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Some Pages At The NDIC Website Might Be Down

It could be my wi-fi connection or my computer, but some pages at the NDIC website seem to be down.

So, with that, I'm turning the computer off. Good luck to all.

It's going to be a very, very interesting day in the market tomorrow if the government of Cyprus agrees to the EU requirement for continued financial assistance. They vote tomorrow. Even if Cyprus were to vote against it, unlikely (?), the fact that the EU played this card has set a very, very interesting precedent.

Top Producing Wells, January, 2013, Williston Basin

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Elsewhere someone was asking if there was a site where the top 10 or 20 producing wells in December, 2012, in the Williston Basin, were posted.

Here are the top 47 producers for the month of January, 2013. I used a cut-off of at least 16,000 bbls of oil in the month of January. I could have missed some (but not many), but the list provides some interesting data points.

The first column: barrels of oil in the month of January
Second column: file/permit number
Third column: well name
Fourth column: oil field
Fifth column: operator

33025 Bbls

23071 HA-Mogen 152-95-0805H-3 Hawkeye Hess
27325 Bbls

23325 SC-Ellingsberg 154-98-3239H-3 Truax Hess
27315 Bbls

23324 SC-Ellingsberg 154-98-3229H-2 Truax Hess
25917 Bbls

22462 Moccasin Creek 16-26-27-12H Moccasin Creek KOG
25801 Bbls

23072 HA-Dahl 152-95-0706H-3 Hawkeye Hess
23996 Bbls

21564 Levang Federal 14-21/16H Blue Buttes QEP
23702 Bbls

23084 Moccasin Creek 16-10-3-3H Moccasin Creek KOG
23590 Bbls

23192 BL-Myrtrice-156-96-2536H-1 Beaver Lodge Hess
22789 Bbls

22050 Kummer 41-30MBH Blue Buttes BR
21884 Bbls

21716 Van Hise Trust 153-95-28C-21-2H Charlson Petro-Hunt
21579 Bbls

22678 State 2-16-21H-143-96 Fayette OXY USA
21484 Bbls

22465 Moccasin Creek 16-26-27-13H3 Moccasin Creek KOG
20772 Bbls

21429 BB-Eide 151-95-3328H-2 Blue Buttes Hess
20362 Bbls

21428 BB-Eide 151-95-3328H-1 Blue Buttes Hess
19439 Bbls

20085 Nelson 3-10 1H Long Creek Zavanna
19295 Bbls

23085 Moccasin Creek 16-10-3-3H3 Mocccasin Creek KOG
19117 Bbls

21800 Fort Berthold 152-93-9C-10-1H Four Bears Petro-Hunt
19095 Bbls

23191 BL-Myrtrice-156-96-2536H-2 Beaver Lodge Hess
18815 Bbls

21219 Black Hawk 1-12H Moccasin Creek WPX
18806 Bbls

22434 Gale 2-32H Cedar Coulee CLR
18552 Bbls

22975 Holm 14-12HB Siverston SM Energy
18253 Bbls

23086 Norfolk 2-1H North Tobacco Garden CLR
18245 Bbls

21488 Antelope 3-23H Elm Tree CLR
17997 Bbls

20511 Two Shields Butte 5-7-8-1H3 Heart Butte KOG
17951 Bbls

23472 P Levang 4-14/23H Blue Buttes QEP
17898 Bbls

22987 Doe 34-23NH Murphy Creek CLR
17711 Bbls

22850 Koala 15-33-28-2H Poe KOG
17594 Bbls

22029 MHA 4-32-39H-150-91 Heart Butte QEP
17490 Bbls

20934 Anderson 152-96-35C-26-3H Cedar Creek Petro-Hunt
17399 Bbls

22772 EN-Skabo Trust 155-93-0631H-3 Alger Hess
17343 Bbls

22922 Syverson 1-12 2TFH Stony Creek BEXP
17112 Bbls

20840 Make 41-33XH Sanish Whiting
17054 Bbls

22376 Anderson 5X-14H Croff SM Energy
17005 Bbls

23812 Steen 149-101-13-24-3H Antelope Creek Triangle
16954 Bbls

22278 Martin 2-30-31H-144-96 Cabernet OXY USA
16870 Bbls

22588 Idaho 1-0132H Ross EOG
16746 Bbls

23213 Hartman 3-28H Chimney Butte CLR
16693 Bbls

21868 Barker 24-13 1H Boxcar Butte Zavanna
16588 Bbls

18610 Harry Stroh 1-8-5H-143-96 Fayette OXY USA
16570 Bbls

23105 Lunker Federal2-33-4H Van Hook Slawson
16427 Bbls

23904 Ness 41-31XH Sanish Whiting
16373 Bbls

23033 Jennifer 26-35 1H East Fork BEXP
16358 Bbls

22210 Concord 34-10MBH Little Knife BR
16180 Bbls

22114 Baker USA 11-18TFH Van Hook MRO
16092 Bbls

23254 Coyote Necklace 24HD Reunion Bay WPX
16044 Bbls

22200 Riverview 4-3031H Clarks Creek EOG
16043 Bbls

21802 Fort Berthold 152-93-9C-10-3H Four Bears Petro-Hunt

Temple Oil Field

Temple Oil Field is a somewhat-gerrymandered-33-section-rectangular field, running vertically, just west of the huge, prolific Tioga Oil Field. The Temple Oil Field is located in the northeast corner of Williams County. [Tioga Oil Field, which is also a vertical field, straddles the Williams County-Mountrail County line.] Temple Oil Field is less than ten miles NNW (almost due north) of Tioga, the oil capital of North Dakota.

With the announcement of two huge Sequel Energy wells in Temple field it was an excuse to take some time and look at the field in more depth.

Very little of this field is held by production, but that will soon change.

From the August, 2012, NDIC dockets:
  • Case 18410, Sequel, amend Temple-Bakken, authorize up to 6 hz wells on each of 4 1280-acre units; Williams (24 wells)
  • Case 18518, XTO, 8 wells on each of 9 existing 1280-acre units (72 wells), Temple-Bakken, Williams
Permits for Temple Oil Field

Permits for Temple Oil Field in 2014
  • 27639, conf, CLR, Stark 1-26H1,
  • 27616, conf, XTO, Hansen 34X-10C,
Seven permits for Temple Oil Field in 2013
  • 27336, conf, Emerald, Ron Burgundy 1-23-14H,
  • 27335, conf, Emerald, Ron Burgundy, 2-23-14H,
  • 27334, conf, Emerald, Ron Burgundy 3-23-14H,
  • 26826, drl, Sequel, Edna 14-7H-1819-15895-MB,
  • 26825, drl, Sequel, Yogi 14-7H-0607-15895-TF,
  • 26624, drl, Sequel, Alvin 14-7H-1819-15895-TF,
  • 26623, drl, Sequel, Erling 14-7H-0607-15895-MB,
Only three permits issues for Temple Oil Field in 2012
  • 24577, 748, Sequel, Elroy 44-7H-0607-15895-TF, Temple, t7/13; cum 106K 3/14;
  • 24576, 755, Sequel, Maybery 44-7H-0607-15895-MB, Temple, t7/13; cum 108K 3/14;
  • 23587, conf, XTO, Kristensen 24X-9B, Temple,
Only two permits issued for Temple Oil Field in 2011 (these two wells are on the same pad; one runs north, one south; one a Three Forks well; one a middle Bakken well)
  • 21718, 800, Sequel Energy, Overdorf 21-1H-0112-15896-MB, t1/13; cum 132K 3/14;
  • 21717, 854, Sequel Energy, Temple 21-1H-2536-15996-TF, t1/13; cum 120K 3/14;
Three permits issued for Temple Oil Field in 2010
  • 19766, 252, CLR, Greenawalt 1-33H, t9/11; cum 50K 3/14;
  • 19290, 439, CLR, Hamlet 2-11H, t12/10; cum 111K 3/14;
  • 18851, 878, CLR, Bjella 1-24H, t7/10; cum 163K 3/14;
Three permits issued for Temple Oil Field in 2009 (some of these wells are already producing less than what an average Madison or Red River well would produce, in other words, mediocre to poor Bakken wells)
  • 18508, 248, XTO, Bronson 31X-14, t7/10; cum 111K 3/14;
  • 18144, 346, XTO, Donnelly 24X-35, t8/09; cum 52K 3/14;
  • 18125, 166, XTO, Rossmiller 31X-15, Temple, t7/10; cum 63K 3/14;
Past Success

Sequel has had some success in this field. For example, in section 7, the same section where it has permits for two more wells, Sequel has four vertical wells, all targeting the Winnipegosis.
  • 10073, 1,265/A, Sequel Energy,Skarderud 10-7, Winnipegosis (also targeted the Red River and the Duperow); t8/83; cum 1.36 million bbls 3/14; still producing almost 30 years;
  • 10480, 455/A, Sequel Energy, Skarderud 22-7, Winnipegosis; t2/84; cum 610K 1/13; A, but on-line one day/month; almost no production in last two years;
  • 11450, 312/IA, Sequel Energy, Skarderud 33-7, Winnipegosis; t7/85; cum 506K 1/13; taken off-line late last year;
  • 15118, 328 (Duperow)/168 (Winnipegosis), Sequel Energy, Skarderud 32-7, Winnipegosis (also targeted the Duperow), t7/01; cum 22K 3/14 for the Winnepegosis; for the Duperow, t3/03 cum 224K 3/14;

Too Small To Fail? Cypriots Don't Wait To Find Out; Modern Day Run On Banks

Reuters is reporting that if Cyprus wants a bailout, folks have to pony up 10% of the money in their bank deposits. The Cypriot financial sector is eight times the size of the Cypriot economy (which would be hard to demonstrate on a Venn diagram).
In a radical departure from previous aid packages, euro zone finance ministers want Cyprus savers to forfeit up to 9.9 percent of their deposits in return for a 10 billion euro ($13 billion) bailout to the island, which has been financially crippled by its exposure to neighboring Greece.
The decision, announced on Saturday morning, stunned Cypriots and caused a run on cashpoints, most of which were depleted within hours. Electronic transfers were stopped.
Wanna bet we see a run on banks in Spain? Soon.

Wanna bet the US markets plunge tomorrow?

Wells Coming Off Confidential List Monday, Weekend; A Monster EOG Well; A Monster Sequel Well; So Much For Talk Of The End Of The Bakken Boom

Monday, March 18, 2013
20133, 480, EOG, Hardscrabble 3-3328H, Sixmile, flaring; t9/12; cum 38K 1/13;
21057, 2,982, BR, Hilman 31-29H, Haystack Butte, flaring; t12/12; cum 3K 1/13;
21591, 2,662, Newfield, Sand Creek Federal 153-96-23-14-2H, Keene, t2/13; cum --,
21717, 854, Sequel Energy, Temple 21-1H-2536-15996-TF, t1/13; cum 16K 1/13;
22486, 2,421, EOG, Hawkeye 100-2501H, Clarks Creek (see stand-alone post); 3-section spacing (1,920 acres); will this be a long lateral (9,000 feet) or a much-talked-about-seldom-seen-super-long lateral (14,000 feet)? I'm betting the latter. If accurate, a huge "thank you" to a reader. This well is NORTHEAST of Watford City. Did Lynn Helms misspeak or was he misquoted in The Bismarck Tribune when he said there was a gusher NORTHWEST of Watford City? If there is still another gusher NORTHWEST of Watford City that is better than this well, we are talking some big wells in the Bakken; t9/12; cum 213K 1/13;
23295, 2,592, BR, Mesa Verde 14-22TFH, Clear Creek, flaring, t1/13; cum 3K 1/13;
23440, drl, XTO, Thompson 21-11SH, Charlson;

Sunday, March 17, 2013 -- Happy St Patrick's Day
21559, drl, QEP, MHA 5-31-25H-150-92, Heart Butte, short lateral, less than a typical one-section lateral;
21944, 343, Hess, BL-Frisinger-156-95-2833H-1, Beaver Lodge; on a gas line; t11/12; cum 19K 1/13;
22886, drl, Hess, LK-Wing 146-97-2215H-4, Little Knife, very short lateral only half of a 1280-spacing unit;
23261, 3,880, BR, Mesa Verde 34-22TFH, Clear Creek, t2/13; cum --
23611, drl, CLR, Akron 4-23H, Banks, no production data; right in the sweet spot of the Bakken

Saturday, March 16, 2013
21718, 800, Sequel Energy, Overdorf 21-1H-0112-15896-MB, Temple; t1/13; cum 22K 1/13;; (see stand-alone post);
22302, drl, XTO, Mariana Trust 12X-20C, North Fork, no production data;
23441, drl, XTO, Thompson 21-11SWH, Charlson, no production data;
23470, drl, XTO, Lawlar 41-15SH, North Tobacco Garden, no production data

A Note To The Granddaughters

During the Vietnam War, a contractor-operated DC-8 landed on the wrong airfield in South Vietnam.

The control tower cleared the DC-8 to land at DaNang Air Base, and by mistake the co-pilot landed the plane at Marble Mountain Airfield – a remote operating location near Da Nang with only a 3200-foot runway.

This event is pretty well known in history among the "Non-Sched" flight crews flying the Military Airlift Command (MAC) charters in and out of Viet Nam.

When Seaboard World Flight Operations got the word on what happened, they contacted Douglas Aircraft Corp for advice.

Douglas Aircraft Corp said "take the aircraft apart and ship it home."  FAA said the same thing.

Pilots who are real pilots and not paper-pushers know whether or not the bird will do it -- these guys knew. So, instead, the pilot and co-pilot elected to try to get airborne on a less-than-adequate length runway – and succeeded, getting in the air about 300 feet from the end of the runway.

For safety concerns, the flight hostesses were left behind at the remote airstrip.

* Epilogue: Randy Trujillo made Captain (left-seat) in a United DC-8 and he called that DC-8 the Queen of the Fleet.

-- a huge "thank you to Larry" for sending the video and the commentary.


I have a similar story about a similar experience in the USAF while in Africa some years back, but I can't post it publicly. Again, to the granddaughters, when you find my journals after I'm cremated/buried at Miramar National Cemetery, next to your great-grandfather, whose own father was sent back to Mexico as an illegal alien some years earlier, you can read all about my experiences in the Air Force.

I Remember You, Slim Whitman, introduction by Andy Kauman

I've Been Waiting A Long Time For This Well: Here It Is; And Also Another Huge Well

January 3, 2015
  • 22486, 2,421, EOG, Hawkeye 100-2501H, Clarks Creek, t9/12; cum 611K 11/14;
  • 21718, 800, Liberty Resources, Overdorf 21-1H-0112-15896-MB, t1/13; cum 162K 11/14;
Original Post

These wells will come off the confidential list Monday:

I've been waiting to see this EOG well in Clarks Creek come off the confidential list ever since a reader alerted it to me. The spacing unit is a 3-section spacing unit (sections 25, 36, and 1) or 1,920 acres. The only question is whether this is a long lateral (9,000 feet) or a much-talked-about-seldom-seen-super-long lateral (14,000 feet). This well is NORTHEAST of Watford City. Did Lynn Helms misspeak or was he misquoted in The Bismarck Tribune when he said there was a gusher NORTHWEST of Watford City? If there is still another gusher NORTHWEST of Watford City that is bigger than this well, we are talking some big wells in the Bakken.

NDIC File No: 22486     API No: 33-053-04005-00-00     CTB No: 122486
Location: NENE 25-152-95     Footages: 290 FNL 900 FEL     Latitude: 47.962526     Longitude: -102.774270
Current Operator: EOG RESOURCES, INC.
Current Well Name: HAWKEYE 100-2501H
Monthly Sales Data:
DateOil RunsMCF Sold

A Sequel Energy well in Temple oil field:

NDIC File No: 21718     API No: 33-105-02410-00-00     CTB No: 121718
Location: LOT3 1-158-96     Footages: 281 FNL 2195 FWL     Latitude: 48.545542     Longitude: -103.027833
Current Operator: SEQUEL ENERGY, LLC
Current Well Name: OVERDORF 21-1H-0112-15896-MB
    Field: TEMPLE
Monthly Sales Data:
DateOil RunsMCF Sold

Surge Energy


October 22, 2014: another article, same:
Legacy Oil and Gas Inc. has officially acquired Corinthian Exploration Corp. in a deal that includes assets from the Spearfish formation in Bottineau County, N.D. Legacy provided Corinthian with 20.1 million common shares and also assumed roughly $34 million of Corinthian debt.
As of January 2014, Legacy had 157.2 million common shares. The North Dakota assets come with high working interests, 3D seismic coverage and infrastructure associated, “with a large, light oil prospective undeveloped land base,” the company said of its North Dakota acreage acquisition.
The Spearfish formation ranges in depth from 2,900 feet to 3,400 feet, according to the North Dakota Geological Survey. It is the youngest oil-producing formation in North Dakota. The formation is productive in areas where oil has migrated from the Madison group formation, according to the N.D. Geological Survey.

June 24, 2014: "Anon 1" provides an update (see below in the comments but I moved it up here where it is "google-searchable" and it makes it easier to click on the link to the pdf:
Legacy likes ND more than I thought - either the Spearfish or unmentioned stacked pays.

They now have essentially all of it.
: Legacy buys Corinthian; press release, June 24, 2014. 
Corinthian is gone - unless it reappears.

There are lots of undrilled leases. To be renewed or drilled or dropped.

Might Legacy have a buyer? Is this giving it more to sell? It will sell the company for the right price. Hey, maybe EOG will buy Legacy to complete the circle.

Legacy closed another purchase of a private company for stock 12 days ago. Busy summer in Calgary.

June 21, 2014: "Anon 1" sent in a comment (see below). Because comments are not "google-searchable," I will bring the comment up here:
From memory.

Legacy Oil + Gas and EOG leased land in Bottineau County (Spearfish formation, generally the target).

EOG sold to Surge Energy. 
Corinthian bought something. Surge bought something. Ritchie? [Yes, here's the Ritchie story.]

Surge bot Corinthian. But not in ND, I now think. Corinthian was still in ND. Confusing.

Then there were 3 in ND. S, L, and C. [Surge, Legacy, and Corinthian]

Then Corinthian bought Surge (ND only).

Two (2) left.

(Also, Anadarko has 100,000 acres for sale. No takers last I looked. In Bottineau County. I don't recall it being mentioned here, or anywhere except the broker's website.)

So 2 in ND. C and L.

Paul was chairman of Surge and Legacy. Both HQ in same building. Paul was also on board of Crescent Point (far bigger, and a big deal in the Calgary world.)

Surge and Legacy both fell in the Canadian energy stock doldrums.

Paul took over as CEO of Surge. Dan moved from CEO to board.

Paul wheeled and dealed. Spearfish ND sold when he took over. Started dividends. Bot stuff. Sold stock to fund it. Grew. Stock doubled.

Paul left boards of Crescent Point and Legacy this year. (Might CP buy one? Might one buy the other?)

The Canadian energy stocks are now hot. Surge and Legacy are hot.

Legacy and Surge have plays just north of ND. Especially Legacy. Crescent Point, also. Varied targets. ND oil companies can learn from them. Stacked plays or scattered plays. Some of those will be drilled in ND some day.

Legacy and Surge use waterfloods. Lots of projects. Again, ND players can learn from them.

MHR sold their Canadian land. Might have missed its potential, private buyer. MHR has ND land. Some or all is for sale. Might sell out to fund Utica. MHR is also playing in Australia. Crescent Point might buy MHR ND land, partly for the other stacked pays, if they are there.

Legacy also has a "side car." LGX Oil and Gas. Tiny. No employees. Legacy runs it. Little money. Lots of land. One big well last year. In the Alberta Bakken, but not really Bakken.

I think Legacy, Surge, and Crescent Poing all have some fine wells. Some public. Some not yet. They seem to be cracking some codes in various plays. Not talking much.

Legacy has a sage grouse problem in their Manyberries play. Limiting activity. A year earlier.
June 20, 2014: I assume this offer will be removed from the internet if someone buys it. I don't know when it was first posted; I brought it here as of this data. I will save the data here in case it otherwise disappears:
Anadarko Petroleum Corporation is offering for sale all of its rights, title and interest
•    Potential reserves per well of 50 – 200 MBOE for each zone
•    Estimated drilling and completion costs are $1.3 MM for the Spearfish and $1.8 MM for the Bakken

•    Approximately 43,585 net acres (59,353 gross acres) 4,000 acres
•    Seven percent of lease expirations occur in of 2013, twenty eight percent in 2014, twenty nine percent in 2015, and remainder in 2016 and beyond
•    Majority of leases provide for two-year option to extend the primary term.

•    Prospective for large scale oil accumulations trapped along the Triassic Spearfish and Mississippian Devonian Bakken truncation edges
•    Reservoirs comprised of 20-50 foot thick sandstone sections
•    Nearby fields have produced approximately 100 MMBOE the Spearfish formation
•    OOIP at the Bakken analogous View field exceeds 5 BBO with potential reserves of 500 MMBOE   
August 27, 2013: the August 26, 2013, entry at this link may or may not be accurate The good news: it looks like we only have to follow two companies in the North Dakota Spearfish play.

Original Post

This is a "new" page for Surge. Earlier updates regarding Surge can be found at this link. "Legacy Energy" has had its own page for awhile. Time for "Surge Energy" to have its own page. Most of this has been posted before; just trying to get Surge and Legacy organized with their own pages.

March 16, 2013: 
For quite some time I was confused by Corinthian, Legacy, and Surge -- three Canadian operators who extended their Canadian Spearfish play into northwestern North Dakota, most notably Bottineau County. (See first comment; received after this was posted.)
Surge bought Corinthian sometime in the last few years, but obviously a lot of older wells will still be "Corinthian" wells.
Legacy is separate from Surge, but both have close working relationships, at least in North Dakota.
According to Legacy's corporate presentation, March, 2013, in Bottineau County, ND:
  • to drill 3 gross (1.23 net) hz wells in ND in 1Q13
  • to drill 2 gross (2 net) vertical exploratory wells to test Madison and Spearfish in ND in 1Q13
  • 200 net locations in Williston Basin: 24 hz wells/section in Waskada (Canada); 20 hhz wells in Landa/Westhope (North Dakota)
  • Booked 21 net wells; unbooked 177 net wells
  • 100% drilling success in ND; 44 hz multi-frac Spearfish wells to date
  •  participated in 17 gross (10 net) hz multi-frac Spearfish wells in 2012; 100% success rate
  • average cost: $1.5 million (decreased)