Saturday, January 4, 2020

Week 1: December 29, 2019 -- January 4, 2020

International non-energy:
International energy:
National non-energy:
National energy:
North Dakota non-energy:
North Dakota energy:
Geoff Simon's top ND energy stories:
  • DAPL expansion awaits action in three states: ND, SD, and IL;
  • Labor union supports DAPL expansion in Illinois
  • ND Public Service Commission has set public hearing for Denbury CO2 pipeline project
  • ND traffic deaths: less than 100; if the preliminary figure holds, first time in 17 years that ND recorded less than 100 traffic fatalities; per capita, even more remarkable;
Bakken, commentary:

EV Scorecard -- 4Q19

For background, see this note: Volts, Colts, Bolts, And Dolts -- December 29, 2019.

We now have the first quarterly numbers. And there's not much there.

Tesla Model 3:
  • 3Q19: 44,000
  • 4Q19: 47,275
Tesla Model X:
  • 3Q19: 4,725
  • 4Q19: 5,500
Tesla Model S:
  • 3Q19: 4,725
  • 4Q19: 3,125 (down 32%)
Chevrolet Bolt:
  • 3Q19: 4,830
  • 4Q19: 3,307
Chevrolet Volt:
  • 3Q19: 874
  • 4Q19: 370
From CNBC:
 GM on Friday said it sold nearly 2.9 million vehicles last year, a 2.3% decline compared with 2018. That includes a drop of 6.3% to 735,909 vehicles in the fourth quarter from the last three months of 2018. 
This was the only mention GM's EVs:
GM’s overall sales for the year were also impacted by the discontinuation of several passenger car models, including the Chevrolet Volt, Chevrolet Cruze and Buick LaCrosse.
I'm not sure if Ford has reported yet.
Pretty disingenuous.

CNBC did not mention the decline in sales of their "new" EV, the Bolt (see above). And even so, a decline in Volt sales from 874 to 370 would hardly be noteworthy.