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Reminder: Wells Coming Off Confidential List Over The Weekend, Monday Have Been Posted -- November 30, 2014

Active rigs:

Active Rigs185191182198163

Reminder: wells coming off the confidential list over the weekend, Monday have been posted with their IPs.

Updating 3Q13 wells: it really is incredible all the wells that are reaching 100K in the first year. This is an example of a nice Fidelity well, for example:
  • 23913, 1,223, Fidelity, State 30-31H, Stanley; t3/13; cum 191K 10/14;
Slump in oil price continues: futures down $1.60 to under $64.

War of words: The Telegraph (link here).
Saudis risk playing with fire in shale-price showdown as crude crashes A deep slump in prices might heighten geostrategic turmoil across the Middle East
Saudi Arabia and the core Opec states are taking an immense political gamble by letting crude oil prices crash to $66 a barrel, if their aim is to shake out the weakest shale producers in the US. A deep slump in prices might equally heighten geostrategic turmoil across the broader Middle East and boomerang against the Gulf’s petro-sheikhdoms before it inflicts a knock-out blow on US rivals.
Caliphate leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has already opened a “second front” in North Africa, targeting Algeria and Libya – two states that live off energy exports – as well as Egypt and the Sahel as far as northern Nigeria. “The resilience of US shale may prove greater than the resilience of Opec,” said Alistair Newton, head of political risk at Nomura.
Chris Skrebowski, former editor of Petroleum Review, said the Saudis want to cut the annual growth rate of US shale output from 1m barrels per day (bpd) to 500,000 bpd to bring the market closer to balance. “They want to unnerve the shale oil model and undermine financial confidence, but they won’t stop the growth altogether,” he said.
There is no question that the US has entirely changed the global energy landscape and poses an existential threat to Opec. America has cut its net oil imports by 8.7m bpd since 2006, equal to the combined oil exports of Saudi Arabia and Nigeria.
The country had a trade deficit of $354bn in oil and gas as recently as 2011. Citigroup said this will return to balance by 2018, one of the most extraordinary turnarounds in modern economic history.
“When it comes to crude and other hydrocarbons, the US is bursting at the seams,” said Edward Morse, Citigroup’s commodities chief. “This situation is unlikely to stop, even if prevailing prices for oil fall significantly. The US should become a net exporter of crude oil and petroleum products combined by 2019, if not 2018.”

St Louis: the "universal" posture for Ferguson protestors has been "raising arms/hands, signaling 'don't shoot.'" It looks like the new posture will have to include holding hammers.  

Reason #24,560 Why I Love To Blog -- The Real Cost Of Electricity -- November 30, 2014

A few days ago a reader provided a great link and some really good research on the real cost of electricity, as provided by the provincial government of Ontario, Canada. That source is about as un-impeachable a source as one can find. If you can't believe a provincial government, whom can you trust?  So, before reading further, go back and look at at that post.

Now, Forbes is getting in on the act. Here's the link.

The concern is that the Obama administration is now trying to re-define how we determine the cost of electricity:
In the most recent Annual Energy Outlook, the EIA began using the “levelized avoided cost of energy” (LACE) as an alternative to the LCOE for assessing the economic competitiveness of different generating technologies. The LACE metric estimates what it would have cost the grid to generate the electricity otherwise displaced by a new generation project. (wow, sort that one out)
The LCOE is like a bad line of code in a software program used to develop other software programs. It has dangerously skewed investors’ understanding of the economics of generating electricity from renewable energy resources. It has also had perverse and difficult to undo impacts on local, state and federal energy policies.
This Forbes story would have made less sense to me had another reader not sent me the Ontario, Canada, study. And that's why I love to blog. 

A Note To The Granddaughters

One of the most fascinating books I have ever read is Brenda James' The Truth Will Out: Unmasking The Real Shakespeare, c. 2005.

It is nice to have google at my side to help me cross-reference some of the data points Brenda James provides. Her book is absolutely fascinating.

In my freshman year at Augustana College, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, my courses were pretty much all required courses, to get them out of the way. One of the courses was western literature; the professor was perhaps one of the most interesting, most striking professors I ever had in college. I hardly recognize him in this picture taken way too late in his life. He was tall, and had the most striking red hair of anyone I can recall: perhaps a descendent of Eric the Red.

I assume we studied Shakespeare for about two months during that freshman year but I recall nothing else about his class. The only think I recall was studying Shakespeare. Dr Huseboe was incredibly animated and obviously very, very passionate about the dramatist and poet. I remember, very well, the paper I wrote for that subject; it was definitely out of the ordinary, which Dr Huseboe recognized, and, I suppose, appreciated, after reading scores of papers with the same theme. It was a mediocre paper at best, but the thesis at least was different.

My Shakespeare library is extensive, but if I had to narrow it down -- to share with the granddaughters -- it would be several of his plays; one or two books on Shakespeare by Harold Bloom; W H Auden's lectures on Shakespeare; and, Brenda James' book.

Oasis Picking Targets South Of Williston? POTUS Picking Targets South Of Kabul? -- November 30, 2014


Later, 10:12 a.m. CT: see first comment. My original post identified the wrong "waste water plant." I was unaware of a waste water plant south of the depot. The post has been updated.

Original Post

A small story coming out of the Bakken to start the day. The Dickinson Press is reporting that Oasis will buy water from Williston's wastewater plant to use for fracking an Oasis well-pad site just west of the wastewater plant.
The Oasis site is just west of the wastewater facility. More than 440,000 barrels of water is expected to be sold to Oasis and bring in approximately $110,000 of revenue to the city. 
“This will help with our volume issues,” said Public Works Director David Tuan. “We have far too much wastewater coming into the plant that we can deal with.”
According to a reader, the "wastewater plant is south of the Amtrak depot."

At risk of being wrong again, this looks like the four-well Oasis pad, currently with a rig on site:
  • 29264, SI/NC, Oasis, Harrier 5401 44-23 T2, Todd, 2nd bench, Three Forks; background gas was "very low"; 
  • 29265, drl, Oasis, Harrier 5401 44-23 3B, Todd,
  • 29266, loc, Oasis, Harrier 5401 44-23 4T, Todd,
  • 29267, drl, Oasis, Harrier 5401 44-23 5B, Todd,
Non-Bakken Stuff

Tongue-in-cheek: I posted this back on October 15, 2014, as a bit of tongue-in-cheek stuff:
The younger generation won't remember how the Vietnam War ended for US: a) the president was picking bombing targets; and, b) US loyalists were air evacuated out of Saigon on helicopters.
I don't know if I should be surprised or dismayed to see that we were repeating the past. The AP is reporting that apparently POTUS was picking the bombing targets in Afghanistan, but this time, even the Pentagon did not know:
On a trip to Afghanistan during President Barack Obama's first term, Defense Secretary Robert Gates was stunned to find a telephone line at the military's special operations headquarters that linked directly back to a top White House national security official.
"I had them tear it out while I was standing there," Gates said earlier this month as he recounted his discovery. "I told the commanders, `If you get a call from the White House, you tell them to go to hell and call me.'"
On another note, this headline ("new momentum to stop global warming") made no sense to me last night, so I left it to come back to it this morning. It still makes no sense. The AP is reporting:
Abbott tried and failed to keep the issue off the agenda of the annual G-20 summit of wealthy and emerging countries that was hosted by the Australian city of Brisbane in mid-November. An agreement between Washington and Beijing to curb emissions, announced days before the summit, suggests he had misjudged the international mood on the issue.
Next week, attention turns to the next round of international climate change negotiations in Lima, Peru. For a nation of just 23 million, Australia has played a significant role in past talks, but this time it's unclear what kind of role its delegation, led by Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, will play.
Abbott's conservative coalition won a landslide election victory last year over the Labor Party, which had grown unpopular in part because it had approved one of the world's highest taxes on major carbon gas polluters. Abbott not only ended that tax but years earlier helped scuttle an effort by his own Liberal Party to reach a bipartisan deal on a carbon-trading scheme, intended to encourage industries to produce less emissions.
Let's see:
  • Canada rejected the Kyoto Protocol
  • China gets to keep doing for the next 20 years what is has been doing for the past 20 years (on an Obama handshake)
  • Germany is going brown (burning lignite coal)
  • "Global Warming" is the last thing on their list of things Americans worry about
I don't see the momentum. I see AP spin.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

All's Well That Ends Well -- Shakespeare's Philosophy On Drilling In The Bakken -- November 29, 2014


October 8, 2016: it was noted that these three incredible wells were taken off-line in mid-July, 2016, and remained off-line all of August, 2016. 

December 16, 2015: production update here

September 6, 2015: a reader sent two photos of the first at Flatland Federal #27522. The reader noted that one individual (a male) suffered burns but recovered fully. The Williston Herald story is here, with one of the two photos sent me.

September 5, 2015: the three Flatland wells have been updated through July, 2015. The Flatland wells have been updated through July, 2015; note that all three wells are still flowing without a pump; also note the the wells have not been on-line the full time; in fact, #27520 was off-line the entire month of July, 2015; in July, for #27520, there was a report that the gas capture unit originally installed was removed; the wellpad is now selling to ONEOK's pipeline. The form said all three Flatland wells were affected.

May 5, 2015: production numbers for these three wells have been updated through February, 2015.

The tables below are not being updated. The updates are at the links above.

Later, 9:05 p.m. CT: silly me. I didn't think of looking at the scout ticket(s) for the other well(s) on this pad. Here they are:

NDIC File No: 27520  (Whiting considers this the best well in the Williston Basin, May, 2015)
Location: LOT4 4-152-97     Latitude: 48.023199     Longitude: -103.109482
Current Well Name: FLATLAND FEDERAL 11-4TFH
    Field: TWIN VALLEY
Monthly Sales Data:

PoolDateDaysBBLS OilRunsBBLS WaterMCF ProdMCF SoldVent/Flare

And here's the third one:

NDIC File Number: 27521 -- t10/14; cum 402K 12/16;
Location: LOT4 4-152-97    Latitude: 48.023199     Longitude: -103.109605
Current Well Name: FLATLAND FEDERAL 11-4HR
    Field: TWIN VALLEY
Monthly Sales Data:

PoolDateDaysBBLS OilRunsBBLS WaterMCF ProdMCF SoldVent/Flare

Original Post

From the well file for a Whiting well still on confidential, but some information had been previously released. From the Geologic Summary:
The Whiting Oil and Gas Corporation Flatland Federal 11-4TFHU is a Twin Valley field well ... the initial phase ... is a coring pilot hole, followed by a vertical and curve, landing in the Three Forks Cycle 2 formation.

The Flatland Fed 11-4TFHU spud February 23, 2014, and reached a total depth of 21,640' MD on May 9, 2014. A month-long delay occurred when Nabors B08 caught fire on the afternoon of March 25. Nabors B15 was moved on locations April 27, 2014, and finished drilling the well.
So, how did things turn out? 

The well is still on confidential; it should come off the confidential list April 7, 2015, but here is the scout ticket (you may want to be sitting down when you look at the first month production):

NDIC File No: 27522, t12/14; cum 395K 12/16
Location: LOT4 4-152-97     Latitude: 48.023199     Longitude: -103.109728
Current Well Name: FLATLAND FEDERAL 11-4TFHU
    Field: TWIN VALLEY
Monthly Sales Data:

PoolDateDaysBBLS OilRunsBBLS WaterMCF ProdMCF SoldVent/Flare

This should be a full month of production; the scout ticket shows no production in the month of September. Yes, the scout ticket says this well produced 44,111 bbls of oil in the first month of production.

Gas in the upper Three Forks was unremarkable, ranging from 11 units to 724 units. However, in the target zone, in the Three Forks Cycle 2 target zone, gas ranged from 17 to 8,500 units while drilling and in excess of 9,500 units during trips.

Nabors B08 was deemed unfit to continue work and had to be cut apart and removed from location. I am hoping that no one was injured in the fire, but nothing was said. This well is the first of two wells drilled on this pad.

The permit application states this is a Three Forks B1 well on a 2560-acre spacing unit. 

By the way, note the oil field: Twin Valley, where Whiting is setting some records with production. I track the Twin Valley oil field here.

For newbies, 44,111 bbls in the first month is huge, but it's not unprecedented for monthly production; here is what EOG has done as just one of many EOG examples.

By the way, this is what the first few months production of a Whiting record-setting well was in the same oil field, Twin Valley:
  • 20589, 4,815, Whiting, Tarpon Federal 21-4H, said to have a 7,000 boepd IP; record middle Bakken (as of Feb, 2012); Twin Valley; s8/11; t10/11; cum 587K 12/16; 30 stages; 2 million lbs sand/mesh (the fourth column is monthly oil production in bbls)

Well, If This Will Keep 'Em Out Of The Malls

Being tweeted now:  'Journey for Justice' marchers pass St. Louis airport on 1st leg of 120-mile trek to state capital; the 7-day march is organized by the NAACP - @huyMach.

They could drive it in an hour and a half, and gasoline is really inexpensive now. I wonder if Al Sharpton will walk, ride, or helicopter?

Following Up On A Re-Frack -- November 29, 2014

Update, February 17, 2017: FracFocus data -- 
  • Only one frack shown: 9/21 - 23/2014
  • 1.6 million gallons
  • 87% water by mass
  • 13% sand by mass
Production profile since last update:
PoolDateDaysBBLS OilRunsBBLS WaterMCF ProdMCF SoldVent/Flare

Update, July 12, 2015: unfortunately no frack data has been scanned into the NDIC file. Production has been updated below. 

The original note:
  • 17314, 431, MRO, Brown 24-9H, Killdeer, API: 33-025-00769, a 10 - 30' flare for fifty minutes; this is a bit confusing for me, but I believe this well was spud/completed in 2008, but it was re-fracked in August, 2014, and that's why it shows up in today's report; the re-frack data was not yet scanned in; last full month production was in July, 2014; it will be interesting to see what new production numbers are and what the re-frack data is; t8/08; cum 316K 12/16;
Here is the latest production data, pretty self-explanatory:
PoolDateDaysBBLS OilRunsBBLS WaterMCF ProdMCF SoldVent/Flare

By the way, look at the consistency of production between 3/14 and 7/14 -- amazing what "nature" can do. LOL.

But on a serious note: from a sundry form received on May 20, 2014, "MRO has decided to run a liner with frac sleeves in this well prior to re-frac'ing this well. The liner will be run approximatley 10,000' MD to TD at 20,190' MD." Number of stages, amount of proppant not yet scanned in.

When last seen, the geologists and roughnecks were opening a bottle of champagne. (I made that part up.)

Record Snowfall Across The Northeast -- November 29, 2014

Link here. New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire -- more than doubled the record in some case.

Warmists predicted more snow.

As did the Farmers Almanac.

Second Autumn Event, 2014 -- Winter Storm Cato
First entries November 25 - 26, 2014
Albany, NY, breaks 1888 snowfall record with 6'7" inches falling on Wednesday - Approximately 15 people reported protesting in Ferguson, MO, as snow falls on area 
More than 48,000 New York customers without power due to snow storm
Northeast: 730 flights canceled; 4,300 delayed 
More than 300,000 customers without power in New England due to snow storm
110,000 folks in Maine with no power, electricity -- November 27, 2014
Now has a name: Cato -- November 27, 2014
New weather storm to hit Pacific Northwest, Seattle, Portland -- November 27, 2014
Avalanche in Rockies in November -- November 27, 2014
110Kin Maine; 30K in Massachusetts; 195K in New Hampshire without power -- Nov 27, 2014
Minnesota coldest Thanksgiving since 1930 -- November 27, 2014
16K in Massachusetts remain without power; 15 inches of snow -- Nov 27, 2014
Earliest winter in decades sweeps nation -- November 27, 2014
To keep them warm in the White House: six kinds of pies for Thanksgiving -- Nov 28, 2014
133K in New Hampshire still without power on Friday -- November 28, 2014
Northeast setting new snowfall records -- November 29, 2014
Record ice on the Great Lakes during last two weeks -- November 29, 2014
At least 1,800 US flights delayed, 150 canceled, according to - Nov 30, 2014

So, Just How Good Is The Bakken? Some Of The Wells Coming Off The Confidential List This Weekend, Monday, Should Water Your Eyes -- November 29, 2014

Active rigs:

Active Rigs185191182198164

Wells coming off the confidential list over the weekend, Monday:

Monday, December 1, 2014
23752, drl, Statoil, Irgens 27-34 4TFH, East Fork, no production data,
24916, drl, Petro-Hunt, State of North Dakota 154-99-16B-3H, Stockyard Creek, producing,
26676, drl, Zavanna, Nelson 3-10 3TFH, Long Creek, no production data,
26843, drl, XTO, Roxy 21X-6E, West Capa, no production data, 
27092, 608, EOG, Austin 135-18H, Parshall, t6/14; cum 90K 10/14;
27093, 380, EOG, Austin 78-18H, Parshall, t6/14; cum 48K 10/14;
27609, drl, Hess, EN-Abrahamson-155-93-3019H-5, no production data,
27920, 173, Hunt, Sioux Trail 160-101-11-2H-1, Sioux Trail, t8/14; cum 12K 10/14;
27950, 776, CLR, Raleigh 4-20H, Dollar Joe, t10/14; cum 3K 10/14;
28116, 321, American Eagle, James 15-20-163-101, Big Dipper, t7/14; cum 25K 10/14;
28279, 1,366, CLR, Olson 4-8H1, Edge, t10/14; cum 1K 9/14;
28325, drl, Hess, EN-Freda-154-94-2635H-4, Alkali Creek, no production data,
28356, drl, MRO, Boldt 14-22TFH, no production data,

Sunday, November 30, 2014
  • 26677, drl, Zavanna, Nelson 3-10 2TFH, Long Creek, no production data,
  • 26847, 1,855, QEP, Otis 3-28-33BH, Grail, t7/14; cum 109K 10/14;
  • 26848, 1,530, QEP, Otis 3-28-33TFH, Grail, t7/14; cum 95K 10/14;
  • 27045, 2,135, HRC, Fort Berthold 148-94-20C-21-6H, Eagle Nest, t5/14; cum 90K 10/14;
  • 27188, 449, EOG, Austin 81-3130H, Parshall, t6/14; cum 99K 10/14;
  • 27189, 416, EOG, Austin 82-31H, Parshall, t6/14; cum 89K 10/14;
  • 27523, 908, OXY USA, State Kary 5-19-18H-144-96, Murphy Creek, t6/14; cum 47K 10/14;
  • 27647, 1,581, QEP, Moberg 4-17-16BH, Grail, t7/14; cum 91K 10/14;
  • 27648, 2,543, QEP, Moberg 3-17-16BH, Grail, t7/14; cum 64K 10/14;
  • 27649, 2,262, QEP, Moberg 2-17-16TH, Grail, t7/14; cum 104K 10/14;
  • 27702, 1,562, QEP, Otis 28-29-32-33LL, Grail, t7/14; cum 99K 10/14;
  • 28083, drl, CLR, Franklin 4-29H1, Stoneview, no production data,
  • 28285, drl, XTO, Carus 24X-36H, Lost Bridge, no production data,
Saturday, November 29, 2014
  • 23754, drl, Statoil, Irgens 27-34 3H, East Fork, t5/13; no production data,
  • 26756, drl, Hess, GN-Flaten-158-98-1324H-1, Rainbow, no production data,
  • 26929, 133, EOG, Wayzeta 148-0311H, Parshall, Three Forks B1, 1920 acres; target: "E section of the Three Forks; middle Bakken with good shows and a thickness of 47 feet; background gas units were unremarkable, peaking at less than 700 units; near the end of the lateral, the wellbore brushed the lower "F" marker; the Lodgepole with very low gas background was 723 feet thick; the middle Bakken was 47 feet thick; the initial target, the Three Forks, was 10 feet thick; late the bench was extremely thin, only 2 feet thick and gas units very low; background gas units remained low throughout; narrative suggests the wellbore stayed within the target zone -- but target zone seemed (to me) very thin and very low pressure); 47 stages; 14.8 million lbs sand, but not much production, t6/14;
  • 27192, 200, Fidelity, Gypsey 6 16-21H, Stanley, t6/14; cum 20K 10/14;
  • 27331, drl, Hess, CA-Halverson-154-95-0409H-7, Hofflund, no production data,
  • 28082, drl, CLR, Franklin 3-29H1, Stoneview, no production data,
  • 28211, 22, Legacy, Legacy Et Al Berge 12-6H, North Souris, a Spearfish well, t7/14; cum 8K 10/14;
  • 28278, 1,640, CLR, Olson 3-8H, Edge, t10/14; cum 3K 10/14;
  • 28326, drl, Hess, EN-Freda-154-94-2635H-5, Alkali Creek, no production data,
  • 28430, 333, American Eagle, Iver 3-1-163-102, Skjermo, t9/14; cum 9K 10/14;

NOTE: I'm not sure what to make of EOG's Wayzetta Three Forks, #26929, see parameters above. The well has produced almost no oil in the first four months of production and the IP was atrocious. Something does not make sense. [Again, I might be missing something or misreading something. If this is important to you, go to the source.]

Another single-section well in that same section:
  • 16991, 1,383, EOG, Wayzetta 9-03H, t7/08; cum 792K 9/14; and this well was off-line for several months (and yes, it's on the "monster well" list):


26847, see above, QEP, Otis 3-28-33BH, Grail:

DateOil RunsMCF Sold

26848, see above, QEP, Otis 3-28-33TFH, Grail, a huge well,

DateOil RunsMCF Sold

27702, see above, QEP, Otis 28-29-32-33LL, Grail:

DateOil RunsMCF Sold

27648, see above, QEP, Moberg 3-17-16BH, Grail:

DateOil RunsMCF Sold

27649, see above, QEP, Moberg 2-17-16TH, Grail:

DateOil RunsMCF Sold

27647, see above, QEP, Moberg 4-17-16BH, Grail, a huge well,

DateOil RunsMCF Sold

27045, see above, HRC, Fort Berthold 148-94-20C-21-6H, Eagle Nest:

DateOil RunsMCF Sold

27188, see above, EOG, Austin 81-3130H, Parshall:

DateOil RunsMCF Sold

27189, see above, EOG, Austin 82-31H, Parshall:

DateOil RunsMCF Sold

27523, see above, OXY USA, State Kary 5-19-18H-144-96, Murphy Creek:

DateOil RunsMCF Sold

Catching Up With Non-Bakken News: Germany Goes Brown And Other Stories-- November 28, 2014

Did I Miss Anything?

After Don sent me the link to the story linked below, I responded:
So incredibly bizarre.
Following a tsunami after a huge earthquake in Japan, Germany shuts down nuclear energy at the same time it imposes green energy rules, and then finds out the sun doesn't shine enough, so they have to burn the "dirtiest" coal in the world to make up for lost nuclear power (pretty much emission-free), and destroy a lovely little village in the process.
The fact that the odds of a tsunami in Germany are somewhere between zero and zilch (and "zilch just left town") and earthquakes in Germany are almost as rare apparently was not taken into account.
Did I miss anything? 
It's hard to be believe that a country famous for "producing" Leibniz, Goethe, Einstein, Gauss, Max Born, and on and on and on could get to this point.
The AP is reporting:
Five days a week, a giant machine eats its way through soil at the Jaenschwalde open-cast mine in eastern Germany, exposing the brown coal buried beneath.
Lignite, as this form of compressed peat is known, is becoming an increasingly important part of Germany's effort to phase out nuclear energy
It's also the reason why Atterwasch, a village that survived the Thirty Years' War, a Soviet onslaught at the end of World War II and four hard decades of communist rule is slated to be razed. 
The village, with its volunteer fire station and old brownstone church, is to make way for a strip mine in the next decade. Dozens of other villages have fallen victim to the same fate, as coal once again becomes king.
The plan has many of Atterwasch's 250 inhabitants up in arms.
Germany has one of the "greenest energy movements" on earth, but when push comes to shove (like running out of energy), the greenest country on earth will end up burning lignite.

The Stories Are Starting To Snowball
With regard to politics, there are two overriding themes related to the lame duck status of POTUS:
  • he is being pushed off-stage, exit left, to make room for the media's next annointed 
  • the Democratic Party's nominee will move away from ObamaCare
The tipping point, with regard to ObamaCare, was "the Schumer speech."

This was not an off-the-cuff answer to a reporter when caught off-guard; this was a well-thought-out, well-rehearsed speech that took some time to write.

The mainstream media is now free to publish stories that couldn't have been published before the mid-term elections. The stories are starting to snowball as the Schumer-Hillary wing of the party tries to clawback, as they say, ObamaCare.
The substance of the story at the first linked article is actually more substantive than the headline: 
Leading U.S. CEOs, angered by the Obama administration's challenge to certain "workplace wellness" programs, are threatening to side with anti-Obamacare forces unless the government backs off, according to people familiar with the matter.
Major U.S. corporations have broadly supported President Barack Obama's healthcare reform despite concerns over several of its elements, largely because it included provisions encouraging the wellness programs.
The programs aim to control healthcare costs by reducing smoking, obesity, hypertension and other risk factors that can lead to expensive illnesses.
A bipartisan provision in the 2010 healthcare reform law allows employers to reward workers who participate and penalize those who don't. But recent lawsuits filed by the administration's Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), challenging the programs at Honeywell International and two smaller companies, have thrown the future of that part of Obamacare into doubt
Dark days ahead is simply a laundry list of all the challenges facing ObamaCare, most of which POTUS will see simply an ankle-biters, assuming he's even the least big interested any more on a subject that, like global warming, is closed (at least in his mind).

The third linked article hardly needed a Gallup poll to tell us what we already knew following the midterm elections.  But Schumer-Hillary's internal polling probably suggests things are even worse. It all depends how one asks the question. Regardless, it's a sad commentary for the healthcare industry in the US:
One in three Americans has put off seeking medical treatment in 2014 due to high costs, according to Gallup — the highest percentage since Gallup began asking the question in 2001. 
Thirty-three percent of Americans have delayed medical treatment for themselves or their families because of the costs they’d have to pay.
Obamacare, of course, had promised that it would help make health care more affordable for everyone, but the number of people who can’t afford a trip to the doctor has actually risen three points since 2013, before most Obamacare provisions took effect.
Breaking News

Perhaps one of the best new features on the blog is "Breaking News" at the top of the sidebar at the right.

"Breaking News" is very, very interesting; it's something quite unique. Apparently (I could be wrong) there are a number of people (could be dozens) that monitor tweets from all over the world, and then post the tweets are are unique, brand new, that have not been previously reported by any news agency (except as tweets).

 So, they have quite a unique model: they have to cross-check the tweets to see that they truly are "breaking news" and have not been picked up by news agencies. Then, to some extent, they need to "trust" the tweets. They have to be fast; if they delay, a news agency may pick up the story first and report it; if they are too fast, and don't somehow confirm the veracity of the tweet, they could start off some incredibly bad rumors.

Generally speaking, a sequence of thirty (30) consecutive tweets at "Breaking News" would be from around the world and tweeting a variety of subjects. Tonight, perhaps starting about 8:30 CT there seemed to be a "run" of tweets from across the US about protestors shutting down shopping malls and/or disrupting Christmas (Holiday) Tree lighting  ceremonies.

At the moment, it seems these protests across the country are minor nuisances in the big scheme of things, but there is the very real possibility that they could get out of hand resulting in injuries or escalation. Certainly, agitators are looking to see where the weak points in law enforcement are; where agitators/protestors can cause the most damage with least amount of risk; and, gradually enlist additional disenfranchised urban youth to join the protestors. It will be interesting to see how agitators use social media to further their goals and whether law enforcement agencies can use that same social media to stay ahead of the agitators.

At Least It's Hard To Catch

Ebola cases in West Africa have risen above 16,000; death toll from outbreak reaching almost 7,000, -- WHO says via Twitter.