Monday, November 2, 2020

Chinese Flu Out Of Control -- Medora, ND -- November 2, 2020

Regular readers of the blog are aware that Medora, ND, has become the "poster-child" for Covid-19 (aka Chinese flu) out-of-control in North Dakota. 

A reader donned personal protective equipment (PPE as we referred to it in the USAF) and, at great risk, to self and family, drove out to Medora, ND, today and snapped this photo.

One can see the "locals" are taking this seriously. Normally, there would be three or four saddled horses, waiting out front. 

All seriousness aside, a picture like this really, really brings back a lot of great memories. Wow, how I wish I was in that bar tonight. LOL.  

That photograph is so incredibly good on so many levels. I would just love to see this photograph nominated for one of the Pulitzer Prizes for photography... seriously. The horse makes the picture. 

Later, 10:10 p.m. Central Time: see first comment.


Wow, talk about a gorgeous evening. When I dropped Sophia off at her house earlier this evening we saw Mars in the eastern sky, not too far off the horizon. From our vantage point, we couldn't yet see the moon, but we knew it would be coming. It was a full moon over the weekend and would be only slightly smaller tonight.

We took out the smartphone "skywatch" app and Sophia immediately confirmed that the object we were looking at was Mars. She then started looking for Jupiter / Saturn and was immediately successful. They were farther west, almost setting. 

I can only imagine how clear the skies are over Medora tonight.

Desperados, Jerry Jeff Walker

Nine Point Energy WIth Three New Permits -- November 2, 2020

Active rigs:

Active Rigs1457685535

Three new permits, #37942 - #37944, inclusive --

  • Operator: Nine Point Energy
  • Field: Eightmile (Williams)
  • Comments:
    • Nine Point Energy (previously Triangle) has permits for three Missouri wells on lot 5, section 4-152-102, Eightmile oil field;
    • to be sited between 1437' FNL and 1487' FNL and 825' FWL

A Lime Rock Raphael Stroh Well; A BR Elizabeth Stroh Well, Each Goes Over A Cumulative 500K Bbls Crude Oil -- November 2, 2020

The wells:

  • 18423, 2,405, Lime Rock Resources/OXY USA/Anschutz, Raphael Stroh 1-13-24H-143-97, Bakken, Fayette, s3/10; cum 513K 9/20;
  • 21298, 1,803, BR, Elizabeth Stroh 34-7MBH, Cabernet, 20 stages; 2.3 million lbs sand/ceramic; t3/12; cum 509K 9/20;

These Stroh wells are tracked here.


At Apple event next week, Apple likely to introduce three new Macs with Apple Silicon processors:

  • a 13-inch MacBook Pro;
  • a 16-inch MacBook Pro; and,
  • a 13-inch MacBook Air.

Apple event: 10:00 a.m. PT, November 10, 2020. 

Currently the Apple page shows, education pricing:

  • MacBook Air: two options, one starting at $999; second starting at $1,299; $899;
  • MacBook Pro 13": three options, $1,299; $1,499; and, $1,799; $1199;
  • MacBook Pro 16": two options, $2,399; and, $2,799;
  • iMac: $1,049;

I still think the MacBook Air is the best option for most college-bound students. And at $899, that's an incredible bargain: $100/month; $3/day.


I got locked out of my regional bank account over the weekend.

I called customer support at the bank.

The problem was most likely due to cache, cookies.

Recommendation: clear cookies.

Firefox is my default browser. I rarely use Safari.

Tech support said the regional bank's on-line software is optimized for Google Chrome. Talking to a "third-party expert" on such matters, she agreed: most banks prefer Google Chrome. 

Regional bank tech support said Apple Safari was quite difficult due to "very high security." 

The one browser the bank absolutely won't recommend: Microsoft Edge. 

Most tech support folks with whom I speak, albeit rarely, seldom mention Firefox. 

I now have three browsers.

Firefox is my default browser, used 99% of the time.

Safari is used for only one on-line application, associated with the NDIC.

Google Chrome will only be used once a month or so when I log in to my regional bank account.

Speaking to my wife, she agrees; the only banking site she has difficulty with is our regional bank account. Once she cleared all cookies and updated the browser she has not had a problem.

So, a bit of irony there: the regional bank on-line software is optimized for the browser with least security?

All Eyes On Medora -- Chinese Flu Out Of Control -- November 2, 2020

Wuhan flu is tracked here.

Link here:

North Dakota: trending toward 1,000. 

Herd immunity: it appears ND may reach "herd immunity" before any other state in the union if this pace continues. The percentage of cases vs population is running 2.9% across the US. It appears most states are running about 3% infection rate. North Dakota? An amazing 5.9%.

WTI Tests $36; OPEC In Deep Doo-Doo; Hess Reports A Nice Well -- November 2, 2020

OPEC basket, link here: trading at $37.12 today. 

Back to the Bakken

Active rigs:

Active Rigs1457685535

Wells coming off the confidential list --

Monday, November 2, 2020: 1 for the month; 25 for the quarter, 690 for the year

  • None.

Sunday, November 1, 2020: 1 for the month; 25 for the quarter, 690 for the year

  • 35808, loc/NC, Petro-Hunt, Hagen 144-98-12D-1-3H, Little Knife, no production data,
Saturday, October 31, 2020: 24 for the month; 24 for the quarter, 689 for the year
  • None. Spooky, huh?
Friday, October 30, 2020: 24 for the month; 24 for the quarter, 689 for the year
  • 36796, drl/A, 3,053, Hess, EN-Ruland-LE-156-94-3328H-1, Alkali Creek, big well; 33 stages; 9.6 million lbs proppant; 7.4 million gallons of water; EN-Ruland wells are tracked here;
    PoolDateDaysBBLS OilRunsBBLS WaterMCF ProdMCF SoldVent/Flare

RBN Energy: the wacky world of condensates -- what are they, and what's ahead for them? Archived.

Condensates are quirky as heck — everyone’s got his or her own definition of what they are, for one thing — and their very quirkiness has sent condensates on a wild ride during the Shale Era
For example, the U.S. government for years categorized “conde” as a very light crude oil, and the long-standing ban on most crude exports meant you couldn’t export the stuff to anywhere but Canada. Unless, that is, you ran conde through a splitter to make NGLs, naphthas, and kerosene — those are petroleum products and they could (and still can) be exported, no questions asked. Then, as condensate production started soaring, especially in the Eagle Ford, the feds said that if you “processed” conde in special equipment to make it less volatile you could export it — no splitting required. That made the folks who invested in splitters shout in unison, “Huh?!” The roller-coaster for conde didn’t end there. 
The U.S. soon lifted the ban on all crude exports, and suddenly you didn’t need to process condensate at all to export it. More upheaval ensued. Today, we discuss this peculiar grouping of hydrocarbons.

Focus On Fracking Has Posted - November 2, 2020

Sorry for the delay. I got a late start today due to situations out of my control. LOL.

But, "Focus on Fracking" has posted. Link here

The "headline":

Distillates production is at a three-year low, distillates demand is at a 36-week high, but distillate supplies are still 33% above a year ago.

I find that simply incredible. 

Meanwhile, OPEC is in deep doo-doo. No matter how Saudi Arabia tries to spin this, this is one "serious" graph. Link here. I'm absolutely convinced that we will see "fireworks" in the Mideast if Joe Biden is elected president. If Covid-19 defined 2020, the "fireworks" in the Mideast will define 2021 if Joe Biden is our next president.