTO, Lundin 44X-11D, Siverston, t5/12; cum 298K 4/20;
23839, 1,144, XTO, Leiseth 24X-22E, North Tobacco Garden, t4/13; cum 132K 4/20;
24250, WI, Enduro Operating, MRPSU 30-33, Mouse River Park, no data,
24473, 598, CLR, Angus 2-9H2, Elm Tree, t2/13; cum 395K 4/20;

Saturday, June 1, 2013
23888, 2,984, Statoil, Gyda 31-6 1H, Briar Creek, t7/13; cum 275K 4/20;
23954, 501, Hess, EN-D Cvancara S-154-93-0904H-2, Robinson Lake, t5/13; cum 133K 4/20;
24379, 335, MRO, Charging USA 42-35H, Wolf Bay, t2/13; cum 120K 4/20;

Friday, May 31, 2013
No wells.

Thursday, May 30, 2013
19755, 149, NP Resources/Whiting, Anderson Butte Federal 11-17TFH, North Elkhorn Ranch, t1/13; cum 66K 4/20;
22086, 2,052, KOG, P. Thomas 153-98-5-3-2-1H3, Truax, t4/13; cum 214K 4/20;
23834, 3,458, XTO, Lundin 44X-11H, Siverston, t4/13; cum 291K 4/20;
23840, 2,079, XTO, Leiseth 24X-22F, North Tobacco Garden, t4/13; cum 202K 4/20;
24135, 396, Hess, LK-Little Chase Creek 147-97-2116H-2, Little Knife, t6/13; cum 123K 4/20;
24284, 203, CLR, Hawkinson 9-22H3, Oakdale, t10/13; cum 151K 4/20; off line 4/20;
24502, 559, Petro-Hunt, State 150-104-3A-10-1H, Nelson Bridge, t2/13; cum 105K 4/20; off line 9/19 - 4/20;

Wednesday, May 29, 2013
23495, 240, CLR, Simmental Federal 3-16H, Elm Tree, t6/13; cum 364K 4/20;
23608, 1,303, CLR, Charlotte 5-22H, Banks, 4 sections; t6/13; cum 248K 4/20;
23833, 2,653, XTO, Lundin 44X-11C, Siverston, t4/13; cum 352K 4/20;
23882, 1,817, XTO, FBIR Bird 31X-19H, Heart Butte, t9/13; cum 209K 4/20;
23883, 1,617, XTO, FBIR Bird 31X-19D, Heart Butte, t8/13; cum 247K 4/20;
24211, 219, SM, Jeglum 2-39HNA, Colgan, t4/13; cum 106K 4/20;
24377, 244, CLR, Barney 3-29H-3, Brooklyn, 5/13; cum 160K 4/20;

Tuesday, May 28, 2013:
22059, A, Whiting, BSMU 2304, Big Stick, a Madison well;
23146, 851, Kraken/Fidelity, Miriah 19-30-29H, Sanish, t12/12; cum 197K 4/20;
23240, 419, Baytex, Marilyn Nelson 29-32-162-98H-1BP, Whiteaker, t12/12; cum 61K 11/13;
23242, 102, CLR, Addyson 2-23H, Brooklyn, t3/13; cum --
23635, 256, Whiting, Perzinski Family Trust 34-19PH, Heart River, t12/12; cum 19K 3/13;
24285, 922, CLR, Hawkinson 10-22H1, Oakdale, t10/13; cm 20K 11/13;
24405, 2,367, Whiting/KOG, P. Thomas 153-98-5-3-2-1H, Truax, t4/13; cum 269K 4/20;

Monday, May 27, 2013:
23826, 540, Hess, EN-State D 154-93-2635H-5, Robinson Lake, t5/13; cum 55K 11/13;
24134, 653, Hess, LK-Little Chase Creek 147-97-2116H-3, Little Knife, t7/13; cum 49K 11/13;
24349, 28, Ballantyne, Brandy 10-21, Spring Coulee, no production figures,

Sunday, May 26, 2013:
23206, IA/1,115, Liberty/Sequel, McGregor 24-16H-2128-15895-MB, McGregor, t3/13; cum 420K 12/18;
23615, 1,708, Murex, Amber Elizabeth 36-25H, Alexander, t1/13; cum 203K 4/20; offline 4/20;

23816, 413, Resource Energy/American Eagle, Terri Lynn 3-3N-163-101, Colgan, t3/13; cum 101
K 4/20;
24212, 313, Petro-Hunt/SM Energy, Jeglum 3-29HNB, Colgan, t4/13; cum 149K 4/20;
24286, 323, CLR, Hawkinson 11-22H2, Oakdale, t10/13; cum 265K 4/20;
24309, 653, MRO, Gary Bell USA 23-36H, Wolf Bay, t1/13; cum 131K 4/20;

Saturday, May 25, 2013:
23825, 1,008, Hess, EN-State D 154-93-2635H-4, Robinson Lake,
24133, 725, Hess, LK-Little Chase Creek 147-97-2116H-4, Little Knife, t7/13; cum 53K 11/13;
24289, 370, CLR, Stedman 2-24H-2, Hebron, t2/13; cum 13K 3/13;

Friday, May 24, 2013
21059, DRY, Petro-Hunt, State 150-104-3A-10-1HA, Nelson Bridge, no production data;

Thursday, May 23, 2013
20458, 555, Bruin/G3 Operating, Fort Berthold 152-93-17C-08-3H, t1/13; Four Bears, cum 282K 2/20;
22287, 1,738, Whiting, Obrigewitch 41-16PH, Bell, t11/12; cum 308K 2/20;
22606, 1,557, Statoil, SCHA 34-34TFH, Alger,
23205, 948, Sequel, ND State 24-16H-0916-15895-TF, McGregor, t3/34; cum 24K 3/13;
23430, 647, CLR, Missoula 4-21H, t4/13; cum --
24385, 1,818, XTO, Carter 14X-32D, Grinnell, t5/13; cum 255K 4/20;

Wednesday, May 22, 2013
20064, AB/1,875, Whiting, Froehlich 21-28PH, Bell, t11/12; cum 210 11/18;
21722, 393, Hess, BW-Larson 149-100-1720H-1, Ellsworth, t5/13; cum 116K 4/20;
22373, 2,172, Whiting, Froehlich 11-28PH, Bell,  t11/12; cum 213K 4/20;
22774, 1,947, Whiting, Froehlich 41-28PH, Bell, t11/12; cum 234K 4/20; 
23110, 1,984, Whiting/KOG, P Bibler 154-99-1-5-29-1H3, Epping, t5/13; cum 264K 4/20;
23111, 1,657, Whiting/KOG, P Bibler 154-99-1-5-29-2H, Epping, t5/13; cum 333K 4/20;
23113, 1,896, Whiting/KOG, P Bibler 154-99-1-5-8-15H, Stockyard Creek, t5/13; cum 336K 4/20;
23824, 581, Hess, EN-State D 154-93-2635H-3, Robinson Lake, t5/13; cum 185K 4/20;

Tuesday, May 21, 2013
22316, 938, Zenergy, Ledahl 28-33H, Rosebud, t2/13; cum 21K 3/12;
22704, 926, EOG, Wayzetta 149-1509H, Parshall, t1/13; cum 40K 3/13; 53 stages; 11 million lbs
23421, 1,011, EOG, Garden Coulee 1-1410H, Painted Woods, t12/12; cum 54K 3/13;
23429, 643, CLR, Missoula 5-21H, Camp, t3/13; cum 1K 3/13;
24044, 932, SM Energy, Didrick 4-27HA, Siverston, t5/13; cum 61K 11/13;
24104, 2,380, XTO Energy, Stenberg 14-10SWH, North Tobacco Garden, t4/13; cum 80K 11/13;
24384, 1,677, XTO Energy, CArter 14X-12H, Grinnell, t5/13; cum 90K 11/13;

Monday, May 20, 2013
22605, 2,628, Equinor/Statoil, SCHA 33-34 3H, Alger, t5/13; cum 264K 2/20;
22864, 1,890, Whiting, Obrigewitch 41-17PH, Bell, t11/12; cum 69K 3/13;
22865, 2,312, Whiting, 3 J Trust 44-8PH, Bell, t11/1; cum 70K 3/13;
23112, 1,991, KOG, P Bibler 154-99-1-5-8-16H3, Stockyard Creek, t5/13; cum 67K 11/13;
23369, 370, CLR, Atlanta 4-6H, Baker, 4 sections, t3/14; cum 7K 3/14;
23823, 920, Hess, En-State D 154-93-2635H-2, Robinson Lake, t5/13; cum 79K 11/13;
24217, 733, Slawson, Mooka 3-29-20TFH, Big Bend, t6/13; cum 345K 2/20; see this post;

Sunday, May 19, 2013
24043, 605, SM Energy, Didrick 4X-27H, Siverston,  t5/13; cum 40K 11/13;
24165, 1,193, Zenergy, GNR Federea 15-22H, Trenton, t2/13; cum 24K 3/13;
24283, 504, CLR, Hawkinson 8-22H, Oakdale, t11/13; cum 33K 11/13;
24386, 64, Ballantyne Oil, Bloms 6-21, Spring Coulee; most likely a 5,000 foot (actual: 4,852) vertical Madison well with an IP in the range of 120, and a EUR of 200,000 bbls; t2/13; cum 1K 3/13;

Saturday, May 18, 2013
21723, 477, Hess, BW-Ethyl Larson 149-100-0805H-1, Ellsworth, t6/13; cum 34K 11/13;
22562, 822, Bruin/G3 Operating, Fort Berthold 148-94-21A-20-3H, Eagle Nest, t2/13; cum 248K 2/20;
23073, 140, Corinthian Exploration, Corinthian McCullough 5-1-1H, North Souris, a Spearfish well; t2/13; cum 6K 3/13;
23483, 1,471, WPX, Ruby 31-30HB, Antelope, t1/13; 54K 3/13;
23563, 1,398, Marathon, Don 34-31TFH, Big Bend,  t2/13; cum 31K 3/13;
24136, 2,894, BR, Lassen 41-26TFH, Blue Buttes, t3/13; cum 3K 3/13; 2 section-spacing
24147, 180, Strike Oil, Savelkoul 7-21, Wildcat, Madison well; a few miles west of Spring Coulee, and the Ballantyne Bloms well; t4/13; cum --
24218, 997, Slawson, Mooka 4-29-20H, Big Bend, t6/13; cum 344K 2/20;

Friday, May 17, 2013
No new wells came off the confidential list. 

Thursday, May 16, 2013
17602, 215, CLR, Charlie Bob Creek 1-25RH, Ranch Coulee, t12/08; a re-entry well; 3/13; cum 45K
23305, 1,480, WPX, Blackhawk 1-12HB, Moccasin Creek, t5/13; cum 351K 2/20;
23370, 597, CLR, Atlanta 3-6H, Baker; t4/13; cum 27K 11/13;
23820, 50 (no typo), Hess, HA-State 152-95-1621H-4, Hawkeye, t7/13; cum 171K 41/9;
24219, 1,327, MRO, Ahern 34-19H, Bailey, t6/13; cum 41K 11/13;
24282, 175, CLR, Hawkinson 7-22H2, Oakdale, t10/13; cum 231K 4/19;

Wednesday, May 15, 2013
20810, 669, Slawson, Mooka 2-29-20TFH, Big Bend, t6/13; cum 86K 11/13;
21453, 514, Slawson, Waterbond 2-27-34H, Van Hook, t8/13; cum 59K 11/13;
24130, 977, XTO, FBIR Walterpackswolf 31X-12GF, Heart Butte, t6/13; cum 21K 11/13;

Tuesday, May 14, 2013
20503, 560, XTO, Wood 21X-25B, Truax, t4/13; cum 272K 4/19;
22119, 1,563, WPX, Dora Smith 5-8HD, Van Hook, t2/13; cum 46K 3/13;
23775, 602, Triangle, Skedsvold Trust 151-101-32-29-3H, Ragged Butte, t3/13; cum 12K 3/13; 23821, 1,034, Hess, HA-State 152-95-1621H-3, Hawkeye, t5/13; cum 83K 11/13;
23900, 470, Mountain Divide, LLC, Wigness 5-8-1H, Fortuna, t2/13; cum 50K 11/13;
24075, 1,371, Marathon, Hansen Ranch 34-10TFH, Bailey, t4/13; cum 51K 11/13;

Monday, May 13, 2013
22091, 537, EOG, Fertile 51-0410H, Parshall, t11/12; cum 388K 2/20;
22314, 864, Zavanna, Browning 28-33 1H, Foreman Butte, t2/13; cum 27K 3/13;
22634, 204, Whiting, BSMU 3108, Big Stick, Madison, t1/13; cum 9K 3/13;
23133, 2,004, BR, CCU Prairie Rose 41-30 MBH, Corral Creek, t2/13; cum 265K 4/19;
23415, 1,202, Fidelity, Corpron 16-21-22H, Stanley, t11/12; cum 70K 3/13;
23648, 2,725, BR, Copper Draw 24-22MBH 3SH, Johnson Corner, t7/13; cum 83K 11/13;
23769, 827, Slawson, Waterbond 5-27-34TFH, Van Hook, t7/13; cum 85K 11/13;
24060, 256, CLR, Colter 3-13H-2, Bear Creek, t6/13; cum 15K 11/13;
24209, 2,854, QEP, MHA 5-04-33H-150-92, Heart Butte, t5/13; cum 75K 11/13;

Sunday, May 12, 2013
23371, drl, CLR, Atlanta 2-6H, Baker,
23732, 1,078, Statoil, Boots 13-24 4TFH, Painted Woods, t7/13; cum 14K 11/13;
23741, 1,794, Statoil, Jerome Anderson 15-10 7TFH, Alger, t4/13; cum 154K 4/19;
23822, 697, Hess, HA-State 152-95-1621H-2, Hawkeye, t5/13; cum 79K 11/13;

Saturday, May 11, 2013
22102, 400, Petro-Hunt, Thorson 159-94-7A-18-4H, North Tioga, 5/13; cum 53K 11/13;
22664, 831, ERF, Arabian 149-93-29B-32H, Mandaree, t3/13; cum 17K 3/13;
23114, 626, Triangle, Gustafson 148-100-5-8-1H, Buffalo Wallow, t11/12; cum 36K 3/13;
23419, 1,556, Whiting, Becker 11-18PH, Bell, t11/12; cum 92K 3/13;
23420, 1,861, Whiting, Frank 14-7PH, Bell, t11/12; cum 94K 3/13;
23925, 1,624, Newfield, Staal 150-99-23-14-3H, South Tobacco Garden, t4/13; cum 245K 2/20;
24118, 670, True Oil, Gravos 42-13 13-14H, Red Wing Creek, t3/13; cum 8K 3/13;
24232, 1,678, XTO, Wood 21X-25AXB, Truax, t4/13; cum 231K 4/19;

Friday, May 10, 2013
21832, 795, OXY USA, Beatrice Kubischta 3-15-22H-143-96, Fayette, t11/12; cum 51K 3/13;
23731, 679, Statoil, Delorme 12-3 4TFH, Painted Woods, t7/13; cum 22K 11/13;
23768, 783, Slawson, Waterbond 7-27-34TFH, Van Hook, t7/13; cum 74K 11/13;
23777, 509, Triangle, Skesvold Trust 151-101-32-29-1H, Ragged Butte, t4/13; cum 10K 3/13;
24208, 2,573, QEP, MHA 7-04-33H-150-92, Heart Butte, t5/13; cum 273K 4/19;

Thursday, May 9, 2013
23376, 1,722, Oasis, Amelia Federal 5201 41-11B, Camp, t12/12; cum 264K 4/19;
23377, 1,319, Oasis, Hal Federal 5201 41-11T, Camp, t11/12; cum 32K 3/13;
23452, 2,187, WPX, Dancing Bull 16-21HZ, Van Hook, t4/13; cum --
23585, 133, Oasis, Candito 6093 43-28H, Gros Ventre, t11/12; cum 18K 3/13;
23802, 1,588, MRO, Eagle USA 41-5H, McGregory Buttes, t1/13; cum 70K 3/13;
24056, 2,271, RimRock/KOG, Moccasin Creek 14-11-2-3H, Moccasin Creek,  t1/13; cum 370K 2/20;

Wednesday, May 8, 2013
22968, 2,219, BR, CCU Burner 21-26TFH, Corral Creek, t7/13; cum 286K 12/19; off line 12/19; remains offline 2/20;
23118, 1,563 Statoil, Cora 20-17 3TFH, Poe, t5/13; cum 27K 11/13;
23372, 364, CLR, Atlanta 1-6H, Baker, t4/13; cum --
23837, 2,444, BR, Waterton 11-29MBH, Keene, t4/13; cum 57K 11/13;
23924, 1,096, Newfield, Staal 150-99-23-14-10H, South Tobacco Garden, t3/13; cum --
23962, WI, Ballantyne, Kanu 2-13, Kanu,
23968, 1,348, Hess, BB-Rice 150-95-0718H-2, Blue Buttes, t3/13; cum 25K 313;
23983, 2,542, Statoil, Topaz 20-17 2TFH, Banks,

Tuesday, May 7, 2013
21951, 157, Legacy, Legacy Etal Berge 12-31H, North Souris, Spearfish; t12/12; cum 11K 3/13;
22559, 754, OXY USA, Federal Tormaschy 1-8-5H-142-96, Manning, t11/12; cum 23K 3/12;
23561, 535, Crescent Point, CPEUSC Reed 10-3-158N-100W, Winner, t6/13; cum 35K 11/13;
23730, 1,942, Statoil, Boots 13-24 3H, Painted Woods, t7/13; cum 37K 11/13;
24233, 1.948,  XTO, Wood 21X-25A, Truax, t4/12; cum --

Monday, May 6, 2013
20250, 1,944, XTO, Wayne 34-34F, West Capa, t3/13; cum 96K 11/13;
20666, 1,097, Zenergy, Snowshoe 30-31H, Glass Bluff, t4/13; cum --
23293, 3,878, BR, Mesa Verde 24-22TFH, Clear Creek, spacing, 2-section; t3/13; cum --
23542, 1,007, Enerplus, Grace 150-94-06B-07H, Spotted Horn, t2/13; cum 36K 3/13;
23701, dry, Zenergy, Flynn 34-34HTF, Harding, lost circulation in the Madison; never reached kick-off point
23706, 560, HRC/G3 Operating, Miller 1-35-26H, Climax, t2/13; cum 42K 11/13;
23971, DRY, Strike Oil, Waind 18-12, Kanu,
24057, 1,570, KOG, Moccasin Creek 14-11-2-3H3, Moccasin Creek, t2/13; cum 25K 3/13;
24207, 2,641, QEP, MHA 6-04-33H-150-92, Heart Butte, t5/13; cum 10/13;

Sunday, May 5, 2013
23926, 3,027, Newfield, Staal 150-99-23-14-2H, South Tobacco Garden, t3/13; cum --
23969, 1,188, Hess, BB-Rice 150-95-0718H-3, Blue Buttes, t4/13; cum 15K 3/13;
23686, 484, CLR, Lindsay 1-35H, New Home, t3/13; cum 10K 3/13;

Saturday, May 4, 2013
23079, 817, Petro-Hunt, USA 153-95-18B-1H, Charlson, t3/13; cum 10K 3/13;
23596, 533, B3 Operating, Pasternak Federal 1-2-11H, Strandahl, t2/13; cum 36K 10/13;
23609, 360, CLR, Akron 3-27AH, Banks,4 sections, t5/13; cum 55K 20/13;
23729, 1,803, STO/BEXP, Delorme 12-1 3H, Painted Woods,

Friday, May 3, 2013
21383, 3,194, Oasis, Zaye Federal 5201 34-2H, Camp, t11/12; cum 75K 3/13;
23740, 2,311, Statoil, Jerome Anderson 15-10 6H, Alger, t4/13; cum 75K 10/13;
23809, 452, CLR, Myrhre 2-18H, Stoneview, t2/13; cum 12K 3/13;
24206, 2,342, QEP, MHA 8-04-33H-150-92, Heart Butte, t5/13; cum 71K 11/13;

Thursday, May, 2, 2013
19863, 1,190, Emerald, Mongoose 1-8-4H, Charbonneau, (remember, Emerald used to be VOG), t6/13; cum 52K 10/13;
23131, 468, Hess, SC-Norman 154-98-3130H-5, Truax, t5/13; cum 36K 10/13;
23650, 1,536, BR, Kkummer 31-30TFH, Blue Buttes, 2-sec spacing, t3/13; cum --
23667, 1,597, BR, Kummer 21-30TFH, Blue Buttes, 2-sec spacing, t3/13; cum --

Wednesday, May 1, 2013
23130, 976, Hess, SC-Norman 154-98-3130H-4, Truax, t5/13; cum 64K 10/13;
23225, 2,169, KOG, Moccasin Creek 4-3-34-3H3, Moccasin Creek, spacing: W2; t2/13; cum 28K 3/13; Three Forks; 16 stages; 2 million lbs; all ceramics, I believe;
23649, 2,650, BR, Kummer 31-30MBH, Blue Buttes, t3/13; cum 5K 3/13;
23887, 2.064, Statoil/BEXP, Eveland 30-19 1H, Briar Creek, t7/13; cum 37K 10/13;
23977, 765, KOG, Grizzly 147-103-16-21-16-1H3, Mondak, t2/13; cum 11K 3/13;
24039, 639, SM Energy, Broderson 2X-278HB, Siverston,
24083, 1,344, MRO, Kevin Schmidt 44-32H, Murphy Creek, t5/13; cum 54K 10/13;

Tuesday, April 30, 2013:
23798, 355, CLR, Michelsen 1-34H, Frazier, t3/13; cum 2/13 --

Monday, April 29, 2013:
23222, 413, Fidelity, Pavel 14-23H, Zenith, t6/13; cum 24K 10/13;
23224, 2,473, KOG, Moccasin Creek 4-3-23-4H, Moccasin Creek, t2/13; cum 17K 2/13;
23231, 116, Baytex, Joyce 4-9-160-98H 1BP, Skabo, t12/12; cum 5K 2/13;
23479, 1,310, Fidelity, Sundts 23-14-15H, Stanley, 4-sec spacing, t10/12; cum 69K 3/13;
23639, 1,482, WPX, Patricia Kelly 2-1HB, Spotted Horn, t3/13; cum --
24040, 807, SM Energy, Broderson 2-27H, Siverston, t5/13; cum 83K 10/13;

Sunday, April 28, 2013:
20880, 814, G3 Operating, Fort Berthold 148-94-36D-25-2H, McGregory Buttes, t2/13; cum 5K 2/13;
23201, 1.029, Liberty Resources, Lassey 152-103-27-34-1H, Glass Bluff, t11/12; cum 59K 2/13;

Saturday, April 27, 2013:
21921, 97, Legacy, Legacy Etal Berge 5-7H, Red Rock, Spearfish, t12/12; cum 9K 2/13;
23129, 943, Hess, SC-Norman 154-98-3130H-3, Truax, t5/13; cum 57K 10/13;
23247, 401, Whiting, BSMU 1806, Big Stick, Madison, t1/13; cum 16K 2/13;
23424, 157, OXY USA, Sivak 1-29-28H-143-98, Hungry Man Butte, t10/12; cum 6K 2/13;
23550, 965, G3 Operating, Fort Berthold 152-94-14C-11-2H, Antelope, t1/13; cum 32K 2/13;
23597, 867, G3 Operating, Berg 1-30-31H, Good Luck, t2/13; cum 7K 2/13;
23794, 1,283, KOG, Smokey 3-30-18-2H3, Pembroke, t6/13; cum 31K 10/13;
24041, 676, SM Energy, Broderson 2X-27HA, Siverston, t5/13; cum 58K 10/13;

Friday, April 26, 2013
23622, 1,225, Abraxas, Lillibridge 20-17-1H, Pershing, t7/13; cum 85K 10/13;
23828, 525, American Eagle, Muzzy 15-33S-164-101, Colgan, t3/13; cum 12K 3/13;
23856, 463, CLR, Salo 7-35H, Hamlet, t6/13; cum 34K 10/13;
23864, 50, Hunt Oil, Hawkeye 1-35-26HTF, Bluffton, t3/13; cum --

Thursday, April 25, 2013
21685, 654, OXY USA, Scott 2-7-6H-143-95, Murphy Creek, t9/12; cum 39K 2/13;
23485, 1,044, Hess, SC-Scanlan-153-98-1720H-3, Truax, t3/12; cum 8K 2/13;
23621, 674, G3 Operating, Berg 1-19-18H, Good Luck, t2/13; cum 9K 2/13;
23795, 1,829, KOG, Smokey 3-30-18-3HA, Pembroke, t6/13; cum 46K 10/13;
23931, DRY, Aeon Energy, Lillie Farms 11-10H, North Maxbass,
23974, 3,997, Statoil, Rose 12-13 7H, Avoca, t8/13; cum 46K 10/13;

Wednesday, April 24, 2013
20219, 438, EOG, Wildrose 1-06H, Hebron, t10/12; cum 26K 2/13;
22644, 1,168, Statoil, Jerome Anderson 15-10 2TFH, Alger, t4/13; cum 8K 10/13;
23438, 2,464, Statoil, M. Macklin 15-22 7H, Cow Creek, t8/13; cum 32K 10/13;
23537, 1,168, Whiting, Amber Elizabeth 9-4H, Hay Creek, t10/12; cum 27K 2/13;
23747, 1,001, CLR, Rochester 3-24H, North Tobacco Garden, t2/13; cum 1K 2/13;
23808, 634, American Eagle, Violet 3-3-1-163-101, Colgan, t2/13; cum 14K 2/13;
23857, 583, CLR, Salo 6-35H, Hamlet, t6/13; cum 39K 10/13;
23865, 173, Hunt Oil, Frazier 1-2-11H, Frazier, t3/13; cum 2K 2/13;

Tuesday, April 23, 2013
23503, 204, Whiting, Brueni 11-16PH, New Hradec, t12/12; cum 16K 2/13;
23796, 1,159, KOG, Smokey 3-30-31-15H3, Pembroke, t6/13; cum 25K 10/13;
23818, --/97, CLR, MPHU 32-10H, Medicine Pole Hills, Red River/West Red River; t1/13 and t1/13; cum 1,771 bbls and cum 1,231 bbls as of 2/13; [the file report shows an IP of 57]

Monday, April 22, 2013
22334, 2,006, Petro-Hunt, USA 153-95-22C-15-2H, Charlson, t12/12; cum 59K 2/13;
22840, 3,107, Statoil/BEXP, Rose 12-13-3H, Avoca, t10/13; cum 13K 10/13;
23437, 610, Statoil/BEXP, M. Macklin 15-22 2TFH, Cow Creek, t8/13; cum 4K 10/13;
23486, 834, Hess, SC-Scanlan-153-98-1720H-2, Truax, t3/13; cum 16K 2/13;
23858, 566, CRL, Salo 5-35H, Hamlet, t6/13; cum 32K 10/13;
23980, 576, Marathon, Klay Carlson 41-29TFH, Bailey, t6/13; cum 22K 10/13;

Sunday, April 21, 2013
21458, 1,597, Marathon, Tara Jo USA 23-12H, Reunion Bay, t1/13; cum 43K 2/13;
23469, 3,146, XTO, Lawlar 41-15SEH, North Tobacco Garden, t4/13; cum 91K 10/13;
23588, 489, Samson Resources, Thomte 0508-2TFH, Ambrose, t4/13; cum 50K 10/13;
23748, 360, CRL, Rochester 2-24H, North Tobacco Garden, t2/13; cum 4K 2/13;
23947, 1,472, Zenergy, GNR 10-3H, Rosebud,  t3/13; cum 1K 2/13 (five days of production)

Saturday, April 20, 2013
23202, 951, WPX, Benson 3-9HA, South Fork, t2/13; cum 2K 2/13 (3 days of production)
23232, 386, Marathon, Delbert Schettler 31-27H, Werner, t12/12; cum 5K 2/13; off-line most of this time; in third month of operation, only on-line for 8 days;
23773, 424, Hess, EN-Wander 156-94-0904H-2, Big Butte, t2/13; cum 14K 2/13;
24123, 1,368, XTO, Mariana Trust 12X-20G2, North Fork, t3/13; cum 48K 10/13;

Friday, April 19, 2013
21056, 273, CLR/Newfield, Wilson 154-100-29-32-1H, Catwalk,  t1/13; cum 20K 2/13;
23088, 283, OXY USA, Kuntz 1-23-14H-142-98, Saddle Butte, t10/12; cum 6K 2/13;
23510, 269, Whiting, Brueni 11-28PH, Green River, t11/12; cum 14K 2/13;
23543, 2,772, STO/BEXP, Albert B. 27-34 5H, Nameless, t5/13; cum 3K 10/13;
23589, 272, Samson Resources, Bakke 3229-2TFH, Ambrose, t3/13; cum 32K 10/13;
23797, 1,294, KOG, Smokey 3-30-18-3H3, Pembroke, t6/13; cum 27K 10/13;
23972, 3,249, STO/BEXP, State 36-1 4TFH, Stony Creek, t8/13; cum 34K 10/13;

Thursday, April 18, 2013
22513, 699, Hess, BL-Amelia 156-95-1415H-1, Beaver Lodge; t12/12; cum 35K 2/13;

Wednesday, April 17, 2013
22090, 1,085, G3 Operating, Fort Berthold 152-93-17C-08-4H, Four Bears, t1/13; cum 25K 2/13;
23491, 32, Surge, Scandia 2S SENE 34 03 SENW 35H, Souris, nice Spearfish, t12/12; cum 8K 2/13
23623, 1,040, Abraxas, Lillibridge 20-17-2H, Pershing, t7/13; cum 61K 10/13;
23665, 2,525, BR, Kummer 11-30MBH, Blue Buttes, 2-section spacing; t3/13; cum--
23838, 2,334, BR, Waterton 21-29TFH, Keene, t5/13; cum 250K 4/19;

Tuesday, April 16, 2013
19927, 725, EOG, Short Prairie 8-1224H, Round Prairie, t11/12; cum 52K 2/13;
23145, 714, Fidelity, Luke 19-20-29H, Sanish, t10/12; cum 35K 2/13; 4-sec spacing;
23398, 673, Liberty Resources, Lassey 152-103-22-15-1H, Glass Bluff, t10/12; cum 62K 2/13;
23544, 1,221, Equinor/BEXP, Albert B. 27-34 4TFH, t6/14; cum 132K 41/9;
23590, 775, Samson Resources, Thomte 0508-3H, Ambrose, t3/13; cum 76K 10/13;
23677, 482, Hess, SC-Tami 157-99-0805H-1, Lone Tree Lake; t1/13; cum 28K 2/13; 
23714, 892, CLR, Memphis 2-4H, Last Chance, t2/13; cum 251K 4/19;

Monday, April 15, 2013, tax day
21547, 281, Whiting, Teddy 11-20TFH, Big Stick, preliminary results not great, 13 stages; 700,000 lbs sand; Pronghorn/Sanish; something about the geology report did not impress me. 
23117, 3,2151, Equior/BEXP, Cora 20-17 4H, Poe, t7/14; cum 204K 4/19;
23136, 162, Petro-Hunt, Blikre 158-94-13B-24-1H, East Tioga, t12/12; cum 13K 2/13;
23418, 625, Hess, EN-Hegland 155-94-0508H-3, Manitou, t2/13; cum 15K 2/13;
23591, 383, Samson Resources, Bakke 3229-3H, Ambrose, t4/13; cum 37K 10/13;

Sunday, April 14, 2013
22371, 3,668, QEP/Helis, Hazel 13-34/27H, Grail, t5/13; cum 595K 41/9; a huge well; a second frack in 2018;
22456, 247, G3 Operating/Petro-Hunt, Hoff 157-100-1A-12-1H, Dublin, t12/12; cum 30K 2/13;
23187, 364, CLR, Diana 1-12H, Stoneview, t1/13; cum 6K 2/13;

Saturday, April 13, 2013 (see below the break)
21840, 1,380, MRO, Deep Creek 21-13TFH, Lost Bridge, t2/13; cum 319K 4/19;
23091, IA/2,984, BEXP, Jarold 25-36 3TFH, Todd, t5/14; cum 214K 12/18; off line as of 12/18; still offline 4/19;
23092, IA/3,106, Equinor/BEXP, Jarold 25-36 4H, Todd, t5/14; cum 328K 12/18; off line as of 12/18; still offline 4/19;
23264, 658, Hess, GO-Seaton 156-98-0706H-2, Wheelock, t3/13; cum --
23545, 2,446, BEXP, Albert B. 27-34 3H, Nameless, t5/13; cum 40K 10/13;
23624, 1,235, Abraxas, Lillibridge 20-17-3H, Pershing, t7/13; cum 76K 10/13;

Friday, April 12, 2013;
23417, 447, Hess, EN-Hegland 155-94-0508H-3, Manitou, t2/13; cum 17K 2/13;

Thursday, April 11, 2013
21011, 1,263, Zenergy, Owan 23-26H, Painted Woods, t2/13; cum 18K 2/13;
22177, 23, OXY USA, Split Ridge 1-2-1H-160-91, Dimond, t9/12; cum 8K 2/13;
22389, 629, Hess, BW-Norgard 149-100-1102H-1, Ellsworth, t3/13; cum 2K 2/13;
22425, 1,677, Whiting, Norgard 41-13H, Ellsworth, t10/12; cum 40K 2/13;
22438, 955, Oasis, M Lee 5793 42-11H, Sorkness, t11/12; cum 18K 2/13;
22676, 1,468, Oasis, Blanchet Federal 5693 41-28H, Alger, t11/12; cum 32K 2/13;
22751, 905, Oasis, Jenna 5604 13-1H, Bull Butte, the Kalil field, t11/12; cum 11K 2/13;
23046, 271, Oasis, Connie 6093 14-5H, Gros Ventre, t11/12; cum 12K 2/13;
23204, 698, Oasis, Aubrey 5304 41-22H, Ft Buford, t11/12; cum 18K 2/13;
23230, 2,734, Oasis, Ash Federal 5300 11-18T, Baker, t11/12; cum 44K 2/13;
23274, 792, Oasis, J Cory 5602 41-10H, Bonetrail, t11/12; cum 25K 2/13;
23392, 447 Oasis, Bull Moose 6093 13-4H, Gros Ventre, t11/12; cum 14K 2/13;
23476, 2,513, Oasis, Whitten 5393 11-3B, Sanish, t12/12; cum 51K 2/13;
23490, 38, Surge, Scandia 1S SENE 34 02 SENW 35H, Souris, Sprfsh/Mad'n, t12/12; cum 7K 2/13;
23805, 169, CLR, Lystvedt 1-9H, Upland, t3/13; cum 33K 10/13;

Wednesday, April 10, 2013
22475, 761, SM Energy, Dishon 1-30H, Ft Buford, t3/13; cum 63K 10/13;
22848, PA/2.257, Whiting/KOG, Koala 15-33-28-3H, Poe, t11/12; cum 315K 5/16; a great well but wnet PA;
23395, 1,158, XTO, FBIR Baker 34X-25E, Heart Butte, t1/13; cum 1K 2/13;
23553, 500, Hess, EN-Hanson S-156-94-3130H-6, Manitou, t3/13; cum 94K 4/19;
23558, 2,320, BEXP, Jake 2-11 2TFH, Last Chance, t7/13; cum 43K 10/13;
23625, 1,275, Abraxas, Lillibridge 20-17-4H, Pershing, t8/13; cum 41K 10/13;
23720, 318, Samson Resources, Montclarir 0112-2TFH, Ambrose; t5/13; cum 33K 10/13;

Tuesday, April 9, 2013
22118, 1,317, WPX/Dakota-3, Dora Smith 5-8HY, Van Hook, t2/13; cum 334K 4/19;
22288, 1,466, MRO, Joanna Quale USA 21030H, Reunion Bay, t1/13; cum 38K 2/13;
22781, 508, Baytex, Marjorie 6-7-161-97H 1XP, Whiteaker, t10/12; cum 41K 2/13;
22782, 180, Baytex, Marjorie 31-30-162-97H 1PB, Whiteaker, t12/12; cum 14K 2/13;
23142, 574, Baytex, Redfield 14-23 2H, Lone Tree Lake, t10/12; cum 43K 2/13;
23294, AB/2,962, BR, Mesa Verde 34-22MBH, Clear Creek; 2-section spacing, t2/13; cum 116K 12/16; this was a good well at one time; not sure why it went to AB status;

23389, 1,630, Whiting/KOG, P Bibler 155-99-15-31-7-16H, Stockyard Creek, t1/13; cum 275K 4/19;
23719, 182, Samson Resources, Titan 3625-2TFH, Ambrose, t3/13; cum --

Monday, April 8, 2013
22561, 991, Petro-Hunt, Fort Berthold 148-94-21A-20-2H, Eagle Nest, t2/13; cum 190K 4/19;
22694, 330, Whiting, BSMU 3006, Big Stick, a Madison well; t12/12; cum 7K 2/13;
22920, 633, Hess, BW-Thelma-150-99-3031H-1, South Tobacco Garden, t2/13; cum 22K 2/13;
23134, 2,124, BR, CCU Powell 11-29TFH, Corral Creek, spacing, unitized; 
23248, 227, OXY USA, State Buffalo Bill 1-20-17H-143-94, Murphy Creek, t10/12; cum 20K 2/13;
23428, 746, CLR, Missoula 6-21H, Camp, t4/13; cum 59K 10/13;
23548, 838, XTO, Albert 24X-1E, Capa, t1/13; cum 20K 2/13;
23613, 513, CLR, Hundseid 1-8H, Upland, t12/12; cum 21K 2/13;

Sunday, April 7, 2013
23288, 2,234, Whiting, Timber Creek 21-27H, Arnegard, t10/12; cum 60K 2/13;
23557, 3,606, Equinor/BEXP, Jake 2-11 1H, t7/13; cum 248K 1/19; offline as of 1/19; still offline 4/19;
23718, 641, Samson Resources, William Bailard 0112-1TFH, Ambrose, t3/13; cum 3K 2/13;
23799, 1,132, MRO, Darrel Quale USA 14-16H, Four Bears, t12/12; cum 52K 2/13;

Saturday, April 6, 2013
21372, 742, Zavanna, Bunning 35-26 1H, Foreman Butte, t1/13; cum 220K 4/19;
23427, 256, CLR, Missoula 7-21H, Camp, t4/13; um 74K 10/13;
23552, 428, Hess, EN-Hanson S-156-94-3130H-5, Manitou,  t2/13; cum 4K 2/13;
23560, 482, Crescent Point Energy, CPEUSC Poley 12-1-158N-101W, Little Muddy, t1/13; cum 6K 2/13;
23586, 539, Crescent Point Energy, CPEUSC Farthing 31-30-158N-100W, Church, t5/13; cum 27K 10/13;
23717, 474, Samson Resources, Karen Bailard 3625-1TFH, Ambrose, t3/13; cum --

Friday, April 5, 2013
22997, PA, OXY USA, Thunderbird 1-15-22H-141-94, wildcat, as far south in Dunn County as you can get; about two miles south of Murphy Creek; south end of Murphy Creek with minimal activity; 15-141-94 with no activity except for this one OXY USA well; temporary abandoned while OXY decides what to do with it; Three Forks target; it looks like it was going to be a long lateral (drilled to depth, it appears) and to be fracked with 21 stages; no geologist's report at NDIC yet. This well is on the southeast fringe of the Bakken; Three Forks is more likely to be found here.
23290, 904, Hess, BB-Olson 150-95-0817H-3, Blue Buttes, t3/13; cum 6K 2/13;
23489, 26, Ballantyne Oil, LLC/Surge, Scandia C SENE 34 00 SENW 35H, Souris, Spearfish/Madison, t12/12; cum 27K 4/19;
23551, 402, Hess, EN-Hanson S-156-94-3130H-4, Manitou, t3/13; cum 29K 10/13;
23705, 856, CLR, Pocasset 1-29H, Oliver, t1/13; cum 18K 2/13;
23757, 874, SM Energy, Prochnick 15-35HSB, West Ambrose, t2/13; cum 12K 2/13;

Thursday, April 4, 2013
20804, 329, CLR, Angus 1-9H, Elm Tree, t2/13; cum 301K 4/19;
23289, 1,500, Hess, BB-Olson 150-95-0817H-2, Blue Buttes, t3/13; cum 17K 2/13;
23314, 1,224, WPX, Good Bird 36-25HA, Moccasin Creek, t5/13; cum 76K 10/13;
23385, 5,070, BEXP, Beaux 18-19 6H, Banks, t6/13; cum 38K 10/13;

Wednesday, April 3, 2013
19779, 1,353, Whiting/KOG, Koala 154-97-15-34-27-2H, Grinnell, t2/13; cum 182K 4/19;
22792, 2,926, BR, Kirkland 21-28TFH 3SH, Pershing, 4-section spacing; t1/13; cum 169K 9/15;
23153, 1,820, Whiting/KOG, Koala 154-97-15-33-28-2H, Banks, t3/13; cum 124K 9/15;
23391, 1.091, MRO, Deanna Steffan 44-22H, Murphy Creek, t12/12; cum 110K 9/15;
23447, 829, Hess, EN-Pederson 154-94-0409H-3, Alkali Creek, t12/12; cum 153K 9/15;
23756, 510, SM Energy, Prochnick 15-35HSA, West Ambrose, t3/13; cum 133K 9/15;

Tuesday, April 2, 2013
22709, 733, Liberty Resources, Gullikson 152-103-31-30-1H, Glass Bluff, t10/12; cum 168K 9/15;
22967, 2,242, BR, CCU Burner 21-26MBH, Corral Creek, t8/13; cum 176K 4/19;
23218, 725, CLR, Mildred 3-19H, Brooklyn,, 4 sections, t4/13; cum 259K 2/20;
23219, 624, CLR, Mildred 2-19H, Brooklyn, 4 sections, t4/13; cum 2289K 2/20;
23755, 1,092, Petro-Hunt/SM Energy, Prochnick 16-35HS, West Ambrose, t2/13; cum 298K 2/20;

Monday, April 1, 2013
20805, 487, CLR, Angus 3-9H, Elm Tree, t2/13; cum 336K 4/19;
23722, 606, HRC/G3 Operating, Hought 2-1-12H, Strandahl,  t12/12; cum 67K 9/15;
22143, 238, CLR, Boston 1-25H, Brooklyn, t12/12; cum 272K 4/19;
22297, 207, Triangle USA, Larsen 157-101-21-16-1H, Otter; t1/13; cum 84K 9/15;
22358, 976, Oasis/Zenergy, Helling 19-18H, Pronghorn; t12/12; cum 96K 9/15;
22656, 872, Oasis/Zenergy, Knute 24-23H, Assiniboine, t1/13; cum 81K 9/15;
22890, 1,340, Whiting/KOG, Koala 154-97-15-34-27-1H3, Grinnell, t2/13; cum 96K 9/15;
23025, IA/228, Petro-Hunt, Pesek Trust 151-102-35D-26-2H, Nameless, t4/13; cum 12K 3/15
23154, 1,651, Whiting/KOG, Koala 154-97-15-33-28-2H3, Banks, t3/13; cum 78K 9/15;
23227, 732, ERF, Atlas 149-93-33C-28H, Mandaree, t2/13; cum 261K 4/19;
23287, 844, Hess, AN-Bohmbach 153-94-2734H-2, Antelope, t413; cum 163K 4/19;
23386, 3,823, Statoil/BEXP, Beaux 18-19 5TFH, Banks, t6/13; cum 216K 4/19;
23448, 792, Hess, EN-Pederson 154-94-0409H-2, Alkali Creek, t1/13; cum 198K 4/19;
23660, 2,699, XTO/Denbury, Lee 44-31NEH, Siverston, t3/13; cum 209K 9/15;
23711, 31, Citation Oil, Haram 24-21H, Haram, Madison, t12/12; cum 9K 9/15;

An explanation of the shorthand used on the MDW blogsite. As an example:
16375, 228, CLR, MPHU 43-16SH, Red River, Medicine Pole Hills, t1/07; cum 164K 1/13; 1,500 bbls/month
  • 16375: the file number/well permit number; names of wells may change; the permit numbers don't
  • 228:  the initial production (IP) number as reported by the operator; not necessarily uniform from operator to operator; not confirmed by government; other abbreviations in this location: loc: location; permit issued; well site may or may not be under construction; A: active well; IA: inactive well; PNC: permit cancelled; conf: confidential status, generally from day well is spud and for six months thereafter; drl: drilling; well is off confidential status but has not been completed, and no IP has been reported;
  • CLR: name of the operator; generally I use the company's publicly traded ticker symbol
  • MPHU 43-16SH: the legal name of the well; the name of the well can be changed
  • Red River: the formation targeted; not always provided; if not provided, generally assumed to be the Bakken pool (could be either middle Bakken formation or one of the Three Forks sub-formations)
  • Medicine Pole Hills: the specific oil field in the Williston Basin
  • t1/07: the test date for the well; the day the IP was calculated; generally close to the day the well was completed
  • cum 164K 1/13: the total amount of oil produced as of the date provided; in this example, January, 2013
  • additional information may be provided: could include the amount of proppant used in millions of pounds (sand, ceramics); the current monthly production; etc

Random Op-Ed on The State Bank of North Dakota

A reader sent this link from the Alternet:
But North Dakota is also red in another sense: it fully supports its state-owned Bank of North Dakota (BND), a socialist relic that exists nowhere else in America. Why is financial socialism still alive in North Dakota? Why haven't the North Dakotan free-market crusaders slain it dead?
Because it works.
In 1919, the Non-Partisan League, a vibrant populist organization, won a majority in the legislature and voted the bank into existence. The goal was to free North Dakota farmers from impoverishing debt dependence on the big banks in the Twin Cities, Chicago and New York.
More than 90 years later, this state-owned bank is thriving as it helps the state's community banks, businesses, consumers and students obtain loans at reasonable rates.
It also delivers a handsome profit to its owners -- the 700,000 residents of North Dakota. In 2011, the BND provided more than $70 million to the state's coffers. Extrapolate that profit-per-person to a big state like California and you're looking at an extra $3.8 billion a year in state revenues that could be used to fund education and infrastructure. 
The first question: why is a state-run bank any different than JPMorgan or Bank of America? 

Somehow the Bank of North Dakota doesn't seem to function along the tenets of Karl Marx. To me, it seems, the Bank has simply morphed into a bank like any other bank -- except that it is run by the state. So?


One should read wiki's "description/definition" of socialism. It's too long to post here, but one pertinent leading paragraph:
A socialist economic system would consist of a system of production and distribution organized to directly satisfy economic demands and human needs, so that goods and services would be produced directly for use instead of for private profit driven by the accumulation of capital. Accounting would be based on physical quantities, a common physical magnitude, or a direct measure of labour-time in place of financial calculation. Distribution would be based on the principle to each according to his contribution.
That last line is not intuitively easy to grasp. It's an accurate Marxist tenet but it has boundaries. 

The farmers, in 1919, who set up the bank, just like the farmers today, are about as capitalistic as anyone. I doubt any North Dakota farmer would consider himself/herself a socialist, and certainly not a Marxist. (Interestingly, the Marxists seemed to be internally inconsistent: Distribution would be based on the principle to each according to his contribution versus the oft-quoted Marxist slogan "to each according to his need.")

The Bank of North Dakota does not control the production and distribution of agricultural products (or any product) to directly satisfy economic demands and human needs of North Dakota. It was simply put in place because a) the farmers did not trust banks on the East Coast; b) there were no banks large enough in the midwest to meet their needs; c) they did not trust banks in general; and/or d) they did not see why they should "give" some of their money to other banks when they could do it themselves. I don't see any "socialism" in that. A bunch of guys put together a bank; called it the Bank of North Dakota; and chartered it through the state. As far as I know, it uses commonly accepted banking rules and processes.

Certainly, the Bank of North Dakota is not using labor-time in place of financial calculation.

At a stretch, the bank might be considered a co-op but a co-op is certainly not socialism.

Bottom line: suggesting that the Bank of North Dakota is part of a socialist economic system is an urban legend. Anyone who suggests the Bank of North Dakota is a socialist institution has gone no further than looking at the name of the bank and relating the party / movement that founded the bank to socialism. I doubt there are many farmers in North Dakota today or in 1919 when the bank was established who consider themselves socialists. In fact, the entire notion that the Bank of North Dakota is a socialist institution is pretty much destroyed by wiki's description of the bank.


Speaking of banks, the situation for large depositors in the Cyprus banks are much, much worse than initially reported.  
Depositors in Bank of Cyprus will get shares in the bank worth 37.5 percent of their deposits over 100,000 euros, the source told Reuters, while the rest of their deposits may never be paid back.
Originally, depositors with greater than 100,000 euros were expected to lose between 20 and 40 percent of their deposits. 

Now a) they lose 62.5 percent right off the top; and, b) the rest of their 37.5 percent deposits are converted to shares in the bank. Something tells me these shares will be pretty worthless a year from now. One can only assume the Bank of Cyprus will not even exist a year from now except as an empty shell.

This, of course, ends the "reason" for the Bank of Cyprus in the first place, as a place to launder money, and as a bank for large depositors to avoid paying taxes (or worse, having their money confiscated in their home country, i.e., Russia. One wonders if this was not the intent of the EU from the get-go but to pull this off Cyprus itself needed to request a bailout. 

Something tells me there will be no overt run on banks in the PIIGS, but depositors there will quietly move their assets to Benelux, Germany, France, England, or the US.

First The Brits, Now The Aussies ... and now NASA: Lower Global Temperatures Could Be Due To Burning Coal


March 29, 2013: This is really starting to become quite a story. The (London) Telegraph has it right. We need to be worried about global cooling, not global warming. 
No one seems upset that in modern Britain, old people are freezing to death as hidden taxes make fuel more expensive.
The activist faux environmentalists should be ashamed.

Original Post

The Algore fad didn't last long --- long enough to award a Nobel prize or two, to enact some cap-and-trade costs in Europe, to allow the Kyoto Protocol to expire....

But The Austrialian is now reporting:
But the fact that global surface temperatures have not followed the expected global warming pattern is now widely accepted.
Or as they say in Computer 101: "garbage in, garbage out."

The article begins:
Debate about the reality of a two-decade pause in global warming and what it means has made its way from the sceptical fringe to the mainstream.
In a lengthy article this week, The Economist magazine said if climate scientists were credit-rating agencies, then climate sensitivity - the way climate reacts to changes in carbon-dioxide levels - would be on negative watch but not yet downgraded.
Another paper published by leading climate scientist James Hansen, the head of NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies, says the lower than expected temperature rise between 2000 and the present could be explained by increased emissions from burning coal. [I can't make this stuff up. So, now, burning coal is good?]
For Hansen the pause is a fact, but it's good news that probably won't last.
International Panel on Climate Change chairman Rajendra Pachauri recently told The Weekend Australian the hiatus would have to last 30 to 40 years "at least" to break the long-term warming trend. [We better keep burning coal if we want the cooling to last 30 to 40 years.]
And exactly how does Rajendra come to that conclusion ... that the warming trend is long-term?

I guess these papers were released to give aid and comfort to activist environmentalists: all is not lost; we haven't gone over the precipice; there is still time to enact the Carbon Tax. Don't give up. Hang in there. Until these most recent papers came out, it was my understanding that among faux environmentalists the faithful knew that "we" had passed the tipping point, that nothing could be done now to forestall the global warming disaster. It turns out the Universe Man who controls the thermostat turned it down for the past 20 years.

By the way, Don points out this is relatively old news: a year ago it was reported that "we" may be headed to a vast cooling period:
Sixteen prominent scientists recently signed an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal expressing their belief that the theory of global warming is not supported by science. This has not been getting the attention it deserves because politicians (looking at you Al Gore) are frankly embarrassed to admit that they are wrong about the phenomenon known as global warming. Not only has our planet stopped warming, but we may be headed toward a vast cooling period.
It has nothing to do with embarrassment (well, to some degree, I suppose). It all has to do with money; if "global warming" goes away, so does a lot of funding and speaking fees.


Coincidentally, while posting the above, this link about the cold snap in Ireland was sent to me.
All air support has now been withdrawn from the relief operation to animals stranded in the snow in Northern Ireland.
RAF Chinook and Irish Air Corps helicopters had been dropping emergency food supplies to farms in high-ground areas of counties Antrim and Down.
The Department of Agriculture said it was now re-directing resources to the ground.
DUP MLA Paul Frew has said it is too soon to end aerial support.
"This has always been about speed and the helicopters and the Chinooks would be able to speedily get to those farmers and those livestock far quicker than any snow plough or track machine," he said.
"This decision by the Department of Agriculture minister will cost farmers more livestock."
Wouldn't it be interesting if we are moving into a Global Cooling phase? And ground zero is Northern Ireland?

Friday Morning Links

All Bakken All The Time: Bakken stories resume below this post.

WSJ Links

Section M (Mansion): I don't read.

Section R (Arena): Nothing.

Section C (Money & Investing): Nothing.

Section B (Marketplace):
Section A:
The Obama administration is moving forward with tough new standards to cut pollution from cars, prompting an outcry from refiners who say the proposal could raise the cost of producing gasoline by nearly 10 cents a gallon.  
The Environmental Protection Agency, which says the rule will cost considerably less, is expected to say Friday that it wants to reduce the amount of sulfur in gasoline to an average of 10 parts per million, down from the current standard of 30 ppm, people briefed on the plan said.

The plan, which still must go through public comment before becoming final, would give environmentalists one of the top items on their wish list at a time of disappointment on some other fronts.
As mentioned in an earlier post: I finally know what question Mr Obama was answering when he replied, "all the above." The question: which industry do you plan to regulate out of existence (now that you've effectively destroyed the domestic coal industry)?
  • Health insurance premiums have increased and will increase due to ObamaCare. No link; too depressing; stories can be found everywhere. Cue up Connie Francis.
Legislatures in half the states that require electric utilities to buy renewable energy are considering proposals to roll back those mandates.
The policies have helped fuel a huge expansion of U.S. solar and wind capacity in recent years. Now debates are arising, especially in Republican-held statehouses, about whether they increase costs for customers.
There is no federal rule requiring utilities to purchase renewable energy, but mandates require it in 29 states. This year, legislators in at least 14 of those states have introduced bills that would water down or repeal renewable-energy mandates, ...
Ohio state Sen. Bill Seitz, a Republican who is leading a review of his state's renewable-energy mandate, said the policy reminded him of "Joseph Stalin's five-year plan." He added that his main interest is "in what delivers the lowest price for electricity in our state. That is what we are trying to figure out."
  • Re: the same-sex marriage case before the Supreme Court. This is really, really cool. All of a sudden folks are asking: why is this case even being heard? Who is being hurt? 
A third party defended the federal marriage restriction—the Republican-controlled House of Representatives. But the court has almost always forbidden individuals and groups from litigating unless they can show how they personally were injured by the challenged conduct.
If interested, google marriage cases may hinge on procedure. GOP-controlled US House of Reps will lose this court case. For political wonks, this is a great case to follow.
Op-ed: the clock ticks on racial racial preferences.
It has been a decade since the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the University of Michigan's discriminatory admissions policies. By a 5-4 vote, the justices ruled in Grutter v. Bollinger that the Constitution permitted public universities to employ racial preferences in order to realize "the educational benefits that flow from a diverse student body."
In an unusual footnote, Justice Sandra Day O'Connor suggested that the decision had an expiration date: "We expect that 25 years from now, the use of racial preferences will no longer be necessary."
Michigan voters didn't want to wait. In November 2006, by a 58% majority, they approved Proposal 2, a ballot measure prohibiting state and local government agencies from discriminating on the basis of race (or sex, color, ethnicity or national origin). 
Once a white man with a black father was elected to be the US president, I never understood why universities could still get away with admission preferences based on skin color.  Why not admission preferences based on sex, or religion, or political beliefs? Although I'm sure there are a few folks that would like to exclude Tea Party members from being admitted to state universities.
A carbon tax loses in the US Senate -- twice. At least there's one tax some Dems won't support.